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WARD VICTORIOUS IN WESTCHESTER RUTH T AYLOR WINS Clean Sweep for Republican Organization Leader at Pri- maries in County. William L Ward, veteran rtepibll. can leader of Wcxlchcstcr County, made a clean sweep In the primaries. Returns tabulated y thowed tlio regular g.nilzntlon had nominated every candidate. i:vcn Yonkere, stronghold of tlio revolt, voted two ti one for Arthur non-lan- for District Attorney. J. Fred Esscr. opposition candidate for that ofllcc. did not oven carry his home city of Mount Vernon. Fifteen of tho 17 district In Mount Vernon gave nowland G38 and Eseer ESS. Tho vote appeared to be about thrco to one aealnat Icr elsewhere. In New ItochelU 21 out of 35 districts Bave Rowland 6S6 and Ewior !i84. Esscr had made an active campaign In which the alleged leniency shown to Walter S. Ward, under Indlctcmnt lor murder, was the leading Issue. Great Interest was manifested In the contest between Miss Ruth Tay- lor and Arthur L.. Strang;, a White Plains lawyer, for nomination for Judge of tho Children's Court, which Miss Taylor won. Strang was sup-port- by members of the local bar, who felt that this offico should bo filled by a lawyer. In Whlto Plains, Miss Taylor polled Fall Silks oAt Special Prices Among the beautiful silks on display this week are special values in the practical qualities. Crepe de Chine 1.95 A splendid choice of colors. 40 inches wide. Canton Crcpc 2.95 The merits of this crepe arc familiar to everyone who has used it. 40 inches wide. Cniffon Velvet 5.50 Lovely colors, 40 inches wide. Vclva Crepe Georgette 7.50 A fabric you must see otherwise you cannot ap- preciate its beauty. 40 inches wide. OROUND FLOOR. C0 votes against 671 for Strang. Miss Taylor did not make as good a showing In other parts of tho county as did other ward candidates, how ever. Tho closest fight was In llig :6th Senatorial District, largely In Yonk-er- s. The opposition, headed by for- mer Sheriff Wletendanger of Yon!:-c- i. confidently expected to nominate William Gaul for the Sensto, but late returns showed that Seobury C. Man. titk, organization cwdldute, wan wifely ahead. Walter W. We stall, regular candi- date, was nominated by a largo ma- jority In the 35th Senatorial District. The ducccs.iful candidates In the tlvo AMcmbly Districts are: District, Channlng T. Moore: 2d District, Her-be- rt H. Shonk: 3d District. Mlland B. Ooodrlch: th District, Russell D. Mvermore, and 6th District, Georgo Rlakely. The Eighteenth Amendment played a largo part In the fight for Assembly nominees In tho Sd District, where .ludgo George Cowle. Independent, und Village President Goodrich of Osln. Ins, the regular candldute. fought for the nomination. Judga Cowle urged modification of tho Volstead act, while President Goodrich Insisted that tho law should remain as It Is. Conse- quently tho fight simmered down vlr tually to u wet und dry campaign. Tho voters In Osslnlng were about evenly divided on the subject, judging by tho vote for each candldato In the town. President Goodrich received 617 votes and Judge Cowle 604. Cort- land Town, however, went on record as favoring tho dry candidate and rolled up a voto of 604 for Goodrich us acalnst 191 for Judge cowle. County Clerk Louis V. Ellrodt of Mount Vernon, was renominated by a big majority, as was V. Evertt Mary, the millionaire Commissioner of Wei- - fare. Only 60 per cent, of the 62,000 enrolled Republicans In the county voted. Benjamin I- - Fnlrchlld of PoJham was renominated for Congreso In tho 24th District, and Assistant Secretary of Wor J. Mayhem Walnright of Rye was named In the 23th. new First renominated over Mrs. Mabel Mc- - Skipper and oAllU's Here! Toonerville Trolley 1 Forward with a jump a pause and grunt the Skipper works hard back she goes more Struggles for the Skipper then on again ! You've seen all this in the Movies, but you've probably never seen it in real life. These miniature Toonerville Trolleys have all the weird motions of the one in the Movies. We've just received them. Come and see one hobble across the floor. It's irresistibly funny. You'll find them on sale in the TOY DEPARTMENT SEVENTH FLOOR Chinnlns Moore of Bronxvlllo waa t THE EVENING WORLD, WEDNESD-AY- , SEPTEMBER 20, 1922. Klnley Daer, Insurgent candidate. Mrs. Baer Is a nlucn of tho late Presi- dent MoKlnlny and modo n hard fight. County Judge William V. Uleakley if Yonkere received a rrnomlnallon jis lie had no opponent In cither tho Republican or Democratic primaries and Is certain of another tijrm of six yours. This wan the firct time In years that opponents of \Bom\ Ward had placed a full ticket In the field. for mer Mayor Leslie Sutherland of Yonkcrs, former Sheriff Ulrlch Wlea- - endanger of Yonkcrs, former Mayor Klncalf) or Mount vornon, and twenty other Republicans form the- - nucleus of tho revolt.