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'm. ; IK FALL TO OBTAIN i if if m '4 FULL CONTROL OF ALASKA'S RICHES Interior Secretary Wins His Fight With Wallace of Agriculture. (Special to The Brenlnr World.) WASHINGTON. Oct. 12 Add- itional Information concerning plans for Alaskan development worked out by Secretary of the Interior Fall and Ms friends has coma Into possession of The Evening World correspondent. All the natural resources of that rlc\i territory are to bo turned ovcr-t- Kail under the reorganization of Govern- ment departments which has been worked out by u special committee, of which Waller F. Brown or Toledo. Ohio, la Chairman. The reorgunlza. tlon plana are understood to have been approved by President Harding and will bo submitted to Congress when It reconvenes aftor tho election. Secretary of Agrlculturo Wallace has resisted the encroachments of Kail on his department, but ho has now decided to make tho best of the situation and permit tho Bureau of Forestry fo bo transferred to Fall's department, which will gtve the lat- ter control of 20.000.000 acrea of tho richest timber land In the world In Alaska, containing aerenty-flv- o bil lion feet Of timber. Altogether, tho transfer will moan turning over acres of national forests to Fall's Jurisdiction. At the present time Secretary Fall, acting under oxrcutlvo authority. Is negotiating a lease of the Navy De- partment's coal mine to the Lake and Export Corporation of Huntingdon, W. Va. This lease carries with It X.260 acres of' valuable coal land. Big West Virginia coal operators are to be the bonenclarles of thta plan fy which the Navy's coal will Do mar keted. Senator Davis Elklns, one of the Administration coterie. Is under stood to 1)0 In on this deal. Chairman Brown of' tho President's special committee on reorganization of Government departments, says the differences between Wallace and Fall have been \adjusted\ ao that the c- - orgnnlzatlon can proceed. Secretary Fall has Informed, his friends that ho will be given control over the Alaskan forests, and It la understood that h will nlso bo glvon Jurisdiction over tho fisheries, water power, coal md the Government's Alaskan railroad, for which J20.000.000 was appro ' tirlatod when It was constructed. The report Is that the Guggenhelms will get control of tho. Alaskan Ilallt road In the not dlstantjuture. Bccre tary Fall, has occasionally emphasised that the road la not paying Us way Its deficits ar Bald to be accounted for bv discrimination on tho part of the United States Shipping Board which has refused to put (ta yesseli on the Alaskan routo to connect with this railroad. . With tho approval' of President Harding, Fall can lease, the lino at any time nnd this Is said to be his In tentlon. ,T,hls llttlo lino, which wns built aflcr Government engineers had made a long study of Its feasibility, opens up the lntorioriof Alaska to tho Ice-fr- harbor of Seward. The peo pie of Alaska who ure anxious to see the' road becomo o big factor In the commercial development of the coun try havo urged during tho past cw years since It was put In operation that Shipping Board vessels ato with It. This has been promised but never carried out. The Chicago meat packers nro un deratood to be planning to get hold of tho Alaska fisheries. Assistant Sea rotary C. II. Huston of the Com,merc Department, which controls the flshi fries, recently made tho statement that the fisheries of Alaska should be turned over to the Interior' Depart- ment nnd operated by big1 capital In largo blocks. Dr. UHsld Jbf Massachu- setts, a prominent Scientist, wa ly