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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, July 18, 1919, Image 14

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SHSs. Jul laWrh ChaiSW of IJNfiaUei.hu approtrt me provisional . . . . . Li. - M ... r. . n f r,, ISJQ HI K9XCa lit u\ I if tb period to Dec Si next, tm MNKINQ AND FINANCIAL. 'WAYNE COAL HUFF MOTORS The Industrials on the New York Curb are coming back Into faTor with a ruth. Wajrae cd Hupp are leader in Uie more men I. Timeljr analysis of present status, earning and prof tttcta of these companies contained ia current Itsue J The Market AnnaliiL\ fcf9 PrfAatif obligation open tjtMimtt ff Ht-N- o. 38. SCHMIDT & UEERY . MtmUn (WAMSM rr W of M Y, NowYorkOffle. ; I fapUw; onv tirnU St. 319 Flftk Arm. ' M. 8M4 im ' I Tat Mia-- y UiU 6J4V i Oil, Industrials Mining and Curb Securities are coveted most thoroughly aad coBpreheDsirely ia the MVMiri f a II IWEEKLYMARKETIXTTER which has been Issued every Friary eiace 103. Through duel liases aad bad. War times aad peace, the aim of tblt. , Letter has been to fire the uablasied opinions of experts ia the abore securities. No one Interested In this ckss o( (Securities should be without our Letter. Wrt or IWs lFnfi Urn. Ckatlis A. StOMham&Go. U Bt4 Blroed. MW Xark MARCHES I Galea D trolt Milwaukee TJoeten Hartford Philadelphia Toronto. SmMMm4 IMS. Mo a\remoUone. MAGNA CtPPER ArtkMf the reel metal Maues, MW euwwwanrfmi attention! no teajMr tUek isiek ttrenccr far tajywW favar than MAGMA. Tkare are aogent reaaeM why fcWa thawM be to t4 we have ptapeiwl a tpedaJ drcukr ea akSMfjAsitJ mj!a 9MM WawaLatJB t. L. WiiktiBtiftCe. Stock Broken 44 St., New York Tdapceee 6470 Broad PfNANCIAL. NEWS AND PRICES WAIL STREET a . mi i New and Gossip of lb-Day'- s, Jforkct Present and Fu- ture Prices. Connecting news development. coupled with tho evident dcslro of Moor trader to oven up their coii- - tracta prior to tho twtttday holiday, resulted In tho stock market tiavlns an irregular price tendency to.Jay. It was not to much a case of Ir regularity between croup of stock ne It was between Imuc In tbe same group. For instance. Certain motor, rubber nnd tire aha res wcro console nously strong, while other were aa conspicuously weak. The aarne con. dltlon existed In etocls, railroads and copper. Tbe foreign exchange sltuat'on, which la ao little understood by the average trader, waa again a potent stock market factor. Early In tbe session when It soemed that another break In rates waa Impending, atneka were freely aold. Later when foreign exchango displayed greater stability professional gal nod frcsu courage and repurchased stocks. Tho statement made in tnia column yesterday that brokerage loans are now at a high record and aggregate 11,400,000.000 evoked wldoxprcad rem ment. Tho situation was checkod up today by other Investigators and the evening World's figure wera fuun to bo conservative. Tno result was that many broker again advlsod their customers to tako their profits, but In most case such advice went unheeded. Luto