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if ' 4' - . THE WORLD t SATURDAY EVENING, DECEBffiER 3,1687, gP;:'V tyP? TROT IK AM BUY, f ?$ fy JIVT S1LSS ND COMMISSIM BROKEUS I.HeMif BEJOIOJNG. BHE!'''1 pvenfcody Talilns! Filer On the In Bid EHH& V Market Menrnlne; Deacon White' EXHRv'.V DpmrtBr for WablBton Trunk Una flKHrV ', AAlnMiN CnoeTl at Manhattan Break ipaHEEfr? to 69 Losa la Reserve. irfB&'ljs fonstdorinahat.tho time devoted tobusi- - n. nesaatthe Btook Exchange was only two-- W LBri hours the brokers fared pretty well this tnora- - i,r, log. The bulls showed their hand soon after m Hp, 'y'7 the opening and distributed buying orders K HHk g mnoh to the dollgbt of tho commission K!y!jr . houses and the \two-dolla- r brokers \who llJLKVt'' BoM k080 Piokines. Pretty mnoh HHBivS cyeiy body, felt like taking n llttlo flyer on tho IHlftk Ions side, for tho reason that the last two flHr?iv'& or Ure0 days \ cloared away eomo of the BU t clouds that wore hanging over tho HHBL'Cf market. Even Bnteman is said to BHRTrlnl havo chanced his ideas sufficiently to HHHhK. preach caution to tho bear traders, SiV i mid bis house has bought n pood dial of HHalt''' Union raclflo. Not tho least surprising HHHbt' featuro of this buying Is that Gen. Bhernian HMHrU J Is said lo be lnterestedin it. HLaeeeeeeeK 5 Nowoll, of the Lako 8horo.ii credited with HIseeeeeK ' v Ue statement that the next turn in trunk lino h w affairs will be favorable, tho Grand Trunk hnv. HHHt'V lng apparently bad enongh of the freight. Tho HHHEt- ' Ht. Paul road came in with its returns for B November this morning. Tho earnings for DHBf ' the month were 82,641,000, an increase ovor ff J880 of 181,038. BseeBeeH&'i Tho point that 'Washington is buying iVHKfc . utooks is being used for all tliat it is worth, MHHjf ff it being olaimed that pooplo thcro would not HHHEr oomo into tho market unless tboy wero satis-- HK 'V fled that legislation will bo favorablo to an HHE''! improvement In values. LflHnK 1 1 now rumored that tho Lako Shore K.7 dividend in February will bo 3 por cont. , and HaeeeeeeeeW V that tho Vonderbilt interest is buying. IHHHkE'Vv' A good many people woro lamenting over HHHL&Vii Deacon White's departure for Washington. IHLaaHKn s ' 7 Mr. White hlks during the past few months ii dono much effective work in supporting tho HSHK& '& market when things looked very dark indeed MHL-- , for the mill side, HHHKUT The advanco ill prices was H to lJl'por Hfel; cent with tho bnlk of tho business in St. HtJC Tval, Union Pacific Reading, Western mBKBfcy,- - Union, Lake Shoro, Missouri Pacific and HHHKs , Louis iSc Nashville. EeeeeeeeRPi' voitet. nsr. BHKi'' .Borrowers suppliod thulr requirements HgV Without difficulty at 4 per cent.' Bub-Trea- s- BBK'\' ary debtor at the Olcarlng.Houso, $Dta.V09. HHHk The following is tho Olearing-Hous- o stalo- - '!'t mentt Exchanges, $180,119,01)1 1 balances, HjHflL WM dell at yesterday's rates. HKfij7 D0Wt TJURSAOTIOlfSJ. KHL,., Governments were Ann and $ 16,000 rcg. XHMBk'i 4Kb were taken at 107. Tho 4s tiro quoted at K HUp. iaUi'n 125 for rep., and 125K a 120 for coupon. K.eeeBeeeneeP I v In railroad bonds. Hocking Valley lsts roso A ho 11H ( Veu. k It. O. Western lsts H. to RflBKfe. 1 tki i l5envcr 4s S, to 78, and Fort Worth ?& l8'9 X. to 80. Nlokol Plate 4s foil off X, to JgKff\! 8Wt \MA Oregon Imp. lsts X, to 94. tCSHr TOBKIOS MA11KETS. BHb' Consols and French rentes wero lower J Vt t'10 'ormor declining to 101 11.10 for nBjSf ,' monef and to 101 10-1- 0 for the nocomit, flHT''l While tho 8 per oont rentes receded KHHBi.'v to 82f. 12o. American railway securities, H9H-.r).!'- ' on 'the contrary, were strong and advanced BBBrW ) X to lW-p- cent. rUnlonPaoillo soorod the BBf \ greatest improvom out. BBBKf Just previous to noon Manhattan broko from 100 to WK- - The rest of tho list lost a PBBry part of the early advance, but milled in tho K BBBjH') ' anal tronsaotions. Ohio, and Ind. Goal 6s KSKp jumped from 99 to 100. BlBBBf'fe BANK BTATXUXHT AMOTHEB LOBS IN BXSXnVZ. HbBBK ' Tte bonks lose $818,676 in surplus reserve BBB' which is just about tho amount of tho do- - BBBBBJ7 creaso last week. They now hold $6,845,726 BBBM in excess of legal requirements. Tho follow. HSBBJKuy ing are the comparative figures t BBBF Loans...... SSS.m,a JSM.ilMoO Inc. 1,1SS.700 BBM Botim W.Wfl.lCKJ RH.llO.JUO f).o. i,S,8UO BBBBKvY Lic.Un..,. ai.MKieO 4(1, U 8.S0O Too. l.MV-iO- BBB Kpottn.... Jl,C9i,aoo tlif.w.ioo (no, slovilsuu BBBB&. uironuuon. J,u37,cw K&iisUoo la. Saw HT. THB QUOTATIONS. iBBBBf\'' OeatdtBentbera BOH &K MU Mfi BBBBKr 0niidin Pacific MM MU B)J S4U BBBM OhioxnaNorttairut.. 10J 108)! 109 19hS BBBBJLX Ohio., Mil. Bl.Pai.... 75J f U'i hl BBbjL, ouiciui. bt.iuuip4.... 1U lira jiajj H3! PKVf .lV Colorado Ool Iron. DtX hilt J7)i 87 TJf VaiuTLMk. WMUrn...\..... lolU liljj 131U lilW K Puawara A Undaon 1IHK 1W'2 lo2j; loifj DanTarftUloUrandptd....... 63 6&, 05 63 W ,mBK It.Taim., Ya. aUa.iilpM... S3M 6'iU CJ1( 03 J BBBK B. Toan., Va.AUa. !M p(d.. 29 5j3 39M XIM BBBjl, poaiiTHlaaNaihTlUa.. ........ 01$! (11)2 (llj! 0l BBBBsaV\'' H 8bora....... ww ftsli si! osij BBBBBt'i MannatunOonaol W)i 10U)J VU)2 W), BBBJ?) MIclitianUastral... 8S (18 M Hh BBBBE HU.TX. 8. Waatarn 83 88 85 81 Ff t Hlaiotml'aclAo VO VOV HO VOW BBBBjt'i Mlanari. Kanata a Taiaa M uS H IDS BBBflaaVV Eubv Ckatu a Bt. LuuU ft) V 7 7K BIHBEr MawJaraarOantral 75 7S 75 75 BBBl\ h.w York O.ntral... lugt KM 10Hl( Itw BBBM ' t MavYorKaawKiifUnd tlllX a5, aa,'J HHK't N.T., Ohio. 4 HtTTran ...; 18 IH 18 18 BBfofe fc.w York. Kaa. A We.t 0), yi u I) J BBBwht'- - ; MortharnPaollla oourtoawaaurri.. pid :;:.:::::. wi lk- - ua 47 mi BBtv\ OreionlUllwaT NlUun. 