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-- I JUixol M $8S&$ ?k r W4 LAST 4fl I \RDTTTOW (PUIJIk TOfflS WwlMi llH TTsTiTTrrnw 9 a PRICE ONE CENT. EVENING EDITION. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1887. EVENING EDITION. PRICE ONE CENT. H pEGREATCRISISINFRAM. ' 0 I J (JREVTS MESSAGE NOT READY AND NOTHING 8 l SETTLED ABOUT A NEW MINISTRY. ' I fesnrbody Htarted a Humor That the Presi- dent Mlslit Hnck Out After All lennnny \f In Looking- - for the men Who Fnrrd 1 Prince Bismarck's Name to the CommnnU ' cation to tho Czar A C'nnae Celebre. frIOIAt, CJLBLZ TO TUB WORLD. PahWi Nov. 28. SInny persons went to tho Chamber of Deputies thia afternoon under Jho fixed Impression that tho messago from JI. Qrcvy announcing his resignation would o rend to Parliament. But tho first news vbich reached us on entering tho Sallo dos Jf sPas l'erdus, whioh was y as crowded tend animated as over, was that tho Presi-Wlenti- al uiossago was not ready, that nothing asyct settled with respect to tho Ministry fcind that nothing of a definite character would probably bo known before fet tho earliost. Thou tho strango rumor rnn through tho hnll that M. Grovy might after Ml back out and make ono more despcrato attempt to remain at tho Elyseo. Soyeral of ,1he President's friends had gone about con- tradicting M. Henry Slarot's account of tho famous interview of yesterday and ono of them actually declared that SI. Grovyhad for- mally authorizod him to say that tho Radical iDeputj' had misunderstood him and that ho hail not yot arrived at any positivo docision. 1'ou may well imogino tho Bcnbation which these denials produced and tho comments to which thoy cave riso. Thoro was a general roar at tho bore notion that tho President might onco more' havo changed his mind. JIo has vacillated very often of late. Slut this was regardod as really too nptrong, and while some believed that thoro ' might bo somo foundation for the story, others, and thoy wero in tho majority, ox- - pressed tho opinion that aftor what had oc. icurrcd SI. Grevy would never havo tho faco torotroct. It had boon reported insidiously 'that SI. Slaret hod proceeded to tho Elysoo ton his own initiativo ; but this afternoon ho informed us that SI. Duhamel, who was for-- jncrly tho President's Secretary, had called ' 'en him and expressly invited him to confer Vrith SI. Grovy. Soon, howovor, tho effect produced by tho Assertions of SI. Grevy's friends was re- - s moved, peoplo coming round to the opinion that this was only a false alarm, and that tho president's resignation could bo regardod in the light of an accomplished fact. SI. Ribot Jiad been to tho Elyseo and had boon askod by 31. Grovy if in tho ovont of his deciding on the formation of a new Cabinet he would assist rfm. \ Oortainly,\ SI. Ribot replied on tho tuxderstanditm that tho messago announcing fine President's resignation should bo promptly forthcoming. But SI. Ribot ,' strongly advised him to consult M. Rouvior 'trad his colleagues, and to sound them as to \whether they had not best remain in offlco 58 Until the Congress for tho olection of tho fiew President had assembled at Versailles. ffhis the President promised to do. A CAUSE CELEBRE IN PROSPECT. jghe .Tenons irlio Forced Frlnce Bismarck's) Name to be Prosecuted. U (irXCIXI. CADLZ TO TBS WOULD. 1 Bkeltn, Nov. 25. The chief topio of con- - Versation is tho rovolation of tho Gologno Gazette concerning tho forged letter shown to tho Czar. In club and saloon everybody Speculates upon tho personages aimed at and it is generally bcliovcd that wo havo a \ causo I eolobro\ in prospoct. Tho most singular Jjiart of tho whole affair is tho reticenoo of Official circles on tho subjoct, though thoro is , too doubt as to tho gonuinonoss of tho revela- tion. A f ow days honco more light may be thrown on tho matter. When the Czar was Jn Berlin ho told Prince Bismarck frankly what ho had heard. Whereupon tho Ghan-- cellor replied : '\Tour Majesty, if anybody lias laid such a noto beforo you, as coming from mo, you have been deceived. I havo lever written anything like it, nor has any Ambassador of ours ever reported anything bf tho kind.\ It is believed that sinco tho Czar loft Berlin tho originals havo boon shown to Princo Bis- - Jnarck. Honco tho passage threatening legal 3 proceedings. But who aro tho culprits? 1 Pome say that if Princo Ferdinand of Bnl-- jjarin and his mothor aro implicated thoy must havo boen themselves meroly dupes of others. Perhaps with moro justice, somo uttributo tho wholo thing to Panslavistio machinations, whilst others again imagino 1 that this matter has been pushed into tho foreground in order to dctraot attention from elsowhoro. At any rato tho guilty persons, Vhoover they are, will be thoroughly un-- I Jnasked beforo long. Two fllen and a Horse Killed. ; riprciAL to Tire wobld. 