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1 LAST ' maf)LA SslffJgi T!MtjXJH LAST 1 PRICE ONE CENT. EVENING EDITION. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1887. EVENING EDITION. RICE ONE CENT. ' ijjili tresurySt j Tit v ritr.smr.STAT nit: irorrmt. Afuji (Irhiillnii ii Surphi for Tnx 1'atert ri.in XeceultlcM of the J'eojife. ' JNCLE SAM'S HOARDED CASH. SECRETARY FAIRGHILD TELLB OP A USE-- I LESSLY OVERLOADED TREABURY. fit Think the Money Should bo In Clrcnla-tlo- n Among the People If It I Not There Will be No Media for the Purpoac of llnslnes Threo Kxpcdleut Huascted for the Relief of an Overtaxed Nation. , lirxcuL to Tnx wonu.l WAsniNQToN, Doo. 7. Secretary of tho Treasury Falrchild's report on tho finances of the country says that tho ordinary rev- enues of tho Government from all sources for the fiscal year endod Juno SO, 1887,were 0, and tho ordinary expenditures for the same porlod $316,830,428.12, leaving a sur- plus of $55,607,849.54, which, with an amount drawn from tho cash balanco in the Treasury of $21,455,720.40, makes a surplus of $80,023,-67- 0 in tho Treasury, as compared with tho fiscal year 1880, the recoipts for 1887 havo in- creased $34,903,550.00. Thero was an in the expenditures of $25,419,011.47. The revenues for the present actual and cstim&tod fiscal year aro $383,000,000, and tho expenditure for same period, actual and estimated, aro $310,817,785.43 of the surplus revenue Secretary Fairohild says: \Taxation and currency reform were tho questions which my distinguished predecessor dcemod to be of most pressing importance, and to thorn he devoted a large part of tho two annual ro- - torts which ho mado to tho Congress, J n thoso reports ho stated his honest convictions with a vigor and boldness which together with tho ability and fairness that ho showed in the goneral management of this department havo given him a high plnco among statesmen and financiers. I find tho same subjects to bo still tho most important of all those to which it is my duty to call your attention, and it is not necessary to do other- wise than follow tho general lines laid down by bim in treating them. Circumstances have heightened tho immediato urgency of taxation reform as affecting tho surplus rovcuues of the Government. Tho urgonoy is so great that tho question of surplus rovenues demands tho earnest attention of both tho legislative and executive branches of tho Government. \ What shall bo done with this surplus reve- nue ? It comes into the Treasury in the form of gold coin, silver coin, gold cer- tificates and United States notes. The Government provides, at large annual cost, mints and a bureau of engraving and printing to coin and print these various forms of money and represen- tations of money, that there may be a suffl-cie- nt circulating medium in tho hands of our pooplo to enable them to conveniently exchange tho products of , their labor among thomselvos and with the pcoplo of tho world. If wo take into the Treasury large amounts of those circulating media, in excess of what .we pay out, thero will soon not be money enough in tho hands of the pooplo for the purposes of business : scrlouB derangement and disaster must follow, and n portion of labor must ceaso until the vcrv evils which this wrong condi- tion creates shall havo worked a temporary cure by so diminishing the consumption of food, clothing, fuel and luxuries, by the taxation of which tho revenues of the Government aro raised, that taxes do not exceed the expenditures of Government. This ovll and this cure every one wishes to avoid. There are various expedients by which this may be done. ; 1st. Tho purchase of tho interest-bearin- g debt of tho Government. 2d. Larger expenditures by Government for other purposes than tho purchase of bonds, bo that thoy Bhall each year equal tho taxa- tion of that year. 3d. Reduction of the revenue from taxation to tho amount actually required to moet necessary expenses. All of these expedients have in common tho one merit of preventing tho derangement to business whion must follow hoarding or locking up in tho Treasury tho circulating media of tho pooplo. Secretary Fairchild thon goes on to discuss the expedients to prevent the derangement of business enumerated abovo. Concerning the reduction of revenue he says: \ Itoduction of the rovenue from taxa- tion is the only fit remedy for the ovlls which threaten tho country. This may bo accom- plished in various ways. \One which has boon proposed is to compol S decrease of importation, and consequently decrease of rovenuo from customs, by l&rgoly increasing tho rates of duties. This plan oould bo made to reduco tho customs revenue, but it would increase the people's taxation far more than it would decreaso tho rovenues, and should not be adopted. Still another is to have less customs taxa- tion by adding to the free list as many articles ns possible, llo urges the reduction of tho tariff on wool. Speaking of the coinage of silver dollars ho says : \ Tho law should be so amended as to authorize tho Secretary of tho Treasury to issuo certificates ngainBt the coinago valuo of tho bullion bought, and to coin only suoh 1 number of dollars as ho might doom expe dient hereafter.