42 88U bJ 88JJ BBKc\'. QncontraatoonUneatu au' '\ ''?' 20V rtlV Oreaon lmpraTaraaat. 4W 4f.)J 451? t BBwkv PfcIfloMil.,..u...., sou sjii w soiz BBBBafM' I'hIUdalphUaBaadliV....... pa 2 6VM 08 lii BBK1 fcaorla. Oaeatnr A KranaTlUa. VU J 00 W so? 2o BBHf gyllman Paiaca Oar Oo..... 140 149 lu) 140 BBBBkA. Waat Point Tor.. 23W 83,' S5W 35 W BBBMt Uicliraunaa'W. . Jiar Pro.. (11 si CI bt. Paul a Omaha 89U BBTr fit- - luaaaarraaVpa:::: p3 hA 72)3 7Ja BQBBl::. a.\ \RV ') . a '\3 ?H 9 BBk' Wab.h.Ht.toauPa1uio... IjiJ 173 it2 n2 I HK WbaaliaiaiakaSFra.Tr.:.... 13S ifo 7Sw a3)J ilj, I iBBtl Tbe N\' York Blarkela. L BBEf OBAnc. Waeat opentd weak on salot br fareltra BEaBBjJ4- - honsea, ind tne Orat prices wire H below lost BjgjBBw, Bight's cluts. Ueary bayiug bv local operators KtBBM' . eauaed a sharp adrano later, and the HkoBlBkT r 9o was strong with prices generallr BBBri H. above the openlDg. Cora opened BavBBHe'. lower, but recovered thU lost dnrlng the dtj BBrMi iaa cloied 'itrong. Cloilng qaotatioDS were t HP1. ett&a',1W! b., 1)T; Uaron, S3tf; Jlr, ??K- - porn-Ji- n.. Feb., ejvj Msy, ejt,-- . BHBjBp& Cotton. There was some heavy selling in the BMBHRC cotton market at ihe openuig on the publnttlon ot BBBaBw). BraCMrteVi eatlmate ot tne crop, and the Orat BBWL talea were made at decline of is a it BBBJK': points. There wis heavy boring at the BBBBRj i?ir JPrtces, and the market became BBBM flrm sfter the opening and remained so until the BDBBJh'. close, when the prlcei were: Dec, 111.U; Jan., HBBBa Jf,Mi,K5uM .J0-M- i \S'ch laeo; April, 10.TI; JBBVM Vaj, 10.7a; June, io.u. Kale 03.60oi.ira. BSBBbW', Corraa The coffee market openeil IB lo 80 points BUT . Uffher, bnt the irlilne was very heavy at the ad- - BBB' 'Vance, and alihougn the demmd ci.n Inned good. BSBBfaV . prices remained pr ctloally oncnangrd until noon, KtBBBti- - when the market cloied sirong, fulloirat Dca . aBflaBJVe' ?M5: \'?: b.,15.83; March, 15. M; April B9BKiI liar,' 15. 80; Jane, lMWj jaly, ' Aue., if M: Sept. 14.60, Oct. , 15.40 hov.',15.t5. Baleik BBBBf&i' Pithoudm. The market In pipe line certlneates BJwBBE' f active, opening at 7C, the lowest quotatlou. BJIBBw. advaacuig to 77V and cicuinn at 7s;(, - - BaaauBBBBaBBBur VAVfl$' Fo\ af ,h Can on tho Top Floor. BMYaaaV Jilu umnoTi ISed seventeen, of B2 Cherry BBBBjbV ;. Street, was held at the Tombs to-d- on a cbArse R.nBj of being on of six robbors who knocked down KJBk. ' Cm1 Lanicn, a aaUor, In Water street lat nlsht BBBJk'Vxs and stole hla montj. Ashe was taken out of the BBBvu eonrt-rooBt- remarked t \Well 111 all rUbt, 1 BsHKRt ' .oulcare. Ueres do top floor ( B9W, a4iaispndVhrlsimaJw(a'em. BBB&vd 7 aoo. ', Prlsontrsf bnt No Evidence. HBI 1 Central Office Dttectlres took before Jnstlce BBIlF,;,- - Ooraan at the Jefferson llarket Court thetollow- - BbV,' lng alleged confidence mrnt Charles Millwood, BBBBB . JoasaaBdHenrfBiseo, Lrotberat Jack Uodg.a, BBM - John Curler, aeorae Warren and Fred Nor ey and BBBJBk' MM h ni evwence against tnem. UHo pns- - BBBk ' avrtaaero discharged. BBBBBE? J. IHHRf T v . Kbtiob, Mayer Si Co, Aaln. BBB WUllam Kajrtou ud Loots Uaret4, Jcompoalng HHHEfc t tke am of Jtatofl, Vijtx k po, . tc-- dy aligned ' ' .toMtoW. Atwria. TheMnth National Biak la - HHHl 4!f ytcow. mm x a OVERCOME icro-So'dipho- iie A BCIEVTItlC ArPUANCK. WITH MnUATlNO HIAILRANXS AND Ala CIUMBUIS, FOB IKCBUSINQ SOUND) . . Tlaah sea W.u n. and utflaator Atlachmenu. FPU USE IN CnUHCII, TIIKATKE8, Ac.&c. I HOME TEBTIMONV. CASIIIIR'J DIPT, N.Y.CU&TOU HOME, CO. J..mji U, uH. Ul.TUi I la (fontl tkt ptalMl pUaiin to U aal U iK. altaoesk I a... Um .y daaf Imt Ik. put IIml luUctailMtwaancfvklcalliMlaalUauuMMrauHi to 1m ,; mniuta, laal aA lam Inataiiati aaS 4 . Sr,T.yWf.,','to' .awaws inacbnl Jul Sana.. , lcaIcls.laawltaaatarArBnr tka Saadav . allkaatk iltu, la taa ua rla. 'l an fullj aaas tkil I liall alllnau I McoTVr kntlaa U teat, aralahllr nan, Iffil. DAVArtp BUHTNETT? Ca..l.r'ilfarti,al,N.wr,,keu.lmll.;,. TrlaloriBitrumeata,reasBltatlo(,IllaitraUd Clrealars aad Taatlaaealal Free. Call aam ar aAJr. TIIK HICnO-AC- PIIOKK CO. ho. 1280 nroadway, KewTork City. Talrdjrioor Taka Peratar. WATERS PIANOS. wVEl!!,ii'i,IwcU1\'' The Wand moatdarablemadfc AEKfiOOJtt.mWHAYBa.KKABlffTHffr. STEPHEN W. D0R3EY. A Vivid Chapter from Hit Experionco and the Valuable Lotion It Contalnt-- A Few Tlmoly Suflcgettlont. On of th nouMo men to be imo In the corridor of the Fifth Avenue Hotel I Ben&Lor Dnreej, Tboeawbo ex acquainted with the Benttor realize what remnkb.e man he la and that a Secretary of the National Itpat lican Committee daring the Garfield campaign, and a manager of the Immenee iron lntereeta he now baan band, hit abllltlee hare nerer failed hhn. Bat while men tall and phyiloallj h U In perfect condition now. be wa not alwai mt, A few jean at nee hla physical at-te- tn gtvt wfl and be became a rlctlra of the wont titrable t'ifll pwrwrniii ti men or wtman Dull paint In bU Ikm1, In the backi a. tired feeling tack of apprtltot lomof iloep. All theie rmptoma, which are are forerunner of d tarter, came to bbn. ThU it what he ett on the tubJAct t \l)r Ulletand John eon, of Waahlnrton, directed me a fw ?art ago to aae lletheeda Water for aerora kidney and bladder dUBealtiea. and ita effect waa marrellona.. I consider the water of Cathead a Hprlng the beat In the world for kidney and bladder tronblae, and 