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. f - n vw?., im Li AST rWk,A zSlllfJllSk fSStii jtotoML&ik LAST EDITION QLUlC iSW, 'fl:linXlll ErilTTOW -- 3B &; ' \ . gs . H PRICE ONE CENT. EVENING EDITION. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1887. EVENING EDITION. ' PRICE ONE CENT' rf$M TltK TJtOUJILJi WITH XUM \ L. It not the Manhattan Road \ Tithing Too Many Cltancti.\ SURE THAT HE IS COHNFELD. TI1K ABSCONDING MER0UANT3 CREDITORS ' LOCATE mil IN CANADA. Too Mysterious. Mnn IIolTinnn, Who Tried to Sell 830,000 Worth or Government Honda In Unroll, Identified n Isidor Colinrcld Some of III Creditor Recking to Have the Obndi Attached by Telearnph. B lias been established to tbo satisfaction of Isidor Cobnfold's creditors in tbls city that tbo man calling himself Hoffman, who yesterday sent n woman over tbo Canadian border to Detroit to sell $39,000 worth of United States bonds, is nono other than tbo absconding merchant. This morning Blumcnstiel & Hirsch, several large creditors of Cohn- feld, telegraphed to a lawyer in Windsor, Ont., who wont to tbo Crawford House, talked with the Hoffman, and wired back this description of tbo man: \ About fifty years of age, 5 feet 9 inobes high, very stout, dark brown hair, thick mustache and chin beard, heavy eyebrows, vory thick neck and rldgoof surplus flesh above shirt collar.\ This is a strikingly exact e of Isidor Cohufcld, the well-know- n sporting man nnd feather merchant and tho million- aire, owner of Maxey Cobb, Nettn Medium nnd a score of equally famous trotters. Another convincing fact just discovered is that J. IS. Clark, tho Toronto barrister who crossed tho river with tho woman and who when arrested snid that ho hud been engaged by Hoffman to sell tho bonds, is tho samo Clark who was in Now York about a month ago busily engaged in tho attempt to con- ciliate Cohnfeld's creditors nnd pave tho way for his return to this city. Tho uows of tbo attempt of Cohnfeld to money on his bonds caused great ex- citement among nis creditors, nnd this feel- ing was increased after tho receipt of the confirmatory telegram. From what was let drop this morning in Blumenstiol .t Hirsch's oillco it is evident that thorn will be a hot fight mado from this city for tho possession of tho 39,000 worth of hypothecated bonds which Frankio Olson took to Dotroit. The Nntional Pork Bank, tho Central No. tional Bank, Bciama & Co., and George H. Iiichtenheim havo already telegraphed to Detroit to havo tho bonds uttachod. It is not known yot which of tho parties got thero ahead. George H. Licbtenbeim is an old 'estab- lished New York merchant who claims to have been nearly ruined by the absconding merchant. He feels very soro ngainst Cohn-fiel- d and would proceed agalnBt him both criminally and in a civil suit if tho latter came within the jurisdiction of tho United States courts. Mr. Liohtenbeim was seen by n WonxD re- porter this morning nt his lawyer's office, No. 820 Broadway. Ho, with many other cred- itors, had been stirred up by the news of tho seizure of the bonds, and was busily engaged solving tho problem of how to get hold of them. He told tho reporter tho history of his olaim of $120,000 against Cohnfeld as follows: \ In Jnly, 1830, Mr. Cohnfeld camo to me nnd said that he was temporarily in need of money. Ho said that ho wns nevertheless a very \wealthy man and showed mo a balance sheet showing $700,000 in his favor. \Ho said further that his affairs wero in a very prosperous condition, and that the money would be perfectly safe. He wanted $70,000, which he said ho would secure by a rnortgnge on tho building that ho had just erected at 100 Bleocker street nt a cost of $425,000, and on which thero was a first mortgage of 8175,000. \ I sold $65,000 worth of United States bonds which I had in tbo hands of u trust company, and lent Mr. Cohnfeld 70,000. Mr. Cohnfeld, at tho time that tho mort- gage was made, begged mo not to record it. He said that it would cause considerable re- mark and inquiry, would excite public curi- osity in his affairs and wonld injure his credit. He promised me that I should be protected in any event. I therefore did not record tho mortgage \Besides tho 670,000, I indorsed Cohn- feld's notos to tho amount of $50,000, always relying on his statement that he was solvent. On Oct. 21 of this year I discovered, to mV amazement, that Cohnfeld had sold the Bleecker street property to Louis Mendel for $810,000, less tho amount of the first mortgage He had taken advan- tage of my not having recorded my mortgage to cheat mo out of my $70,000 and interest. It is an net of larceny and that is why ho dare not comojback to New York. \I know that Mr. Cohnfeld left the city \with from $127,000 to $150,000 in cash and convertible bonds. He had a number of notes and a lorgo sum in Unitod States bonds. The bonds seized in Detroit yostcrdoy ore no doubt part of those which ho carried off.\ Julius J. Frank, the assignee of Cohnfeld's estate, says he has not heard from his client for more than n weok. His last nddress was in Toronto, and Mr. Frank has not been ad- vised of his leaving there. . 