1 , Newton, Nov. 25. Charles and Patrick llannon, tf Cochltuatc.wcre killed Instantly lost night while trjlng to cross the track of tne Boston and Albany i mailhere, by tho (i. 15 train for Worcester, with two cornpanlonB. It la thouuht all were intoxicated. \'Hey tried to crms the tnct notwlthstanillnR ttie iljinalg. Tne horo was uUo killed and the carrlane wan smashed to splinters. Tne other men vera seriously Injured. Peter Iturkeliart'e Will Dissolved. SriCIAL TO TBI WOSLD.I Vincbnnks, Nov. E5. I'cter Ilurkehart, an\ old farmer, of riko County, worth $2s,0oo, left a will disinheriting half of his Bona, llnrkehart mor-Jlere- d hla vrlfe In July In a tit of frenzy and tnon filled MinBClf. The Utasppoloted heirs enntmt'd lite will and secured u verdict In the like tounly Circuit Court ill8olvlnjr tue testament. Rabbi Vrer Iteturns to Wabash. srsciiL to ra would.) ' WABiin, ind., Nov. 85. iuobl Blgraund Frer, frho ned Tuesday to avoid meeting his wife, yesterday on the advice of Isaao M. Wise, el Cincinnati. The congregation will not allow nun to preach any moro at tho Bjnajoguc. m mi . ,' Pflstninstcra Aftrr .tlore money. ' larrciAbTiiTuswou.n.1 ' PiTTSBUBa, Nov. iffl. The third and fourtn claaa a jroatmaaters of tuo Twonty.fourth ConsrcsilonU rCco0p?n.iuol.a WBTenUo t(W to Mcnre J, t PjJjBgkji2iTaliisslBBBBMil B0CKCT-SH0P- 3 WIDE OPEN'. All of Them Except (hie Dolus n Dl Bnsl-nrs- s Uowntona To-da- r. Tho bucket-shop- s aro in full blast y with tho exception of Todd's Eichango, at BO New street. Tho Standard Btock Co., nt 88 Now street, which is probably tho largest bucket-sho- p in the city, was crowded, and although business did not seem very active, it was transacted without dis- guise and apparently without any dread of tho iiollce. The managers of this claim that tho law cannot reaoh them; that they do business as the Stock Exchange does, to the extent that customers beginning an actual delivery of fctooks con bo accommodated and a provision to that effect in in tho printed contracts thoy make with customers. The brothers Hartt, comprising tho firm of Iiartt & Co., who were arrested on Wednes- day and released on ball, are doing business to day at tho same place, 42 Hroaitany. R. H. Hammond &- - Co,, n bucket-sho- which gainod unenvinblo notoriety about a year' ago, is in full blast at 40 Broadway. R. II. Hammond was, it will bo romcmliered, in connection with a transaction in Now England stock. Ho finally compromised tho casu with tho complainant. m m ' rOWDERLY TIRED AND DISGUSTED. General Worthv Foreman Orlilltlis Btiym the II end or the Knluhts will Iletlre. CsrXCIAL TO THE WORLD. CnicAao, Nov. 25. Gcnornl Worthy Foro-ma- u Richard Griffiths, of tho Knights of La- bor, when asked this morning regarding Pow-dorly- 's declaration that ho will doclino at Indianapolis next Novembor, said ho had reason to bcliovo that such wa1) tho Master Workman's resolvo when at Minne- apolis. Griffiths would succeed Powdorly if tho latter loft his post for any reason beforo the end of his term. Regarding tho succession by election ho declined to speak other than to say that the right man would appear, thoughno ono could worthily fill Powilorly's place. Tho chango must hurt tho order, but ho was suro it would take plneo, as Powdorly was broken donn and disgusted and only remained ovor tho last convention to down tho Chicago and New York radicals. m m \BHNKY\ MORGAN IN COLUMBUS JAIL To Be Ilnnged on March 10 for the Murder of Detertlve Ilnlllunn. IsrxatAi. to Tnz would. 1 Columbus, Nov. 25. Blinky Slorgan, tho notorious crook and ono of the murderers of Dotoctivo Hulligan, of Oloveland.at Ravenna, O., last February, for which he is under sen-ten- to hang on March 16 next, was brought hero yesterday evoning and placed in tho do partmont for the condemned. His removal was kept secret because it was feared an at- tempt to rescuo him would be mado. Slorgan woro a smile, but it was forced. He was ly dressed and looked liko a clergyman. To tho Warden, who said carelessly, ' Well, you havo come to stay with us a while,\ ho said : \ Yes, if you insist on it,\ and laughed. Slorgan is tho only ocoupant of tho con- demned department, but murdoror Roth, ot Wooster, wno is under sentence to hang tho samo day, will soon arrive. Slorgan is re- garded as tho most desperata and accom-Slishe- d criminal over held iubido tho Ohio NEW BKUNS WICK'S TKAIh OP BLCOD. Was Crnnevruld's Body Thrown Over a Cllflf to Concent Mm dor f fsncui. to Tmc womu. Nrw Bbunswicb:, N. J., Nov. 25. At tho Coronor's inquiry concerning the mysterious death of Leonard Grunowald. Goorgo Qabono will testify that on tho morn- ing of tho finding of Grunewald's body ho discovered a trail of blood on Burnot street, leading to tho cliff over which it is belioved Grunewald was thrown. Largo spots of blood wore alBO found on the sidewalks east of Grovor's alley, whero Grunowald's hat 'kub found. This ovidonco will opon a now cluo, on which the polico aro quietly at work. Jude Trunkey's Critical Condition. feriCIAL TO TTIE WOBLD.l PiTTSBtmo, Nor. 25. From private advices It appears that the Illness of lion. John Trnnkcy, of tho Pennsylvania Supreme Bench, la critical. Early last spring Mr. Trunkey went to London, England, where he has sines been undergoing treatment for catarrh, from which disease he has long been a sntTcrer. From a letter received from Mrs. Trunkey, who Joined her husband In England a short time ugo, tho information la obtained that at a consultation ol physicians it was decided to remove a portion of tho hone from the nose of the patient, an operation considered very dan- gerous, wltn the chances about even as to the patient's recovery. Miner Could Not 8pnre Time to Eat. BrECXAL TO TUB WOULD. 