1 bare recom- mend ad it to many persons etnee my recovery For all auoh d.Matv. aa 1 nave named lilt worth mure than ail prescript Loi. and all the drugs,' not Rtinttor Doraey't eipcrlenoe In the nee of Dethesd It not a solitary one. Krery leading phtlcWn in America orders Its nao when patient t are attacked with kldnoy a (Tactions. Dr lllliwknjw ttt great value, and admin-litore- d It ti Iretldeiit (Jarfield during that hot summer when the life of the Kzecntlre hung by a thread. No man, woman or child ever faithfully need Betheeda, eren for minor complaints, without receiving benoflt within twenty-fou- r boars. It Is a btrerage for the home, and the health of all families where It la regularly need In- variably Improves. Inasmuch as all reputable dealers handle Catheads, and aa it Is becoming so popular, it Is not surprising that a marked decreaee in kidney and bladder complaints has been noticed by the various Iloards of Health, and the proportion of dellcato mothers and puny children In any community la Invariably letaened where Bethneda Is freely and oonittantly used. 8 nth la Nature's remedy-pu- re, palatable and yet powerful, a godsend to Senator Dora, a boom to physicians and a blessing to all who use It. TIGHT MONET. Furnish your House on Fair Credit System, established by us and proved satisfactory to everybody. PBIOE MSTS MAILED. PARK ROW, CHATHAM ST., CHATHAM SQ., SEVEN STORES TOGETHEB, Between City Hall and Mm COWPERTHWAIT, NEW YORK. Established 1807. FURNITURE, CARPETS, BEDDING, STOVES, CROCKERY, EVERYTHING FOR HOUSEKEEPING. the Present Month Our Storo Will be Open EVENINGS UNTIL 9. An Invitation Is extended to In- spect our large and fine stock of Diamonds and other precious stones, Jewelry, Watches, Solid Silver and Silver-plate- d Wares, Clocks and Bronzes, Musical Boxes, Opera Glasses, Gold and Silver-mount- ed Canes and Um- brellas, Inlaid Mosaic Jewel Cas- kets, &c, &o. We have recently .added to our stock a collection of Oil Paintings, by noted European artists, and also some fine pleoes of Italian Marble Statuary. These will be sold at prices far lower than heretofore. A. FRANKFIELD & CO. JEWELLERS, 52 West 14th St., Near 0th Ave. PIANOS ANO OKOAN3. ESTEY PIANOS Theaa famoua loatrnroenta ooataln patented improTs. mania not found in othar tilanna, and hlch make tbam mparlor In Uma and duralillltf to anr oilier make. Ita. lore decidinc vhat piano to bur. cailat No. 0 Kaat Four, teentn atreel and aee and hear them. The pricaa are Jo for ca.li ur en email monthly pajmanta. A KyMHKIlOFgilAND, nprUht and eqoere pianM BAIIOA1N8 IN Llndeman IVth umtaw' near ea.; uent etnew and atlahtfr need ol ouTowTaid other makee at Tery attracU n prloeV. TUif \OPKHA\ PIAMO.\ the moat popular and thi nneatlnthemarkat. only fl9 one auarur'a mueioleeaone ontsraVnTtar freei rent catalyue. Alton, aifl Weet 7th eu.ooe'ir-Sray- ; ' HU81NEB3 OPPORTUNlf 1KB. PLH.L,lfi nyS'NpsS-- A plumb. ply to h. J. MeAlpIn, lap rlehenek at., Urooklyn? MUSIOAeJ. 0CSSlT a1'JiU'ISJl5ju ' ntrotl9oi for room or yrofeaeur, Till rpptoamr Tvople who Itgaltv cJutno$ thetr namettht Hun. i'tf a- - Vto'&tf AtMl.'.AtSa. tiM Ik , . bbbbbbbbbV BaaBBBBBBBBBat .bbbbbbbbV Ibbbbbbbbbb1 bbbbbbbbbbbI bbbbbbbbbbb! ! A I will wager $10,000 that Tho New ork Family Story Paper has double the circulation of that of any other of the so-call- ed \ Family Papers \ pub- -, lished in the world. Here is a chance for pub- lishers of weekly story papers to show their books. Advertisers should demand it. P. T. Barnum's great story \My Plucky Boy Tom,\ in search of wild animals in India for Barnum's \ greatest show on earth,\ begins in No. 742 of Tho New York Family Story Paper. Issued Decem- ber 10. We give our contemporaries the ad- vantage of accepting our challenge before this story begins. Do not hesitate. Delay is dan- - gerous. ' N0EMAN 1. MUNBO, Publisher Family Story Fapor,! 24 and SO Vandewater Street, XT, Ye - DON'T Missr i-TBRIC- HT FEATURES, i Nellie Bly'8 Xkcpcrienco in a Matrimonial Agency Hue- - r bands in the MarJcet. Complete Description, of Gambling in New York, with Sketches Taken from a Well-Kno- wn Establishment, New York People Wlio Own Pet Dogs of Great Value, People Wlio Legally Change Their Names A List Taken . from the Records. I The Tastes of Public Men in tJie Matter of Drink. Bill Nye's New Operetta, with a Critique by Bill, Our Big BZotel Detectives and Bouncers, with Portraits, Theatre Box-Offi- ce Attaches, with Portraits. f Diagrams of the Heads of WeU-Knot- on Citizens, a9 1 Taken by the Hatters. Mia Wlieelcr Wilcox on the Jealousies of Women. 1 A JRemarkable Story of English Detective Service. 1 A ' ONLY THREE CENTS, MO Bee the Sunday World for our big hotel attco-Me- ami fbomMrti-vlHtpgrtrat- u. \file rilefilaaaaaaaeaJaY'J BOERT SUE WAB FHILANTilBOFIO. Mrs. tlntnr Was Never So Deceived no br Ibo Flower ilov Hlio IlcTrlcndeil. Tho flower hoy, John Dogiin, of 311 East Twenty-fcecon- d shoot, did not put in an y at tho Jcfforson Market Folico Oonrt as he promised he would. Mrs. Georgo I). Haines, tho hind lady of 317 West Fifty-thir- d street who took such an interest in him, camo with her daughter and told Jnstlco Gorman that sho was nevor so mnoh deceived in any one as she was in that hoy. Hue promised tho Oonrt to tako him to her own homo to save him hcitig locked up, and when thoy lo!t court on Friday slio took him to tho store of McCoy, tho florist, 105 East Twenty-thir- d stroot, to givo up tho flowefs ho had. Tho boy sot down in a chair, rofnsed to go with tho lady to her homo, and was very iin- - which shockod her after all tho Sudont, sho had taken to go to court and saro him from prison. Tho lady waited in court to soo what tho result would bo. About 10 o'clock tho boy and his mothor entered, when Mrs. Haines cot up and re- marked: \ Judgo, ho is a bail boy, and I do not waut to havo anythiug moro to do with him.