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It. he - 1 5 If hi r Plays for the PRINCIPALS IN PLAYS PICTURES BE SEEN WEEK ON' BROADWAY AMUSEME NTS. Goniiiig Week MONDAY NIOHT. Emulra Thaatra Hanry Millar and Ruth Chatterton In \La Tcndreii.' Little Thaatrt Madga Kannady in -- Split Corner.\ , Playhouie Arnold Daly In \On tha talra.\ TUESDAY NIOHT. Lonaacre Ethal Barrymora In \Roaa Barnd.\ WEDNESDAY NIQHT. Oalaty \LoyaltUt.\ the Empire Theatre on Monday At night Henry Miller and Iluth Chatterton will appear In a translation of Henry Itatalllcs plaj \La Tendrcsae.\ It Is concrrncil with the tenderness of love following the earlier passionate quality. iladge Kennedy come to the Little Theatre on Monday night In \Spite Corner,\ a comedy by Frank Craven The leading male role Is to be acted by Jason Robardi. Arnold Daly begins an engagement at the Playhouse on the same night In play by William Hurlbut entitled \On the Stairs.\ The chief character to that of a crystal -- reading Bast llldtan. James Crane, Margaret Dale, Filler Melllsh, and Effingham Plnto ajqt'aiso In the cost. ' Ethel Barrymore will appear at the Longacre Theatre on Tuesday night in Hauptmann's 'Tlose Burnd.\ Mlis Banymore has the role of a ressant girl. He.' support Include McKay Morris,. Dudley Dlgges. WHU Un B. Mack and Doris nankin. John Galsworthy's play, \Loyal -- Ueij\ will bo presented at the Gaiety Theatre on Wednesday night. It tl study of different kinds Jf loyalty to different codes. In the company are Clmrlea Quartermaln, James Dale, Dtnna Bourbon, Jeanette Bhorwlli and Cathryn Young. i TITie Social Maids\ will give bur- lesque at the Columbia Theatre Harry Ward and Sonta Meroff bead the company. 61 Cylinder J.ovo\ will be the attraction at the Bronx Opera House Change of Bills In Vaudeville CENTRAL Herman Tlmbenr'a re- vue. \Frolics of 1922,\ will make up the bill for the 'second week of Shu-be- rt vaudeville. Sammy Tlmljarg, tfie' nineteen Is In t&' company. With Catherine Querra. formerly of the San' Carlo Opera Company, Ifattie Darlfrig, Nnt Naz-ra- m Buck and Bubbles, and Else \ and Paulson. MOSS'fl BROADWAY THEATRE Paul Specht's Female Scronaderx will head the Mil. \Deserted at the Altar\ will be the film .feature, .and the, vaudeville acts will also Include Blgelow and Clinton Snow, Colum ella and Hector, nnd Ward and Dobley. \PROCTOR 'THEATRES \The Fifth Avenue Follies\ will be on all week e.t the Fifth Avenue. Cecilia . AVeston and Byron and Broderlck arc among those to play the fore part of the week, and during the latter part win be seen the Brants, O'Connoll and Lewis, Ulabcl Walker and Brown and Cody. The 28d Street Theatre will 'have Al Raymond, Ernie and Ernie and .others from Monday to Wednesday, with the film, \Missing Miwiooa.\ Ttie 58th Street Theatre wiu present In addition to this nlc tare Van Hoven, Pressler and Klaas ana Alice Hughe. The ISSth Street Theatre will havo Lewis and Rogers, Wayne Marshall and Candy, the Lor-do- n Sisters and \Missing Millions.