1 Scbaxton, Nov. 25. Thanksgiving Day was ob- served by the closing of business places generally and union services at tho churches In various parts of the city. For the first time In many years thoro was no cessation of work at tho ooal mines, each of which was orked to Its fullest capacity up to 1 o'clock. Both of the steel mills wero la full opera- tion, large orders on hand for Immediate tilling making It necessary to deny the men even a y. It was Nat a Caso of Arson. SPICIiL TO TUB WOULD.) Chioaoo, Nov. 25. A dtsp&tch from Jollet says that the verdict In tho case of tho California Insur- ance Company against the Lambert A Bishop Wlro Fence Company, for the recovery of Insurance losses. Is that the plalntllf had no cause ot action. Cnarjca of arson were preferred by White, In the employ of tho wire company, who claimed to have done the firing at the order of his emplojera. Thla ends the case and White will be prosecuted for perjury. m p Knifed at u Chnrrli Festival. rCIAL TO THE WOKLD. I Bobdentown, N. J., Nov. . William nail, a colored man In the employ of Kdward Sweet, of a livery Btable here, was stabbed In the left breast In Mount Zlon A. M. E. Church during a festival held there last night by another colored man, whose natno he has not sb yet made known. It la thought that an anest will be mude this after- noon. Married ot Mllhiirn. SrrClAL TO THB WOBLD.l MlLBChN, N. J., tov. . Mr. John Flihcr, of Mllburn, and Mlas Magglo McCluskfy, of Union, wero married In bt. Hose's Churcn last evening by the Hev. D. F. McCarthy Mlas Mamie Deropsey, of Union, actoil aa bridesmaid and Mr. Joseph lioruu. of Mllburn, as best man. After the cere- mony ilr. and Mrs. Fisher left for a trip to Bos- ton. They will live In Mllburn. Telrernplile Brevities. Bcitalo, Nov. SV Wl'llim Lcntcr, the roan, was mnrrttd yisicrday to Mls Annie Hart, tho serio-com- actrcni. Atlanta. Nov. 25. \ Yellowatono Kit,\ a Datent-inedlcl- vender, has taken the itunin for I the wet ticket, and It looks as If be wan going to be tuo Moses ot the GILMOHE BADLY USED UP. - A BARKEEPER ENGAGES HIM IN A FIGHT. The IHnnagcr of Nlblo's Harden (lets nn Vsy (lash nn Ills Forehead nnd I.osrs Home of Ills Ilnlr In n. Scrlmiiiune In ilio llarroom of the Metropolitan Hotel Tho llarkeepcr Arrested on Two Ctinrces. Edward G. Gilmore, tho popular manager of Niblo's Garden, lounged behind tho stago during tho first two aots of Jefferson's \ Rip Van Wlnklo \ last ovoning. Ho had judici- ously placed a snug llttlo sum on tho Yale football team, and tho news of tho victory had put him in a good humor. He gathored two or throo of his friends togothcr during tho intermission botweon tho second and third acts and strolled into tho bar of tho Slotropolitan Hotel. According to reliablo porsons very littlo wino was drunk by Sir. Gilmoro or his frionds, but in tho courso of the next half hour a sanguinary encountor took placo tho manager and John J. Ryan, an as- sistant in tho wino room. Sir. Gilmoro enmo out of tho fight with a gash across his forehead which will mark bin for life. It vns caused by his boing thrown violently, faco forward, against tho edgo of tho marblo-toppc- d bar. Ho had many Bcratcb.es and bruises on his faco and hands, and somo of his gray hair was torn out by tho roots. Tho lobo of his left car was almost bitten through by Ryan nnd ho had also bcon badly bitton on tho right hand. The utmost efforts of tho bystandors could not separate tho men until tho fight had lasted marly nminuto and tho mischief was dono. When Policeman Hunter, of tho SIul-borr- y street station, entered tho barroom, boing attracted by tho shouts of tho comhat-nut- o and bystanders, ho found tho two men struggling fiorcoly. Ryau had ono hand on thomauagor's throat and with tho other ho was trying to tear out moro of Sir. Gilmoru's hnir. Hunter struck Ryan with his club and drngged him off to tho Rtntion-hons- Sir. Gilmoro charging him with an unprovoked assault. , Two of tho thoatro attendants bathed Sir. Gilmoro's faco and bound his silk handker- chief ovor his forohead. Then Deputy Sheriff John Bermingham, of 131 Crosby street, ono of the friends who accompaniod him into tho bar, put tho managor into a cab and drovo to tho houso of Dr. U. J. Quacken-bos- s, 19 West Eighteenth street. His wounds wero proporly dressed, and ho was then taken to his rooms at tho Hotel Brunswick and put to bed. It is very hard to get a full and intelligent account of how tho troublo aroso. Sir. Gil-ma- n and his friends aro desirous of keeping tho matter as quiet as possible, and tho bar- tenders and two hackmeu who sympathize with Ryan seem to be afraid to speak out. When a Wobld reporter callod at tho Brunswick this morning and was admitted to Sir. Gilmoro's room, Dr. Quackcnboss vmu dressing his patient's wounds. Sir. Gilmore in a wenlc and fooble voice said that ho would prcfor not to talk just at prosont, and roforrod tho reporter to Deputy Sheriff Bermingham. I want to mako only ono remark to tho Eross,\ sold ho, \ and that is that I never to do with this man Ryan until last evening, and did not even know his name until aftor this unfortunate affair.