turned down. iui-'h,c- of Ihl Bureau of KIslierlcffaritTvthe appoint- ment given to a' fpmicl?ie'mppyee pf Armour & Co. A - , . . The coal inlntnlr concessions In Alarka are very valuable. One.third of the coal land of that 'territory ate reserved to the Navy under the Alaska Coal Act, passed (n 1913, fol lowing tho Balllnger.standal over coal lands. Tho Navy Department hoe spent $1,400,000 on the mining prop, crty which tho Lake and Export Cor porntlon Is to secure under the Im pending leasa, The. lessca will be able to produce hlgh-grad- o coal at com paratlvely low cost There will prob ouiy De ouicr leases negotiated on these Alaskan coal l?nds lii tho near future. While the other concessions are of great value, none of the natural rp- - sources of Alaska Ib more valuable than tho oil which Is expected to be found there, according to geological experts, and It Is chiefly oil which is claiming secretary rail's attention If oil Is to be found in the quantities expected, Alaska will provo a bonanza for the Dohony Interests, which are believed to have llrat call with Tall on this territory, WATERED GASOLINE STALLS AUTOMOBILES Score of Mninrlxts Meet Trouhl In Wtatchrttrr. Water n gasoline they had obtained from filling stations stalled scores ' motorists, along the road between Bye and Port Chester yesterday. jonn iieuiy, cnester manager for the Standard Oil Company, said the only explanation he could find was that the supply boat which came up iim jtlvia- - yesterday had been loaded supply tank that was being A 7-Fo- ot History of in Epitomized in Evening World I r. w V U'lin vwi Jj j, ifOMpMFAQ. ! S.VNtf8kk \j iVAfi AG&IMST GERMANY fip(MH0 BY WILSON jt,ffw fyit-- Mir, ,. ,kr,vm I\ , i IrFitlST 1.300 NUMBERS BRAWN: .WiLL CALL OmT , ABOUT J,50CQy sniitr'v FCCK mm- B vF8S t wm w tetwz m u. f p )'?' vav A v AMehiCAN'S WIPE flUTOEflMSS WMff uStllfl RMlINEES DnOOKLTN, Oct. 9. To the \What Did You Be Editor. \Evmtnr wona While vlsltlnjr a friend at No. 1350 Myrtle Avenue, who la an old Evening World reader, 1 paw a pile of Evening Worlds almost seven feet high. These EVENING WOELt, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1922. Our Part War The WILSON OAILS FOR WAfV M mm&XH MESSAUE Hi usl AJ.mcc fanes do Tiva Vt r m 7 trie sJtj&nj iini.n; , U.S. WARMIPjUwsVu 10&T? BROKEN W;tWWSHELLFIRS l((inv MM XA VfclM 1$ Cfcf rAr i) VAY TO W1PMOT FOUND BY HOISOIl'S BOARD mw$mmmm papers take In the entire period of the United States being at war with Germany. The papers are from April 6, 1917, when tho heading of Thb Evening World read \War Against Qcrmany Proclaimed by Wilson,\' until Juno 28, 1919, when The Evening of roses. of and side of fur. U. S.TB0QPSINBAT?Of IN(FP0NT ; U I BY U. S, ON . 'tiru; diif eatalan sruirfft. uuns muh uunn ,;5 im MASS m ten.? V 4 ijj. jU. t far . t,t' jcy m x wa 3 filertn fl fiVfrt KILL built WIKlt KAlT i . ... if fiu(l-'ti- l , Jijtfi JmiI Cfrfltrj. o IT torn VM (MX rViimnir in tr 1 P j WWWWKJfSW World read Wnr find of some of tho most and other to glvo you an Idea of tho size of this pllo of A. Ho. Ill K FIFTH AVENUE AT WITHOUT.:COND1TIOHS;: BONW1T TELLER CO. OSTSTREEL The Fabric That the Fashion JEUNE FILLE FROCKS is and Teller & Co. VELVET it of youth, adapting it to ol daytime and evening, adopting it most charming phases of fashion. VELVET AFTERNOON FROCKS 59.50 to 175.00 BASQUE chiffon velvet silver tipped LATTICED SHOULDER of wedding ting velvet, .beaded girdle. VENISE LACE YOKE of wedding ring velvet. HANDMADE IMPORTED velvet frock vertical steel studding. VELVET DANCE FROCKS 85.00 EGYPTIAN FRONT DRAPED velvet frock jewelled strapping FUR TRIMMED FROCK velvet with embroidered beaded front panel. BROCADED CHIFFON VELVET frock beautiful drapery. MOLYNEUX MODEL basque frock with skirt of gold lace banded THE 13, FRfNDtt THERCH SECOND BOAT REPORTfO SUFJK- - GUNNERS MONGOLIA vas' ukmans AHUiHtn ATTACK fftor 11 AD R5XCUJTICK SPREADS' CfRMtHYi !fXt'ltm SAISttVS TRIAL 'ORDERED TREATY fuMtf.i headline Signed, Ended.