1 The allusions mado in some papers to Mr. J Cohnfeld's \ wife \ amuse some of his orcdi-- I tors. Mr. Cohnfeld was left n widower nine 1 years ago. He'has not married since, so fnr I ns known, and the lady who travels with him is dessribed differently at different points of I his wandering journey. Mr. Choato to be Bevrrni Iny Closing. V Joseph II. Ctioate, one the counsel la tho 18, 000,- - 000 mlt of the Antique Franuo-Kfrjptlen- against tho traitees of the New York, I)otoa and Mont- real Railroad Companr, began bis closing argu- ment fnr the plaintiffs this morning In the United Btates Circuit Court. Mr. Ciioate's argument will continue for tcvcral dajs, and when he has finished Judge Wallace will take the mans ot testimony to hla home lu Byra- - 1 cuae. It will be several months before a declalon will be rendered. Claim Aenlnat the Htn.tr. I The Cominlisloners ot the Stato court of Claims H met at the Hoffman ilonae this moraine. They are George M. Beebe, Henry T. Alien and William L. Muller. E. M. Holbroolc It the Secretary. It U B expected that the cases can De disposed of In two W dajs. They Include a dozen quarantine cases, m canal damage claims and claims of stenographers mm to legislative committees. \ , riH Ilrokrr Manning Molded. km Michael J. Collins recovered a verdict to-d- of (I 11,000 against Thomas Manning, the yacht broker, IM as damages for malicious prosecution. Manning I'm JVd Collins arrested tor removing the steam yacht ill Eclipse, but Collins was discharged afterwards. Lift No Clue Yet to the Forger. I H Although the Chief of the Treasury special agents fl and Inspector Byrnes have been hard at work try- - fa ln to ferret out tho perpetrator of the publio H ?.?!? 'orerln they have not yet ancceeded Us ob- - taloing any definite ciuo. I flj Ownrrlr Wason Hold Cheap. The sale of \horee and wagon police findings H took place at Van Tonal & Kearney's motion mart fM J,0.rr.d.'3r.'icino.on- - \ nore brought IT5, whilo wagons and buggies sold for from to IM.W. THE MIRANDA WAITING FOR ORDERS. She Iloa Not Yet Ilrcn Kent to Hrnrch for the Lost Log- - Haft. Bowring & Archibald, agonts of tho steam- ship Miranda, which had tho raft of lumber in tow, which is now floating about tho At- lantic n constant menaco to commorco, say it is not definitely settled whethor or not tho steamer will bo sent in scarab of tho derelict. The Mi i inula still remains at Whltostono nwaitiug instructions. It is thought proba- ble that sho will bo sent in search of tho de- relict raft. \Bowring & Archibald do not plnco any confidence iri tho remarks attributed to Mr. Lenry, which appeared in n morning paper, that he intended to sue them for tho full worth of tho raft. They havo heard of no such intention and have no fears of any suit. Tho steamship Portin, which sails for Holt-fa- x ovening, will havo instruc- tions to keep a sharp lookout for the raft. Supt. Houting, of the Maritime Exchnngo. who telegraphed tho Navy Department at Washington the ndvisnbillty of sending n United States vessel in search of the raft, 1ms ns yet roceived no reply to his messago. It is not thought probable, however, that any vessel will ue sent. So fnr none of tho ocean vessels or coast- wise steamers which hnve arrived liavo como in contact with tho raft. Later It has been learned that Secretary Whitney hns instructed Commodore Gber-nrd- i, in command of tho New York Nnvy-Yar- d, to send it nnval vessel or a cruisor nftor the enormous rnft from Novn Scotia, now adrift in tho path of Kuropcau vessols, to warn them or its prcsunco, and, if possible, to tow it to n plnco of safety. This action is taken in compliance with tho request of tho Maritimo Exchange. It is thought tho United States steamer Dolphin will be sent on this mission. m CHARGES OP A Dlaacreeinent In George W. Foulk'a Snlt Asnlnst Bloomlnsdnle Aajluni. The suit brought by Goorge W. Foulk against the Bloomingdalo Aiylrnn for $20,-00- 0 damages, alleging that he nad been shamefully treated whilo on inmato of tbo,in-stitutio- n, ended in a disagreement of the jury in the Suporior Court Ono of Foulk's hallucinations was that ho had settled tho difficulties between tho Ger- man and Frenoh armies. While ho was in tho asylum, ho snid, the attendants jumped on him, tied him to his bod, throw wator over him, and maltreated him in other ways. Tho defense was that at times restraint was nocossary, A skoloton wns produced in court to illustrnto to tho jury some trouble that had affected Foulk. All of the asylum attendants denied tho allegations of violence. m i THE DAI IN WALL STREET. A Slightly Improved Tone In Prices, Bat Bnalnes Very Dull. Tho tons of speculation was somewhat Improved this morning and up to 1 o'clock thero had been an advance of a point or less In all the leading shares. The Bales from 10 o'clock until noon wcro 40,000 share, or about aa much aa la usually done In half an hour In times ot ordinary activity. The Wabash cut, which the bears assert will cost the Western roads $10,000,000 per anaum, more or less, In the matter ot earnings, has fallen nat, to theckaurluof the bears, who wero disposed to cover up r. A bob-tail- pool rushed np Feo.. Dec. A Evans-vil- la IX per cent, on purchases of a few hundred shares . Money Is easy at 4 a 5 per cent, and foreign ex- change Is dull at yesterday's quotatatlons. Governments were stroua- - at 108 a 103tf for 4jfa, lis h 125X for reg. 4s and 128 a ittfi for coupon 4a. In atao bonds Tennessee 8s sold at 1VI and North Carolina special tax at 10. The feature of the market for railway bonds was a brisk Inquiry for Texas Paclllo Incomes which rose 1, to 41f. Tnere was a good demand for the other liaues. Hen York Central extended Ca advanced X. to 10I,V, St. Paul C. 4 P. W. SaX, to 103: Erie consoi lata ,V to 183: do. 2d V, to 91, ana Lake Shore coupon Sda 1, to !2. lCh 6a fell off Hi to ?8V, aQl) C. A O. currency 0a 1. to WW. THIS QUOTATIONS. Optn, BtgK, tote. Canada Southern SSI,' 65 55 S; Camdlan Pacific .COM fOVj 0W Chicago ANortlmtit..., 1052 106 X 103)2 Chicago, Mil. A Ht. Paul TM 74 VI IBfl Chicago! Mil. A 8t. Paul pfd 111H lilfi 111)4 Col. 4 Hooking Valley 'J 14 !l4 2'K Ool. A HnoklnrCoal 'J7tf JV.l VX Dl Lack, ft Wertern l'in 126;J liftli Ilelaware 4 ltudjoi 10'J 13, 101 DenTorAKIoOrniulu !ll 31 lit Kort Worth 4 Denver City UH 44 44 Ixiulltllle i N.hllllo lull G0, Lake bhon..., , Vi'l VIK ml LekeErte Weatera Hll 14', 14;, Iinr laland, H0t 80J, H0j2 Memphis 4 Charleston Bl 51 51 Michigan Central Hll 161 K0 Mlesouri. Kansas 4 Texaa IS 1HM IK New York Central UWf lOMii lUrt', N. Y. 4 Now Kngland 30U Mi My S. Y Lake Kn Western at', W4 'M. N. Y., Snsq. 4 Vfeit. pld us aa aa Norfolk 4 Western uid., 4oU tuii 4UX Nurtliern Hsillto 2'iW 3JU riii Norlherr; 1'sclflo pfil 4(!H 48'1 40i Oregon Transcontinental 'JOJi 'Jl.' J, 4regon Improvement 45 4ft 45 Philadelphia 4 Heading C5f fV; 03 U PlUlman Palace l.ar 0 140X 140 14u HlchT4 West Point Ter., Vi ajll 911 nich, 4 W. P. Tor. pfd 51 M 84 Ht. Paul 4 Omaha 3H 38 38(4 St. Iy.nU 4 Han Fran pfd W tv CH Tews Paclllo 25 'iMJ 3l4 ITnlon Paclllo 61. & 65 Wat ash, St. Louts 4 Parlfio 15V 15l( 16 WeiU'rn Uuiou TelegrLrti 70, 77 70i Wheeling 4 Lake Erie.! 43)? 