\ Sir. Bermingham was seen in Gibson's sad- dlery store, but was vory reluotant to givo any information. \Sir. Gilmoro was chat- ting very with mysolf and, two other gentlemen namod Gray and Sheridan,\ said ho, \when this man Ryan camo up to tho bar and spoke to tho cashlor. As ho turned to leavo ho mado an offensive remark to Sir. Gilmore, and boforo I know what had hap- pened tho two men woro struggling all over tho room. I throw myself between thorn, but could not separate them. Ryan struck first, I bcliovo, and then Sir. Gilmore's blood was up. Ho wanted to hit Ryan as badly an Ryan wantod to hit him. Ryan was drunk and wanted to pick a quarrel. That was tho whole causo of it. I will not say what was tho offonBivo remark which ho mado at first, but, 1 assure you, it was entirely uncalled for by any oouduot on Sir. Gilmoro's part. Sir. Gilmoro did not know Ryan until afterwards, for his first remark after Ryan was dragged off by tho policeman was: ' Who is this man, anyhow ? I don't know him. What is his name ?' \Sir. Gilmoro is rather peculiar in his wavs and he may have given previous offense to Ryan in somo way, but ho did not know it. T linvn lmnnl lliat. Itvnn waHOTinn in n. hiirlior position in tho hotel and that ho cherished a grudge against Sir. Gilmoro. Ryau was arraigned beforo Judgo Patter- son at tho Kehoz Starket Court this morning. Policeman Hunter made an affidavit that Sir. Gilmoro charged the man with assault Tho policeman on his part charged Ryan with be- ing drunk ana disorderly. A ctrtilicute from D. Quackcnboss stating that Sir. Gilmoro's injuries wero so serious that ho was confined to his bed and that he would not be able to appear for several days. Judgo Patterson then committod Ryan in for examination Sunday morning. Ryan is a powerfully built man, thirty-tw- o years old. lie is unmarried, and he lives at 805 East Twcnty-fift- h stroet. Ho did not say a word when at tho bar, but afterwards spoko to a Would reporter as fol- lows: \Sir. Gilmoro struck mo first, and if tho men who saw the affair wero not such cowards thoy would tell the truth in my favor. I suppose they aro afraid for their positions. Sir. Gilmoro is a rich man and I am a poor ono. I suppose ho will drive mo to the wall. \ Sly day's work ends at 8 o'clock in tho evening, and I have to turn in my book to tho cabhior every night. I went upstairs at about U.30 o'clock and put in my book at tho bar. I wished tho cashior goodnight and was turning away when I came closo up to Sir. Gilmor Ho said : ' Did you address that remark to mo ?' 1 had made no offrisivo remark and I said so, but ho pushed mo hard and said if I did not got out he would put mo out. We had somo words and ho struck mo on tho mouth. I fell against tho bar and hurt my head. Seo this.\ Ho show od tho reportor on ugly wound on tho head. \ This made mo very mad,\ ho continued, \and I wont into tho light for all I was worth. Tho iinlicoman clubbed mo, and every one seemed to bo against ino. I had noer hud nuy troublo with Sir. Gilmore bo- foro, and did not want to quarrel with him.\ Ryan got bail at tho station-hous- e last night, end his bondsman continues to bo an-s- w erablo for him. Gcorgo Stoygan, manager of tho wino-roo- told tho reporter that Ryan, who had boon in his employ a year and a half, was a quiet and hmut-iriott- man. Ho said that ItMin hud been drinking ycbtcrday but was not drunk. Manager Gilmoro is n tall, thin, Kray. haired man. fifty years of ugo, lebs powerfully built than Ryan. It is his intention to pun- ish his assailant as severely as tho law will allow. HrJK FATHER COT A NSTOU A Forljr.nvo-Ycnr-O- lil Tailor Accnsrd of Kidnapping Ills Old Friend's Unniliter. Potcr Qtiinn, a tailor, employed in St. Joseph's lustituto, Wostohestor County, was taken to Jefferson SInrrkot Polico Court this morning. It is supposed that ho is the ab. duetor of Rosaua Campbell, a girl flftoou years old, who has boon missing from hoc since Oct. SO. Tho girl lived with hor father, Jamos Camp- bell, a tailor, at No. 803 Soventh nouuo. Tho night upon which sho was last seen site loft her homo with her cousin, Slamlo Sullivan, of 112 Placo street, Grccupoint. Both girls walked to Thirty-fourt- h street and Sixth nventto. Slamlo remembers to havo soen Qtiinn, who Is a man forty-flv- o years of ngo, in that neighborhood. She knew Qulnn, as ho had been a member of tho family for fifteen years. Slamlo left Rosana to go to hor homo In Greonpolnt. Sho crossed tho ferry alouo and, on reaching tho other Bido, was aston- ished to seo Rosanna and Quiim getting into n Calvary Cometcry car together. That was tho last seen of tho girl. Last night Qninu called at tho houso of Sir. Campbell, and told tho father that ho did not know anything about whoro hor daughter was. Campbell had him arrested mi a charge of kidnnpping. Tho aocused told tho policomau that hohad a lettor from tho girl to hor father tolling him that sho was all .right. Tho fnthor said that Quinn was at ono timo a frequent visitor at tho house and paid par- ticular attention to Rosana. On July 4. 18W1, sho wob left in tho houso alouo. Qulnn callod and after ho loft ho did not call again for threo wooks. Sir. Campboll wan tola by Sirs. Thompson, a eolorod sorvant in tho house, that thoro was something wrong going on. Aftor this tho father armed himself with a pistol and vowed that ho would bo re- venged. When Quinn roturnod to the houso ho was ordered to leavo If ho valued his llfo. To Justice Duffy, Quinn said he know noth- ing about tho whereabouts of the girl. Ho wns remanded: MARY ir.N'N BTILL MISSING. Her Tjona Absenro from Homo n Palnfnl mystery to All Her Friends. Nothing has yot been heard of SlissSIary Jano Lynn, who walked out of hor sister's houso, 6M Wost Twenty-fir- st Btroot, last Tuesday evening and disappeared as mysteri- ously as if tho sidewalk had swallowed her. SlissLynnwastwenty-fon- r years of ago, with blue oyes and light brown