\ LOEWS STATE THEATRE \When Wo Grow Up,\ a comedy with Kddle Tanner nd the Palmer Sisters, and \Little Cinderella,\ a musical oomedy revue, will lead the bill. Viola Dan la \June Madness\ and Buster AMUSEMENTS. mi, -- ; i jl mm nr it ii i t U1IWIWUW yum 7lJ imwmwnviym C05IME.NC1NQ ..... . .r,. J siiiiiiiii iii leMiiirniMar aaa . WT I nttUr i it c Keaton In \The Cop,\ will be shown until Thursday, when the bill will bo changed to Include \The Valley o Silent Men\ and vaudeville acts bj Leon Klmbery, Helen Page, Jimnij Lypna and the Pcven Musical Sptllcra. New Offerings On the Screen RIALTO \Pink Gods,\ a pictured version of a novol by Cynthlif Stock-le- y, will be presented. The story has, to do with the diamond mines of Soutlf Africa. There will also be B?n Turpln in \Home-Mad- e Movies\ and the RU alto Magazine. The concert pro- gramme opens with Tschalkowsky'V \Murche Slav.\ CRITERION The run of Marlon Davles In \When Knighthood Was In Flower\ will oontlnue Indefinitely. There, hro also muMc numbers. RIVOLI \Manslaughter.\ with Thomas Mclghan and Leatrlce Jov. I to be shown for a second werl. The overture' is Verdi's \Force of Ueatpy\ CAPITOL The chief film attrac tion will be Wesley Barrv in \Iljiir to Riches.\ The orchestra will plaj Goldtnark'o \Queen of PHcha.\ CAMEO \The Ghost Breaker.\ vlth Waliaco Reld and Llla Lee, wll' be ahdwri. Other features will bo u t'wo-'re- el plctUrc, a travelogue, news events nnd orrhtrtf numbers. STRAND Prlaollla Dan will be seen In \Under Two Flags,\ the noy.ol by Oulda. A Mutt and Joff cartoon and tho Strand Topical Re view will also ba shown. Tho nvpr-tut- r. will bo \I-- a For?n del Datlno,\ FORTY-FOURT- STREET THE- - ATRE \Monte Crlsto\ continues Ub aucccssfut' run. This' version of tho Dumas novel offers ah elaborate spectacle. \ \ LYRIC That other Fox produc- tion. \A Little Child Shall Load Them,-- \ will be ralnod. New Season's Treats Tho now muMc season goes Into Its third Week Monday with the San Car.-l- o Opera Company at the Century, holding undisputed sway. Sept. 11. In tho Academy of Music, Brooklyn, the Zuro Opera Company started the mus' leal ball rolling with a spirited per formance of \Carmen \ The slngerp did unusually well, although all the performances during tho two-week- season ending showed din need of rehearsal. Last Monday Fortune-Galt- opened AMUSEMENTS. jm nini - I \A M Mil IVlaP Mlirmv mm aftf a TA Wtm T V in \BROADWAY ROSE ' D'wy at Blt. Capital Orand Orehaitra B'WAY AT 512 St CAPITOL (mm WARNER BROS, PRESENT WESLEY BARRY mm TTO ( in vrru KduT rroauczion Fantasy \QUEEN of SHEBA\ \KOL NIDRE\ Capitol Grand Orchestra \Suctoi? Presentations hy ROTHAFEL 51 - tNTlKtCIWlGE of im IVtWWEwl ONLY BURLESQUE ON BROADWAY MONDAY AFTEHNOON. nuinir iew arcairr al anj nrlcd ,.wm ptaau mtivvw 1I1B. awiDal niiiv. SOCIAL MAIDS THE BURLESQUE \ACE\ with HARRY (\Dutch\) WARD, SONIA MEROF. THR EVENING! WORli'D, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23,' 1922, AND WHO WILL NEXT Music his four weeks' stay here with \Aid nd alt week the San Carlo singers lave been presenting steadily improv-n- g programmes. Next week's schedule of operas In 'ludes the first appearance here Mon lay evening of Maria Lulsa Escobar tho Mexican dramatic soprano, wh sang opposlto Caruso In his Latin American tour. Tho full repertoln for tho week is: Monday \Cnvallerla Rustlc&na,' Mmes. Escobar, De Motte; Harra Giuliani; and \Pagllaccl Mmo Charlebols; Famadas, Kapllck, Tuesday \La Ilohcme,\ Fltzlu, Fa byan; Barra, Valle, DeBiasI, Cervl, Wednesday \La Forza del Destl no,\ Escobar, De Mette; Boscaccl Balllster, De Blast, Cervl. Thursday Matinee \Tales of Hnff man,\ Lucchese, KUnova, Charlebols; Boscaccl, Valla, De Blast, .Cervl. Thursday Evonlng \Alda.