In tho ufternoou it was widely roported that the Pederat iteservo jjonic will issue a now warn-in- g against but this lacked oonannaiion. Attention wns again sharply dl rected to tho money market by tha fact that certain broken had to pay 7 per cent, and others a nigh as I oer cent, for time money, most of which is due to be paid back at the end of CO days. Tno maximum legal rate Is o nor cent. It was naively explained that tbe extra 1 and 2 per cent was paid for services In making the loan. Announcement oi ino a per cent, money rate bad a tendency in increase bull apprehension. ANKINQ AND FINANCIAL. 3 BljlOAD STREET the CLOSING STOCK QUOTATIONS, An. A at. Be instant.. Caa lxMlt. . Am. MM' Mj.... Am. f, jk T, Coy AMWtdi Mlnlat. htHwU )lMd,...f rulU A Ohio.... lUtfL. tinl U ttt. UraoUrn K. T. ... CL rurokuoi. . , , CmUtl UsUier. .. OutulUa 1'Adlte. . CbM. A UMo.... c. u. u ttu r... China Ooinr, , , Cora Trad. Oo..,t CrudkU SImI Crit i. Ufa. lloton O) ., at. Nona. Ore lupir. Uown ..... Inlet boro On latsrbora On. KcnwoMt Oowt .. LMsb ViU7 MumS, llotar .... Uc. UhIm ci.... Iter. Umo rL. U. Uo, IVtioinm ... Ukoa Oattn liUraAa Wml Uo, radtla K. X. Ontral.1.. X. X. Jk N. U-- ... North. l'AC. i. Itno. U. A. I'itu. W. Vs.,. ltMdk Itap. WmI Blochlr Oil Boullavn IlHfla . SouUmtb 11x1117,, ttUklaUInt Co. .. , TcxiJ Go, Tobton rrtxhjcts, , Vvloa nana .... , U. 0. Ind. Atoobul I V. 8. IUSjUc u. B. BIMI U. 8. 0IOT4 p..... Utah Cohw VVatiiK. K. a 11.. fa Itrtdod. Wi 0 anJ It on the lllsh. lv. Net o-- i mi 92 ft , i ti'4 cm; h 01 4- - H , u m 4iH 101 4-- U T5 tes w h m m i 4T 4i 10OH U 4144 S0H 31 SHU 3U nsU (4 lis H 101 ee eaii 6314 COiA 4SH 4014 1 M 4 to 1 MU att m H las 1 lUj 19M 3X1 tm '.4 H 4S4 40U - i CJS CIS S TTt T 1 - 4 H ifll !TJ!4 1H 4 4IU 'A 14 4X1)4 63 tt MM tH MS 4- - 1H 03 JH H4 lie UT 4- - H 107 1W 1 m 3iu au U CM Ui 6MA U 9t UOK 14 U trl HI eiU 4- - W a)i sei4 sih i a W)4 ocu 40)4 W 4tt 4- - V 40 WH 40H 4- - nu ww oi K IM UIK US T 3H Ulti U3S 4- - U ltd 3114 31 MUX 4- - 'JW 37t ?IU Zli 101 4- - 1 4- - H 4fl 141 4- - IIH 1K h , 110 114 11T 0U14 OI 05 1i 4- - K 6714 07 points, ltubber ..Siivl, highly specula- - checks higher Qullder cables uinxuhnim shares, demand Texas, got as low rose i points. BANKINO Transcontinental Oil Caddo Central Oil Jualptltt tnofytu 4M ctplu pnL Stock ' ul:. dust. Mtit K.104 joox lout hih 11914 1I3H- - )IH 104H 10H4 112U, lion 104H 10514 inK L3H 1U' sxm lilh lOUUj lusfc lutti 117)4 11014 10U14 10OH 13S14 1X1K Xttt4 14014 liV4 U414 11SIV4 111.14 UXk 117H 07)414 HALLE STIEGLITZ Exchange YORK Speiaking of Oil By Wm.f C. Van Antwerp From Walls Babylon to Bayonne. What is under 2,000,000 shares in' Transcontinental Oil? Who Benedum and Trees world's pioneer geologists oil? Dow, Jones & Co. Bulletins 'Monday morning well equipped financial offices), also Wednesday and Friday and The Wall Street Journal afternoon and morning following fnsag; VJi. Tola) sales stock, shares. TO-DA- PRICES n.. ... \All f.ni in tho names of Aim uoninr wum ui iv iuuiia. ,t ifnht u i.h ocrvioo uanic unare. Wrote Aicxanacr