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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, September 25, 1922, Image 5

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h9 THE EVENING WOULD, MON DAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1922. 3 . Bia Babe Gets His Own Birthday 01. j V Mixed With That of Little Babe jSS w \Jb Mres Ruth AMD DORQTHV Mrs. Ruth Tims Explains Discrepancy in Dates of Na-tivit- of Young Miss Dorothy Helen. Although there is a Blight disagreement between Babo ltuth and Mrs. B.uo Uuth as to the date and place of birth ot their littles daughter, 'Dorothy Helen Kuth, tho baby lierselt is a, healthy, energetic aud undlb-liuto- d fact, and tho Uuths aro very happy over her. boni m St. Vincent's Hospital on Juno 01. I!..bo Iluth says the blithday w.ib Vb. 2 mil the Presbyterian Hos-pi'- the place. Itj way of explrunins this dlcrcp-nne- y und wlio .should bitter know the 'liio of her child's arrival than Its mother? Mis. Kuth s.is thy Hi,' B.ibo Ins mixed his own birthday with that of the Littlo Iiubc. tho Comer 'GERMANY PAYS OVERDUE REPARATIONS IN NOTES rtrlRlnni to (irt I'iiiht fur IK,t,000 Mnrk. PA1UP. Pept. 23 ( A?.ocl.itc.l ProM). Tho German delegation y delivered to tho Reparation Commission here, notes for approximately 50,090,000 goM marks In payment ot the Aujrust and Sept. 15 allotments due to IlelRlunt. Tho payments due nBBrogate 100, \00 0 gold murks, but there are citdlts for previously ddrt &rei, which will serve to supplement the pres-u- it tian.-fe- r. SHAKESPEARE LOVERS MAKE AVON PILGRIMAGE STUATFOnD-ON-AVO- Sept. ! Lovers of 6hakespearo from ll I MS Selected front the I. Miller September Stories the - - , falling on Feb. 2. That's how the mistaken statement of tho Sultun of Swat was caused. However, so far as tho uctuality of the child Is concerned, Mrs. Uuth tock it to the Polo Grounds for nil the Yankees to sco and admire. And they ur? dlil iMlmlre it. It was understood i the Yank players when the baby v.ns first displayed to them that Babo Kuth and his wife had adopted It, tut Mrs. Ituth proudly announced it as her '\lally truly own baby. world will makn a pilgrimage to tho ilirlne of the bard. America will present a portrait of l'duln rjooth, the great, Shakespearian actor. The American stago will bo represented by IZ. II. Hothern and Julia Marlowe. AUSTRIANS PROTEST THE PEACE TREATIES ny They Are Hemmiinllile fori Pllirlit nf Central Uurnpe, VIKNNA, Sept. 23. A great mass meeting of protest against tho peace treaties concluding the VVoiId War was held here yesterday, under the auspices of various German associations. A choir of 7,000 voices sang German hymns and songs In th Intervals be- tween the fpceches, which wero gen- erally denunciatory of tho treaties as being responnlblo for the present plight of Central Europe. The Fascination of Beauty Beauty's power to fas- cinate lies in your own power to appraise and because they are truly beautiful I. Miller slip- pers turn your appraise mcnt into appreciation! fn I'atcrt Leather Black KTiJ tlrvcadei Satin. In Suede, $ 14, jo I. MILLER JriftK Avenue at 46th Street 15 Weat 42nJ Street 1551 BroaJtrny HuJrm Trrminil Of ;' 9 P. M. F.ttrtvct, Ft tlit Sir rrt Jtrtcijit Stiff 498 Tulton Street, Corner of Bon ATTEMPT TO SLAY GEN DUFFY IN IRISH RhBEL AMBUSH Commander of Civil Police Drives Cm Attackers in Pistol Battle. JJUBUN\ Sept. tAshOcialftJ ProHS.) An attempt was made lust night to kill Gen. Owen O'Dufty, Chief Commander of the Irish Civil Polico, It Is unnounced to-da- y by the Krce State Government. Gen. O'Duffy, Gen. Hogran and two other officers wero proceeding: along Xaas Hoad. when thc'.r automobile was ambushed. A heavy revolver flzht ensued, in which tho attackeis were driven off and one of them wounded. COniC, Sept. 25. Thirty-nin- e ir- regulars who wero being hoid prisoner In tho County Jail are reported tu havo escaped by tunneling: to a dls used ventilating shaft, from whicl