\ BENJAMIN SAID HE FELL TOWN. The Police Hay Thero la no Evidence to Bhotv That lie vrui Assaulted. Ilerman Benjamin, the Forsyth street fur- rier, who was piokod up by tho Eldridgo Etroot police early Monday morning with a broken skull, is still at the Gouverneur Hos- pital in a state of unconsciousness. j House Surgeon Holman thinks that his chances of recovery are slight and says that he may dio His entire family visited him this morning at tho hospital. Cant. Allaire, of the Eldridgo streot station, says that thore is no evidence that any of Benjamin's friends assaulted him, and that no Btops have been taken to moke any arrests in tho case, lleniaminwBS ablo to talk when ho was brought to tho station, and ho said nothing about having been assaulted, but told tho Sergeant that bo had fallen down and hurt himself. The skull is fractured just behind the right car, and the wound might easily havo been recoived from a fall. s u Many Eligible to be Policemen. At tba lait examination of' appli- cant! for appointment m policemen 2U out of 8ST applicants paised. Tbe successful ones were plao'd on an eligible list In the order of tho percentage obtalued by them. The Police Board will be furnished with tho names on the eligible jut from time to time. The men who stand highest J,n.,h examination will havo tho first caauco to son the blue uniform. Philadelphia Ilncket.Hhop Balded. (FXCUL 0 THE WORLD. I'mUDXLrnu, Deo. 7. The bucket-sho- p at tho Clrard House, together with half a dozen others, has jott been raided. In some Instances traders i.I? bJtn arrested and held as witnesses. There h crut excitement en tho streets, BLAMING IT ON TIM CAMPBELL. How Mr. eJtcplienion Thinks tho Navy.Ynrd Inquiry Arose. Tho Court of Inquiry whioh was organized yestorday, mot y at 11 o'olock at tho Navy - Yard, to Investigate tho recent salo of condemned material. Commander McCnlln, Frosident, Fay-maste- Carmody and Harris, and Lieut. Lumly, who officiated as Judgo Associate, hold a session with closed doors until nearly noon. Summoning witnecsos is the next step, Admiral Gherardi and Capt. Cook head- ing tho list. \ I don't caro to say anything about tho caso, as I may be called as witnoss,\ said Admiral Gherardi to a Wonu reporter, bo-fo- tho court of iifquiry met. \ It is a good thing to havo tho old rubbish gono, and I was thunderstruck about Stephenson, who has always borno a good record.\ Tho \ precept \ authorizing tho court of inquiry to investigate tho matter doos not charge John Stephenson with anything, but merely \ enjoins an investigation of the rocont salo of condemnod material,\ which ocourred at tho Navy-Yar- d about a month ago. Mr. Stephenson was in his office He is indignant at tho insinuation against himself, but calm and ironical. \ I court tho fullest investigation,\ said ho. \ I om rnoro interested than anybody elso in having all tho facts come out. I range mysolfwith tho court against Stephenson, and shall not bo without somo shot to fire myself. Tho Itiohmond's boilers wore not in the catalogue of tho sale. But thoy woro utterly worthless. I told Chief En. gineer Mclvillo about them when ho was here prior to tho salo, and ho said, ' Soil them.' Ho added : ' Do it according to law.' Now, whether I did it according to law is tho conundrum tho court has to guess. \ Every salo of this kind has to bo signed by tho commandant or captain. I don't handle tho monoy. Tho boilers had to bo moved, and it would havo cost $1,000. I waited six or seven weeks for bids on them, and it was the fifth offer which I accepted. I thought I was saving tho Government $1,400. \ You saw Sccrotary Whitney's second let- ter. He recalls tho insinuation of his first letter against mo.\ \ Do yon think you know tho persons orig. innting tho charge ?\ asked tho reporter. \Yes. I think it was tho 'Honorable,' in quotation marks, Tim Campbell, It was the result of a personal feeling. I nm a posi- tive) man and mako enemies. The New York and Brooklyn crowd woro against my scour- ing this position.\ Several officers called on Mr. Stophcnson and greeted him very warmly while tho re- porter was present. The green parrot at the door eyes everybody with silent scorn. safety in Manitoba. I.lltle Chance thnt Runaway Teller Jackaon Will Answer for Hie Theft. Tho first information that Henry Martin Jackson, the defaulting paying tcllor of the who fled two months ago with $10,000 of Government money, is now in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was ,'givon to the off- icials hero by Tns Would this morning. Up to this time Jackson had evaded tho polico of tho United States and of tho Prov- inces, and his whereabouts was a com- plete mystery. Thero is. howover, little chanco that tho fugitive will bo brought back to answer for his crime, as ho took tho to change tho stolen monoy for Brit, ish coin before he went across tho border, in order to ovoid tho possibility of being ar- rested for having brought stolen goods into tho country. It is said that Congress will be asked to re- imburse Assistant Treasurer Cauda for tho loss by Jackson's theft, M m TROTTING MEN IN COUNCIL. Alleged Case of \ Rlnglna In\ Before the National Donrd of Ilovletv. The Board of Beview of the National Trotting Association, after a session last- ing till nearly midnight last night, in which about eighty casos wcro disposed of, went again into oxecutive session at 9 o'clock this morning at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel. Tho members prosent wore : Tho President, Judge James Grant, of Davenport, la.: George M. Sterns, of Chico. eo, Mass. representing tho Eastern District; dojor P. P. Johnston, of Lexington, Ky., representing tho Central District: E. A. Wil- kinson, of Newark, representing tho Atlantic District, and Secretary M. M. Morse. A number of casos of \ ringing in \ horascs on various tracks out of their class and under different