hair. Sho was of medium slzo, and quite good looking. vvnen sno leu jiomo uq me tuujruuuii ui iuu day on which sho disappeared she had on a dark cheviot dress, with light colored waist, trimmed with blno braid, and a black Jacket. Hor hat was of folt, trimmed with bluo and white ribbons. Sirs. Kennedy, the sister of SIlss Lynn, from whose house she so unaccountably dis- appeared, told a World reportor this morn- ing that every effort was being mado to find tho missing girl. No reason could bo given for hor disappearance, a she was a young woman of blameless character and religious way of life. Every ono of hor friends and tho peoplo in the store whore sho was employed, speak' very highly of her. Sirs. Kennedy did not think that Miss Lynn had wandered away whilo suffering from mental aberration, as sho wan bright and choerful and of sound mind. When tho girl left hor Bister's house at 7.60 p. u. on Tues- day sho said that sho was going to a singing class. Sirs. Kennedy fears thai sho has met with foul play. RIOTOUS HOPNDS ON STATIN ISLAND. Destruction Wroaalit hj Thanksstvlng Ex. cnrslonlsts from Hrooklrn. A target company callod \ The Hounds,\ and hailing from tho Eighteenth Ward of Brooklyn, visited Silver Lake Park at Tomp-kiusvill- o, S.I., yesterday, and aftorshooting, sat down toudinner. When the beor began to operato, turkeys, meats, butter, bread, pickles, dishos, cups and saucers wero thrown around promiscuously. Looking-glasse- s and doors wero brokon and a general riot seemed imminent. Tho pro- prietor and his assistants were nnablo to quell tho disturbance. The polico wero notified and Inspector Cobb, with six natrolmcn, appeared on tho ground. \Tho Hounds,\ numbering about one hundred, woro ordered from the park and under police escort were conducted to tho ferry at St. Goorgo. No arrests were mado. A Murdered Woman's Estate Sold. ISrZOIAL TO TOE WORLD.l iTewabe, Nov. 28. TheQsrrlty estate In riarrU son waa sold at pnbllo sale Wednesday afternoon. Thero was a largo number of people present. It was finally sold to I'cter Hauck for 3,460, This recalls the murder tnreo years ago of Widow Uamty, who lived alone lu her cottage. The mur- derer has uever been cauiiht, but pari ot a railroad Iron waa found In the room wrapped In a copy of Tue Would, covered with blood. Frovldcuce's Major Dangerously Hick. SHCIAL TO THI WOULD.) l'BOVinmoK, It. I., Nov. 25. Mayor Itobhlns lies dangerously sick at his residence this mornlnf. The news has created lntcnso excitement, and a fatal result, which Is not oonsidered lmprohablo, would tako the Itepuhllcau candidate ontoftho Mayoralty. In tho flKht last week Ilobblns failed of a majority, snd the contest will bo renewed next week. a a O en. T.. W. Leaven worth Dead. fSriCIAL TO TUX WOBLD.l Svbacusi, Nov. IL Qen. E. W. Leavenworth died early this morning, aged eighty-ov- e years, lie was bom In Columbia County, waa graduated from Yale College and had been one of the most prominent buslnew and professional men In Con. tral fiew York. Ilesened several terms In the Leutalature, and was arm elected to Congress In IMS. Flacshlp Illcliiiinnd at Newport. IsrcciAL to Till woni.n. I KkwrssT, Nov. S5. Tho flagship lilrhmond, Capt. Kobcrt Boyd commanding, arrlred here early thla morning from New York, whero ine has been for the past ten days for coal, and took up her old berth, off Ooat Island Llvht. Owing to light winds, followed by n attempt to make the patsige under sail, the ltlchmond's trip wax leni;tbeaed out Into one of forty-eig- boms' duration. An Assault Fvlloued br Nhnotlno SriXIAI. TO THE WODLn.l Vinevabd Haven, Mass., Nov. M. llyan O'ltrlcn, an employee of It. W. Crocker, made an assault on W. W. Donglass, a prominent hardware dealer, laat night while rhtozlcated. Donglaas shot O'llrlen In e, the ball passing through bis thigh, lie may in o. I'lchtlns Mprrulntors Dlsrharsied. James A. Ilydoand l)u Id Ktnck, the tlcku specu- lators arrested for fluhilnjlii fnnt of the Four- teenth Hireet Tacairo and ulto mado counter charges ol a&iault, were Inclined to b forgiving In the Jiflonon Market l'oiice court, thla morning. Justice Duffr lectured them, made them shake 1 bands and discharged Hum, OYER $2,000,000 FOR EXTRAS. COMMISSIONER L0RW WILL FIGHT TIIK ENORMOUS 11II.L. Earn Item on the Aqueduct Contractors' Illll to Iln Investigated Tho Mayor nnd Comptroller Not Now In the Annrdnrt Hoard Commissioner Nrvrton Is Looking Into the flatter on Ills Own Account. Tho Aqueduct contractors aro olannod ovor tho publicity given to thoir S2.000.000 grab for extra excavations on tho now wator works. It Ib said that their attempt to raid the city treosury, if successful, would bring them nearer 13,000,000 than 2,000,000. Comptroller Loow is investigating Into tho enormous oxtra bill of tho contractors, and is determined that tho city shall not bo mulcted. Tho Comptroller is no longer a member of tho Aqueduct Commie. Bion. Tho \ring\ had tho Siayor nnd Comptroller legislated out of offlco. Commissioner of lhiblio Works Newton Is Btill a member of tho Commissioners and is acting with Comptroller Loow in looking aftor tho city's interest. . Comptroller Loow said y to a Would reporter : \ I am busy investigating into tho bill for oxtra work. It is no small bill, as tho amount reaches into millions. You may rest assured, howovcr, that I will not sign a warrant to pay tho contractors a dollar 'nnloss I am convinced that thoy havo tho law on their sido and havo honestly earned tho money thoy aro claiming. Tho big bill was a great surpriso to mo.