WlterS 23 ymar, ei co; victoria. Oil, 2i- - 1115 Sl.J; Seaboard Oil & das, 7 -: 63-- 82 J- -: monwcnlth I'etroleum. ti 2 fPi A will of words, Oil, i-- s was orrerea oerore Wln- - MA. M. PIltCES Mto ,n DrooM jr as disposing Oil, 17 1- -t 8i 'of tbe estate of Alexander manager of the Kru.t Ex- - I'eL, 6) -2 4; In tho Qcncml Hales Arrcncy, oirams rtu, SI 4; 1M: 27: Midwest Itof., l0--m- : Inter. I'eL, 32 1.43-4- . Tho steady. ReUlt Stores, 7; Qcn. 81, up 1- -2 Bin. Con., 62 2, up 1.3; Cramp 185 to 195; Tob, Prod., retail ex. 35 to 31 2; later, cont nub., 24 1- -2 to 25 2. 11 A, M. inREQULiAn. Jb \Old 881-- 2 off 2; Tcto. i'dts. Exp., it l.j to 35; Gen. uj j fti. aniline, so on 2; t ramp, ISO 2; Uoat, 19 1- -2 to 20; Intor. Con. ltubber. 23 to 6: Cramn. 9S.! c,t- - Br- - 3 to 6- -; Allied Packers. 112 1.5 tn Chalmers. 10 4 to 3.41 trii. to It IIUDD. 12 7.S In .It 1.1. l.nkntt 87 to 80. Tho was weak. 87 l'2'' A 3 oft 2; 13 8 up Nat, Anil., 60 off 2; United Jtetuil Stores, 97 off 3; Sin- - timr 2 oil Z. iruiois, ins moiner, 285 Boulevard, three 2, '\\\ brothers and sister. Miss 16. ClOSetl! All Inriliatrlnl. nn.n.J 110 a'decllne of about 2 b'gh 7, low 7, rencwuls 7, ruling 7. rtepubllc fell oft 4 points, Crucible 5 closed 7 per cent, and U. S. EXCHANGE. contlnuod firm. Demand on Tnn -- n(l....i a much wnrovea utne. mod mined IT .'\. uutiujciu iu to 112 and oven the M-S- l. Frono woro Uve lssuea made up moat of their ut 7.0J. at 37 3, early losses. at streiurth Peseta cables I9.is nmi wcro the Btudobokcr, cables at 34.80. aiorllng and In tho 4.38 4. cables 4.39. Franca demand Missouri, Kansas and wblch 17.03, cublcs 7.03. Llro 8.C0. Steel at one time as moro tnan AND FINANCIAL. Asm pnpmi if tUI U tlti of N. Y. asm 4H & Members NEW the of the at the the new are the in Sec Next (in all in the 1,135-50- followlOK wltneascfl. s; iierritt, 1- -2 DCUCIJUiirv Sinclair seven scribbled iojs; surrogate mitEOULArt. Wllflam .chanco Houston, Merrill, curtn.. opening was Asphalt, port, P1UCES St\- - Asphalt, up VV,,1? closing Asphalt Peerless 8; uonsouauiea MONET. Sterling Features shipping rallroadn cables 8.58. Oulldera dnmnnil 37 1.4. cables 37 1.2. Jul? Ilango for the day at Chicago: JuU mih. Umma 100U41S0 ixo itfi lm loosi iisa. lutr lali was 1.2 vt. wwpioir. Droitnbtf . Mne . i 1 i \ \ t fJltAlN. tow. 91UH MH 14 7W iy 64.S3 61.74 34 .13 OA TV TO fOItK.l Oiu lu.VO ;h,13 Mutti 34.0O HIT 3I.0U llllr Ctal. cJ.ro &U.OJ COITON, 7814 BOHs 1(11 SOUS Buit. im ...ul.tvi isjj,' 3.l0 Uctctxr ,,,,81.00 juuqr LARD. 55. vow nil. U14 EARNINGS. C0.CO IOO 00.40 1BO S3.T9 61 4lt. H.SI 33.00 33.U CQ on 4Hi off sk to 4: off lub. otl H iii.k :n,43 33.13 S4.10 .14.00 34.40 34.43 OtM. IHsH. Low. ul.ei si.to 'mm JX.M 21.C0 3U si.no ai.oo ao.(B sn.Ki io.ki aim uxen ui.us o.&S Wka3 (I0.'J3 83.12 33.00 W.T3 30.00 Canadian Pacific; Second July $3,325,000, Increase 1637,000; from Jan. 1 $81,392,000, Incrcoao $5,601,000. Western Union Telegraph Co re to I. C. C: May operating rev- enue $9,034,271, Increase $1,662,333; net operating revenue $3,047,839, Increase ll.3io.30s; operating income :,oii,34:. increase $1,323,538; five months oper ating revenue $35,474,386, Increase $3,. 