they reached a manhole in the road, outside tho Jail. Only two of th. nscancd men have been recapture!. LONDON, Sept. 25. Tho Marquis of Ijmsdowne announces that his in.ant.ton at Derreen, County Kerry Ireland, has been looted and burned and the valuablo plantations on his cj.a'e destroyed. He says he la un aware who is icsponslblc. T ie Jlavquis of Lansdowne, besides Sc-- N. new Dcscat this one made it, and smart New York wears it, in lovely Au- tumn 10.00. c..f buede come in Autumn browns . . the tongue is in the new otter shade, 10.50. tongue pump comes without buckle, in darker 1 1.00. holdlnc soveral (Jnblnot posttt nt vari ous times, has Borvcd as Governor Oenernl ot Canada nnd later or inula. Ilia Kerry cstatcn havo long been In tho family, und with thorn ho Inher- ited tho titlo Karl of Kerry. IRISH IRREGULARS DEFY PARLIAMENT Will Never Allow Constitu- tion to War Sheet Announces. CodjiIbM. 1922 (Nw York Uvtnlnp Votla) ly ITOH I'UUUSIllllB DU1IMN, Kept. 25. Declaring Par- liament's discussion of tho Irish Con- stitution Irt \fatuous tho Iriah Ir regulars' War Sheet says: \Wo will novcr penult it to operate and they nro powerless to enforco It.\ Tho Irregulars assort they have captured from tho Natlonallstn since June 10 ninety-si- x rifles,' twcnly-on- e Iewls mnchlno jrumi. four Thompson machtno guns, four armored cars, 200,000 rounds of ammunition and thousands of baud gicnadcs. They add: \Of thcpe additions to ovtr arma- ment wo havo lost but a fow hundred rlllcs, but with what remains of our own supplies, which wero never greater), wo can equip \nnuqrh men to hold up any foreign Government.\ Ambushing, road and rail and bridge destruction, seizing of food supplies and travelling from coaat to coast nntinuc dally on the part of the Thesa seizures, combined with the destruction of transit facilities, crcato ncuti) distress and In the Southern, Western and Inland dls trlcts. In portions of Counties Kerry. Cork, Mayo, Sllgo and Donegal, tho sea routes nro tho only available means of securing supplies. 18et $c Co. Fifth Avenucat 35th Y. Established 1870 IS SHOWING SUEDE the Warts favorite in 0k Rose designed London shades, in SHOES pump illustrated Another browns, Operate, unemployment HATS fromEngland.made expressly for Best 6t Co. Embroid- ered or self-trimme- d, or with no trimming at all, they are the smartest of sports hats. 10.00 to 15.00 mm $ I i t l: GLOVES of Brisant washable suede are exclusive in New York with Best & Co. They come in mode, gray and white; two-clas- p, 3.25; 12 button, 6.50 A French suede, strap-wri- st gauntlet in mode is 3.50. (Illustrated) ! 1 ' I V. The pmnp illustrated comet aho in satin, 10.00 and in patent with Rrcy heel, buckle and tongue, 10.50. r 91, Charge purchases will appear on bills rendered Novcntberlai, FIITII AVENUE James McCreery & Co. 34.TH\STKEET Women's White Gold Wrist Watches 39.75 l'Atui.siteIy engraved and lil- ted with a guaranteed lever movement in 18 kt. wliitc gold cases, rectangu- lar or tonncau shape. Ribbon Bracelet. Exquisite Necklaces of Pink Tinted Coral 7.50 to 28.75 They arc 24 to 30-inc- h strands nf graduated coral beads. Stain Fl-oo- Women's' Glove Silk Underwear Superior quality glove silk vests, plain and fancy weave, appear in Pink, Orchid, Peach and White, 2.9. Glove Silk Vests in Bodice tylc. In Pink only, 1.75 Glove Silk Bloomers in Pink, 2.95 Glove Silk Sport Bloomers in Navy, Black, Purple, Brown und Sand, 2.95 Third Floor Linings and Flannels for Fall Costumes French Flannels in a wide as- sortment of light and dark Colors, yard, 1.35 Novelty Silk Cotton Lining in a wide range of colors, yard, 05c SteofTd Floor Women's Thread Silk Hosiery with lisle tops and soles, high spliced heels and toes. Black, White, Gray, Brown, Polo, Otter, Beaver, 1.65 Women's Woolen Sport Hose, heather mixtures, 95c IMnln Floor t Coats for Small Children ( I I I For Girls Coats of Im- ported Mixture, Broadcloth, Du-vety- n, Karami and Polaire.trini- - mcd with Nu-- n . r 1 .siait Lamb. Col-- m ors: Brown, Blue. Henna, Tan. 12.50 in 11.50 lint in mnlrli. 