\ Gen. Nowton said t \ Tho bill of tho con- tractors for extra work is now under investi- gation. A of which I am a momber, has tho investigation in charge. Comptroller Loow, as the financial ofllcor of tho municipality, is also investigating tho matter.\ It is charged that tho contractors havs in- cluded in thoir bills hundreds of thousands of yards of oarth which wero disrupted by blasts in tunnelling. Tho contractors, It is said, aro endeavoring to prove that they mado excavations with tools that woro really Jthe work of powdor. Again it is charged that tho contractors would lose vast sum of monoy on their contracts if it wero not for their bills for \ extras.\ There is some plausibility in this reasoning when thoir bills for\ extras\ foot up $3,000,-00- 0 or $8,000,000. Comptroller Loow ond Gen. Newton say that the investigating coin-mitio- o will moot next Tuesday. IT DEPRESSED MIS SHRUB. A Irrannfactnrrr of Goods for RwlndllnsI Purposes Gets a Lesson In Court. William Buydam, of 65 Nassau street, who who hast gainod some notorioty of lato through his advertisements and ciroulars representing that ho manufactured tnd sold \ crookod \ goods for tho use of sporting man whereby innocent porsons might be victimized, callod at tho Tombs Folico Court this morning. Ho was accompanied by Capt. William SlaLonghlin, of tho Old slip nolloo station, who said to Justioo Kilbroth that Buydam had called soyeral tlmos at tho Btation-hous- d and urged him to arrest one of Suydom's employocs who.it was alleged, had gone off with thoprooeods of tho sale of a quantity of his swindling imple- ments, amounting to $100, whioh had beon turned ovor to him by express oompanios in \0. O. D.\ envolopos. Buydam then mount- ed tho stand in front of the Justice's desk, and ropeated tho story told tho Captain, and asked for a warrant for tho arrest of tho al- leged dishonest omployee. \ Aro you tho man who odvortisos tho solo of implements mado fori tho swindling of pooplu ?\ askod tho Court. \Yes sir, blandly replied Buydam. \ And you admit that you manufacture and advertise for snlo goods mado expressly for tho purposo of swindling ?\ again askod tho Justico, viewing tho applicant searchinply. \Well as to that, Your Honor,\ said Buydam, \I don't want to admit anything that I may bo called to account for horo-after- .\ \Vory well, sir: yon will understand that this Court cannot bo used by you for tho pur- poso of aiding you in your nefarious scheme, and for tho collection of money derived from tho snlo of goods to thieves, swindlers and tho liko.\ m m I'rnmonle Held for Trial. Lulgl rroroonlu, tho Italian who attacked Illcaze Turcot and his wife, last night, with a dirk, was taken to the Jofferaon Market Police Court this morning. Last night Turcoz and his wife wero visiting a shoemaker at 243 Thompson atrcet, whero a game of cards for a bottle of wino was played. Turcoz lost, but would not pay for the wine, lie and hla wife left. I'romoulo followed, and when ttiey wero lu front of bt W'Cht Third street, he drew tils dagger and made a lunge ut Turcor, cutting through two coats and the BUn. lnrcov's wife got her hind cut try-ln- c to gut hold ol tho weapon. In rourt to-d- lromonlo waa held in 000 ball for examination. m m Willing to Jletrar Ills I'ols. Detective Evanhoo saw four young men trying doors along Twenty-nint- h street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues last night. Ono of the houses was Judge Mc Adam's residence. The de- tective ran at the four and captured Thomas Whttlkcr. The others esoapod. on the war to the Jefferson Market Court tnU morning Whttlkcr said Lu would ,(Bueal\nn his companions If let go. Ho wss told ho could \squeal\ all he wauled to In prison. Ho w as held for examination. Sev- eral sueakrobbcrlia have been committed lately In tho neighborhood where he waa arrested. GeortTR IHeefitf Accidentally Shot. arecrAL to inc would. Watebbuiiv, Nov. 45. Oeorgo Meofuf, a Rtaton Island man, who has a real estate oillce In New York, spent Thanksgiving with relatives In Huntington. While out gunning with ono of tbim je.tcrdaj, the two tuvuniu mparatvd. .MecfufM companion's guu waa accidentally discharged, shooting Mwtuf In tho throat. One shot also hit him In the chin, one In ilio foot, and one shot tuo atone om ; a valuable aolltalro diamond ring ho was wearing, lie now lien lu a critical condition at the houso of the man who shot him. O'Connrll ltciimmlrd Without Hnll. William O'Conuell, who was arrested lu Tam- many Hall last night, on a charge uf shooting James Hweeuy, of M4 1 1ilrd avenue, la.t Monday, wa arralgni d In tho YorkUlle Court form it aftldawt t.iut ho mi arrested for Hip boot- ing upon Information lurulabed by Jjhn Dltttuar, of ul Third aenoe, waa mado against the ac- cused. He waa aaked no question!, and waa com- mitted by Justice Murray without ball, to await the result ot Sweeny's Injuria. Ilolil Ilnlibrrr nt New Ilriinswlrk. New Hui'NanicK, Nov . Kntlo Mcdrall, nineteen years of age, whllo on her way to tto fair of tho rtacrcd Heart laat night was attacked by two men. She struiriiled hard, and prri'tilli her usillauts wero Irlglituued awuy by the upuroach of a pedestrian. '1 hey stole her pocketbook con- taining tso. The polico aro searching for the rob. ben y. YALE IS KIXQt Ttmnj King