850,083; net operating revenue $8,725,- - 320, Increase $355,919; operating In come $6,799,968, Increase $49,088. .DIVIDENDS. Edison Electric Illuminating Com pany of Brockton, Mass., declared the remilar quarterly dividend of $1 a share, payable to stock of rec ord July 21. 77(J NOTES. 3.3.1 week Aug, Dow, Jones U Co. have prepared an (interesting bulletin on Transcontinental lOII which will appear tn the Monday, Wednesday Friday editions or me Wall Utreet Journal next week. Theodore scnuixe jr. nas Dern lolfx-tr- d director of the Sinclair Oil ti Refining Co., In place of K. Porter, rusizneu. stockholders at special meeting Increase In shares from 1,600,0 to :, 000,000 of no par value. 34.T! and IS IN DUEL Bullet Intended for Lands In Arm of outh Stand- ing on Corner, Joseph Fitzgerald, seventeen, of No Hicks Street, Drooklyn, stopped bullet that Was not intended for him this afternoon at Hicks and Congress Streets, near his home. Tho bullet lodred In his arm. The wound Is not serious. Shortly 3 o'clock an Italian stood In a Congress Street doorway, 100 feet below Hicks Street, and beran Mr- - Ids; an automatic pistol st fellow coun- - trj-mo- on tho The latter returned nre. line or'ine tnineis struck Ime Neither of the duellists the doIIco arrested O. Trovnto I of No. Hicks Street \under suspo- - An automatic nine-sh- pistol Iclon.\ In stable nearby with three isncus leu in it. 3.V4 838 was 336 Americana Commrnded (or Bravery la nerlln II)ote. nrjIlI.lN. Julv IS. Svn Amerlpen 1 soldiers and two civilians, one an American and one Herman, have been communded by American au- thorities I for gallantry and bravery during tha riots In nerlln last winter. I'arle netting Itrady for Ilnlsar l'eaee Drlrantea. TAIlia, July IS. Tho Government has commandeered the Chateau de Madrid at Nrullly as residence for tho Ilulgarlan peace delegation. Tho Bulgarians arc expected lioiu July 2v. aMBslBMisai ' . . .. i pwi r ! : v .. . ) SEVEN-WOR- D WILL SCRIBBLED ON BACK OF MARKET REPORT I 7nlmn ' sienur, u cosden.iiB.j-iti- tii ; J nOU5CKCeper. Consolidated, Com- - iranscontlncntat Transcontinental Httmr Commonwonlth - \ Uoat ikw., port after curb. Later Inc, No. 61 11 rood way. The estimated vnluc of tho estate Is from 110,000 to 335,000. \All 1 have got belongs to Zulma,\ the way the will roads. The word are written In lead pen-ct- l. Delow them appear two signa- tures, \A. W. Watcra,\ written, ono abovo the other. Half way down the shoet appear the signatures, \X. W. niggblade, Manager 8alcs Aeency,\ and -- Harry S. Torrance.- - Under tho namo of Torrance aro the words, also In lead pencil, \Found this paper on Mr. Waters' desk.\ At tho bottom of the sheet \John Kaht, No. 183.\ Tho will was offered by Edwurd .r. Rellly, attorney for Miss Zulma I'owell, No. 228 Lincoln Place, llrook-ly- n, where Mr. Waters made hi home. The house Is conducted by Miss Powell under the name of \Powell House.