\ Rap-pold- De Mette; Famadas, Itoyer, De niasl, Cervl. Friday \Lucia dl Lammarmoor,\ Lucchese, KUnova; Boscaccl, Voile, Cervl, Saturday Matinee I'Mme. Butter- fly,\ Mlura, De Mette; Barra, Valle, De Blast. Cervl. Saturday Evening \Carmen Jar-do- n; Charlebols; Famadas, Royer, De Blast. Friday evening Mlscha Elman will open the recital seasan with his first concert In this city In two years, At urnegie Hall he will play a new Korngold suite, and compositions of his own as well as of Handel, Vleux-temp- Bach, Chopin and Sarasate, Early next month the Ukranlan Na- - AMUSEMENTS. WINTER GARDEN ;:.V S,?hv.Vt' ttiuuc -- - hUUcHc HjjWArlD GALA 0PENIN6 NIGHT I OF CONCERT SEASON BIG BILL OF HEAD LINERS ELTINGE THBA- - w- - ,2d St' !, 8 .10 and Wd. 2.30 A, II. WOODS crtienti FLORENCE REED (ID ACT - C OITC\ in IIj W. SOMEHSKT MAU01IAM. P I T 7 THEATItK, W. 48th 8t, Eva. 8.30. \ 1 Mali. and Wfd. J.30. \HHST LIGHT COMEDY OF THE TOAK.''-J- 5v. TeUitraro. BANCO With Lola Flahcr A Alfrrd SHUBERT Tht., 44 St.. W. of B y Ev.30 Man,,,,, wj, aod Blt i lso uKEfNWlCrl VILL.GE tOlLIlS fourth Annual \roiftirtlon. BAYES T?\. w iiih B BvM- - n VVd and Bat.. 2.30 loa'll Lnugh at It Yoa'U Love It. East Side, West Side T HATIOMAL MAIS. WtD.&5Ai .J0 A- - by THE rerformance I lllIM, mm m Mrm EVS.8- - 30 MOROSCO rtl 3th Bt. Bva. at 8 SO Ua,,. w,d. A gat.. S.JO. \LAtJOIIINO IH30CK89.\ World AVEHY HOPWOOD'8 altEAT COMEDY WhY MEN LLAVji I OME \Absolut! I j Safe net.\ Alan Dale, DCDIini II Wait 424 Street. Evea. at 8.30 nCrUDLIU Matlntca Wad. and Bat., 2.30. at BIJOU THEA- - W 40th Eva.8.80 Uata. Wad Sat MilKlraj I nn. TBBILL8 1 oAiran Bm ... . \ u 73 - ii )i r \ in ii ia 1 \ \i rll ' : - ;,Vv HL mmMrn ' I \ ... . l m tinWUV H H Mm KtM If 9f w. ami 3 9r\ n.\ i- - mkiwwniBi wapm.iiiiiijiii .... - r THO. CbMO a-- T EflCAKCR S (. IK \PINK e.ODl\ XTHM W V T 'J S t CMico THRi-ra- r B B AUTO .. fial TH'TKn .jai AHnM kvt m mmr i . ii i9BBr ' 'B 4.BBr.aaiBBBBBBBBBBBBl A 'tBBBBBBBBHBBaBBPiaBBB-- , JBBV - flflii -- \Bm !llalBBSBSBsaBBBBBBW. I ft kR v 1 U tional Chorus will give a concert In this city. Alexander Koshotz, tho composer. Is leader of the foreign chorus. Bentamlno Gigll, Metropolitan Opera tenor, will glvo a recital at Carnegie Hall Sunday afternoon, Oct. $, am' two days later tho Chamber Music Society of San Francisco will play foi the first time In Nqw York t Aeollai Hall the afternoon of Oct. 10. Oct. 15 Is tho first day with tw concerts scheduled. In the 'nfternoo- John Charlts Thomas, baritone, give, his first recital in Aeolian Hall. In the evening Mmo. Sonla lladtna dramatic soprano of the Russian nn'' the Ukranlan Opera companies, will bo heard in song recital In costume at the Town Hall. She will mnu 11 Russian group, wearing