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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, September 22, 1922, Image 20

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ii - 20 THE EVENING WORliD, F 11 ID A Y. SEPTEM BE ii 2 2vi)iJ2J reenings DON ALLEN POME. Peter, Peter, punkiA-calcr- , Had a wife and couldn't keep her. i rip put her tn a movie, thow; Note the't tupportino him. you know. Longfellow. WE'RE 80RRY1 . , EtfuUy Films, of which Edwin M. Tadman is a director, Is (or tho caw may bo) some- what peeved with Screenings. Being sorter used to such a condi- tion, wo aren't pcrturoea so much as one might suppose. But Equity Films, after thanking us for having mentioned tho fuel that It (or they, as tho caso may be) had canned tho Einstein theory and was about to project It on the screen. takes us to task for a grievous error. The error was that In mentioning Equity Films wo gavo the Arm's ad-drt- ss as \No. ,220 West 42d Street.'; when the address should havo been \No. 229 West 42d Street.\ Now that we'vo said we're sorry we're gon.- - start wondering why nine little numbers could make such an awful lotta difference. A QUANDARY. .\I'm worn out!\ mused Ol' Irv Brookes, the. movlo actor, yesterday. \Jest finished a picture an' I don't know whether to go up country and njoy somo city life among tho spoits or to stay right hero in New York and rest among tho Ilioksl\ WELL, WELL, WELL! f WMjcalk the mile For the $mlle you all know tenat.we mean, oht For Turpln. mefik. ' Who plays \The Bhrlek,\ Will be a comic Valentino. t' THE OLD 'ADAGE.' ; When Constance Talmadgo went to secure her passport ho was told to get in line with about 100 other Greeks, who had been i lined up for hours. ' You see. : Constance, although an American cltleenshlp 'when sho married 'a Greek. \I suppose,\ smiled Constance, ifif .J mi. girl, lost her W V4 7 w'. that this is tho real work out o' tho W\ adaeo. 'When Greek meets Greek!'\ A CATASTROPHE. Hollo, Eve Unsell's ambidextrous 8 calico cut, has been placed. In a prom- inent position among tho other mem- bers of the cast 'of the dim that wis started under the namo of \Chlni? Chlng Chinaman,\ but which been changed an far as namo 3 con- cerned. Tlollo, without a moment's oxperl bnco In pictures! suddenly finds HV namo anions a list of humaa.playors all of whom have cither boon starred or featured for n long time in p.c urcs. He secured hh Job when he demonstrated' that ho was the cham- pion right and left paw catcher of mice. Wo havo Ijeen told what such players as John Salnpolls, Lon Chaney, Harrison Ford, Marguerite de la Motto, Walter Long and Buddy Messenger think of the cat star. Now Jets hear what Hollo lias to say In regard to his associates In the picture. VINCE ENTERTAINED. Vinernt Coloman. , who has been leading man for a score of movie stars, attended a party recently. A. woman, tmnianpr sno woum onnt frrrlh ulfflt vivid R.OrtC.q Of VlnCO'S movie llfo asked him to entertain. Ho did. He showed 'em all a lotta card tricks. ADE HERE. George Ado, who Is to take nn ac- tive hand In tho filming of his origin- - at. story for the screen, \Hack Home and Broke,\ in which Thomas Melg han will star, has como on from Brook, Ind., and will spend some tlmo n conference with Arfred Green' and \om Garoaghty over at tho Pura-mou- nt studio on Long Island. As In \Our Cltlzon,\ Ada will vrlte the subtitles, which fact alono will make \Back Homo and Broke\ well worth wlrlle. FADEOUT8. Pold Negri left yesterday for the West Cdast, where she will Immedi ately start making \Bella Donna.\ It's a picture, not a drug. Graco Grlswold has been added to tho cast of Alice Brady s next picture, \Alice Ascends.\ If they keep adding more players at the rate they havo been going for the past ten days tho cast will read Ilko a \Who's Who in tho Movies.\ WoJdcmar Young, Rudolph Bylek and Arthur Cozino have gone to 8a lem, Mass., to pick out location spots for \Java Head.\ Qrvlllo Caldwell has been signed to again play leads for Katherlne Mao Donald. This time the vehicle will be \Tho Scarlet Lily.\ D. W. Griffith gave the first public showing of his latest production In Derby, Conn., a,couplo of nights ago, It was shown in fourteen reels under tho title of \Tho Haunted Grange. As far as Derby Is concerned, \The linuntcii urango- - won mo Drown one \Under Two Flags,\ In which rriscnia uenn win De seen on Broadway next week, Is said to give this magnetic star tho best film op portunlty sho has over had In her MILD and DELICIOUS STIMULATING and HEALTHFUL AND the PUREST tea you can buy PURE , 1 Formosa OOLONG TEA Dir. Gopeland and Ne-- York's Milk Dr. Royal S. Copcland, Health Commis- sioner of the City of New York, says: \New York's milk is the best in the world, and the cheapest food af the price.