\ The Surrogate Issued citations to Mrs. Elena Oon eihTl,B, ., collftleIra'Pcd!No. Empire inuaiors 1 5 KilWto I I t re- finery 1 ... 1 I n. 0 0 BYSTANDER WOUNDED BROOKLYN PISTOL Antagonis I I I I a a I a a I r 1 1 a Elena Thurston, who lives In Orunge, to appear before him Aug, 18 to present any objections they have have to the with Mr. Rellly suld ha Wus In. formed tho will would bo contested. Mrs. Waters was appointed tempo-rar- y administrator of the estate July 9 on the petition of the heirs at law, who stated that no wilt bad been found. Lawyer Itellly. who resented tha lead pencil will and asked that Miss Powell bo appointed sole adminis- trator as she was the solo legatee, gavo the. followinr etory of tho un usual document; \Miss Powell, now thlrty-flr- e, had been housokeeper for Mr. Waters since she was In her' teens. Four AMUSEMENTS. OPEN-AI- R CONCERTS TO-NIGH- T, 8:30 O'CLOCK Eari Tockrrman, Xratst Parlt, Idslls raUersoo. Lilian EabaAk. STADIUM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA ARNOLD VOLTE, Conductor. SAT. 10TII. Florcnco UfccWth aad Chorus. BUN.. tOTlf. Forrest Lamont. Tonor. Orare Kcras, Soprano. WON.. JIHT. I'hlllD Gordon. PlanlJL Durban Msurtl. Hoprano. Slelrttcay J'iano Vitd. 8,000 Bests. 33o, SOe, 11.00. Stadium of the rotlrcr of tho Cltr of Nfw York st lMTIh St. and Anuterdani A... Auto and Dollar Beat Entranca. iseih ni. nnu iunTaiii ATO. IN CAHB OF IIAIN. concert takes place In arrat Hall. 14dth8t. 4 Convent Ave. TICKBT8 ON BALE AT DOX Omcf. AND MKTJtOPOLlTAN Ql'KltA 1IOUBF DANCE TCnaACI Barantara. Huooaa aad Hnlldara. fALAUi THI OMN AIB COLUMBIA BnoNX OF eaiii oft.. Bin ucxmtiom ar. Iaartot t to Ii. i to IS. OANCt IN Wwiem Dsiiiiineii.. .47tbtl.II A Bffl.,PEEK.A-BO- O AMUSEMENT r . m - r CAT ITHH \iinurnimsURr T. 8UB.STA. Timet Square BATHIMB STEEPLECHASE FOR FUN CQXET ISLAND. (DALISADtS offoim HUIIV U.VTIII.NU U1V. 1UI1CPUCMT Do.Nx YmuuLiiTlLili I PArtK cast 25 Minutes From unr ST. up. 1TA. Times BATHIMO PHOTO PLAY8. lM.IV.lul werse TwVe n W. RRIFFITM '\rr wiiaii season ranic wcst rens imH OtUr, ix.Mm Blossoms k&s hoToav JULY 21 STSfe THE FALL OF BABYLON raicroco iBv actio and INTIItSPtRStO WITH tMSliStf NUM. BtRS. Living INCLUDING KYRA ANO HEft ULLCT of TAINMtMT OF tlYWOrVJiV,yi' PLAZA GEORGE BEBAN HEARTS MEN B.S.H0SS' mim B'way aUI-S- L Q R 4Qi3MsnassjeTeawaaTewaTa swsjmrt44' flAROCN llilrrK? AMtntMtin isojt. Square -- M. ssl. as r HIS IN H rrfviu 1) a. at itltt BL AND LAUUimU CHARLIE CHAPLIN fREHISTORIC ran K SfNWFTTX WWDIE ETHEL CLAYTON In \A HDOrtloa Itiai lira. Hldo, litre Cantdr, nifu biunuiii I HA. TOM MOORE In \The Cltr of Conradaa.' Bololata, Coufrr6. BIALTO ORCHESTRA. iack ricaroRD \BUI Aeairiea't Bay\ Salallta. Caaaedr. STRAND 0MCMHIRA days before adeaWJulFVS.' wnfers toid one uf Ills ho did not expect 10 llv.a Iomk and ini'niil to Icavo nil . hM property to Mtssi Powell. \Leaving the house tn Hrnoktyti July 3 he told Miss Powoll he ex- pected to die any time. At 9.15 that morning at Ills desk In his nfllce ho called Mr. Illggblndo and\ Mr. Tor- rance, showed thorn whut ho had written on the back of n report slip