names were under consideration. The board will continue in exocutivo session during the day and ovoning. IB QUINN AFTER A PLACE? Rnmor Says Thnt He Want to He Ono of Juatlco Sleekier Clerk. A rumor was current y that James E. Quinn, Master Workman of District Assembly No. 49, of tho Knights of Labor, had ap- plied to Justlco Stockier for appointment as Assistant Clerk of tho Fourth Judicial District Court, and that it had been refused. Several men prominent in organized labor circles declared it to bo a fact and said that neither Quinn nor Justico Stockier would affirm it, but it was truo, nevertheless. Lawyer Charles Steoklor, tho Justice's brother, was soon by a Would roportor and he said that there was no truth in the report and that tho reporter could wager $1,000 of Lawyer Steoklcr's money against u cent of any other person's that Quinn had not applied for a position as Clerk of Justico Stockler's court. Tho Assistant Clork of the Fourth Judicial District Court receives $3,000 a vear. ' m Iron SHU to lie Hold. tSriCUL TO TITS WOBLD.I MonitiBTOWN, N. J., Dec. 7. TUB machinery and stock: of tho Rockaway Direct Process Iron and Steel Company at Itockaway, Morris County, will be sold to-d- to satisfy four chattel mort- gages for borrowed monor amounting to about $15,000. The company was started two years ago with a capital of 70,000. Thero U a mortgage for 120,000 on the mill property held by a New York man. m m Wild Cat Convicted of Murder. farxcuL to imt wobld. Pikb Bluff, Art, Dec T. Sam Thorp, alias Wild Cat, a negro, last evening was found guilty of murder In the first degree for the killing of William Hanley, a white man. Doth were guards on the Convict farm. Wild Cat was a \trusty and waa aervlng out a ton years' Imprisonment for a previous homicide. Tho Jury was composed of seven negroes and five whites. Utile for Canada' Statesmen to Do. ISPICIit. TO TUX WOULD. Ottawa, OnU, Deo. T. In official circlet the Impression prevails that the nonse will meet not earlier than Jan. 19 and not later than Feb. i. Making allowance for the fisheries question and tho discussion of any arrangement whion may be made at Washington, It 1 probable tho session wlU be a short one. fcSfejVfa MafcSltoKW'il, ltrfi 4raV\i .'..Mjcni YOUNG HAWKINS ON TRIAL. - A BIQ CROWD BESIEOINU TUE COURT HOUSE AT RlYrRUEAD. Hawkins nestles and Uneasy Under tba 8lnreoftbe Curiosity Hrckcre Ocn.Tracr Herb to fllnke Out a Pirn of Mrntnl Un roundnrn for tbe Defense Ilnwkln Aiked IIIiMotlicr to Hide nnd Hliot Her. Throngs of pcoplo cnuio from mites around Ilivcrhcnd this morning to witness tho con- clusion of young Franklin Asbury Hawkins's trial for tho murdorof bis mother, Oynthiana Hawkins. Tho promised attraction was tho closing plea of Qen. Tracy on behalf of tho accused. Tho testimony offered on provious hearings showed that on Sunday, Oct. 2, Mrs. Haw- kins, a widow with j3k threo children, was tf ' '.VV found dead on tho jp llroutwood road, nenr W Islip, with n bullet flllillft jilllllll w0UUll n nor bronst. I I u\!$! Ill uo niM \B8t ccn secn ( IlWNfvN Will alivo at 7 o'clock tho l iW S previous ovoning rid-- I I f 1 J m \ kuBKy with her QSy bou botweon Islip and ASBUBY ruwKlNS. Uoyport. Young Hawkins was arrested for tho mur--d- and placed in jail to await trial. The case was called at Itiverhead on Monday. A jury was socurod at midnight of that day. Tho taking of testimony was begun yoster-da- Tho most important witness wns young Hawkins, who was called in hiB own dofenso. Ho seemed to bo without emotion of any kind. Ho gnvo by way of testimony a description of the murder sotnowhnt similar to the accounts of it published at tho timo that it occurred. Ho said that he called on his mother to talk over hisengagcmentwithnattioSohenck. Ho took his mother out to drivo. Ab thoy drovo along she naked him about his ninrriago, and objoetod to his choice on tho ground that Hottio Schonck was a person of low character. When sho spoke of Hattie's character ho drow his re. volver from hiB overcoat pockot and shot her. Sho did not speak or ntovo after tho shot was fired. When Justico Brown openod court this morning tho crowd of slglit-eeor- s was so Srcnt that the Sheriff was obliged to closo tho in their faces. At 8.30 they swormed about tho building in largo numbers, uniting eagerly for anj; littlo bit of information from the murder trial that wns going on within. Tito fortunato ones who succeeded in gotting into tho court-roo- m packed it to suffocation, Evory eyo was turned upon young Haw- kins as ho entered the court-roo- in charge of a doputy sheriff. He took his customary seat by tho sido of his counsel, Qon. 13. 1' . Tracy. Hawkins appeared restless and uneasy under tho concentrated gaze of tho crowd. Whon, Justico Brown took his seatn hush pervaded tho court-roo- Qon. Tracy bo-ga- n summing up for the dofenso. Ho dis- cussed all tho points in the evidence in an address occupying two hours. In his speech to the jury he enlarged upon tho theory of young Hawkins's mental unsouudness.urging that he wasnot strictly responsible for his act, which, ho claimed, was committed while tho young man was Buffering from mental aberra- tion. Tho lawyer pleaded hard for his client, and at times waxed eloquent in his behalf. Ho finished his address at 11.15. District-Attorne- y Wilmot Smith thon be- gan his address for tho prosecution. SAFE BREAKERS FRIGHTENED. An Attempt to Dreak Into tbe Rtrona; Box of Typographical Union No. O. An unsuccessful attempt was mado last night to rifle tho safe of Typographical Union No. 