43' 43 New York markets. Wheat. The bulls controlled tho wheat market asalu to-d- and orderly on war talk ootlona who advanced ,'c to c. over last muht'a cIoiIuk prices at the oprnlnir this morning: Jan., W)ic; reb..91(c.; March, 93c; May, WJ.c. During the forenoon the market remained llrin at these pneea. with tho exception of May, wtuoli was ad- vanced to OIXc. Corn was firm and higher In sympathy with the market at Chicago. cotton. Futurea opened Irrejiular and barely steady thla mornlnir at an average decline of 4 points. BeHlns ordora wero plentiful. Hales on the call were, Dec, 10.83; Jan., 10.47; Fen., 10 Sfl; Marcn, 10.6J; April, 10.74; May, 10.83; June, 10. 91; July, 10.03. The strength ot the Liverpool caidea later in the morning checked mo tenaency in pi ices to go lower, and at noon an advance of 4 points over opening prloea bad been gained. Tho weak- ness of January was the feature. Corris. Another bulge lu the speculative llnea took place and optlona anowtd an advance of 15 to 80 points over last night's prices at the opening; Dec IS. CO, Jan. 18.60, Feb. 16.50. March 1045. April 10.S5, May 10.80, Jnne 16.25, July 16.10, Aug. 15.75. Havre was atrong and 1 frano higher. The market np to noon was atrong and active. PBTBOixtni. The tone of the market iraa bearish tbls morning. The opeulng price was SOJic. , a de-ll- of Vc. and during the mornlug the tendency waa downward, eertlnoateseelllng aa low aa 80, c At noon there waa a reaction and prlcas auyauoed toHlKc Beallilng salea ojnied the drop, but all offerings found plentp of takers. LivbBtoox. -B- eeves were dull at a decline of 10 a 100 ID, on Inferior to medium gradca atilut prlO' s for fair to fancy. F.x-f- rc 'raes for steersf all na'lves. were tl a 3.85 tier 100 lb ulthg'neralsaeiof common to dlvea a ViBO. dull at Wallta \aTce and nrmer at BKc a 0a per lb for veal, a8ic for graaaer and \fed ' calves. Sheep and liinba were more than plenty, tud a slow sale and the tnar.et cio.ed weak anu lower-la- mbs showing a decline equal o Vc. per lb. rangeil oV0- - Pr l0, wh oJtload of tmlum wSners. ID. average, aold at ec Lambs went at bc to Ctfc. per 1U , , with 1 carload at to. 85 per 100 lh.. and e\10''\' Hogs were dull anu lower at 4? a5.6S per W0IU, Ileccipta-41- 70 beeves, 411 Oilvca, e,tfa sheep and lambs, and e,lO bogs. FITZGERALD STKIKliS BACK. HE CAUSES JOHN NUTTALL TO BE AH KESTED ON A BENCH WARRANT. \A Klnn Una I.lttlo llralde Ills Charncter, nnd I Am Hound to Protect mine,\ Hnya the Publio Prosecutor Nuttnll fllnkox Another Statement Which fllodlflea the Ollnatlon u tlood Denl. \ A man hns llttlo besides his character, and I ant bound to protoct mine,\ said As- sistant District-Attorno- y Fitzgerald yester- day. Tho result of this determination was tho issuance of a bench warrant by Itocorder Smyth, on which John Nuttall was arrested at his homo in South Brooklyn by Dctoctivo-Scrg- t. rhil ltcllly this morning. Nuttall is tho insurance agent who wns discharged by llecordor Smyth on a sontonco recently. IIo had been in. dlctod for grand larceny for having failed to retnrn tho premium on a policy of insur-nnc- o which ho had written in tho Prudential Life Insurance Company, but which policy was not accepted by tho company. Having mado restitution in tho sum of 130 ho was rcluuscd. On Monday tho Itov. Jas. B Nies, of 417 Clinton stroot. Brooklyn, culled on District-Attorne- y Martlno nnd told him that Kuttnll's friends had uaid for him 8121.60, which was alleged to havo been for fees of tho Dlstrict-Attonioy- 's offico, and that Assistant District-Attorno- y Fitzgerald had received tho nionoy. The publication of this complaint led to tho arrest of Nuttal this morning, as related. . Nuttall said to n Woni.n reoorter that ho did not see why he should bo arrested. IIo had mado no complaint against Mr. Fitzgor-nl- d. Tho faots of the matter, he said, were these : Charles A. Wright, a young lawyer of Jer- sey City, had como to him in the Tombs nnd ouerod his services, which wcro gladly ac- cepted. Ho had known Curtis as nn agont of tho Bamo insurance company for which ho wns working. With tho assistance of Nut-tail- 's wifo, he claims, Curtis collected $128.60 whioh Nuttall understood wns to bo used in making restitution to tho complainant. This money. Curtis told him, had been used to pay fees of tho District-Attorney- 's office. Assistant District-Attorne-y Fitzger- ald's name was used in thiB connection. Even nftor Nuttall was released Curtis told him that ho was in his custody until ho paid 331 additional in fees to tho District-Attorno- y. Nuttall charges that Curtis wroto the letter signed \J. H. NichollB,\ whioh purported to come from tho District-Attorney- 's office. m m DEAD BESIDEJIIS FRIEND. Capt. Thomn II. Jonca Expires of Itheuma-tls- ui or the Ilenrt. Capt. Thomas B. Jones, of tho schooner Orter, now lying at Herback docks, Brook, lyn, was found dead in bed this morning at 201 West Twenty-fourt- h street by his room- mate, Capt. Wallaco Dakln, of the brig Curlew. Capt. Jones was a residout of St. John, N. B. Ho rcaohod this