nnd told them It wan his liist wl I and testament and asked them to sign na witnesses. They did so. He died fifteen minute later. It Is not established yet who wmte tbe words ntnnr tho uwiuiiij points, points. demand Kipptf KEE brother name of .policeman who was called because of sudden death of Mr. Waters, and who properly marked It THEATRE8. WINTFR P. innr III MI-.Tu- .Wlsirr aud'tf r.if - 1 BR0ADHURST gft\ U JO Uatlate al ISO. CHEERS GRT.mo nir ntnronM-Ah'c- c last NiauT or THE CRIMSON ALIBI its LAtronn. quivras, RIllVTJISf IUIULLO lUDt TRIUMPH UAxlNf sth. er. near. Kra. Wfd. a IUU 1S39EAST jUCIIKL CUOTIlEaS' COUF.Dr Biggest Comedy Hit New York Til C Packed to the doors b every performance FIVE MILLION Tlfliht nmedr ef Hrnoal. a n. x. LYRIC Datla Mtlrtclnmi aoo tho tho for llala. Thuri. 81. it -- n S. llQ HIT. In at Turn lllkl' Tinwa. Own Naw Aw. onljr Tsettrt Te-Ni- hl 8Z0 M it Mtt.Tomorrow2.20 ny ftiravE nocror airrarrTWfi MIDNIGHT WHIRL svMnlKi- - \At';q.S\ I aWntttiaii SHUBERT wS? VANDEMILT !LttW ill: i&S AL1TTLE JOURNEY i cm Jr, foy ASTPK - wara. wto.eraaf. Saaaaa'a aaaullaaal saoMaa. OHN RER'GUSON NOW . nilTflN J?. e.tl S.SO. Uata. THI 1 ' wea.ii-op.u- a El TINIflRWru M Etnilnn al III, tLi niucMlu, np.) wad, a sat, m. HUDSON l,.BTo.BTw,: VS'iVV-- V. LOUIS MANN in - SeVt- - X&SXi: on in tha la. Um IUt saw I4sk. pi \u ton ufin, Ika ar. AT ML si. En Kid klToun O'CLOCK RtVUE FROLICS LIBERTY TVaat 42d BL Crmlan at a.U vuta. Wed. A Bat. 1.13 SCANDALS WHITE'S 1919 LA LA LUCILLE 6 LOBE. Kita, t.lu. Uau Wed. Ilw.1 A Bel. cnarlra nuilatliain'a lauat tauslral enninlr. SHE'S A GOOD FELLOW LIGHTNING OAIETV, h'war atla BL M SMITH. GOLDEN SUCCESSES 7 WISE FOOLS at a J Crlttriae. Brtadwar a th 81. nnrtT ivm 41th BL V.UIW uatlnata Wed. Kteolntt '.\.'ce. ..\The OM LfVOnmOT COHAN & HARRIS A Hat..' THE ROYAL VAGABOND A C0HAMMIE0 OPERA COMIOUE. U'b.b aeiil tllK Lf NlCKERBOCKER \itM. al a.ia. Wf. Slh B'j Neil oett and r.... SJS. Sat. 1M at S.ta Uata Wed. 119. a BaL S.1S. JOHN COUTH Kcw aliulcal Oendj. GREENWICH Dlncll\ at CfafUtopbcr tt. (Urodwj) lubwtj, a- t . U.llnu Hatitsetaw. 1 11 I NEW YORK THEATRES. At Id 23(1 SL At.. i hi 1 I li BaiNTftiL I Mata Wed. VAUDEVILLE. MaU.WaS.irae.) l.r. Hoeild A Co., CTtri Hheppfla, r. i. uiimr. d. rain KiUcetrooctcr llutroo.' vm.n.r Pmir. nahlll and TlomalDf. Elite Hchtulcr. Mr. A Slra. \ark Hart, othtrt and llrvtnt Waahliuru I la \IMttlnt It Qtef.\ will J. wane a oirls. omnia jmU. the Mliaei llrkrr. WUlard A Wlulamluo, UUIir A l.aiuwrii. oinr,. Pfiala Uartiacal In Tangled Thread' lluuv MUSSEY 4 CO. your liar- - btonr hUnn. Will Uaula 1 Clair iT Co.T llobhla tlonlona. llrnnao ttftreni. Alma Mcnltnan Ulrti. othtra. rOEWTHEWYORK THEATRE t,. U. to 11 T. M. ttoef WlA.ll ton?! ,nuc In \CaalS FarM am.\ MARY M . Ml MTER. \Ytaaaa el Parli.\ . i. a.arlran Rp.nl f . \. \ ' T1..C. DIRLS AND FALl I'.y.lT.'