0, whoso headquarters aro in Frankfort street, near Gold. Tho safo is an clumsy affair, with combination lock, and it was against tho lattor that tho bnrglars diroctcd their labors. Two holes woro bored in tho door, botli at tho outor edgo of tho combination. Ono went clear through tho double platings, but the second passed ono-ha- lf way through. Everything was apparently ready for tho blast which was to completo tho job when thothloves wore frightenod away. In ono of tho borings was found powder enough to blow open a dozen safes, as Secre- tary Wildman Raid, while in the socond was tho remnant of a bit, two inches long and about a quarter of nn inch in diameter. Assistant Secretary Thomas J. ltobinson discovered tho attempt early this morning, Whon the safo men arrived tho door was openod without recourse to tho combination, though the burglars failed to mako usq of that circumstance. There was somo monoy in tho safe at the timo. Had tho burglnrs mado their visit on Saturday thoy would havo found more than $1,000 in the safe. TO TALK ABOUT A STRIKE The Drivers nnd Hostlers to Consider Their Grievance on Nunday. As yet nono of tho drivers and hostlers havo struck for inoreasod wages and shorter hours of labor. It is not likely that thoy will do anything until Monday. On Sunday District Assembly 49 will prob- ably discuss tho matter after hearing a roport from tho Executive Board, and if it is decided to call out tho mon attached to the Liberty Dawn Association tho Hoard will attend to tho matter. A meeting of tho omployoos of tho various liveries is called for Sunday in Beckor's Hall. It is said that tho hands attached to somo of tho leading stables aro opposed to a striko, and will do all in their power to pro-ve- nt ono, but tho largo majority of tho 6,000 cabmen and hostlers are in favor of enforc- ing their demands. No Judge to Try Nells To-Da- y. Judgo Olldersleove notified chief Clerk Sparks, of the General Sessions, this morning, that ho would be unable to preside In Part III. until Friday. The caae of Policeman Louis Sollg Indicted for extort- ing monoy from tho wife of U loonkeeper Krum, of Christie atreet, which waa on the calendar, was accordingly adjourned until Friday next. 1 Huitpccted Hulclde at Hlity. seven. Philip Qroh, a German, sixty-sev- years old, was found dead at 407 East One Hundred and Sixth street at a o'clock this morning. It la sup- posed ho committed auloldo by taking Paris greeu. Condensed City New. An alternative injunction was served npon tho Tonkera ltallioad Company last evening restrain- ing the construction of a street railroad. The Hoard of Street Openings will meot next Monday In the Mayor's omce to take further action on the eotabllsbment of a publlo park at t'orlear'a Hook. The act to establish a park at Una point was passed by tho lost legislature. AKE OUULI) AND PACK MAIILE? Tlirlr Connection tin, Knu.ni Pnrlfla Stock Allitlr Hclnaj Inquired Into. Attoruoy W. II. Do Lnucoy, who is urging tho criminal prosecution ot Jay Oould and llUBsoll Sago for an alleged conversion in 1879, to their own uso, of a largo block of Kansas Fnciflo Itailrond stock held by them in trust, has presented an additional brief to the District-Attorne- The document is n cleverly constructed argument combating tho position of tho accused parties that if tho crime of grand lar- ceny has bcon committed an indictment will not lio, fivo yearn having olnpsod Binco tho commission of tho alleged criminal act, which lapse of tinio 1b a bar toproseeution under the provislonsof tho Codo of Criminal Procedure. Mr. Do Lnncpy cites no cnt.es in point ami nrgucs from tho standpoint of n civil practi- tioner that tho Stntuto of Limitations docx not run ns against tho crime of embezzle-liien- t from tho time of tho conversion to tho uses of tho embezzler, but from tho time of tho discovory of such oiubnzzlctncut by tho cesttliqua trust. Hu alleges that tho statute makes conversion one crime, secret- ing tho converted property another nnd tho withholding still another, and thus more ttmii liinlH that tho injured party eim givo tho crime now life as ngninst the Statute of Limitations by demanding the converted property, the withholding thereof aftpr such demand constituting a frcBli crime, or rather continuing an old offenso. It is also suggested thnt tho stntuto consti- tuting embezzlement, grand larceny nnd a f olony wns made for tho purpose of providing a means, through criminal prosecution, for tho collection of monoy or tho return of goods or securities thus foloniously obtained. Assistant District-Attorno- v Davis, who lias tho complaint ngainst Oould nnd Sago under consideration, Kays that it is n very elosn question and one thnt should not bo passed over lightly. It must bo remembered that every caso of larceny possesses tho throe elements spe- cially mentioned in tho crime of embozzlo. ment wrongful appropriation, secretion nnd withholding, and yet no ono would eouteud that a man who steal n n watch, hides and keeps tho snmo, could bo indicted and pun- ished for moro than tho one olTouso. Did tho Legislature, then, in mentioning specifically tho threo elements of larceny in tho statute against embezzlement, intend to do other than to define grnnd larceny, or did it create three distinct and separate offenses and mnkei provision allowing n complainant to revivify or create n crime \at any timo ho pleased by demanding tho return of goods withheld ? Thoso aro tho questions to bo detcrminod. Sir. Davis will probably dispoBo of tho case next week after ho has been rolieved