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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, July 18, 1919, Image 18

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' xvi.- .tiii . , . . . ...... &63SHC VqW ami KXIti.M I apa,ga SWA am MSM Friday, July 18. 119 LITTLE MARY MIXUP Mary Didn'i Understand If Was to Be a \Stop Watch\! THE NEW PLAYS o ., , , If I II . t 1 T r - \ ' Z7l Ia STILL WATCH in g. Hm- -' \The Crimson AlibV -- rocoB a more - I f 5 SSiieSS't ll cam rriuu , ' Set ? rrfe'ss \PftBTTY NEAR. Intensely Interesting .3)own .is .TrTe, .T?rticR6Ai mAcf rCC'CiUMBON ALIDI,\ the r I Broaahnrst and octavus . Droadhurst Theatre last Hp of A prologtMS, four acts' add nine iv ca vi a iMii uuuk buuidulu n mm luiGuigi I Tin story concerns a murder which place (n the prologue. The Is dark: bene'e the Identity of l Hia MllKlanf I. ffimbilIv M Attn I .mystery. Toreo men ana one woman are sruspected, and so skilfully hun 'the story been staged that the evi- dence .points almost conclusively to ec!h one. The mystery Is unravelled tn tM\ final three- minutes of the last Id,, 'and, while the fixing of the crista doesn't carry quite the amount Of liorpriso expected. It Is a good :eiKmga, solution. -- .4 The ast Is exceptionally well se- - About Plays By BIDE (f(TfUE GOLDEN AGEL\ a new 1 comedy of American life, ? will be produced hy George C. Tyler at the Apollo Theatre, At-faa- City, on Monday, July St. Helen -- will have tha leading role. prominently cast are Donald GeJJaher, Minna. Oale Hayoes, Glenn IJuatw, Paul Kelly, Viva Oplin, Claire Meraertau, Genevieve Tobln, ytvlan, Tobln, Marlon Abbott, IUy-mm- ei Hackell, James Terbelt and Rosalie Mathleu. Th authors are Bldooy Toler and Marlon Short . '. NEW ONE FOR SHUBERT. The Messrs. Shubert will present rOfc. What a Girl,\ orfcrlaally called , ryv unue, at ura unuoert Theatre aa Monday evening, July It, la this 'nmslet.l comedy will appear FrorOf a , Tmr, Harry Kelly, Sam Ash, Ignaolo Ijarttaettl, Low Cooper, Bam Curtis, Kuel Klrko, Vera GroSet, Nancy Fair, Hssauth Moffat, Ma-Bel- le, Rente A Lewis Slodea and others. Lew 1'UMa aad \X LoneJy Romeo, now at ska Stubert, will move to the Casino. MIM RUTLAND ENQA9ED. ertrad ftftUaa has nUtfaaa ta Tork from Beaten and ta with Raymond Hltchoock's maw show. This young lady came In- to promlnenoe five years ago at the rSuxT ball, given by Otto Harbach, by danclnf ten minutes with a hand, some anddlstinguuihed writer, who 'was fast asleep. Kiss Rutland kept 'lilra going until another member of the Sutl\ company Rrocured an alarm clock. ( (V HERE'S A NOVELTY, i \A Voice la the irk, described as a:meJodnunatio novelty, will open at 'the Jlepubllo Theatre Monday even-JJnj- r, July 2. Part of the play, which M by Ralph E. Iyar, la aoted in pan. 3toralaie and part In total darkness. ' AM IL Woods Is the producer. The .least Includes Olive Wrndham. wlll- - .. . . r m Til 1 i - \r. r j Mtneriami. Kranic Monroe, Arien iHacxett, piorlne Arnold, Oeorgla vt JHU1, eiewart E. Wilson and Richard .Gordon. Ui ITS A SILLY OLD WORLD. M BosLb Brooklyn\ has seat us fins APoess. IXMKI W tkc boyt osm homo from 'jwioflne teir indignation I kWto thfy way away $oneone ttole their leer. left then arms and irriga tion. JINQAQEMENTS FOR TWO. Ma SL Leon Is to return to the iSAnrtav wave fr Summer Days ay no. e Everybody loves corn fritters .SAVVTAY corn fritters are feather 'Jight, and absolutely free from .Breise. Served with syrup they're W \ cuoujjii lor ucsscix. i Sawtay Corn Fritters Mit and tifl 1 cvo flour. 