.ru F. MURPHY. DRIN. Rlllfvid \aMQUB 7 OTH.H5iO ACT8:. M. 10 F. Klllh 1 auuia tut Tuunuan Pt I FOVS. NEW SPANISH BE. A tt VUE, Dirt ritnlkkaai, Ar. S'war A St. I aaat Brat., Maya A Llraa, Uata ; Belli, lie-- 1 I Kharuai aad SWEETIES HELP WANTED MALE. feuaTlfEIr wanted, aiperlrnerd In brail foundrri Itiaor wi. diiku ihuiu duiiwut.u.ua w.. port Illcnmona. n. I, X. A a FOR SALE. H91D0WN HWwitcwnKS HAMIUOH-MAtmN- WHERE TO GO AND HOW TO GET THERE &TEAM BOATS BlBBBBPaBBBBBBBBBBBB Z W Sundasi Sail to NEWBURGH and RETURN i.oo ? Great White Flier \Rensselaer0 ' Leave Pier 84 N. 1L, foot Cansl St., 0.30 A. M. Y. 13id St., IIXA. M. Twohoul stay in Newburgb, returning on tbe same steamer, 4 P. M. Music Restaurant HUDSON NAVIGATION COMPANY main- - boats to aubant and troy. Hudson River by Daylight DAILY, LNCLUDLNU bCMUAV MWusotOTOH lkTUia,' rilsmsicx UVBOX. riusssT m.ro:t, , rauunT.\ Direct Itai. Coooecuon. A U Uruuati rail uotati & ireeao nuuraat. Mew ITwrk aaa Altu; aeoepMO. aauala Ideal Ose-O- OvUoct. hOBTM ItOGJIS kktt Yoaa ueaoroaaeeob.. meat ittX SI. neat uvinat.! entara V.r.ll-oln- t tea. 8lm J ttrmbmtK.'.'.'.'.'.W King loo CalakUI...... llodaoa. WWVm ......... Bu Throuaa benrloe A. L S:o tllau j C Ins g SMO KS'Fele Bervlee A, M. mi Sat. I'AL. I, M ml ll:t I ateaaier same day polau .c.t, Telephone! Caaal NO0. T River Uay Veabraeees Pier loaxi Spo'l Irom jLine Ni IDEAL Saturday Afternoon To West Point or Newburgh Coraforubli Btr. II01ir.lt IIAltBUKlX rranUln BL 1 f, 11.. W. Ill St.. MO 1, II. for wrt Point. Ntwburjh. fouthkeepila. Klnn-to- Ituile. lUatauranL Th (.latlal I1ENJ. II. onrxi. ! Writ Point, t r. M.. lor n in New Tort Btr. rflUUIIKCEPBIE Irani Franklin 8t. lso r. au w. nath m i r. for New- - burth. rnuthkienala. Klntaton. Doth ittamrrt clfir an Ideal afternoon on the lludaon and ronnert with retura alramrr to NtarYeflr.unaJ.dir.it vt ? . CENTRAL HUDSON LINE CONEY ISLAND Schedule auolect to Cham Without NMlc. 1. La. w. unh su. s.JO. 10.10. .11.JO.IX.40. i. J. a v.. I , Hi l. U. Pl.r I. N. R.. 10.11. 11.13. ll.li l.U. lli. X.& 4.4J. MJ. JO. 11.13. 1.11. 1.41, l it. 4.41, T, S.J0. CeVajr 'M BEACH vwo Vl.lt AIM a, a. i a. L. W. Ilttfc St S.30 A.M. PUr I, N. R. 10.11 A.M. . u . eu u a as a km, V.l laf t IS., at I lVSa HDliMirMTt S.OW re ew nR'i a. FOR SALE. ALarc Assortment or Jfnlm Stones SignetRir Diamonds and oNoyn .tee TRIP lean KM atehes RD1TP1V SrF0R BOOKOrce rASTLE- - QPCN DAILY 0 Ii Fl DENTI A L lUJSi 1374 Broadway 2 DOORS ABOVE 37 st A STORE-NO- T AN OFFICE- - Re LIABLE ITOOOJ LOW VfHC York leana tASY weBKLYOH MONTHLY PA YMCNT3 \TRANSACTIONS CONFIOeNTtAL ho CMnorcsj itemencicAU, Miree sler WHBSBBES eNTpAirs-STntcrtYrortom- AL ROYAL DIAM0ND6.WATCII CP MAIDEN LANE, 6th Floor. Phoqo John 243 tM OlieiaaS Rlai er Gold Walthaa WlttU, II atlalr. Hat nvruLi An, eiaiaia mm. cnvnAV vvnni n \wants;\ WORK MONDAY WONDCRS h JV frneTofrlamwrmretswi a. I LA U I I i a STEAMBOATS. Co to SOUTH BEACH in the week days by the ocauwui roomy Str. CARMANIA. A Wonderful Sail Down tha Day titit Through the Narrow. ?! Mory, Tues., Wed., Thur., Fri. Learing BaHerr 10 A. M. 1 P. M 7J0 P. M. Leaving South Beach II JO A.M. & 10.15PM 10 A. M. and I P. M. tilps earllcd Moadsj SATURDAY i Learlm Dtllerf 2J0. S-- and UM P. M. - Lcarng South Beach 4.00, 7.00 sad 10.15 PlM, SUNDAY Lesring Balterjl 0.00 AJVI, LM. 5J0, 1D0 P.M. Leaving South Beach 11.30 AJrL. 4.00, 7.00 and 10.15 P. M. Refreshraenti Music Deil Dirice Floor in New York Harbor. Fare: 'Children,. 