from attendance at tho trial of cases in Fart II. of tho Court of General Sessions. m m MAJOR HAGGEKTY'S TLUCK. tlralns nn Operation 'Which, If Unsuccessful, Would L'auso Inatnnt Denlb. Major Haggorty is slowly sinking, his phy. sicians Bay, and it is feared that he will not live through tho day. Dr. 0. E. Gilbert, his regular physician, called at 10 o'clook last night, and at 10 this morning was still with tho patient. A sories of complications havo followed tho abscess in tho throat. Thero is n largo gland- ular swelling on his nock, his loft eyo is closed, and his condition is bo painful thnt ho is unablo to sleep. Ho has bcon kopt alivo only by hypodormio injections. Two operations which woro porformod yes- torday relioved tho Major temporarily. An oporatiou of n vory precarious naturo, which will havo tho effect either of materially ini- - roving his condition or of causing instant 8 eath, is under advisement. Up to this morning his physicians have not dared to at- tempt it, although Major Hnggorty has ex- pressed a wish to havo it done. Major Haggerty has been very cheerful since tho first day of his illness. As an illus- tration of his will-powe- r, his friends any that yesterday ho sat up in bed and trimmed his inustacho. Frionds and neighbors aro con- tinually calling to learn his condition. COMrOSITORB DROPPING BALLOTS. Tho Annual Election of Typographical Union No, 0 In Proems. Typographical Union No. C is holding its. annual cloction of officers and as is always the caso, it is an exciting timo with the 4,000 \ tvpos\ who compose its member- ship. Tho polls aro kept open in ovory \ chapol\ for two hours at any timo between 7 a. it. nnd 8 p. m., nnd also at tho Union's headquarters in Frankfort Htreet. Tho chapels of tho ovon- ing and morning editions of Tue Would will begin to vote Into this afternoon. Tho administration ticket is headed by Joseph F. ltymcr, and its adherents claim that it will be elected, while tho ticket hnsnscnndidnto for Fresidout James M. Duncan, whoso frionds aro also sanguine of success. It will bo lato boforo tho vote is counted and tho result doclared. CHICAGO AND 1IKR ANARCHISTS. The lied Will Hold a Dozen Demonstration on Hnturduy Nlaiit. ari:cuL to tue would. I Ciiicaoo, Doc. 7. Tho Socialists and Anarchists .will hold a dozen dem- onstrations instead of ono on Sat- urday night. Thoy declare thnt tho Mayor loft ordors for tho ball at Battery D to bo prevented at nil hazards, boor or no beer. Now they will meet at tho Turner Halls and Socialistic headquarters. Demonstrations will bo hold later, at which tho main point will bo tho canonization of tho fivo dead men as martyrs. Tho leaders say that money is no object to them, and that tho $30,000 called for to erect n monument will bo nndy before the $5,000 to build one to tho polico who foil at tho llny-uiark- Cbler Decker Wnnl III Watch. John Decker, the old l'lro Chief who had hla 250 gold watch stolen while listening to a speech by Dr. McOlrnn In Battery placo on Oct. is, waa In tho JefTcraon .Market Police Court this mornlnir, to complain against Timothy Hulltvan and John fllovto. two nell.knowu young men. Decker has received m crul cnminunlcatlomi offer- ing to return tho wutcb for tit, but, aa ho says, he 'wont havo It.\ Ho siys that Sullivan and Hlerln atooil noxt to him In tho crowd, nnd when they went away his watch wss gono, llo therefore believes the e pruoners to bo the thieves, aim he Intends to prosecute theni. An examination will bo held. ltepubllcan Clerk Moon to do. Thero will be a radical chanuo lu the personnel of the Surrogate's oOlco as soon aa Itastos 8. Han- som alanines charge. Nearly all the subordinates are Itepuhllcans, snd they Include district leaders Denis Shea and Jonn II. (lunner. The pattonsiro will probably lie divided between Tammany Hall and tue County Democracy. MOBBING AN AMBULANCE. DEMONSTRATIONS OF YI0LFNCE BY ANGRY MEN .AT EUZAHhTM'ORT. Whllo Trying to Tnlto nn Injured Mnn to the Hospital Ainbiilnnro Driver Krrnan I illnbb d by nn Ilxrllrd Crowd of Mm IlloaiUbrd Averted by the Arrival of Dr. O'ltelllv-Tl- ie I'au.n oflbo Trouble. (srrctAf. to Tint wom.n.l F,i,izaiictii, N. J., Dee. \.Tho nmhulnnco attached to tho Elizabeth general hospital was mobbed by nn incited crowd of pcoplo at Kliznhethport last night. Harry Keeiinn, tho driver, together with tho horses, barely escaped with their 11 es. Tho trouble originated over tho removal of an injured man to the hospital. Patrick McVeigh, of l'JOl Uerks street, l'hiladolphia, ago twcnty-seve- ii years, a fireman on n Heading road engine, was leaning out of tho locomotive cab when another ctiglno that was running off tho turn-tahl- o nt tho coal-shut- struck him, knocked 1dm out of tho cab nnd partly under tho wheels. Ho wns dragged somo distimcn boforo the engine was stopped, lie was mortally injured. McVeigh's .body was quickly extrirntcd, and'n meswigo wur hent to Kllrnhcth, two miles distant, for tho ambulance. Meanwhile a big crowd gathered at tho scene, nnd when thn vehicle nrrived men in the crowd insisted that tho injured mnn should bo taken direct to Father Oessner's house. This Mr. Keeiinn rofuseii to do, alleging that tho priest had ample timo to see tho man before tlio ambulance armed, nnd that it was his duty to he on lmnd whon culled. The excited mob caught hold of tho bridln of the horses, while pome armed themselves with stones nnd threatened to knock tho driver oir tho box if ho did not comply with their demand. Kecnun whipped up his horses and tried to drivo through thn crowd. This