\ Georgo H. Taylor Jr. of Mount Ver-no- n. President of tho Westchester Bar Association, Is sure of the nom- ination for Jurtlce of the Hupreme Court In the Slh District to succeed Justlco Martin J. Kcogh, who retires becnibe of ago limit. There was no contest In the Demo cratic primary. Tho candidates, In addition to Judge Uleakley, nro: For Judge of the Children's Court. Georgo C. Appcllj County Clerk. William Handy; Commissioner of Public Wel- fare. Frank J. Lamb; Coronor, John R. Evers; District Attorney, Walter C. O. Otto; Senator, 25th District, James F. Carroll; Senator, 26th Dis- trict. George F. O'Neill; First Assem- bly District, William W. Young; Sec- ond Assembly District, A. J. Young; Third Assembly District, no candl-dat- Fourth Assembly District, Georg\ F. Holden: Fifth Assembly District A. J. Miller; 24th Congres-Mona- l District, James V. Ganly; 25th Congressional District, no candidate. WESTCHESTER NOTES. Miss Dorothy E. Park of No. 41 South 13tb Avenue. Mount Vernon. Is attend- ing college at Byracuse. ChAles W. Bacon and family of No. 433 East Fifth Street. Mount Vernon, have returned from North Creek, N. T. Miss Edith Fern of No. 17 Rich Ave- - fnue, Mount Vemon. haa returned from Dubois, N. T. , Franklin A. Merrtam of Rich Avenuo, the the the Net to 44, 43c and dor. 33c ii Sizes 6, 25c Size 26c. 29c silk Size Size 49c Mail and FLOOR Mount Vernon, has returned from Syra- cuse. Mr. Arthur M. Johnson of Chester Hill In guet of Mrs. James Simp-to- n nt Mass. Kdna Ossman of South lltli Ave- nue Mount Vernon, has returned from Syracuse. Mrs. B. E. Earle of Qulmby White Plains, has been entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Robert Major of Ithaca, N. T. The New Rochelle Council, Knights of Columbus, have elected the officers' John F, (Irand Knight; Hurley, Deputy Grand Knight; Lawrence Klynn, Webber, James Itlley, Secretary; B. Moore, Financial Secretary: Hugh J. Christie, Martin R. Bums. Joseph Fletcher, Inside Michael Walsh, Outside Guard. The New Rochello Fourth Degrco Knights of Columbus are plan- ning a big meet and field dny for Day, Oct. at City Park. There will bo track and field events boys and girls of all weights, p r j -i Lord & Taylor oAutumn Exposition of 1922-192- 3 Fabrics Trimmings Ornaments Many New Imported Laces We've seldom seen heautiful laces or variety or very moderate prices. These arc special purchases. Novelty Flouncings 4.95 yard Novelty silk flouncings,' 50 inches wide. Most effective for the new tunics. Finished top and bottom. All the latest colors, also black. Black Chantilly 95c to 2.25 yard Laces for trim- ming lovely dress 8 to 12 inches wide. Silk Applique 1.25 yard Cream color silk laces, quite newest thing for smartesfof Bertha collars, xo in. wide. Metal Flouncings 7.95 to yard Unusually handsome lace flouncings, in gold and silver, both dull are-effect- s. Full 36 inches wide' for width. Black Flouncings to 9.95 yard Black lace in newest and loveliest of designs, on Paris models. Chantilly, Boheme; Spanish and cire. 36 inches wide. GROUND FLOOR Fall Sale of Notions The Notions Section prepared for this week of special values a most comprehensive Sale all the items listed below are marked at special prices for the remainder of this week. White Jap Silk Dress Linings, and W.hiteTafFeta Seam sizes 34 to 44,'65c White Dress Linings, sizes, 34 White Black Dress Srup, sizes 0,00,000; cards for Imported Dressmakers' Pins, lb. boxes. 4; 5, Dress Shields, Imperial dou- ble covered nainsook. 3, pair, Size 4, pair, Dress Shields, Imperial flesh color; lined. 3, pair, 43c. 4, pair, the W. Harwich, Mlas Avenue, foltonlng Manning, Patrick Thomas Warden; Recording Thomas Treasurer; Trustee; Guard; athletic Columbus 12, for such such such lace hats. and skirt 5.95 used has Black Binding. 