\ Hho then left tho court, Agent Stocking said it was only what ho expected would happen. Mrs. Organ, tho hoy's mothor, said her husbnnd was a cook and nblo to support John. Justica Gorman told hor tho boy was too young to bo selling flowers end if ho was caught at it again he would be sont to prison. Juetlco Gorman ndded that John ought to bo sent to prison fdr his trentment of Mrs. Hoinos. Tho boy's mother took him homo. NOT ASIA CIO CHOLERA. Hcaaona Wbr New York Health Officiate Discredit tho Younaatown hrnrc. Tho honlth authorities horo say that no alarm should bo caused by the despatches from Youngstown, O., to tho effect that Asiatio cholera' has broken out in that seo-tio- n and that gorms of the dlsenso wero taken thcro iu tho clothing and effects of ono James Donaldson, whoso homo was lu Now Bodford, Vn. Tho despatches say that shortly after tho man reached his homo he foil 'ill and died. Ha was a passenger, tho story went, on the Fabro line steamer Alesia, which was quaran- tined at this port for two months on account of cholera aboard. It was further stated that his olothing was disinfoctod and cleansed by his wife, who also died soon afterwards. Then tho man's dnughtor and n dozen citizens of the town wore stricken with tho same disease, Iu tho first place thoro was no James Don- aldson on the Alesia nor the other Fabro stcuraor, tho only cholera vessols which reached this port. Then tho symptoms of the discaso oro unliko cholera, and rcsamblo moro black smnll.pox. which often puzzles physicians. At tho oflico of, the Quarantine Commissioners there is no eredenco given tho cholera story, and at tho oflico of the Hoard of Health it is said the discaso muut havo beon caught in norao othor way than aboard ship. The oftloials think that tho man is suffering from small-po- and that the physicians, not understanding the disease, declared it to bo ebolora on tho strength of the statement that tho man bad boon a uas-song- on one of the quarantined vesseU. OBMOND PANT MM A REFEREE. Carney and flleAullfle'o llnekrrn Will Draw tho Money They Posted. incuL to Tint woultj.) Boston, Doc 8. Stakeholder Jimmy Or. mond received tho communication this noon that Jem Carney's backers had prepared for Carney to sign. Tho lotter was written yostorday by ono of tho Englishman's baokors, and, by a breach of faith, Bome papers published it this morning. Tho publication of tho lottor over Carney's name this morning is frnud. as Carney himsolf did not see tho letter until 11 o'olook whon ho hoard it read for tho first time. ' , Jom Oarnoy cannot read or write and is that tho letter should havo been made public before ho had n chance to assent to its contents. Ho commonted freoly y on the freshneBS of sonio Now York and Dos. ton papors. (Stakeholder Ormond snid to tho Would correspondent this afternoon t \I don't know what I shall do about it, lioforoe Btovonson haB placed mo in n very bad holo. Everybody seems to thiuk, because: I nm tho only official left in tho match, that I havo tho power to appoint a new reforoo. Now, I kuow just what my powers nro, and I know that I havo no right to nnmo tho referee. If they can't agree upon ono, tho prospocts of thoir having another fight are very poor.\ Tho money will undoubtedly bo drawn within a few days, eooh party taking tho amount thoy posted. fflAUFFEB'S C1GAB STORE. So Far It baa Coat II I m 91,000, a Doard QUI, a MleUt Overcoat and Two Lawyers. Tho examination was continued at the Tombs to-d- on the charge of larceny made by John II. Btauffer, , of Harrisburg, Fa., agntnst'Uenjamin M. JaoobBon. It is allegod that by moans of bogus salos and doctored books, Stauffor was iiiduoed to pay $1,000 twice its real value for a cigar store. Moyer Jacobson, a brother of tho defend- ant, testified that ho had protended to bo a customor. On by Civil Justlco-elo- ct Goldfoglo, he admitted that ho had been known under tho name of Charles lteynolds, the Canadian athlete, and had been married under tho name of Charles M, Jaoobson. Ho is now a wldowor. \ Where did you get that overooat you have on ?\ said tho Judge.elect. After an objec- tion had boen overrulod tho witness coufChod that it was a misfit given to him by the plaintiff. He also admitted that Btauffer had boen paying his board out of tho receipts of the storo. Whllo the books wero undor examination thcro v as a curious development iuthoBud-do- n appearance of two counsellors for the plaintiff, onu of whom objected lo questions put by tho other. Thoro wns a laugh and the objecting counsel subsided, remarking that it was difficult to tell whom ho appeared for. Two wituessog testified to being giten money to niako mock purchases at tho storo. JUSTICE'S IRirLE MILL. Criminal Coses to Come llefore the Courts Next Week. The Docembcr term of tho Court of Gon. eral Sessions will begin on Monday with Itecordor Smyth sitting in Fart I., Judge Cowing in Part II., and Judge Glldersleeve in Fart III. On the Grand Jury, whioh will be charged by tho Bocorder, may devolvo tho duty of indicting Jay Gould, Huseoll Sage, nonry B. Ives and George II. Btayner, tho first two reigning and the latter deposed monarohs of finance, should