a unique cos- - AMUSEMENTS ' 3 Atnrnr.'rTjt t VI i XYZmPPi SS5fUH?Z AAA, .lJ Eva 8.30 Mala. Tuea. & Sat. 2.30 CO.6d0C Thea., C2d St., Cent, l'ark W Eve. 8.13, Matinee TO DAY T.i-U- Mat. t.sO, I.OIIENRII1N , 8.18, THOVATOIIE nappold. De Mette. Famadas. I'alma, Cerlr Neit Week: Tnr., llolirmr, Wed.. Form del Kestlno; Thura., Aid I Frl.. I.urlns Sat. Jlnt., Uiittrr(l1 Et., t'nrnien. II) wires SUPER HYSTERY PlAV W MAXINE ELLIOTT'S .r'.U; A DRAMATIC OEM! LITTLE WE3T 44TH ST l.AHT WKKK Slat. 1 T .Marie \A SER.'ENT'S iTMREST in TOOTH\ NEXT I MADGE KENNEDY E T: MON. In \SPITE CORNER\ NOW LAST 3 WKEKH 4JHO unicK HE GETS atc IHUliS fl a nnrni PI AYHflllF w SthUry 2BJ8 p 8.30 M.tinee to.dav a.an. Dreams 5a!e ANEW PLAY JOS. E, 61IEA Monday Eve. Sept. 25 J AND HERE AL'S \The Soak\ By don MAiiquis PLYMOUTH eet 4tth Eva 1.30. Mate, Thuri. and Sat. y.f VANDERBILT y,,)' \IH A (HOT rftOM TAUT Til J ITORCH-BtARER- S W 1 .Hill. I l I I rAATlH4 EVIS.S0 l TuaATfie anvX9.atVcT WILLIAM BRADY Awures The Positive Appearance of MR. ARNOLD DALY IN \ON THE STAIRS\ Aa Written by WILLIAM IimtLllUT Aa Directed by EDOAIt McGKEOOK Aa PLAYHOUSE moM wm miwi in mLwmmMmmmmwimmiHtii npiaiMiMA mm Rt Now mm wmm AmstVohuucan Mmfwmmymtk will CENTURY mm for Old mmmexstimtm im HOOD (M FLOWER, WITH nAtpIQ4 tume of the Czar's Court in the four- teenth and fifteenth centuries, and a Ukranlan group In peasant cos-uut- e. She will also sing arias from Slavic operas and be assisted b Saul Baroff, violinist, and Victor Pronskl at the piano. Colin O'More, tenor, will glvo a recital In Carnegie Hall Wednesday evening, Oct. 25. He will sing a Brahms group, old Italian melodies and modern English and French songs. Walter Golde will bo at the piano. AMUSEMENTS. CENTRAL THEATlti:, 47th & U'way. Twice Daily, 2.15 & 8.15. SHUBERT VAUDEVILLE nnd LAST TIMES of WEBER & FIELDS ..lti:i.;IT1!u.. Wtek UeKln'K HERMAN TIMHEHO Monday Mnt. I And Ills I IIOL1CS 1)1\ l'J3i' CA C I U n 3mh n'way Evenings 8.S3 O I II U Matinee. Wed and Sat S SALLV, IRENE - MARY U'llli EIIDIi: nilWl.INC and a Omit Cat no SELWYN T1IEATIIES ON W, UD ST. APOLLO Evea. 8.30 Matt. Wed. and Sat. 2.30. Arthur HammerMeln Prasenta FRANK TINNEY In a Muilclrl Comedy, DAFFY DILL With GEORGIA O'ltAMEY. ivi . evea. B.iiu. Mauneea SELWYN Wed. and Bat. 2.80. BERNARD & CARR In PARTNERS AGAIN tqo World' Laughing Hit in TI1ICC Cfl Bi: 8.10 Uata. limk9 0Vi Thura. Bat. 3.80 THE SMASHING HIT Th? EXCITERS A Oomedy by Martin Drown. MAXLNKK 1 1.30, is TWO WILLJAM FOX SUCCESSES NOW IN N. Y, I V R I P. TIIEATHK, TWICE DAILY, L I n I U w, 2D HT. 2,808.80. JUJTmCffltD by SHMfiMD mm THF4 ttn B- t- w-o- t H w,ir Hr I llOli Twice DallT. 2.80-8.8- 0 5cr thn-- l BJIaBWfc TriurpS mviraKn'.BaFAir Btaaed ml 111 I r to.- - .lett &BmW& J. Flvnn. Durna Parke'l to the Dnnra at every Perlorm'oe \THE WORLD IS MINE\ 0SVI& AMUSEMENTS. FROM THE NEW YCRK EVENINp CLOBE SO THIS IS By DR. FRANK CRANE A man can never escape his mental background. And confess to a feeling that every work of art ought to have some meaning in terms of welfare. That is to say, the real test of any- thing is whether it will help or not. The--on- play tha.t I have seen of this season's offerings which has a distinct meseage, and yet which presents that message in a wholly entertaining form, is the one called \So This Is London.