mado tho men furious, and they closed in around tho nmhulnnco, throw tho horses back on their haunches uud tried to drag Koeuan from his soat. Bloodshed was only averlod by tho timely arrival on the hceno of Dr. O'ltelllv, who rushed among tho enraged men ami begged them for G d's snko to dosist. His appeals were eventually successful and tho nmbttlanco wns allowed to depart. Tho hospital authorities nro highly indig- nant over tho affair. Thoy ascribe it to prcjudico nguinst the institution on tho part of pooplo who think that Catholics will not got proper attention thore. They sny that no Catholic is over neglected or permitted to dio without tho services of n priest aud that Fnthor Van Schilgen is nlwavs summoned in serious cases, such as railroad accidents, nnd that ho was at the hospital before tho umbulanco got back from Ulizabuthport. Mrs. Thompson, tho matron, said to a Would roportor that a very hitter and tin- - fooling had bcon stirred up against tho lospitnl by persons. THE DEAD MAN NOT QUESTIONED. Denial Hint Dr. IllrhnriU' fJplrlt mil Ashed to Oniclnle lit III Funeral. Spiritualists in this city nro wrathy y ovor tho stories published regarding a spirit- ualistic fuuornl sorvico bold last night. Tho funeral was that of Dr Horace IUch. ords, an \inspirational\ writer. For four years bo had been an invalid, and when a few days ago all hopo of recovery was abandoned ho bad himself removed to tho houso of Mrs. V. M. Georgo, a spiritualist, of 310 West Thirty-fift- h street. On his death his many friends offorod their assistance to his nearest relativo, an adopted sister, Mrs. Alfred D. Beach, of 17 West Nineteenth street. Mrs. Stoddard Gray, of 323 WoBt Thirty, fourth street, was among tho sympathizers. Her offer to open her houso for tho final cere- monies was accepted, aud spiritualistic ser- vices woro held. Mrs. M. E. Walluco, of 21 D West Forty. second street; Mrs. L. S. Cad-wel- l, of 318 West Fifty-siit- h street, and Mrs. M. E. Williams, of 232 West Forty-sixt- h street, spoke under tho iniluonco of tho spirit. That, with singing and rocitations, concluded tho ceremony. It is denied that thero was any passing of handB or asking questions of tho dead man. Tho remains wero taken to White Plains last night for interment. CONCERNING 400 TELEPHONES. Invcitlsnlluir the Consolidation of the New Jersey and I. mm Island C'ompnnlr. Tho Assembly Telephone Investigating Committco met y at tho Coal nnd Iron Exchango, in Cortlandt Btrcct. Chairmnn D. E. Ainsworth nnd Assemblymen Floyd J. Hndley, Chnries T. Suxtou, Georgo Dickey and Samuel Couovor woro present. Tho telephone companies wero repre- sented by J. II. Cnmp, counsel for all tho companies j William A. Hovoy, of tho American Hell Company, nnd Georgo F. Cutler, President, and George Clark, Kecre. tiiry and Treasurer, of tho Now York nnd Now Jersey Company. Mr. Cutler was tho first witness. Ho said that his company was organized on June 1, 18S3, with capital stock of 860,000. It was afterwards, on July 1, 1HS3, increasi-- to $2,010,000. Tho Lung Island Company mid tho Now Jersey Company woro consol- idated. Tho Btock of tho coukoI-idate- d company wns as follows: For property, t&l.tliM.IVW i cash, $200,318.22, and franchise $800,000. Tho franehiso wni secured from tho Metropolitan Company. Tho stock of tho consolidated company was issued to a trustee for tho benefit of the stock-holde- of tho old couipnnies. These compa- nies hud in operation about 2, 100 telephones. Plntnrirld'a Charier Election. Pl.ilNFIKLD, Deo, T. THe chatter election wai held lnl'I. intlcld last nlRhU The full returns did not come In until after uililulKlt. The following persons aro elected: II. Hum nt (Hep.), K. N. KrlcLson (llcp.) nnd li. (1. rqulrrs (Hep.), Council-me- n at largo; Gcorc W. Watson was tlccti d Ward Councllmeii In the l'lrst Ward; W, llaiidolpn (I)em. ) in the Second Ward, Y. Y. Mur.-U- (Hep.) in the Third Ward and K. D. MofTctt (Dim.) In tho Kouri i W rd. Tho other oitlcers elected tvere: John Johnxou, Collector; J. A. Huhlmnl, Asm'-ao- r: A Tllsworlh, Treasurer; Ieoro II. II KchiHil Trustee, and A. Vumlrrlici'S anil J. V. Habbard. Freeholder. The qucanim of ex-I- appropriation for senool pur'usia wus ulu voted upon, und w a carr ed br t2 to iii, u The comi lexlon of tho next Coun- cil will be ltepubllcan by 8 to 3. M Policeman Kent lo Answer for Clubbing. Henry Morltz, of KB Moth avenue, a machinist, made formal charges of clubbing against Police- man John Heed, of tho West Thirtieth strecuqusd, before Hupt. Murray ttua morning. Among other luJurK.ii, Morllz'a noxe and one thumb wero broken. The story of tbe cluhbiiur was published In the ovenlug edition 01 TUE Woki.ii yesterday, l'nllcemsn Heed denied the charccs, lie will bo tried before tho Commissioners on Wednesday, ON WITH TARIFF REFORVjfflP Mr. Hcoll, of Pennsylvania, ontfl.ce for Clinlrninn of Wny aivgjRaii. ISPECI1I. TO Tilt ?fllLD.I Washington, Doc. 7. Considerable stir was created among tho statesmen hero this morning by tho report, made on apparently good authority, that tho Chairmanship of tho Houso Committee on Ways and Means has boon tendered to Congressman W. L. Scott, of Pennsylvania. Mr. Scott is conspicuous as tho only tariff-refor- m Congressman from tho Koystono Stato. William L. Scott was born in Washington, D. C, July 2, 1H28. Ho received a common school education, and served as pago in tho House of ltoprc'ontntlves from 1840 to 1810. Ho sottlcd in Erie, Fa., in 1848 an'd was employed aB a clork in tho shipping business. In 1850 ho engaged in