Assistant District-Attorne- y Vernon M. Davis dctermlno that criminal action will Ho against them. No trials of special importance are on tho calendar for tho first doy of tho term, but Ilerr Most will bo brought beforo Judge Cowing for sentenco, ond llobert F. Farrell, tho Walking Delegate of theAmorican and Joiners' Union, will plead be- fore Kocordor Smyth to an indictment for conspiracy, to deprive Carpenter ltobort Uooft of a job last August. Tho trial of Giuseppe Longobardi for tho murder of Johnny Barrett will bo called for trial before Jnstlco Brady in the Court of Oyer and Terminer, AssUtant District-At-wrM- jr VaUows proseUBg; ' OotilBaaaaaaBaaaaaWSaa&tawS&atai loniMhe Pride of the Mill; OK, 'HIE Daughter of a Knight of Labor. A THRILLING LOVE STORY. cnAPTKn n. AUTHOR'S SOLD AVOWAL BIS BITTin T. It wan a moment of thrllllnit intensity to the liroathleM throng that watched holow. They had hrnrd Arthur Ifjchcater's voice crying oat over tlio hoarse rumbling of the falling utoticn: Oourauo, Ionle I 1 will savo you or uerlah with you I\ lonls heard, and realized that help was at hand, flhe stretched out her arms lo him with a piteous sob, falling in a deep awoon at his feet. In an Instant her nerolo rescner had ralaed her and faced about, bnt the vast throng below dared not cheer or scarcely breathe, for the perilous descent waa a thousand times more dangerous with hla hunlen than the ascent had been. Htep by tcp Arthur Rochester mudo his way down tho awaylng stairs with his lovely burden. 'I lie flljflil t.iiK mug width held them wua el mine I to Us inmost tension, nail whin the noble rcucner had reached within twenty ftctof the ground It snapped maunder with a crash. A cry of horror roso from every throat; bnt In that lnatant, quick as flash, Arthur had made a terrible Irap, and had staggered forward, laying Ionle dowu, amidst mlMT cheers, In her arm. And st that moment tho great wheel fell, but the noble rescner and the lovely gin he had periled his life for, were safe. Frank I.rons stood by, watching the thrilling scene with lowering brow. . 'lloi.hc.ttr la to tho fore strain,\ he muttered through uls clenched teeth; and sithonirh he waa heartily thankful thai brnntlrnl Ionle' life had been aarcd, ho turned away, bitterly chagrined to know that Arthur Itochcattr had mado lilmaell tho hero of the traglo affair. Whon Ionle opened her cyea. she found heraelf In her own apartment at Mrs. Gregory's, where sue had been convejoil. \ Is It a dream ft she cried, raising her dark, enrly head from the pillow, and gazing In terror about her. \ It was real enough, poor child,\ replied Jim. Oregory, adding: \ You mint not talk. You are mill trembling with nervouan-ai- . \ \ Hat who saved mo 7 ' poralsted Ionic. \Was ItMr.-- Mr. Lyonet\ \ No, indeed,\ replied Mrs. Oronory. \ It waa Mr. Arthur Rochester bleaa his dear heart, lie perilled hla Kfo to rescue you.\ Ionle turned away, uttering no word, though. deep In her heart ahe felt sadly dlaappolnted to think It was not Frank Lyons who had saved her. 'Ho sent you a bouquet, however,\ contlnned Mrs. Gregory, puclnj in her hsnds the flowers Frank Lyons bad left at the door an hour before. lonto took the rnei cauerly, ana as she burled her face among tnem, she lonnd among their fraitrant depth) a note, which read as followa: \ Ionle, will you grant me an Interview thla af- ternoon T I shall count the hours until I see you. Do not refnso me, I pray yon. I have so much to say to youl\ Could ahe refuse htm when her young heart yearned for him? Ah, nol And, much to Mrs. Gregory's sunojsnee, the afternoon brought him. The thrilling scene which ano had gone through had shaken her mrvea greatly, leaving her pale and weak, but she was br uo means 111. Frank Lyons foomt her seated at the window, with the bouquet he had aent oloao bcatdo her. Ho came forward eagerly, clasping warmly both tho girl's fluttering white hands. 'i ho rose-flus- h deepened on ner fsoe. Ho could not help but note how her eyes brightened and then d rootied. \You do not know how jealous I am of the man who rescued you, Ionle,\ ne said, in an agitated voloe, \'lho moment I saw jour peril I darted acroia the way to aecuro a rope and a ladder to make the desoont sure. Then I saw, when I returned a moment later, that Itocboster had headed me oil ; but the fellow was mad to risk bringing you down thoae atepa, Instead ot waiting for the la ider to be pot up.\ Ionle navo a groat sigh of rellot This was a coinfortliu asaaranoe to her, and sho never thought of douotlog him when lie added ' ' that ho would git o twenty lives, If he had them, for her dear aake ; for living would be Intolerable to him without her. \ lie said it lo so sincere a tone that, looking Into hla face, the girl bonevci! him. The world seemed to suddenly grow dart when he took hla departure. At that Identical period quite u arena was ocourrlng in the millionaire Lexington avenue manalon. Do had neen informed ot the terrible catastrophe, and how hla aon bad perilled his life to save a boautllul lonng girl who bad worked on tho fourth floor of the mill. Ilia taoe hail darkened aa ho llatenod, but not until tho mcaacugcr bud departed did ho glvo lull vent to hla annoyance. \Thla affair mar end In a lovo scene and a romantic marriage It I do not nip It In the bud,\ he muttered, striding angrily up and down the luxurious)! I urnlahed room. ' Uut surely the boy has not boen enough to fall In love with her. \No ho,\ he muttrrod, under his breath. \ Arthur mnit marry. Elaine, my ward, whether he will or no. For long years tnti hus been my plan. It la tho only way out of the labyrinth of ulmcultlea In which I am placed.