\ Recently Dr. Copcland returned from a visit to London, where he studied that city's milk supply. \New York's milk would be cheap at a dollar a quart as compared to London' s milk, \ , ' is the terse way in which he sums up milk \conditions in the two citie?. \Milk is the best and most essential food, and New York should be using 4,000,0.00 quarts a day instead of 3,000,000,\ said Dn Copeland during the recent Milk Week Campaign. \I am for milk because it makes better bodies, and. for the dairy farmer because he - renders an essential public service.\ New York's milk is the best in the world because every step in its production, care, and distribution is taken under conditions which safeguard it as no other milk supply is safeguarded. DAI RTfM EN'S Jedguej Go-Opkrati- Association, Inc. GeoeralOBee Uties, N.Y. New York City Exeeotlre Oftoe . . 303 Fifth Avenue 645 E. 19lb Stmt K W. 40th Street 329 E. 121it Street Newtrkf Wsvtdr Avenue ind Somerict Street - Your dealer has iU i long and Interesting career. Wo can think of no screen actress who would make a better Cigarette. (Naw, wo don't mean sho rolls 'em! That's tho namo or the part!) \The Birth of a Nation\ has b?en revived in .London, and we fully ogrco with1 tho British verdict that It Is the best plcturo yet produced. Donald Crisp, English director, and Walter Tennyson, his star, ferried across to New York and baok on tho Mauretanla recently, shot several Now York scenes for \Tell Your Chll- - Tat a Tip from Winlhron WUe i Hit Surfact With Kyenlie drcn,\ and then fcrrlod right back. Mury Itorkc, now acting for tho International Artists Film Company, Ltd., Is right proud of her forty years before the public. (Seven of the forty havo been on tho screen. Mabel Normand Is writing a history of her recent European Jaunt. One of her lines Is \Weighed Anchor 04,000 round's;\ Whero did wo hear that one before? The pralseologist for C. B. C, films says that, \tho greatest cast ever assembled for an Independent picture Make that Old Floor New This Fall SANITARY FLOOR ENAMEL Dries hard overnight lOilb a tough waterproof gloss Tbii lolvei the old floor riddle.\\ A good brush and a can of Kyanlse Sanitary Floor Enamel (toy- - of the eight tbadei) All ready to apply limply iprcad from the' can to the floor. In almoit no time it'i done. Next da a bright, cheerful waterproof floor greets you. Smooth ai velvet, tough a rawhide floor of beaut and lasting goodness. That's the result. Kuanlze Floor Enamel Is favored by criti- cal folks who value ease of application and enduringly attrsctive results. Ideal for Porch and Piazxa Floors ad Steps Wood or Cement HERE'S OUR TRIAL OFFER TO YOU Full half-pi- nt can of Kyani.a Floor Enamel FItEE.if you present this Coupon to any Kyanne dealer with 'Ja cents for a good brusli to apply it. For name of nearest New York State dealer call Flts Roy 390 1 Fort name of nearest New Jersey dealer call Nutley 1234. Manufactured by BOSTON VARNISH COMPANY New York Office: New Jerter Office! 141 W. 36th St. 340 Hillside Ave., Nutley Biscuit The Sunshine Soda Cracker Jelly Sandwiches and Clean Children Children like jelly sandwiches, but mother, don't like sticky children. Tak-hotn- -u Biscuit splits-in-tw- o, making n size that is easy to eat with- out crumbling or pressing out the jelly on hands and clothing. Try it at homo first and prove it, Use the Red Package for a lunch box. lopsE-0ixsr3,scut- T &MPASV Brauchit in Ovtr 100 Citlei Biscuits has been announced for \Only a Shop airl.\ Well, a xood cast might save it from that title. Hernando a. Villa, tho artist who designed tho unlqno Cafo of tho Deep for Katherlne MacDonald, studied art Matures bestsugar nin,rrn, in San Francisco when s a way station on tho Santo Fo, Tho dangerous dancers in \The Dangerous Ago\ are Hilda Lee and Bond La Dero. Don't sound very now, do they? BLUE GOOSE GRAPES Your body craves sugar and Here it is in delicious, refreshing fruit. Nature's own way of giving fuel without heat, forA days when you feel played out. Cooling and thirst quenching, with lasting good effect. Iron and vitamines both abundant. BLUE GOOSE label on the basket is a signal to you that you are in the presence of mighty fine grapes the kind people who know fruit expertly select for flavor and whjilesomeness. Juicy Concords, the universal grape in big clusters for desserts or pre- paring , jams, jellies or fresh grape juice. Rich hued Malagas and To- kays with the bloom of California still on their tender skins. Which- ever your purse or taste prefers, look for BLUE GOOSE to make sure you buy wisely. AMERICAN FRUIT GROWERS INC New York Sales Office Washington and Duane Streets FVn n i.TO 2 v if-- , -- i For Cooking Van Camp's Evaporated Milk comes to vou In tho form of rich, thick, creamy milk -- nun It for cooklnti vou will be dehchted with tho result and there Is no waste. Just add an equal part water and you have rich sweet milk use It without water for cream. Alwayi fresh, always ready a convenient can In your pantry this Is what Van Gamp's gives you, Much less expensive than ordinary milk, ab- solutely safe and pure. VAN CAMP'S MILK i i i i 4

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