\ The play is aimed at reduoing what Owen Wister calls \thr ancient grudge,\ which is the grudge existing between American! and Englishmen. As Great Britain on the one hand and the United States of America on the other are easily the most powerful and influentia nations in the world, so bad blood between them is probably the most dangerous thing in the world. There are certain groups who for one reason or another lost opportunity to stir up hard feelings between these- - two najtions The motives of these groups may bo sincere, bu the effect is un- doubtedly fraught with peril. in of upon it Of all is part of the artfulness of the I have lived in not than dozen of those typical I have been many times in On the American with that the the and showman running Terrace PALACE Every DAV Aprlauie Afternoon. \ 'w.y Vfdl.. l IN'AUITTUK S CL.4Ui.Oefi S NANSLAUC ifR\ 'lilura With Mfliilmo lit Ritinji Sow.' t\' v R! \MlMlat MlUUni.\ TIME8 A roratnimnl riclurt. SQUAIIE, Famou RIkUd Orahtilra 001)9,\ with UA.MEUS KIRUWOOD. WOMF.N lowp MATIN EB nllDI PCflllF EVE3Uf09 CVr.UYDAV fJoto: llnei at the box office dally. StranO Norma Taimadgt n \i\e 'Btrand Symphony Orch LONDON are exaggerated grotesque. play, America seen creatures that Englishmen England hundreds oflices are too hot: drink Enc wh living room8 that these are all surface matters are of same stock, have tne decencies. Hudson Theatre bOW B i HOJa BANNING I m Mwm ABam (Va.tVAV WW ill A UEmTEftUlKS Ml gvwst . - I ccxaadu o9 umsf This play shows us striking form kind of Enclishmer that Americans hate kind Americans that Englishmei hate also shows us what a nonsensical basis Ihis rests how absurd all is, course the. characters That manv veara more a Americans. CHILD AMU8EMENT8. LI\ Blnnln and and met and finds Pynt ;cV..r3c Vnt tViink T Viqvo over co.on no mnnxr do linlf n 1 M4V - v w w .a. w v v. kj v uu tttuiij co null dozen of those creatures that Americans typical In fact, both those unileaeant bodies are creatures of nar rowness, prejudice and the magnifying of inconsequential traits. A lot of things strike an Englishman as unpleasant in United States our living rooms 'urumuunl \Evervhrxtlf much ice water. Lord Northcliffe used to hae ice water his bathuib so as to make water cold enpugh to bathe in. smoke cigars that are a bit dampish and Englishmen like them dry, and bo on. contrary, the cold, their slang unusual different from our own, thoi odd, their newspapers peculiar, and all that. Peonle sense understand and in reality two great 6ame ideals lunaamentauy Whatever to these nations into un derstanding sympathy to feeling between them is of distinct to This play does that and it does it in a and Of course it w6uld, as it iB produced by George Cohan, who the cleverest going. 