1 teattMon hnl, fug powder, t Uatpoontxd tail, dath oj wrkT. cupt oj cam, voiti oj z . \\ia tag wu bcaim bwi c uioitipoont of mthtd SAWTAY. rold in ttyiy btal. en egg uMli$ m Drop the batter in deep, ho SAWTAY, fry until orovn, uraxn on brown paper. I'Makeu Good Things to Eat ir kill ivi.r. New I the Time to Cat RU1 of These Ugly Spots. There no looser the tllrhlmt tot feeling ashamed of your freckles, .iyu Othlne double strength li gusr- - '\ntssvl tn atTiiws ttishsiA IihiIu ; Simply get an ounce of Othlne Wonble strength from any druggist tfcnd spply a little of It night and A morning and you should soon see that ; even the worst freckles lists becun ta .disappear, while the lighter ones have KvB4fied entirely. It Is seldom that mm than, an ounce I needed to 6m tteecir clear Uie skin and gain ' besawraJL clear cotnnlexlon. - ' Ba aor ta uk far lha ilanhU fr.n.v. 0Mm as Utt Is sold under guarsntss new mystery melodrama by George itoy uonen, was preseniea at me night by Mr. DrosdhursL It la made icenes, and through It all the In- - lected. Harrison Hunter acU the role of the gentleman detective who solves the mystery. lie leaves noth- ing to be desired. William H. Thompson, Robort Barrat, Ilertha Mann, Robert Kelly, Inda Palmer and, In fact, the entire company, are excellent The part of tbo boy, por- trayed toy Gardner James, Is uanecea-sar- y, however. The Crimson Alibi\ Is gripping, full of genuine thrills and very well written. It will hold your Interest to tbo final curtain. It you like ex celtent mystery melodrama, with the mystery overtacDlnr the love Inter est and everything else, see It You can't go wrong, - and Players DUDLEY stare. She has been engaged by Oliver Morosoo for the rote of the bride In \Please Get Married.\ Another engagement by Mr. Morusco Is that of Oladys Lockwood, who will assume the Charlotte Greenwood rple In \So Long Letty.\ ERROL IN A REVUE. Lean Errol Is to appear In a \new musical revue to bo produced by V. ?4egfeld jr. late In Hop t ember. Mr. Krrol Is now In London where he has soored a big hit at the Hippodrome. lie ww sail ror New york ahoruy. \DONT YOU LOVE ITT\ Don't You Love ItT\ the 8slwyn musical oomedr based on \Seven Chances,\ having been Inspected and coaaiea a u by p. a. WOdebouso, will go Into rehearsal In several weeks. Under another title It played (brief season In noston. Rol Cooper ,'1 Megrue and Raymond Hubbcll aro Interested In It as author and com- poser. The piece wilt reach Broad- way In eeptember. JUST AS CLEAR AS MUD. William Raymond BUI has written us to explain the story from his pen inai we primed yesterday, it con- cerned two actors who went to a club bar aad ware, told .each room In the \The members Were In the rooms because of tbe scarcity of hotel ac- commodations. The Idea that most of them were In the habit of sleeping on the fcar Is wrong. Now do you seo the polntr NO- - ROUND ONEI Wa wondered If it wouldn't earns to something Mce this. F. Zlegfeld Is announclnr that he will call the New Amsterdam rtoof the \7.leif- - I feld Palais Iloval\ whllo the 8 o'clock abow Is on and 'Veto do Paris\ while the \Midnight KroUc\ U being pre- sented. Paul Salvln, said to be in terested In the management of \The Greenwich Village Follies,\ has Broadway cafes called the Palais loyal ana care do pans. Mr. Zleg feld bas a musical production known \TOO Follies.