Yalt It a happy youtvj malt. And a happy young malt it he. ie'i grcal at the oar, At the bat he's more. Anil football's Mi jamborefi. MR. MORGAN TERrLEXED. Despite the Arrest of Horsey lie Still Adrer. Uses for Ills Diamonds. Although tho polico hnvo arrested William II. DorBoy on tho chargo of stealing $0,000 worth of diamonds from tho houso of Sir. Slatthow Slorgan, 218 Lexington avenuo, and in spito of tho fact that Corsey nt first confessed to writing a lottor to Sir. Slorgan relating to tho diamonds, yot Sir. Slorgan, up to 11.80 o'clock this mom. ing, hadltcard absolutely nothing from tho police in regard to tho arrest or tho recovery of tho proporty. Ho is, thoroforo, still ad- vertising; an offor of $1,000 for tho rocovory f IiIb diamonds. In response to tho inquiry of a Would to. porter. Sir. Slorgan. although vory bUBy, found timo to mako tho following statomont i \ Well, the nowspapors really know moro about tho affair thnn I do. I stayed at homo all day yesterday, and last night I 'loft on tho night boll but not a word havo I heard from tho polico, I told tho Inspoctor that I was ready and waiting to bo called nt any moment trat I haven't hoard a word from nim. I renowod tho roward Wednesday for two doyB, and if I don't hear from it to-d- I shall again re. new it Sir. Slorgan nftor eiprosfinff rilaTrogYai that ho could givo no further information, again said that lio know absolutely nothing con-corni- tho arrost mado or tho clnes of tho polloo beyond what ho had read in tho pa- pers. BAYED FROM THE ECHOLTEN. Blare Sllsslns; Pnssensrers Accounted for by the Steamship's Agents. At tho offlco of tho NetheTlands-Amorico- n Steamship Company a cablegram was ro- - oeivod this morning, by Agent Von den Toon, correcting tho list of passongors of tho wrcoked steamship W. D. Soholten, and saying that tho following of that number have boon saved: Honry Konyon, Gustav Dromonsky, Hermann IIuBolor, Gustav Will, Gluseppo do Bcrtollul, Peter Jomchowski, Slax lJucker, Janos 1'cchomje, Janos Takaso, Joliunn Gund, Andreas Altka, Hermann Weido. It is also Btatod that tho W. A. Scholten will be blown up, as tho vessel as sho now is impedes navigation and as thero is llttlo chanco of raising hor. Tho mails havo boon rocovored. It is probable that tho Scholten's passongors will bo brought to this city on the steamer F. Coland, of tho somo lino, wnicla loaves Rotterdam Tho father and tho brother of Henry Ken-yo- n called at tho steamship office this morn. Ing and inquired when tho Loordam would arrivo, as thoy oxpoctod Henry on that ship. Thoy woro told that Honry was ono of tho Bcholten's passongors, and word had just boon received that ho was among tho saved. Ilr. Hnaert'e Nitride. Coroner Levy trill mako farther Investigation this alternoon concerning the suicide of Dr. Alex-and- er Ilugert, a vi physician, who shot himself through the right temple with a revolver at 4.1SF. v. yesterday. Iho suicide of Kichard Mall, a nephow, tho death of his daughter and his all within tho apace of two years, produced a great change In the mental con- dition of too doctor, and of late he had been under tne care ot two physicians, who described his dis- ease aa acute melancholia. Freedom for iko WterTnnk. Dltteuhoeffer naked Judgo lurrctt to- day to dlamUa the Injunction obtained by Elalo Ser- rano, owner of tho play \Donna lllanca,\ re- straining Charlis II. Jefferson, Henry S. Taylor and James Nugent, proprietors of \Tne Dark Se- cret,\ from exiillutlng tue water-tan- k scene at tho Academy of llu.lc. He raised tne point that If It waa an lnfrlngouient ut copy right tue caao waa one for the fedirul courts. The cue waa OlamUaed. HunalnaT In Colorado, a I'lno Here. Charles Uryan was lusuctt'a Thankajhlng mood yesterday that, seeing a saddled horso standing alone In llroome street, he jumped on Its back and and rode awuy. l'ollceman may arrestol Ilryan tn a maudlin condition. Justice 1'attcrson told him this morning, in tho Easox Market Court, that In Col rado no mould bo hanged for the crlmo ol horso stealing, but lu New York he would only be fluid $10. Grnbrdunkel's Wnlrli Grabbed. Honry Orabeduukcl, coil-deal- at Jane and West st rot-- , Sid to nice a 1 hauksglvlng afternoon that ho fill asleep in hla oiTnc Whoti he awoke his watch and momy were pone. Dotccllve Bar li igh, uf the Chnrn street squad, found the watctt this .iiorulttg In t ie pocket of lluulil Allen, Orabe-il- m kel's clerk, win .i hild for trial at the Jetfer-au- u ilarl.ol Court i m Ilriiohlyn Nous nt a Glance. liurglars last night forced open the rear door of W. llurnlpps's grocery store, a; Atlantlo avenue, and robbed the money-draw- of fas. Nine colls of mire, the properly of the Western Union Telegr iph CoiLpany, wero atolcn from the corner of ork and Washington streets laat night. Tbo annuil autumn exhibition ol tho llrooklyn Art Club iPi'init ut tlioArl Association Galleries, llrooklyn, noxt 'luind.iy, II will remain open for tuo ueekii. Mis Kiuina Hill, a young German woman, picked up yesterday a bottle containing as sho supposed medicine. It was Iodine. Sho was at- tended by an ambulance inrgeon. A JERSEY JUSTICE ARRESTED. fl ''ibH MB. JESSE DE OR0FF TELLS A DARBOW- - \M INO TALK OF ASSAOLT. fM 'aLH lie Followed Ills Wife, ITe Hare, to Jostle &JaH C'rossman's Monso only to bo Thrown lot H the Street nnd Pounded Tho Jostle IfrLI Version Different from Mr. Do Oroff's 1\H ' Very Berloas