port with a cargo of lime about the first of this month. The two captains wcro intimate friends, and whilo in the city generally engaged rooms on Twenty-fourt- h street. Tho men came home last night about 7 o'clock and went to bed a few hours later, both appearing in excelled health. This morning at nbout 7.30 o'clock, when Capt. Dakln awoke, he tried to rouso his companion. Capt. Jones remained motion- less. An examination showed him to be dead. Tho caso wos reported to the Twentieth street police station. Capt. Dakin was placed under arrebt pending tho Coroner's inquest. Deputy-Coron- Scholer examined tho Dody and declared death to have been duo to rheu- matism of tho heart. Capt. Dakln waB im- mediately discharged. Edward Jones, the eighteen year-old son of the dead man, who accompanied him on ths last voyage, took charge of the body. He will have it shipped to St. John WHO DRUGGED MRS. BURGESS? She Rat In n Teleirrnph Ofllce All Night for Her Husband, but lie Came Not. A g woman abont twenty-si- x years old went Into the telegraph office of the Occidental Hotel last night and told the raauager that her name was Mamlo Burgess and she lived ut 184 Franklin street, Dreennomt. Her hushaud, she said, waa emploie.l In Klmm'a saloon, Bergen, N. J., and she wauted to telegraph for him to come on at once. Mrs. Burgeis was hysterical. She claimed that she wag Introduced to a ruuu and that be had given h r a druc in aomo llijuor, robbed her of her pocWctbooknnd run away. The manager had the woman placed In his private office and aent a despatch to her husband ut Bergen, but ho did not come audaho remained In the telegraph ofllce all night, sound asleep and occasionally moaning. Tins morning an ambulance w s called. The anrgeon said that Mrs. Bnrgesa was suffering from tho effects of a powerful opiate, an l took her to St. Vincent's Hospital. Druggist llrettenbuch, of No. 01 Bowery, tars that the woman visited his Btnrc early last evening. Hhe was stUDerled and very hysterical, and ap- peared to gufTer irom mental angumh. Heofterud her a close o whiskey to rally her, which the de- clined, and he called a messenger who look her to the telegraph oillco near by. The druvglat de- clares that Mrs. Burgers bore every evidence of b Inc a resptctablo woman In distress, and hols positive that elie waa suffering from a drug and not from poison. Her hushaud hud not been heard from up to 3 o'clock this afternoon. (Inuger Cole's) Mnapeualon. Assistant danger W. W. Colo, who was sus- pended yesterday by Surveyor Beattle pending the Investigation of u charg of incompetency, has been in the employ ot the Custom-Hous- e about twelvo years. \ All I know about the case,\ said the Surveyor \is (hat charges were brought niralust him, and I was compelled by the regulations to re- lieve him of duty tin they could bo Investigated, The fact that he la a brother of Chester H. Cole of the Kepuidlcau State Commit- tee, hasn't anything to do with thecate.\ Spent Ilia Employer' Money. Samuel Moore, thirty-tw- o years old, who lived at 64 Varlck street, and who waa emplojed as a helper by Truckman William Murphy, In the em- ploy ot Meairs. Francis IL Laggett tc Co., whole- sale grocers, was arraigned at the Tomba Police Court this morning on a charge ot stealing tl!8. 01 which he had collected from Messrs. J. J. Judge Co., of 48 Water avenue, Jersey City, on Mon- day, for goods which he delivered for hla em- ployer. Moore, after collecting the money, went no h drnnk and pent It. IIo p'oaded gulliy. He waa brld for trial at General besslona. mm - Squires Ilnd Itrllgloua Insnnlty. Deputy Coroner Jenkins viewed the body of Charles M. Squlre,who waa found last night hang- ing In a cloaet m his apartment at Barachah Home, ion East rjlxty-or- st street, and granted a permit for the removal of the body to uu under- taker's establishment, William M. Brown, a cousin of tho dead man, aald lh t he worked with him for tbt American Bible Society. II was not surprised to learn of tue suicide, as Squires had once before tried to ktll lumaelf. Squires had species of religious insanity. IT LOOKS LIKE A STRIKE. Clgnr nirtnufnclnrrr In Itrturn to the so Hyateui After Jnu. 1, Tho declaration of oloven firms which gavo up tho manufacture of cigars In teuoiuont hounoa to rcsumo the old system is vory likely to lead to a big striko in a short tlmo prob-abl- y after tho Christmas holidays. Officers of tho Clgarmakcrs' International unlous lu this city snid to.day to a Would reporter that tho move Is mado by tho Cigar Manufacturers' Association mainly to break up tho unions, and that the iiuestiou of out- side competition and prices docs not cuter into tho matter. Should a striko toko place fully 10,000 mon will join in it. The union men say that tltoy oro preparod to roslst n resumption of what they term tho pernicious system of making cigars in and they are confident of suo-ces- s. They admit that thero is an injury to tho trado from tho co'mnotitlou of Biughnmton. whero 1,000 non-unio- n mon nro employed nt Ion or rates of wages than aro paid in this city, but they assort that tho principal cause of a loss of trado in this city is duo to tho manufacture of inferior grades of cigars at prices paid formorly for bottor qualities. In tho event of a striko tho local unions will bo aided by tho 20,000 members of tho International Union and by the American Federation of Labor. Largo meetings of tho unions will bo held next Sunday, when final actioti in the matter will bo taken. A secret mooting of tho manufacturers who formerly had their work done in tho teneme- nt-houses as recently held. It was to resumo tho old system after Jan. 1. Union mon say that some of tho tenumeut-hous- e manufacturers never applied for nor used tho blue label of tho International