15c. Adults, 25c. LONG ISLAND SOUND Sunday Excursions lrAero cool tra brcetcs are eTioveA Enoauh lime aihort lor lighftting. Oood MuttcKcfrcthment$. Steamer City of Lowell .To Bridgeport 1. Iter 40, N. IL, llourtoo BL, 10.00 A. U. rter II. N. IL, Kultnn St.. 10 IS A. H. Raead Trli ran (lcloli War Tax). Steamer tlicliu-- Peck To New Haven '- -. rier Jl. JR. a. Cilhitloa BL, S.S0 A. L Lt. ricrTO. K. IL, Sid BL. A. Heaai Tile Far (lacleSlaa War Taxi? it Tlakttl Llaltld. Oa lift Suadaja aal. UaltiS Statu nuiread Aaeilautratlas New England Steamship Lines SUNDAY On the Hudson $1 Knjor a drllsktfui eicaralon to ftew. mirxb. lleueon. HI I I'oushkeepels. Sl.r.o. iMrntr of time e.liore. STiR.4BENJ.B.ODELL' Ttaetsurant. T.onrh Itoom, Muale. Iave Kranklltt iBt.i 0 A. M.i Weat lsnth St.. 0,910 A. M. naln or ahlne. CENTRAL HUDSON LINE DUj aalllati Iroa II er St N. IL. feet Caaal SL Ftopii'i Una dallr, S r. U. Mlbt fareees line, weckdaia, r P. M. Buadara aad eeUdais. I f, U. Wart Uld BL tall ttranelt) kalf howr later. TJue Albanr S o'clock foUowlnt awralns. Direct rail eennectlent at Albaar to all aotato earth, real aad wraL Phone Canal IMS. aUareaa freliht Sartke. Aetae Carried. HUDSON NAVIGATION. COMPANY WEEK0AY AND SUNDAY TRIPS TO BEAR MOUNTAIN t MILES Ur THE HUDSON. Str. -- UrdWd Repntilk\ ..H' iri.y.BcEAT SUNDAYS : Sirs. \HiiKlander\ and \Grand Repubtie\ I..O. llattrrr. Si W lMd HL 0 10 A. M. MUSIC. UANCINU. ROUND TRIP REFRESHMENTS. CfclMna. auo. nunaari ana jepu 4afL. IV. rhflrlrra. SStL ITnrludlna Wat TiLk METROPOLITAN LINE TO bOSTON tfJ&tWitlJniSi. VIA CAPE COD CANAL UuulltfAl Through th$ Canal Both lfaas. Leave Pier 18. Voot of .Horrae Bt., Dallr tBundaya Included) at WO P. la, Ifaxai to. SO. Tickets and Information at Wharf. Tel. Barolar 8000. Long sland Sound By Daylight Str. Chester W. Chapln To New London Mondays Only' Lr. Plr 49, . IL. Uouitoo BL, lO.CO A. M. Lt. Plee 11, Jfi. II.. J4 ?L. 10.10 A. U. Due New Ixmdoa 9:15 P. VL Tlrktlt and Infnrmailoo at all D. B. Tt. II. Admlnliiratlon Coniolldated Ticket Offlcaa EXCURSIONS. mm mm WMkdara,Ue. EXCURSIONS C.R.R.ofN.J. SUNDAY, JULY 2C LAKE H0PATC0NG $1.50 l- -o luldltlotial. Irfoeo tt'ii aaS ft. H.SO. I HI. u 4i . . .tar isaoii Ait, sltfrttpy tniiTa S.'.'VH n.nu. Uroiul HI.. Newurk, .mfc MAUCH CHUNK $2.00 (War Tat. lllo sdilillonnl) roee W. sal hi. H.20, Lllerly hi. 810 A. !.. Jnckaoti Ate., Jerney Cllr, H.4a A. yt. 11 mud St.. Mrwurk. H.IO A. SI. ATLANTIC CITY $2.50 (War Tat, S!Oo additional) r.... At ..l \:tii HI. 7..10. Liberie hi. S.OO n.tu.. .Infknon Ate., Jeer City, I ri,in ra.ni.t I'ntim ei., nrnurii n.uu .m. \A Picnic for a Nickel.\ Dycltmnn Street Ferry to Interstate Park. 2,000 Free Bath Houses BEST Route lor Autos to N. J, Refrethment PaYlHom. ''. . .KljV . ffV-- .r i . .. Stk . k ' Uh . a . a am iiirnrTr\\- -

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