tho coal and ship- ping business, owning aud running sovoral vessels on tho lakes. Subsequently ho bo-ca- largely interested in the mnnnfacttiro of iron and in coal mining as woll as railroad construction nnd operation, either as Presi- dent or director of various lines, oggro-fatin- g 22,000 miles of completed' road, a district dclogato to tho National Democratic Convention hold in Now York in 1RC.B, nnd n delognto-at-larg- o from tho State of Pennsylvania to tho Dcmocratio National Convention hold ot Cincinnati in 1880, and also represented tho Htato of Pennsylvania on the Democrat io National Committco from 1870 to 1884. Ho was eloctcd Mayor of Erie in 1800 and again in 1871, aud was elected to tho Forty-nint- h Congress as a Democrat, supported by Independent ltopublicans, ro. coiving 10,002 votes against 15,340 votes for O. W.JIuckoy, Republican; 1,204 votes for Ilorland, and 3 votes scattering. RUMOR WRUNCI ABOUT ONE MITCHELL William 1. lUahlnaT Too .Much money Now to lis Col. Fellow' Chief Clerk. Damo Humor has been very busy with tho District-Attornoy- 's ofllco of late, and has already furnished Col. Fellows with a stall of assistants and clerkB sufficiently large to equip half a dozen offices. Tho lady's latest appointmont is City Prin- ter and Commissioner William V. Mitchell to tho position of chief clerk, now occupied by Andrew 1). Parker. Tho good damo compensates tho latter gentleman for tho loss of his position by giving him an- other as First Auditor in tho Comptroller's olllco. Mr. Forker smiles incredulously at this rumor, aud his smile is broader because Col. Fellows has assured him of his retention, Mr. Mitchell has assured him of his lack of in- tention nnd besides on ollice with n salary of $4,500 would hardly bo a bono of contention with a gentleman whoso income from olllcial sources is nt present about 012,000, as Mr. Mitchell's is. Another rumor had it that Fetcr Mitchell, one of Jnka Sharp's Inwyors, was to bo an Assistant District-Attorne- y under Col. Fel- lows. Tho friends of Mr. Mitchell deny the truth of the rumor, haying thnt ho would not givo up his legal practice for the plnco. Sev- eral Couuty Democracy leaders ga it as their opinion that no lawyer who has boeu engaged in defending thea boodlers would bo appointed Abslstunt District-Attorne- y, i:nalauil Dishonor (.en. Cordon' Dill. Ibl'ICIiL CAULI TO Till WOnLD.I London, Deo. 7. Hills to tho amount of X40.000, drawn by tho lato Gen. Gordon dur- ing tho siege of Khartoum, havo been dis- honored by tho Government, which obtained n decision fiom tho Cairo Mixed Tribunal in their favor. Tho holders of tho bills havo commenced action against tho pri ato ebtate of Gen. Gordon for payment. Her Children I.ert Destitute. Mr'. Allele Cnpen, who Uvea on the first floor of 410 Water si reet, known as \the burMcks.\ was uU'ii to the (Jouverueur Hospital Uto last night tn an ambulance, tutfenng fr in the olTecta of .t the hnn a ol aquaik In tho delivery of a chllil. l'Dltcvmsn Mulcuhy, of the l'rcctuct, visitt-- lug houso this morning and loiiuu Ha oceiipmta eu Irely iiistltuto. 'I he other members of thn fam- ily are lto.le, ago five ye rn. l.eon, Hgo seven, Ju'e, ago nlue, uud 'Adrian Capen, their ursnd-fathr- r, age blxly.uiie ju ri. The policeman budt a lire und uot them aomoihlug to e.it. The children were brought in the l.mox .Market Police Court to- day. Aisvnt Youui;, lor t c Society tor tne Pre- vention of Cruelty to Children, took chargu of them ii nil will luvcstliMtc. It may no hard witu the quack doctor If the story as told by lira. Capon Is true. Demoted After Twenty-liv- e Year. Albert Iteynold, for twenty-flv- o ycrs station-mast- and ticket agent of the New York Central Hallroad at Ynekers, has been removed, and J. L. Itoden. of Mllrose, Inn succeeded him. ThUIaa surpiuu to the old Youkerlte. Jerry Ilnrllvau' Condition. Jerry llartlsan'a condition is unchanged. lie la resting comfortably and la taking some nourish- ment, ill friends axe not allowed to talk with bun. 'sLi'wy'tiTi'trVliislaltfwyinliy CRASHED INTO THE STATION. ' MM ACCIDENT TO THE MONTREAL EXPRESS ON THE DEbAiYARE AMD HUDSON. Ml Nobody Killed, but the Depot and Three Car. , ,'jB Were Darned to the liround A Broken rftefl Wheel or Axle Threw the Trnln from the rflefl Trnek Kxncily OppoMtc I lie Sintlon Many VH l'nsscncer Aboard bad Narrow Escape. V.Sal IsrrciAL to Tint wom.o.1 \BB Ai.dany, Dec. 7. Tho Dclawaro and Hud- - hSH son express train for Montreal ran off the !Sfl track nnd into tho depot' at Whallonsburg, .flH eightoon milos above Fort llonry, a little bol JKH fore C o'clock this morning. Tlio depot wWSS 'ISaH sot on flro, and throe of tho fivo cars tJ9 ''Jed soon in flames. Gr 'B Supt. Hammond says that no one woa, - \flJH killed nnd but ono person nn old lady whi 9Bl was thrown from her berth was iujurocfSft MiHSJ Tho accident was caused, ho thinks, oither ' Hfll by a broken wheel or axle. Threo cars wore 'Iflfll destroyed. f'JH The telegraph wires aro down at tho station, and delhiito details are not obtainablo. It is ikWM known that the train was flllod with paosen- - H gcrs, and that no ono was killed ii truly VIJHh marvellous. ifD ItobertM. Olyphant. thoFroaidant of tho ieH rond, wus found nt his ofllco, 21 Cortlandt c9l streot. Ho said tho telegraph poles had been nlH broken down by thu accident, and the Hm account roccived was very mcagro. 