\ From where we sn. it looks as though somebody Is slight- ly miffed at somebody else. QOSSIP. A. L. Erlanser has engaged Nedda Unrrigan for Cbauncey Olcott'a \Ma- - cusbla\ company. JUne Walker of \A Little Journey has been xlven a long time contract by the Messrs. snuoert. uarry jirai nas oeen cngns-- xi uy . II. Woods to Play Mawruss in Business Before Pleasure\ on tour. \Friendly Knemies,\ which will close at the Hudson night. bas averaged a gross or in,wo a week for a full year.. Loulse Hult is acting In \Polly With iv Iajil\ In fit mil. Kenneth Webb Is making a picture of C8ln- - ners.\ Ira Hards has been commissioned by the Gyp producing' Company to stage Charles Bradley's new play. uyp lor Short\ Hugh Randall is writing ana pro ducing vaudeville acts. He has a sketch called \When Ho Came Back\ In rehearsal. Jane Warrington and Frnnk Mor gan have been added to the cost of tno comeoy, \Nigntie Nignt. Henry Btophenson has been placed under contract to appear with Jaue Cowl for a term of years. Marion uorr nas reiurnod to the cast of \A Lonely Romeo\ after two weeks at her bunting lodge In the Adlrondacks, Bertha KaHch'a lead tur mnn for her second season In \The niddle: Woman\ will be Robert T. Haines. The Messrs. Shubert have put Those Who Walk In Darkness\ In rehearsal with Ireno Fenwlck. Mary Rhaw, Arthur Shaw and William liarrigan in the principal roles. H. F. Albce-- s Koith Boy nanl. \SO strong, will be at the Police Field uay ceioDrauon next week. A chorus sir! checked her net poodle at the Terrace Garden Dance Palace lost nleht. Every time thn or; chestra played \Missouri Walts\ he bowled. The girl explained that he was from Missouri. n i nvwun i run iu'UATi I j. nun oi tvciiaTiiie wisnesi us to deny a report that h ! rfl brother of Jeff Nutt, our special corit reaimnaeni. lie uivi thn rnnnrt - fluriiDj; ns Dullness, F00LI8HMENT. \Oo on, you old foolltht\ laid 7ir.? \Vou'rc uca an old tWyttc heel1 \ Bald he: \ilatlc nickel You talk like a plcfcle, And look like a peanut to me. FROM THE CHESTNUT TREE, \Caruso Is a great singer.\ \ \True but I'm better etHI.\ VMM ia i auf , THE OLD FAMILY SKELETON Father Must Have Had One Way Pockets ! md exXcr J (Areo ArHMt told hj urbfiMM o,?aj't ?o r f Z LZ? a . H($ MoaY Zl gJlZ-- - Kvohkcy eustvessij (ulsij . Ffr, (ffnS ifTS hftrSrty 'wst L II LLl ) I I a Ill I, Ill IPI.I ' I III I Ml THE BIG LITTLE FAMILY Did She Think a Minnow Swallowed It for a Hook? Hf TiD l&xyll doMe AtoKiCl! ) A f fD& -- T fEVER ) A 0 66 -- oTaNDIM' ) iffKS -- W ANCHOR\ VtlV DVE 5FbSe VC VClJ-rM- e Uf. ' ft -- STROPS. CsM6 IM ) r--lJ t AlNT EAlTXieD fiti'j ( vWlte. Ado4 \X r v I 9 on -- aorgrmNi rJ , Xjotesr VIC'S VACATION Vic. Wished the Motion Could Be Tabled! DOROTHY , Weary Would Rather Have a Vegetarian Dog and a Meat Eating Family! ( SAV MISTER. Vol?! ( I'M I I 1 1 WELL IT WONT nc! I I I w'hJ 1 II ( THE PEOPLE IN THEREll T ill III ( PUT. TUPV noTA 1 I I 111- \-\ I ' ll j BETTER NOT GO jHUN&RYj VOU AMV QOOO j jl10\1\? ) ARE VEGETARIANS J HUH ! J DG WHAT A I NT J ifi ST r rTniT - rvmt r ' cn-.m- S JCiassa? nJEA V fisW f W mkTX i Jrfal

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