\ lho old man at once acut lor Arthur, and when ho caniu Into the library, roughly said. \Sit down. 1 want to talk to yon about Elaine Granger. Tula la no new aubject between us. Don't stand with your back to me looking out of tuo window. Do you hear or care for what lam eating? It youaiiira to make love to uuy other girl, br tho Lord Harry, you'd be sorry for It lo yonr djrlug day. hat's tho reason you have not asked Klaluo to marry you T\ thundered tho old gentleman. 'Wlut are you fooling around fori\ Arthur Kochester turned slowly, faced bis father and eald t \I havo not carried out yonr wish because I would do no woman tho lojuattoe to offer her my hand woon my heart did not accompany it. I do not love Elalue, and 1 (to love another with all my heart. \ \ Who la this girl whom you love or think you dot\ said John ltochester, rising and facing hla bamlaoms young son. \Her inime la Ionle Lawrence, father,\ said Arthur, proudly. \Uho has no wealth, aan a dower In net beauty, purity and gooduess. She Is the girl whom I perilled my own life to-d- to roioue from death. Bhe Is employed In our mill \ \How lomthaa tula thing been uolngont\ cried Mr. llocheiter. harshly, axing his gate on hla aon's face. \How long have you been making love to this working girl, lonlo Lawrence t\ 'I have loved her from the first moment I saw her, father,\ he unswered, \and 1 will win her, lllean, for my wile.\ \Your wife I I wonld rather see you lying dead at my feet than married to Ionle Lawrence. 1 will never give rat consent to yonr lnnrmng her while I live. You ruuat choose between us, Arthur,\ he went on, fiercely\ between yonr faiber and his wealth or this working glrL you are droldlng your own late. If you cbooae thla girl you aball nevir hate one dollar of ray money do you bear, air T not one dollar I I will make a boutlro of it lint. You must give up that sin or me I\ \Father I\ cried the unhappy young man, \I cnmiot gle Ioule np-- not even for touraake. Yonr wealth la as nothing when weighed agalnt lonle's love. I cannot, aud will not, git o her up. \ \ Dovou knowt e consequcucei, luenT\ \I cannot help the couieuuencea,\ returned Arthur. You shall be disinherited beforo nightfall cut off with II. You are headstrong, and you shall auffer for It. \ \loan work for our living, father,\ Mid the young man, bravely, \lam no better than other men who hate nail to face Ihe world with nothing but a pair or hands and a moluto heart. Toll will be awi et when It la for lonle's take. \ ' ' Yon shall tat e all the ' sweet toll ' yon wantl\ cried the Irate old gentleman. \Nothing will bring you to your aenaea more quickly. ui Arthur took, hla hat, wcut from his tathci 'a house, and, little dreaming of the grlevoua disappoint- ment awaiting hlm.hurrled away to lonle's bumbie homr. Fur the first time In Arthur llochestrr'a lire buf hrartbeat atrngilv aa ho pollen the bell at the door of Ionic's homo a lot er's heart Is always more or I ta In u state of doubt, hope and rear. Mr. Urtgorr auawrred the autumoni, and her face IlKDleil up when she aw who their vliltor was, but ahe was greatly fluatend at anch a grand gen. tleman aa Mr. ltochester coming to the plain, hum- -, ble home. All of a flutter, she took his card into the Inner room to Ionle. \11 looks so kind and so noble,\ commented Mrs. Gregory. \You ought to have heard bow nice he talk'd to me, to put me at my case. He liu;t much like hat other one the dude, who looks around aa If nothing was good enough for him, and niakea my blood twil when he duns off my chairs with bis alls, handkerchief before be ventures to sit down,\ \You are greatly prejudiced against him, poor fellow.\ said Ionle, with a blush: kut In a pained tone of voice adding, gently: \I hope you will like Mr. Lyons tor iv sake. If not for his own. A truer gentleman never lived. \ Ionle quilted the room, walking slowly Intolthe meagerly t urnlahed apartment which Mrs. Gregory designated as her parlor. Arthur ltochester joso quickly, bis fair face (loaning, and came forwarif with extended hands to meet her. Tears cams into lonle's eyes. For a moment aoba choked her utterance. \ I was trying to And words eloquent enough to think you for what you have done for me, Mr. ltochester,'' she ssld, \and they fall me. I owe niyllieto you, and .while that lite lasts I shall be grateful to you.\ UeraaasaftteUttlawha) baadav to bis-Uf- a asd (JA .tit?!, '.,,.. vj nAaiati.VM QlailiXaXwcXMlasBBBsUBiaBBBBKaataBaBBBBBCuaB kissed them, his whole soul in a tumult of glad- ness. \Tell me one thing, lonlo 111m Lawrence,\ he said, huskily. \Dolowo all yoar Xator to the fact that Is veil your life 7\ \No sho auswired ; \not altogether for that.\ \Take care, lonlo,\ be said, \thatyosmake no mistake. Yonr words are llfo or death to me.\ She drew back with atartlcd pallor. \ Do you nut know can you not understand Ionle?