Union. WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS REVOLT. A Combination to Stop Giving too Favora- ble Term to Customers. Representatives of the principal woollen and worstod manufacturers of the United States mot this morning, nt 81 White stroot, to discuss business principles and to corroct cortain abuses. Thomas Dolan. of Phlladolphia.was chosen Chairman and A. S. Leland Secrotary. On taking tho chair, Mr. Dolan said thero was no business subjoct to tho saino violent abuses, uncertainties and vicissitudes as theirs. \ It is not only the vory objectionablo terms that are mado nnd given in the sale of our products,\ ho sold, \ but tho conditions nro such that wo aro called upon to guurnuteo and becomo responsible for tho mistakes of our customers. \ Wo are called npon frequently to perform impossibilities, and such unreasonable de. mands as uniformity of shading and color in each and ovary piece, furnishing one-ha- lf nnd yard samples, re-- of prico, free of cost, and the f:ardles order and countermand at tho pleasure of tho buyer are made upon us.\ Mr.- - Slerritnnu, of ,llhpdoIfllrmit, on behalf of the committee that hod called the meeting, presented tho following as tho terms to be adopted by tho members of the association. All bills to date from the delivery of goods ahd to be six months straight, with diaoount of 1 per oent. p r mouth to shorteu time. All bills to be settled at the end of thirty days either by cjsti or by notes to be charged lor. Reference samples only lo be given lo the pur- chasers, all other samplca to bo chamed for. Commission houses to be requested to print these terms upon their nnd to endeavor In good faith to live up to them. Tho rules were unanimously adopted. JOnN L. SULLIVAN'S CHALLENGE. It. 11. Fox Think It I a Hlg Bluff, but I Ready to Hack Ktlraln. Mr. Bichnrd K. Fox. of tho Police Ocuette, roceived tho following cable despatch last night from Jake Kilrain'i agent in England : Sullivan challenge Kllraln and Sml'h for 15,000 In April. Shall make match? Kllralo, In ray opinion, Is greatest fighter ever seen In the ring. IIABDINU. Speaking of this challenge from Sullivan, Mr. Fox said y : \ It's nothing but a big bluff. If Sullivan wanted to fight Kilraiu why didn't he when they were both in this country ? \ Yes, I will back Kilrain to fight him. but tho fight must take place in this country or Mexico. \ I hove $500 deposited at the Clipper office already, and will put as much more thero as Sullivan wants, but in my opinion Sullivan will never fight Kilrain. Tho latter is too good a man.\ Tho fight betwoen Kilrain and Smith, Mr. Fox thinks, will now probably bo declared a draw, in which case Mr. Tox will give Kilrain the stakes which ho put up for him nnd tho $1,000 which he gave him for tho purposo of betting. Two Women I'lilnt In Court. In the Court of Special besstons y Mrs. Julia O'Kiefe, who appeared against a colored servant named Allco Hlckey, nn trial for petty larceny, fainted dead away In the arm of the Court Inter- preter, Dr. St. Albe, who caught her Just In time to save her from what might have resulted In serious Injury to her. .Mra. O'Keele had Just as- cended to tbo witness chair, which Is about four rert from tho floor, and waa about to take a srat, when she uttered a loud shriek and fainted. Restoratives were applied aud ahe soon reco erf d. About half an hour ufti rwurda there wa. another petty larceny trial, In which a young man named Joseph Thonihson was tno defendant and William M. Cowan the compla'.naut. At the conclusion of the case, when Thompson was committed to r ervu one day for the offense, his ug'd and respectable mother threw up her arms, gave a scream ami fell back unconscious In the aeat used by wltnessea waiting to be called. The lady afterwards recov- ered consciousness and left the court. Well Tlreaicd and Accused of Theft, Mrs. Ellrabcth Fack, aged thirty-fiv- e, a stylishly dreased woman, who give her re idence aa 183 Perry street, was arrested in Erich's list nl;ht. She had flB worth of irlnkrta, and alx handkerchlefa In ber poateadon, all aliened to be atolen. In the Jefferson Market l'ollce Conrt to-d- ahe was held for trial. 12aMecretary Mnnntng Weaker. SrtCUL TO TUX WORLD.l At.BiHT, Dec. 21. Manning la a little weaker to-d- than yesterday, and bis nppe-tl- 'e haa failed somen hat. He will probably not recover. Condensed I.opnl New. Messrs. Zlmmirmau & Forahay have ahipped lOO.noo ounces of silver bullion to London by the steamer Elder. Cominls.loner of rulilla Works Newton has Is- sued a new set of rules relating to the use of water and regulating the seals of prices to bo charged. A fire occurred this morning on the third floor of the three-stor- y brick building 810 Weit One Hun- dred and Tbltty-luurt- n street, occupied by Nathan S. Sanlurd. Dumago to furniture, iiou. The Park Commissioners on Jan. 11 will give a hearing to the ciilieaauf tho Twenty.fourth ward, who desire Quarry road closed between Vanderblli and Bathgate avenue. On Dee. S3 ihty will hear objections to the proposed chsngu of gradt of Kail, road avenue east from Ono Hundred and Fifty. eighth to One Hundred and Sixty-Br- streets. masmmmwmm ON THE VERGE OF WAR. i . . . Princo William's Plain Spoooh to His Ftworito Kogimont. Wo Are on tho Brink of a Future Which is Uncertain.\ The Young Soldier Knjoy the Confidence of Prince IlUinnrck, nnd III Word Create Excitement la Ilrrlln \ We Should Think of tho .Motto an Our Hhnkoa, With nod for King nnd Fnlherlnml.'