'llaH A telegram from Assistant President SHM H. G Youug, of Albany, stated that' iHsLH tho train was ono of fivo cars, which left Troy nftor, midnight. The passengers transferred ftLH to it left tho Grand Central Dopot nt 6 o'clock 'raR last evening for Montreal. Tho train went \JaHL oUtho track at Whallonsburg at 4.30 A.M. Mr. Young's information is that but one per-- JHH son is injured. - flH GLASS WORKERS DEG1N THE SIEGE. (H Iloatlllllc Opened by a Htrlko In ritubnrs ' ifH A General l.ock-(l- ut Expected. BLH IsrrciiLTO Tn wonLD.I taaBI PiTTsnuno, Doc. 7. Tho flint glassware EJ workmen of Kings south side factory, num- - ' ?jHM boring 230, quit work yesterday on account , IHI of a now sot of rules put in forco by tho 'l&flaVI manufacturers. This is tho first shot in what vU promises to a bitter warfaro botween tho iU flint glasswaro workers and their employers. , 19H The workmen of tho city generally are vory B quiot, but there is great indignation at the 'M tenor of tho now rules, as well as at tho jH address accompanying the \move\ list and , ftgH tho Bcalo of pricoa. They olaim that tho rsssssi address portends a reduction of wages in iLlssm every sentence, and an arbitrary overriding daLafl of the agreement of thirty days' notice to llassssB Ono of the officials of the workmen's union rSJbbBI said this morning : \ It is probable that tho bbBI Exocutivo Committco of tho manufacturers , H will shut down evory factory in the associa. bbH tiou. This would closo almost every pressed JbbB gloss house in the United States and between $HH 4,000 and 6,000 men would be thrown out of 'BbbH employment. It is probable, however, that SbbM tho Pittsburg houses will hold out, but In the VaMHI East thero nro very fow houses that can stand UaaHU a striko or a threo months' lock-out.- \ naHBI If the lock-o- is not ordered y by the ' rSH manufacturers, it is probable that similar 'jbbHbtI issues to thoso which caused the shut-dow- n rttVaaU at King's will come up at each of the other iJ9bbI factories throughout the country with siml- - aaHai lor results. Thoro 1b a decidedly aggressivo . 'SH foeling among tho workors since tbo receipt \jsflH of tho recent official communications, and nlHI both sides have been ready for a fight ever vHbbH Binco tho failures of the Conference Commit. nJM tees to come to an amicablo understanding. , iflH DID NOT WANT HIS LE0ACT. JH An Heir Who Prevented the DlvUIon of a SbbH Fortune Thought to be Crttiy. AbbLbI Ernest Kuelrlem has been an attendant at Bellovuo Hospital for somo years. About a JaH year ago his father died, leaving a fortune of \ \'lM ' 860,000 to be divided between Ernost and bis two brotuers. Tho will was worded in suoh ''ibbbbI -H a way that the monoy could not bo distributed v'JbbbbI until all tho brothers signed a paper agreeing 'bbbbI to the provisions of tho will. ftiH Ernest for some reason has refused to havo JbbbH anything to do with the will or tho money. vVSbbbH although his brothers havo boen constantly lifllB urging him to sign the paper. Yesterday iM Ernest began to act strangely, and tho doo. SbbbH tors sent him to tho Insane Pavilion at tho iaaBafl hospital. aH Ono of his brothers lives at 93 Borrow bbbbI street and tho other at Tenth avenue and tSaaH Twentieth streot. IWbbI . fbbvSBBJ Double ittnrder In Arkansas. fULBBH SriCIAL TO TUX wobld.I IbbbbI Little Kocw.Ark., Dec. 7. Iuielllgenoa front ''bLbH Berry vine, Ark., says: \Polo Township, near -- bbLbI tho Missouri line, In that county, waa the fl scene of a double murder. A feud has betA fa ez- - obbLb' tstence for a long time between the famines of JbbbH Terry, Waroner ami uarrett. Borne months ago bbbbB one of the Terry party waa killed and a oonnlothas uSbbbbH since been Imminent. It appears arant Wagoner JnBBBB met Culver Uarrett on the roadside and alter a ttaaaaH few words both boaan Bring. Garrett was killed JbbH at the second fire. Wagoner waa fatally wounded. ISbbbH Huralns of a Hartford Factory Dnlldlna. 4bbLb3 MrrciAL to tux world.) 'wbbB IlAitTFOitD, Dec. T, Tho old Porter Building, s \JVbI four-stor- y brick factory, occupied by a II. Judd's p9al machine shop,Eaiilo Eyelet Company, Bonaallt Box 'BTB Company and E. E. Wiley Moulding Company, wSsaal was entirely burned y. Tbe Are caught In MaH thu annealing room ot the Eyelet Company, canalng 'Tc.bbH an explosion, aud the building was immediately in JbT'bbH names. Loas on the bulldmg, $U,0O0j lnanranoe, ISbbI $1U,00o; other losses, m.ooo; Insurance, about ifnTBaM ISM.OOO. 7aaBB jkBlaB TELEGRAPHIC NbVYS IK BRIEF. fl All the freight brakemen and awltchmen In the sIbtbbI yards at llayton struck last night. The strikers nbbH aro now being pjla $1.75 per day and ask (1.10, iiuaaH A dynamite explosion occurred yesterday on the sVaal Plltston branch of tbe Lehigh Valley lullroad. H Section Kortman Miles Sweeney was killed and \sHbbbI tlvo Italian laborer were aevereiy Injured. 2M M John Armytage, arrested In Pittsburg on ft jtaaH churg' of lorulng ihe name of J. W. Maoxay, tne - PlM California millionaire, has been litentlded as t nl urtn Hteln, a swindler of national reputation. (5 Hl The boiler In the iloganavllle Oil Mid, Troup vjy iH County, (la., exploded at an early hour yesterday IHibbbI morning, Instantly killing three negro employee. I'i'JBaB Ono ot tho men waa blown a distance of iOo feet. SL'(bbH Prob Think It Will Italn. tsafl Wabuinotom, Deo. 7, JVH v ' ndicafiont Ar (A IbbH J? 4 ',c\ft-.Am- r hours com. JBbbbI MSTy) rnenctnpalS'.JC fXaaLa 7e) vwlJMaW \ 1 FOr Connecticut toarm. , X (K T jP nI\\'' \\\' (o rest carta .91 TyJP jMueicintts. bbbI tSifU (f tor Eastern JOw Tort, SbH xcarmtr; light ratnt. VvbbbI .,,M

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