\ be said, In a low, husky vole \I love yon with all Ihe strength of my heart, and I want you for my wife. Now. lonl, what have yon to say to met\ be asked, huskily, bendlni over her no near thai his lair, clustering hair touched the dark, curly rings that lay In s if t love-loc- on her white forehead so ner that the perfome of the two ps pink blosoms ahe wore resrhed hlra. Hhe waa silent from eheer excess of amazement; she almost believed her senses were ilayln her some atranga irltk. Jfe. lricirfr fvinf fin And she an I ahnrovcrcil Mil ah- - linnor-- d (lim- ner gratitude to him was bouudlets; but this was not love. Hho drew her little hand away from him and railed thoso lovely, dark, childish eyes, running over with tears, to his pale face. \Oh believe me, I would have saved you this, Mr. ltochester,\ she sobbed, \It I had but known If I had but dreamrd-fo- r, ohl It bieaks my heart to give yon pain you who have been so good to mi to whom I owe ray very Ills. \ . He looked at her In horrid e fear, a fear which iltme the color from his lace. Ills heart beat; he would havo faoed death in anr form moro willingly than from the llpN of this gtrl whom he lv I v will ror It waa death If ale did not love him death to his hopei, hla happiness, and his future peace. \Let mo know the truth at once, Ionle,\ he aald ' Bnapense la killing me. Is my great, worshipful love In valnT Do you not care for me?\ \ Not In the way you you wonld have me, Mr. Itochcattr.\ ahe faltered. \Oh believe mo, I wonld love you If I could. \ Her head drooped, and ahe shrank back, from his outstretched hand. Again a great wave of fear awi plover him, \'I ell me ono thing, lonlo,\ he said; \Iliave no rival In attemiitinir to win you, have IT You do not love any one elso 7\ Hhe r.ilflcd hor head, her eyes heavy with tear, hor lips quivering pltcoiialy. \ I must answer you truthfully, ' sho said. I ao Inro another, and aa deeply as as you love me.\ Ho stood quite still before her. No word, no moan, no algh, escaped hla lips to ahow how deeply the Iron had entered hts soul. Thla wss an emer- gency he had not foreseen, and ho had not pre- pared himself for It. He bowed hla bead, saying, hnskllyi \ If it Is decreed that I shouH not have her love, bitterly h rd though It is, I will bow to heaven's will, ionle, I will say good-b- y to ynu,\ho went on, \for 1 am going away. May you be happy wlih Ihe man who has won yonr love. Say one word to comfort me that I shall remember all my lonely life.\ \ f I do not know what to say, \ ahe Bobbed. \ Hay ' Good-b- y, Arthur, Ood bleas you,'\ ho said. once. \ \ Let me hear the name from yonr lips just \Good .by, Arthur. Msy God bless and keep you always, ahe repeated. The next moment he waa gone. \If I had not met and learned to love Frank Lyon, I might In time have learned to care for Mr. Rochester! she sobbed. He Is so oood, so noble I \ lonlo went straight to Mrs. Gregory, and laid ner noad down on her bosom, saying ; \Mr. ltochester naked me to he his wife.\ A cry of delight broke from Mrs. Gregory's lips. \Oh child, I can hardly believe Ml\ ahe (reaped. \I always thought, that tbtre was some- thing great In storo for yon,\ \I refused Mr. ltochester,\ Ionle says, in a low voloe. The plate Mrs. Gregory holds falls to the floor with a crash. \You refused Mr. ltochester I\ she gasps. \ I csnnot bollevo It l' \It is true,\ saldfonlo, gently. \Irefuicd him becanso I am going to marry Mr. Lyons, who la coming hero for hla answer.\ The abotn we pnlillah aa a apec men chapter of thla beautiful story, bnt the continuation of it will bo round only In the Now York Ledger. Aetrorthe number dated Dec, IT, which can now be had at any office or bookstore. ial ai HUHDEB ON Tilt! IIIOU 8EA& Capt. Ilntrcs, or the llnrk Freeman, Shoots a Japanese Hnllor. ISrECIat, TO T8K WOEUJ.l Bostow, Deo. 8. Copt. M. L. Hnwes, of the bark Freeman, which orrivod this morn-lu- g from Oebu, woe arrested on the charge of killing Kaludaka Kiteunatsu, a Japanose sailor. On tho vossol'B arrival at Yokohama tho captain shipped eevcrol Japancso sailors. Kitounotsu grew insolent, and repeatedly disobeyed the captain's orders. Several tlmos he allowed the vessol to po out of hor course, and ono night ho nearly wreaked nor. Tho captain happenod to go on dock Just in time to savo her from running on a roof n short distance away. , At 0 o'clock in tho ovening of Aug. C the captain mot the Japaneno iu tlio cnbin and told him that ho must behavo better. Tho Jnp loft tho cabin vory angry and went on deok, whore tho captain followed him. Hot words passed bent eon thtm and tho cniitnln slapped him in tlio fnco. The Jap jumped at him liko a tiger nnd mado a doHpornto effort to throw tho master o crboard. Ho w ould lint o been successful out for tho captain grabbing a roiio. The stownrd went to tho assistance of tho captain nnd pulled the Jnp away. The lattor went to tho foncasthv muttering something in his native language whioh tho captain supposed w oro threats. Aftor procuring his revolver the captain wont to tho forecaatlo to get tho sailor out, and us hp opened tho door tho Japaueso rushed othim with his right hand liftod in tlio nir. Tho enptain, bolieiug he had a kuifoinhis hnud. fired, the bullet entering near the heart. The wounded bailor died tithtu half an hour, and the next morning the body w as buried at sea. Tho enptain reported tho murder to tho American Consul at Batavia, who on hearing the evidence decided that the enptain y ns Justified in killing tho man. Tho Joponebo Government wns notiflod of tho murder, and it sent word to the Secretary of tho Treasury, who ordorod Capt. Hawes arrested. Tho enptain was arraigned in tho United States Court this morning and held in $30,000 for examination. John Kavanaah llnrlcd. Tho funeral of John Kavan&gh waa held In St. Jerome's Chnrch, st lwth street and Alexander avenue, this morning. The services were con- - d,ucle!ilj.lthe.1!?v' father Byrne, assisted bv the ltev. Fathera O'Keefe ond Hayden. The church waa crowded to the doore. Mr. Kavanavh waa a member of the Tammany