6.50 For Iloyfl Coats develojicd in Chin- chilla Broadcloth, PeppWloth and imported mixtures, warmly lined and interlined, with or without furcollars. M-ayca- 5.70 to 16.5U I Third Floor) V I. Estate Electric Healer Kadiunt type can to throw heal rays to any desired spot. Regularly. 11.00, 8.95 Domestic Rugs That Offer Quality At A Low Price These Rugs nra of n high quality, at prices which arc par; lieularly low. They provide so wide an assortment that you arc certain to secure the right rug ut the right price. Iloyal Hilton' Rugs ) Size 0x12 ft., regularly 85.00 74.00. Compare the patterns and colors with those oflercd anywhere else. Figured Velvet Carpels vord 2.25 and 2.85 For halls and stairs as well as covering rooms entirely. Broad square Yard !) It.' wide.' be cut. plain Tan,. Gray, and'Blue. Eighth Floor Curtains and Draperies to Brighten Your this Imported Duchess Lace Curtains, strong and durable, with plain net centers daint- ily bordered with applique. 2 yds. long pair, 4.7u French Marie Antoinette Curtains in beautiful designs. White and Ecru, pair, 8.75 Damask colors and acrois the bottom, pair, 16.75 , Attractive Ribbons Stemware cnCh 45c Moire Taffeta and dainty striped Rib- bon in light and dark effects. to 6 inches wide, yard, 50c Lingerie Ribbon Dainty Satin design, Pink, Blue, Lilac and White. P1KUI2 OF 10 YARDS -- Vu.:l, 39c, No. 55c, No. S,75c No. 1.10, No. 1.35 I .Wain Floor Dress Forms, adjustable, 9.95 Oust Forms, complete with stand, 3.50 Reliable Dress Shields, White; nain- sook covered. Sizes a, 3 and 4, pair, 25c; dozen pairs, 2.75 McCreery Special Dress Shields, flesh, nainsook covered. Sizes 2, , pair, 22c; dozen, 2.50 McCreery All Silk Shields, White. Sizes 3, 4, pair, 55c, 75e Naiad Dress Batiste, 30c Net, I5c Silk. 90r Holdings and Sewing Silk, 100-yar- d spool. Black or White. spool, 15c; dozen, 1.65 TnlFeta Seam Binding, 7 yard pfece. While-o- Black, piece, 17c; dozen, 1.95 .Wain ? A With Here Near at arc specially priced just in lime iH Oil Ilctilcr liluck japanned with lead oil tank. This heater Miiokeloss, and ahsolulely safe. 0.75, 5.95 Sixth Floori Royal Wilton Size 8.3x10.6 ft., Or 9x12 ft., regularly 70.00 69.50 Similar rugs cannot be bought else- where at this low Plain Color Wilton rd 2.75 and 3.25 Quality Carpets in nil the plain Loom 6.75 can any length; Taupe. Home Fall 65c, Period high grade fabrics suitable for wall cover- ings or yard, 3.50 and drapery velour in various figured and striped effects and solid colors, yard, 3.00 Figured Portieres in wide range of decorative designs, weighted nil IFlfth.Floor) of 3, 5, 3, 2, Linings. Japanese Corticclli Cool and 2. Perfection coaled is odorless price. desired colors. Damasks, hangings, furniture draperies, UphoJstcry Beautiful soft waved optic c(Fcet in Water Goblets, high or low style, Sherbet glasses, Cocktail and Wine glasses. Sixth floor) Notions and Dressmaking Needs Days Winter Hand! These Heaters Regularly Rugs Carpets Carpets Dress Belting, piece of 10 yard, bt)c French boned Belting, White or Black. lyi inch, yard, 25c; 2 inch, yard, 30c 214 inch, yard 35c; 3 inch, yard, 10c Dressmaker's Pins, i lb. box, 18c (iozen boxes. 2.10 Dress Fasteners, gross 75c Shears, three sizes, 30c Heads for njaking the new diamond bug, 8c, 12c and 15c bunch. Draw Cords for bags 65c (Sheets of instructions given free.l Knameled Dress Hangers in colors, each, 10c; dozen, 95c Skirl or Trouscr Hangers, 3 for 25c McCreery Quality Hair Nets, single or double meih. All shade-- , dozen, 85c Floor Ga Heater Greco. Porcelain i tunneled with copper reflector. Size 20 in- ches high, 14 inches wide. Regularly 8.00, 5,95 1. The Humphrey it nd i n u t Fire Gas Heater finished in Black enam- el with brass trimmings. l2 inches high, 18K inches wide. Regularly 18.00, 15.95 4 J9

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