\ Isrrctit. cauli to thk wontn.l Bem.in, Deo. 21. There is much excite-me- over the speech made Monday night by Princo William to his regiment, tho Zicthen Hussars. Enjoying, as he does, tho closest confidence of l'rluce Ilismarck, his ominous words of war command rrspactful attention. Nothing hns dono moro thnn tho voting Princes' speech to strengthen tho belief that Europe 1b on tho vcrgo of a prolonged strug- gle lu nrms. IIo mid i \ Slnco wo colobrated Christmas Inst year times hnve changed. They havo become vory sorious. Wo aro on tho brink of a futuro which ispcrhapB uncertain, and it is, therefore, fitting that wo should think of the motto on our shakos. ' With Clod for King and Father land,' and above nil on tho words ' With God.' May he stand by us in this serious time, when ono of our greatest commanders and Generals, who has led our armies in so many wars, 1b onduring a Bovoro trial.\ A telegram has boon rccelvod hero stating that Lord Randolph Churchill is on his way to St. Petersburg to obtain an audience of the Ozar. BAKNEr KOURKE'S TREA0UERJT. Figure Which Prove I lint He Knifed the Iteiinbllcnu Candidate. Tho offiolal statement of tho voto cost at tho last oloction Bho'ivs that Barney llourko and tho gaugn of ropeatorB and did their work in tho Eighth Assembly District. Below will be found tho returns from sovou election districts in Kourko's stronghold on certain candidates. Itourke supported Col. Fellows for District-Attorne- y and Daniol Q. Itolllus for Supreme Court Judge, Iiollins being tho only Republi- can candidate ho did support. He also worked for Stockier, tho Union Democratic caudidato for Civil Justice, as ngainst llotty, tho ma- chine Republican. A study of-th- e figures will prove interest- ing. In the Second Election District llotty got only ono voto, and llourko has offered $500 reward for tho discovery of the man who oast it. Thero are fully forty residents of tho dis. trict who are willing to swear that they voted for Botty. Tho inspectors, however, wworo that Botty only had one voto when they got through their canynss. r.Uit. Dili, ftlloui. Mroll. B.IUnl. SlieMtr. Bcllv. 1 311 31 1R7 W 9 103 37 W 150 1 4 306 4 111 'J13 33 0 170 18 83 'J01 0 12 1U5 tfl 8J 313 ri 26 1V3 IS 115 lSU 74 37 1H7 37 155 UU U The citizens who have been buBy gotting evidence against llourko and his gang are determined to present their charges to tho January Grand Jury. Offended nt a ChrUtma Present. Anna Manten, a resident of Emerald street, As- toria, attempted to commit aulolde laat night by jumping from a Ninety-secon- d atreot ferry-bo- In the East ltlver. Capt. Drown, of the ferry-boa- t, after much dlillculty, her. The unfortunate noman Is supposed to he In- sane. Last night her husband biought her home a Cbrlatniai present at which ahe took offence, and a quarrel eoaued, afur which she went out and to .nke her life. mia Kellogg In n New Hole. Mis Clara Louise Kellogg retnrnod to town yes- terday lo a now role. Tii plump, vivacious little singer la now Mine. Carl Strakoaoh. Mis Kellogg made a graceful aurrender to Ilrmen during her late concert tour In the West. Mr. and Mrs. Stra-kos- have taken an aparlment for the winter at the Weatmoreland, East Union square, Mme. Strakoach pleaded fatigue from her Jour- ney aa a reason lor declining to ace a Woklu re- porter this morning. sw Hnbnkrn ItrJecia the Compromise. The lloboken Common Council met last evening, and decided t reject the offer of the lloboken Land and Improvement Company to effect a In tho famous sutts for the control of tbu river front. Corporation Attorney .Mlnturn waa Imtructed to proceed at onto with the suits now pending In tho United S'ates Supreme Court. ChrUtinn direr for Four Persons. Assistant District-Attorne- y Uavla raid this morn- ing to a Woklu reporter: \You may safely aay that neither Jay OoulJ, Husael Sage, Henry 8. Ivca nor (leorgo II. Htayner will be Indicted by the present Uraud Jury. \ - Munlcnl Director to Meet. The new Hoard of Directors of tho Musical Mu- tual Protective Union will meet fore- noon In the hall at i3 East Koorth etreet, when tho old Hoard wld formally turn over lis books aud records to the new one. Tlnrrrl from the rrotland. Two large barges of the Mcrrltt Wreaking Com- pany arrived at Stapleton tula morning laden tth empty barrels, which are a ptrt of the cargo of the llrutati bark Scotland, ashore on tho Jersey cojsU Ilrooklyn New at n fllance. A nnlform belonging to Untied Slates Castoms Inspector smart was atolen irom his offloe In Prentice's stores yesterday by aome unknown person. While at work on the third door of a new build, lug, at 085 lledford avenue, this morning Johanue Cabez, a laborer, missed hla footing and fell through the beam to the cellar, lleloro medical aid arrived he died. Early this morning huralsrs secured an entrance Into the house of Y. Manor, at No. ssoilent avenue, and atole a sealskin aacque, valued at 1100, and a gold watch, valued at 150. Mlenael Uaker, Matthew Vannon and M. and J. Carey, four boys w,.oe agva ranvu from eleven to sixteen years, were arrested Us: nlynt for stealing three bonntta valued at till Iruin a allow u ludow lu Columbia atreeU During Monday night some thief entered lh the residence of William M. Mill, at27U:. John's place, and forcing open a trunk, stole nve DUnketa valued at f'-- They were recovered laat night lu a pawnshop. Thomaa J. Sullivan entered the Jewelry store of Michael Nolsu, on Wylhe avenuo, laat night, and imked to aee some rings. Alter he had looked at a few trays he said mat he would call In later. Alter he had gone Mr. Nolan mlaaed three gold rings valued at lis. Sulllvau waa arrested later on. lie will be tried for pretty larceny. FUNEHAL OF JOHN HOWSOX. Or III Own Wish III Hody Will be Cre-mat- ed at Fresh Pond To.Morrow. Tho funeral of John BTowson occurred thin noon from tho Church of the Transfiguration. John IIowBon was playing with tho Lottn company lu \ Pawn-Tiok- Ho. 310\ last Fri-da- y in Troy, whou ho diod suddenly of aor- tic aneurism. IIo left a wifo and ono son, who wcro at his new homo in New Ilochollo. Among tho people who camo to pay tho lost tribute to merry John Ilowson were William and Henry Holland, Uie sons of tho first actor whose friends woro comforted in the \ Littlo Church Around tho Corner.