7 yard piece, 19c Willtmantic Spool Cotton, black and white; 150 yard spool, dozen, 53c Steel Sewing Scissor;, fine quality. Sizes 4 to 6 in., 50c Cretonne.Dress Covers,1.25 Cretonne Household Rubber Aprons, 33c Absorbent Cotton, 1 lb. roll, 30c .Sanitary Gauze, 25 yards, 1.65 Telephone Ordert will be filled promptly NOTIONS SECTION OROUND Chancellor, Assembly, 16.50 Lord & Taylor FIFTH AVENUE for tho high schools of Westchester County, private schools and clubs of New Rochelle and tho Knights of Co- lumbus of Westchester County. , The annual election of the New Rochelle Assembly, Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus, resulted as fol- lows! Wilbur A. Halns, Faithful Navl-gato- Rudolph C. Hhewcdo, Faithful Captain; Daniel O'Brien, Faithful Ad- miral Thomas Dyer, Faith- ful Pilot; Raymond J, Scully, Faithful ENGINE KILLS A DEER BLINDED BY HEADLIGHT HAMMONTOWN. N. J., Sept. 20 A three-pron- g buck deer was found dead bestd? the track of the Reading Rail- road near West Colllngswood early to- day. It la believed the deer while stand- ing on the tracks was paralyzed with fright by tho headlight of an engine and was run down and killed. Tho deer Is tho first seen In several years so near Camden. HeckscherBuildinS 5aAvcnuc o57-Sirc- el- CD T F your business appeals to an exclusive clientele you are losing money by not being- - lo- cated in the Heckscher Building:. Shops, Showrooms, Offices CUSHMAN VAKEFIELD.H& ttenllMO and Sianaabir Aoeni OV JiaSt 4SC1 bt. Uarrrr TTfTf g,a t Wool Fabrics oAt Special Prices Wool-Jerse- y 1.75 An ex- ceptionally low price and one we certainly shall not be able to quote later in the season. It is an all worsted Jersey cloth, in a large range of colors. 54 inches wide. Blue Serge 1.85-c-- A special purchase, navy blue, soft and stocky quality. 54 inches- - wide. Wool Challie ?5c Imported and domestic challies are found in this collection of dainty printed patterns for children's frocks or women's house frocks. Black Cliiffbn Broadcloth A lovely fabric of Belgian manufacture. Shrunk and spot proof. There are three qualities: 4.75, 5.50, 5.85 Scotch Plaid 4.75 Gen-uin- e clan plaids from Scotland. 50 inches wide. Homespuns 1'.65 All-wo- ol materials, plaids and stripes of different colorings, in charm-tn- g mixtures. 40 inches wide. SECOND FLOOR Beacon Bathrobe Cloth 85c yd. Several reversible plain color pat- terns are among the attractions of diis newselection of robe cloth. There are many other designs, too. Indian patterns, floral de- signs in appropriate(colors for fall artfl winter. 36 inches wide. second'floor The Bureau of Household Effi- ciency has resumed its lecture demonstrations. These will be held every Mon- day, Wednesday, and Friday, at 2 o'clock. This Fridaythe topic will be \Good Coffee\ MODEL KITCHEN SEVENTH FLOOR DANNEMORA PRISON FUGITIVE CAPTURED SHted for Striking Ilmrrlaoo, N. J.. Woman. A policeman on traffic duly near No. 24 Harrison Street. Harrison, N. J., was called to the house y by cries of Miss Gertrude Baker, a tenant there, who sala she had been struck by an- other tenant, Joseph Amletta. Amettta was taken to Harrison Police Headquar- ters, where he was Identified as a man who escaped from Danneniora Prison on June 11 last. He was serving; a sen- tence of four years there, according; to the police, for burelary. Ameltta was taken back to the prison Miss Baker said Uiat she and Amletta became Involved In a quarre and ho struck her. SCHOOLBOY OF THIRTEEN 4 DIES FROM LOCKJAW Morris Bernstein, thirteen years old, vt No. its East Fourth Street, a school- boy, whose hand was cut Sept. 7 by the explosion of a blank cartridge tie was tr1ris to extract from a pistol he had found, died In Dellevue Hospital last nluht from lockjaw. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital Monday night and anti-tetan- serum was elvcn to lilm, but too late. When he was hurt he was attended at a drug store near hU home. fCknd(imingjpparcl FOR FOR, StoufWomen ii IDEA EXCELLENCE YORK Victrolas in Period Model Cabinets Louis XV. Model, $80 Equipped Victrola VI. Convenient Terms $6 a month. Queen Anne Model, $185 Equipped Victrola IX. Automatic and speed regu- lator. offered in Mahogany. Terms 310 a month. William and Mary Model, 5195 his decorated walnut may be obtained equipped limber IX. Victrola for 3210. Terms 310 a month. original Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean records out Friday A. 75c. Seventh Floor. Lord & Taylor FIFTH AVENUE SERVICE HIGHEST brake model model Stem Brothers West 42nd Street (Between 5th and 6th Avenues) West 43rd Street qA complete display of the distinctive new models in MEN'S AUTUMN HATS A collection representative of the foremost American and foreign iut makers. Hats and Derbies made from specially selected felts and embodying such high-clas- s workmanship as will instantly appeal to men of exacting taste. READY OP AT LOWEST TOICI3 HAH OVTA PI BROOKLYN with of with This is 1 in with The M., Soft in the new shades of brown, olive, Sott Wats ffey and black b m $3.50, $5 & $6 Self Ugbt and medium weights: Derbiesj ! $4, $5 $6 Imported BorsalillO HatS in brown, grey and pearl . . $9 IT 1

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