3HM.L3 Thonuk 'TINK BETUB JASti: name call the races the same Prank Crane) lunntut the and the and hat and inn'f call the put, the too' and tends brimr two closer and create good value the world. clever about Not. thi? lenst amusinc element about the play is that the part of Lady Duckworth, the Englishwoman of American \birth who is the mouthpiece of the sane gospel of the play, is taken sweet Lily Cahill, who is as Irish as they make Fem and is the wife of Brandpn Tynan, whoseIrishness is almost a religion. (Oojiyrllht, 1821, \SO THIS IS LONDON\ IS NOW At The DANCE Garden B8th Bt., near Leilnsten Av Danelng Evening, and Holiday Altarnoone. PRJVJaTB LES6ON8. On EVEKINa DANCING FREE Popular Contest Sunday OEO. MELFORD'B ST ATEi 45 Bt. I 14 A-- is r.11. 1 EirtHrrt \\UUAN, A OMnp A i? Ii t I In ft \ AT K .1 Bee the wcrnai have Drobablv and of we av mm m mkm: T 0i ajt 14 Britishers. Americans customs and amusing-wa- y. A U HENRY MILLER'S ri;Z'&&' INA CLAIRE Si'lV1\1 v \THE Aitju I rtH', Pill TdU 0th Bt., W. of D'way. Bra. Me. ULIUH Matlneea Wed nnd flat, 8.88. ;DVA0D pnOYCEwmwnr A ff v Turned J ' wllli Muale, HAM IIARRK w- - 42,1 \tT five, at (.It. H. llflnniO Mata. Wed. A Sat. 8.18. wm. Anthony Jtcoulre'a New cneay. \Hie ullutt-m- iuoa ll UIKIR HOY Th,a Bva. B.15. Uata.LJ, MUOlU Wed and Sat. 3.1S.Vek 1UV1NO HBHI.IN8 \MUSIC dOa KEVUE\. U T W 4th Bt. ISva. at 8.TW. Mata. CM n I WeriiH'Kiluy and Balurday 2,80, WALLAtT. ICUDINOHII MAKV NAtfll CArlAllV ACFLtldCIT CiDI PIDDnll TUBA.. Ttfi Av.. BOth 'Conqurra un ltroudivuy.\-vJaumal- ( GEO. nflHAN Th'\-- . B y A 4Sd St. VB.$j5 , UUHAil MaU. ved jind 8at,..aJ0. TllL LNDUSS CHAIN With HAHOAUET LAWIIENCC -- . W 4i!d8t. 101 ftlAii f LIBERTY A SAT Thr flntuHhms Muatcul Comed Hit; FD A 7 C C vtem fid Bt Uvmuugb J0.. H L L L Matinee Wed. A Sat.. S.5Q.,, \Vou III rnju thli fnrer.\ Alan Dae7 WILLIAM COURTEHAY ' , \HER TEMPORARY HUSBAHO,,ABffiu- - SKATS 8RI.I.IN0 8 WIXKS AHEAD. . f an .one Mfs urea. n PAUL WHJTEMAN t!'A,Art',J!if UwBAKE COLLECTION OF BEAUTIES1 evening hi a.8ik, BEUSCl),4T!!urB.1 and Bat. at DAVin HELASCO Preapnlt I w'u 45,0 St Evenings it'V?? LIUtUM .Mat. and Bat atl.36' DAVID UCLABliO I'reaetita FRANCES MAlili LEAVE\ 'HORE Kl kVI Tn w s St . 8.30 Mta Wd iidal MJn MAf 'llOVAI.lt WAtMIK, . 1 hr runniest ('iiiiiediuii in Timn. la hla LETS GO , THE DANCING IAKNIV Ail ST. NICHOLAS RINK 69 W 66th St ham im. i:m;ih tiAt i riiu VUAlt, t.J0 v. M. to ItJt. Admission Daily, 55c ' Sat. and Sun., COc ard 75c 3 OrrhfHtrn. New Muftlr JUESDAY CARNIVAL NIGHT, i.earn the TANtlO Daneed Every Henr tnatructora for leyona any tlma Dandn RoL'sr iMllnj sJl'ards fHE DANCING CARNIVAL m Nicnoia ill nit. en west Both St. Near 11 road way Rainbow Dancing B' way's Overnight Sensation Now Open Popular Prices No Charge for Dancing Music by ERDODY. and his famous orchestra Nightly, 8 to 1. Mat. Sat. aid Sunday, Broadway & 48th St. Hotal Commodore, Sept. 18-2- 3 A GREAT SUCCESS 11 A. M. to 11 P, M. Admhtion, 50 Cent ROLLER SKATING ST. NICHOLAB BINS 69 W. oeth near U'way New Band N Floor ADMISSION .35 Jnc, akatea and tax Dally 7.80 p.m. Bat. A Bun. 2.a0 4 T.S0 p.ra Danelng & nilllarda PtfaUIra u,HII Bt dAv. Pop. I anxUpera Prlo., UaU, wtd.,Sal The Demi-Virgi- n with hAZEl DAWJ BROOKLYN. IHK.VK Q.I A It II D; A S T L aatiiiipn \DIjIM mjF 11 .1.1 letV Niiojn.DKrtB iTim MOiefliHTR-BALlXT-- OKi

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