\ \ Old John Gilbert\ was there, and ho re- marked soborly to tho veteran \ Bon\ Bakor, Secretary of the Actors' Fund: \Wo coirio bore prolty often now, don't we.\ Harry Edwards aud wife, John h. Vincent, Prof. John Allen, Mrs. Emma Carson, Will- iam Burroughs, John Dunn, Mr. and ,Mrs. Frank Gray and many others famous lu tho jnusio-worl- rl were present. A delegation from New York LodgO'Ot Elks, headed by Exalted Hulor J; J. Spies, altonded, and Brothers William Bowron, Hubert 8, Martin, William Birch, GeorgoL. Stout, Henry Palmer and Thomas F, May-lan- d, of that lodge, wero pall.brarers. Tho body wos brought down from New Hochello at a littlo aftor 12 o'clock. It lay in a black broadcloth covered chestnut casket, very plain. On tho simple plate was the in- scription i \ John Uowson, born Nov. 17, 1813 i died Dec. 10, 1B87.\ Thore were many floral designs, most noto. able of which were a laureato wreath knotted with beautiful pink and ensam roses, from nn unknown frieud i a fiat design bearing the word \ Brother,\ from Miis Emma Ilowson, tho original Josephine of \ Pinafore,\ and Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Parsons' t wreathes from Sirs. Huntley and John D. Italph, and a pil- low of lilies of the valley from Mrs. George O. Boniface, jr. Tho funeral services of the Episcopal Church was read by the venerable pas- tor, nnd a volunteer quartet, oomposeu of Mrs. W. W. Thomas, soprano : Miss Clan E, Htotsou, contralto; Harry Mook, tenor. and W. W. Thomas, bass, rendered the chant \Lord lot mo know mv end and the num- ber of niv days;\ Darnaby's \ Bleep thy last sleep;\ ''Lord kindly light,\ by Dr. Dykes, mid \I hear a voico from Heaven.\ The inarches wero Best's and SchoiTeu'a, rospect-livel- y. Frank Ilowson, leador of the Madison Squaro Theatre orchestra, and wife ; Charles F. Howsou, Irviuit's advanco agent: Miss Etniuu Ilowson, anu Mr and Mrs. II. P. Par-so- followed tho body with the widow and son of tho dead man. John Howsou in life frequently expressed a horror of being buried after death. He usod to suy : \ I don't want to bo dropped into a hole 'in tho ground for tho worms. I would ruthvr bo dropped into tho sea, or cromntcd.\ His wishes will be respected. His body will lie in the rooms of Taylor fc Co., No. 103 Bownry, until when it will bo taken to Fresh Pond, L, I., and cremated. i m The Clerk .Hay Ilnvo Tbelr Holiday. Collector Magouo wrote a letter to the Socretary of the Treasury yesterday, lu which he said that he had been aaked by the Collector of a neighboring city It he Intended to keep the New York Custom-Iluua- e open on Dec it aud Jan. which are both to be generally observed aa holidays. As the law precluded him from closing the Custom- -House ou either of these days of hla own mo- tion he asked that hecretary Fulrchlld should In- struct him In the matier. At uoon y he had not yet received an answer to his letter, but he aulu that he had no doubt that the Secretary would authorize him to close the Cuatom-IIoui- e on me days la question and give the empl yeea their hollduja. Jniuea Mnlkew' Hprae. James Mathews, the younir printer who at- tempted aulclde Uit night by Jumping off a Court. laudt street ferry-boa- t, waa arraigned at the Tombs this morning. He said that he quarrelled with hla parrn's and went on a spree which lasted two weeks. Wneu he recovered he retnrned home aud learned that hla mother had died nurlng his absence, lie becomo disconsolate and continued tbeauroe. He waa under the InDnenceof drink ut the time of the accident, aa he called it. Jsatlce KUbreth discharged him. Fined Tor Helling Oleomargarine. The ease agulnst James Kempster, of Jefferson Market, for aelllng obomargarlne, was ended In Part III. of the Court of General Sessloua this morning by the flnWg of the couvlcted defendant ItwaaateitcascTOTd the trial was a mere for- mality lo raise the question of ine coustl'utlonaltty of the law preveti'ltig the aalu or oleomargarine, which must be neriiied by the Court of Appeala, lo which the caae will he taken. SI Alderman Cow le' llrollier-ln-l.n- w Dead. Walter Hyer, thiri)-lw- o years of age. a machin- ist, of C8S Washington street, dropped dead of heart dliruse uhlle at work in Floyd's foundry, s9 West Twentieth street, lids morning, lie was Alderman ComIc's brother-in-la- Hut I'oUon to Cure Worry. Mrs. Cora Suialley, of 110 Hrunawlck street, Jersey City, died In great agony late laat Bight, after swallowing half a box of rat poison. The woman had been worrying over family trouble. STARVING ON KANSAS PLAINS- - JK iMfsssssl NO FOOD, NO FOEL, SEVEN PEOPLE DEAD iM AND NO HELP IN rROSPEOX. ' 'fcfl fc,iM Unlra the Cold Wcnthcr Moderate rft ' Future I Ilnrk Immigrant Heltler Dependent an Itnllrond Corporations, VViH Which Do but Mltle for Them, Thoajtla. 4gH They Claim to be Doing the Heat They Csui' , vH 'jfeSBBBBBl Kansas Cur, Mo., Deo. 31. Thoro is ter. XgH riblo suffering among farmors and stock. .'ij?H raisers In tho western part of tho State, wbiok 'jH is sparsoly settled. Four people are reported , dead from tho cold In Clark County, while j?fB near Dlghton, Kan., a woman and her twt)'' yflmm children are known to have perished, -- lsB Tho scarcity of coal Is a great disadvantage. ,j The supply was exhausted during thd.rooont. fH cold snap, and tho situation is now deplor- - 'iH able. Tho food is almost as scarce as fuel. . ssB Many of tho Inhabitants are settlers who law r (mm catcd claims last summer nnd who tiro de- - ', pendent on what the railroads bring in. The ,3flH railroads aro trying to do all in their power 'H to relieve tho distress, but they arohandU J.'ilmM capped by a scarcity of cars. They have not .VVfH enough to supply tho demand for food and ' vtflH fuol. Unloss the weather speedily moder- - H atcsthe future looks dark. The Banta Fa tmm road has already announced that it will thlpt l$m f roe nil supplies whioh may be collected for H Clark County. . ''vmm . - - HfcSBBBBBl SENTENCED BUT NOT INDICTED. Two Men Who Pleaded fJnllty and Wejra JfMm Hnt to l'rlcon by si Clerk's Mistake. , 'jal One of the most curious Incidents in thd ' ; vflH history of tho Court of General Sessions was IrCI tho sontenelng of two prisoners who bod not, 9 been indicted. \ .MH Tho prisoners wero August IT. Sdhnlt'z, ' . .