Society and of a number of cluba, repreaenutivea from which attended the funeral In a body. Tho Interment waa In Calvary Cemetery. OTHER CLOTHES AND NO MUSTACHE. Capt. Urnn'ai Explanation of Ollaa Torrence'a Failure to Identify lllsarlne. Police Capt. Ryan is still of tho opinion that Joseph Hiesins, 'who is in the Tombs awaiting trial on a chargo of stealing an over-co- at from a passenger on a Twenty-thir- d stroot bobtail car, is the man who robbed Miss Bruco Torreuce in a car of the same line at the Thirty-fourt- h street ferry. Higgiris hod on a now suit of clothes when he was arrested Sunday night. Sinoe he has been in the Tombs, he has managed through Borne of his friends to procure an entire change of clothing, which malceg him look much stduter, and which, as Capt. Ityan says, 'has changed his general appearance considerably. This change, together with tho faot that .the man who robbod Hiss Torrenoe wore a false mustache, is the reason, Cant. Ryan thinks, why Miss Tor-ren- could not identify him. Effort was mado yesterday to haTO Higgins Sat on false mustaohe, but, aocordlng to Ryan, this was forbidden by Warden Walsh. Capt. Ityan has instructed his detectives to arrest somo moro members of the Tunnel Gang to see If Miss Torrenoe can identify any of them. e PBLLATES OFF TO HOME. Tliey Sail To-D- rt to Attend Pope lo' Oomluf; Golden Jubilee. The Onnarder Servio, having on board Archbishop Ryan, of Philadelphia, and Bishop Ryan, of Buffalo, who are destined for the Eternal City to present their gratulations to Pope Leo XIII., and to represent tho Catholio church in this country at his coming golden jubilee, or fiftieth anni- versary of his ordination to tho priesthood, sailed for Liverpool, with a largo list of prominent .passengers, at 7 o'clock this worniug.'1 The two distinguished prelates went aboard the Senia last night after having been the guest of Archbishop Corrigan during tho past two days. A number of priests of Buffalo and Philadelphia escorted them to the steamer, where, amid a gorgeous array of flowers sent by admiring friends, they took leave of thoir cnlefs, wishing them a pleasant' trip and a safe return. Although the farewolls and good.bys were said lastnlght, n few of the departing pre. lato'a clergy woro on tho pior this morning, and saw them safely on their long journey, TO FILL A LONG-FEL- T WANT.f ) Ambroae II. Pnru to Try tho \Blmpl Chrlatlmn IJfo Racket In s. 3 , \ I'vo mado up my mind what I shall do , afUjr January 1,\ said Deputy Assistant ' District-Attorne- y Ambrose H. Purely this ' morning. ' \ I'm going to rotiro from offloo only to again fit myself for offlcial'position going on probation as it were. The result of the las election has proven that, to be successful, 4 candidate must have lived 'a simple Christian life.' I'll admit that I haven't, bnt I'm going intp training up in Gen. Spinola's district, and who knows but somo day I may becoino , District-Attorne- y or Congressman ? They need met) with ' simple Christian lives up among the Keeping Ilaaae nnd Hoarding-- . IFron tt PMtadilpUa BulLHn. \Tne man who goes to houaekeeplng after hayW lng lived In a boardlng-hotu- o moat ot hla Ufa naturally rejoices at the chance, became, arte all, there la nothing like pnttlng one's feet undat one's own mahogany, don't you knowt\ remaned a Uenedlct thla morning; \bat those who are not s i privileged ahould not imagine vain thing. 1 ne man ot the house lias a thousand more responsi- bilities than the man who boards, and these. In measure, bal ince the advantages. For inatanoe, It not Infrequently liapnens that the servant be- comes oi'strejieroua and has to be discharged. Then ' he dndathat there laonal to carry op; that there aro Xurnaco urea to rake down and krep abl.xej that there are window-shutte- to shut, and that tho milkman and the baker com at a disgustingly early hour in the morning, and that It be wants cream for his coffee and rolls for his breakfast he must got up and answer their knocks at the oats, lie rinds, too. that there are clocks that all thetlao demand winding, that tht-r- are people who seem to mako It a business to ring his door bell and aaK where Mr. Smith live, antf that there areathoa. sand aud one little errands that Bridget naed to da that he has to do now himself, oh, yet; thtr are ' a good mmy thlnga to mltluate the Joys ot house- keeping, especially when yoa happen to be wlty ootasirvant-glrl.- \ Did n Orlslnnte Journalism r Veai ( PriH mi IWl-.- l An lngenlooa phyalclan of Paris, Renaudot hf name, more than soo years ago hit upon a good Idea fir \cutting out\ hla more learned brethren, which he waa i.ot long In putting Into execution, to his own no small advantage and the great chagrin of hla brother profieaionalv Ilia plan waa an extremely ilmple one, for he obtained his popularity br the very Innocent expedient ot col lectlng Information, and the circulating deleoU-tlo- n and amusement nut. Inasmuch as the seat sons were not alwaissiokly, and he found HOhaq plenty ot time on his banda, he was encoorajad br his sueceas to devote his attention more ex clualvelv to the bualoeu of journalism by pro. vldlng the pnblto at large with news, and, ao. cordmsly, In lui. he succeeded in obtaining foe himself and family the sole privilege ot publlehAg a nowapauer called the aaxette a France, eueh. at least. Is the account ot the origin of newsy spew glVMbyDoltuntirolx, ' ' flaeeeeMl'17 \ (''''rtltflliiilir leej M jt t 'Mseejjaehi 'll t

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