\ cw,m \Peace Enclosed photo Interesting headlines photos Evening Worlds. HENItY THALER, Street, Is the vogue, Bon wit the mode the spirit foi the IN FROCK with FROCK FROCK with with with velvet with rtH&Hwira Ilarman Brooklyn. DORAT MODEL FROCK of velvet w th panels formed by metal em- broidery. POIRET MODEL FROCK of vel- vet with Van Dyke pointed tinsel embroidery. PATOU MODELCOAT FROCK of velvet with embroidered top. WADDING RING VELVET FROCK with large roses of self IN to 195.00 BASQUE FROCK of wedding ring velvet with lace bertha' and girdle of silver roses. APRON DRAPED FROCK of wed- ding ring velvet with metal roses. GREEK DRAPED FROCK of wed- ding ring velvet with, rhinestone girdle! . PEARL STUDDED FROpK of velvet with apron front tunic. ES1I JfJTi Nl&tlll MISSES' FROCKS SIZES 14 TO 18 YEARS THIRD FLOOR m iittftiiii lii miilMH tfranfeUn Simon & Co. tA Store of Individual Shops FIFTH AVENUE, 37th and3J?th STS. A Fashion Newalty! ffiri!Mademoiselle (14 to 20 years) TheThree Newest 'Paris Fashions in FUR COLLARED Three-Piec- e Jacket Suits hCarleen 'Bloitse Jacket and 'The Wrap-iAroun- d Qoat Frock with 'Dit&etyn Bodice and hCarleen Skirt 79.50 In addition to all its other fashion points, this costume suit reflects Jeanne Lanvin's new chenille embroidery on collar and cuffs. it ffix, &avy Bltie or Black with (Squirrel Juir Qollar Malay Brown or zlftZahogdny with Bearer Juir Qollar Misses' Suit Shop Second Floor fttanfeUn Simon & Co. Store of Individual Shops FIFTH AVENUE, 37th and jSth SJS. Of (Specifi Interest aturday Gjfor Qirls (12 to 16 Tn.j Velveteen Frocks With Paisley . Silk Bodices 15 The Vogue of The Frock with Bodice of Paisley Silk is adapted by the Younger et 75 The frocks for the days that are not school days, with just the touch of fashion that makes them smart for Satur- day afternoons and holidays and Sundays. Uelveteen (fjkirts in hrown, blue or blacky yoith long waisted bodices of Paisley printed crepe silk. Girls' Dress Shop Second Floor franklin Simon & Co. tf Store of Individual Shops FIFTH AVENUE, 37th and 38th STS. A Fashion Newalty! jFbr zJfrfisses and mall Women The Vogue- - of Venetian Bodice Full-Skirte- d Frocks . . 'Bodice of metal brocade, and full shirred skirt of chiffon velvet with a touch of rich fur 59.50 There has never been a fashion more decidedly accepted by youth for wearat once on both day and evening occasions. o)hirred chiffon velvet skirts with bodices of metal cloth in gold, silver and blue or coral and blue, with dyed squirrel fur banding on sleeves arid at waistline \Misses' Dress Shop Second Floor franklin Simon & Co. A Store of Individual .Shops FIFTH AVENUE, 37th and 38th STS. Of special Interest Saturday Fur Collared Winter Coats ffir Qirls (8 to 16 years) Every smart model of the new season, with Australian opossum, raccoon or nutria fur collars 29. 50 Never before has the fur co- llared coat for girls. been so much in demand, and never before has it been achieved in such excellent quality with such fine furs at this price Flare M.odels Box Models Overcoat Models Belted Models In 'Bolivia, Vicuna or (shinchilta'ldTh . Girls' Coat Shop Second Floor Sk&tfttilt&si 1 --

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