\Jl chnrged with burglary in the first degree, and Charier. Edwards, charged with assault in tho . ijissfl first degree !H Tho former pleaded guilty to burglary in gsl the third dogreo, and was sont to the Eltalra) .Smt Ileformatory. Edwards pleaded guilty to 'fH simtilo assault, and a residenco for sixmoathg 2gBM in tho penitentiary was his lot, , JflMM Both sontonoes wero passed on Doo.obyHew J7f corder Smyth. llmm Both men wero undoubtedly guilty ot4,' 'gH they wonld not hnve pleaded, but tho Grand T 'I9IH Jury did not have sufficient evidenoo to war---.. ' ''H rant an indictment, and tho bills wero in ,tH caoh caso dismissed. \'''mm Instead, however, of indorsing the indict- -' fJlH ment on its face with tho red-in- k legend . S&nH \ Dismissed,\ tho Clerk to tho Grand Jury made such indorsement upon thb back, ana aH tho foreman, not seeing it, wrote his Bsaaft Hl under tho indorsement, \ A true bill.\ \txlmwl Assistant District-Attorne- y Fellow saidV kB this morning'that as neither Schultz nor EP.1. vssH wards was legally sentencod they could bom ( llfH be released on habeas corpus proceeding,. MMiSJS BLAMED MICE F0S TUB BLAZE - lilfl The Alleged 1st law rvrajB Howard Hnlldlng, On Broadway i';B A very stubborn fire, which caused small1 '' lyM loss, but gave two hours' work to the firemen VH broke out at 9.S0 i. m. y in the Howard fH Building, on the southeast corner of Broad rlJH way and Maiden lane. fifsisl Mies, according to tho foreman, bad draws' JlH papors and matches beneath the flooring of ., VlH an unoccupied room on the sixth floor and \'rMm had started a blaze by nibbling the pho- - s\mmt phorus. kmm The smoke was so dense that it filled the 'viifH tho building and drove the tenants from FJmwt thoir rooms, and sot until ceilings had been idamM torn down, floors ripped up and partition mHH severed did the firemen extinguish the hut mmm spark. iSSsBssss! KILLED Bt ANEXPEtB3 TEAlK. - '\9 George G. Crnry'a Neck Broken by aa Bb- - ,p ' uLH Ine at East Orange. George G. Crary, a wealthy and well. , i ,1H known citizen of Orange, N. J., was struck v.SH by an express train at 9. 80 this morning while . - ,jH attempting to cross the tracks of the Morris) jjH and Essex Railroad at East Orange and was '\''3B instantly killed, hia ueek being broken by . .''tjMm tho shock. tfgsH Tho train was running at a high rate of ' iiWmm speed, but tho guard gate had been lowered fi5ssssssi beforo tho unfortunate man attempted toi IIH cross tho tracks. ' , .'AH Mr. Crary was sixty years of age, and waa \InSS encaged in the wholesala liquor businow at \fivS 02 Nassau street, this city. The family, which, j)flH consists of a son and daughter, was imme. jhJ diately notified of his death. Tho body WM j&JH removed to the family home in Harrisoa trfipH street. ''1'4Mm Prise at the Aabury Park Fair. ''-- , WmM ' A8BUKV Paxk, N. J.. Dee. IL The recelpta of NjE the fair held by Canton AtlanUo.No. T, PatrluatM' ', lmm Militant, Independent Order ot Odd Fellows,,, B netted a handsome sum. The fireman's trump ; YaSB was voted to tbe Ocean Orove Fire Pepsrtraijtt ,fimm and a handsome sword waa awarded to William BV ',i!mu Ferry, a rnrinber of tht order. A w'riB waa voted to U J. Wlncxler, who la also a mqsbJ. JsH ntnt member. 'ftmM Amoug tbe other prises awarded, were abvdy ' .fiWM sold watch to Mlsa Wilson, of Ocean Grove; s aH allver-piate- d mnslo rack to ll. E. Warren, a asssv 1LH ber of Neptune Cornet Hand, who furnished me ' ' 9M musio each evening; a doll, repreaentlns; a bride, ' , \im to Ulaa Illnesr, dauthtrr ot Capt. Louis Igasar, ,. t';BM Cnlef of the Ocen Orove Fre Department, and XUmU handsome Chief's badge to the Chief ot Ike Astmry MM Park Fire Department, Ilobbed by an Unsmtefnl Rod. ' Jifl Onitave Hoffman, aged etahteen yean, tea ef iWal Frederick Hodman, ot Ma 159 West FlftlfM H street, waa arrested laat night for stealing 1069 3 worth of Ivory e and Jewelry from hla 9 parents. Frederick has been th aonrce of great v.H sorrow to his old father and irotntr. who nave SJrafl apent hundredi of aollara npon him and petted hla ! asanonljaon. He ran away from home and tUM M beenlodirm at No. S08 Uowerr, In preference to mm remalnluK at a good home, lie sot Into the boa SMM and robbed It- - lie aold the Jewelry far a gold ATM watch and then pledged the watch. The father, ' s9U much against his feellnna, n.d to make complaint, Xfl and was aopported by hla wife, WUbelmUuV The J ..JJB boy was held In 11, 000 bail for trial. . 'TmM Cabmen All nt Work Asroln. 5sB The cabmen and stablemen having waived tbe . ,jmm demand far a year's contract with their emplojent,. A\H and the latter having grauted an Increase of Wig, B the atrlkra have ended and all bands have resumed - rlslH work and are busier than usual on account ot (fee XjmU holiday season. sIh It Will be Cold Fnouah Tor Yea. WAsnitaTOH,Do;tC 3m ggr-SHII- I Indications or Ut$ imm ojT ftrefiftWbup hour, com H vha sK4-- i mt'u:,aO at I A JC H- - \Pl FwL5iU.y Vir ttonwcii a .I'VB XnnKtJ 1 XaXtrnXevt J'orJfc, rnve 'H V3-B?S- V cbdr, air urAr, , ;1H 'iililiimmmmmmmVmmmmmm

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