Chartres made by netb. afen. UH Jorsey City has a sensation to talk over to. VH day, the result of tho arrost of Justice Henry Sii O. Grossman this morning on a chargo Mssl of assault and battery made by Jesso Do 4H Groff .a well-know- n Newark avenuo merchant, Cafl Tho arrest is the outcome of a scandal eon. ' aH coining throo of tho moBt highly connoctcd 1 ivjJHi families on Jorsoy City Heights, and tho re- - H suit will probably bo two divorce Buits, ono I'ljH of which has already been commenced. ''iH Jesso Do Groff in his complaint against tH Justico Crossman Bays that ho callod on tho iiH latter at his homo on Court House placo, iiiH Wcdnosday night to follow his wife, who VH was at the houso, and to noenso tho Justice of H unduo intimacy with hor during hor frequent 1H isits at his homo, no says that Grossman ,rH followed him to tho stroet and struck him !H repeatedly in tho faco with somo sharp in. ', strument. Ho procured a warrant from jl Justico Aldridgo last night. 1'IH Justico Crossman, when arrested, declared \iSH that Sirs. Do GroQ's visits wero professional, 'ALH as sho i as preparing to prosccuto her bus. rl band for alleged cruel treatment. He then !3bsbH Htatod that Do Groff had boen unduly 'ssH iiitlmato with Sirs. Carrie K. Wills, who is il now suing for a divorco from hor husband, 'HH Honry E. Wills, n prominent young lawyer, 'aH boforo Chancellor SIcGill. Justice Grossman j?H says that ho can produce flvo witnesses who iH saw the counlo togother at a Union Hill ro- - :IWM sort on Sunday, Aug. 11. &SH Tho Justlco's version of tho wholo scandal. SIsH oub complication is that Sirs. Wills's suit for nH freedom is brought about by her dcslro jlH to join Do Groff, and that the lat-- ;ilH tcr's allegod cruel treatment of his wife- laH has boen designed as a provocation for dl- - 'H vorco. Sirs. Do Groff had been disposed to Al roallzo hor husband's ideas by a suit, and had J9 beon In consultation with him for somo timo preparing for such a step. j HH Do GrolTs accusation of criminal intimacy, R the justico says, is utterly false. He states iHI that tho oonrso Do Groff lias taken has do- - jH elded in his mind his own course that of ex. '2aH posing the whole of tho scandal which he 'f'fl promised to mako more spioy in the near -- 7 future iDsH Sirs. Do GrofT's suit is now a certainty, iaH and with both this and the Well's suit In tH progress at onco Jorsey City's bump of gos. \rjM sip is likely to bo considerably enlarged. ' H It is said that Lawyer Wells has found uH plenty of news in Justice Grossman's story tB and that ho will oppose his wifo's suit \with fjH consequent energy. .JIH Josso Do Groff was not ot his store on New- - lH ark avonuo, this morning, and could not b jsH found by Tub Wonui reportor. initial PMFOttTUXATE B03A ITGEfl. 'H Hobbed of Iter Money ncd Ticket t the) ,H Outset ofTier Trip to Ireland. J8nB fsTXOTAX. TO ra WOULD.1 SSiMB NrwAnx, Nov. 23. Rosa SIcGeo, a young 3H Ixlsh woman, told the polios at headquarters , JH last night that she had been robbed of a tin wflH box containing all tho monoy she possessed ' and a ticket to Ireland. vSassH Tho girl had lived an a servant In German. ',H town, Fa., and, having saved money enough, \.vbH was going on a visit to hor native soil. Sho ' CjH stopped in Newark to visit somo frionds and 4H went to tho station last night with the box tor H board tho train. Sho loft the box on oseat daH and turned to look at tho placards. When ,,ataH tho train arrived the box was gone. .vSsaH The box was stamped on tho inside with JhhH tho nomo of Ellon Connors. The polios will H endeavor to socuro her passage to tho Other if&flH sido. HbsS 'iAVBSSSJ Knights of Labor Vuetoir. '3biH srxciii. to Tn wobld. ''fl WlLxxsiiAnnx, Nov. ts. The Knights of Labor of this vicinity have undertaken to establish a co. sHH operative shoe factory at Ashley, and so far havo 1'H met with great success. A company has been 9 3 JsH formed with $3,000 capital, In ftO shares, and aa IvlsH held by Knights of Labor. A buUdlug Das bean ,iViH erected and the plant and machinery of the Eastern xH Shoe Factory have been purchased. The following itH are the omcers of the company! W. P. King, of & rH Luzerne Borough, president! P. V. Caffroy, ol ! Bugsr Notch, Secretary, and U. L, Dooley. of ll'MM Ashley, Treasurer and Superintendent. They have H'H twenty-tw- o men at work and ore overstocked with ALB orders, some coming from aa far as Northumber- - 'JMH land County and Ohio. VsaB Dynamite In m. Philadelphia Ash aXaauf. 'ijl (IPICUL TO TO! WOBLD.l TZaLL rnrLADSLriitA, Nor. IS. A patrolman fonndla flH an ash heap on Cambria street yesterday eight 4uH Inches of ordinary lead pipe with both ends BCaVtly 'V'iH plugged with wood and fitted with a rose. Near lH by were two small tin boxes, each about aa Inoa ''.'ifsH and a halt square, with no seams visible. An u4H effort was made lo open one of them, when It ex. iM ploded, blowing the box lato small pteosa. Too r&H police aro leaving no atone unturned to discover ; kH tho owner of the property. yiM Mr. aud Mrs. (ieorsjo Gould.Wesnvard Bound. 'SH ISriCIAX TO TDK WOBLD.J H riTTSBCBQ, Nov. u. George Gould pnd wife H were In tho city this morning en route to the PaaiSo il CoaU He looks for a continuance of bostness in prosperity and places no reliance In tho stringent \jjjH money scare. The financial policy of the Admlnls- - .H tratlon la commended by dnanceers with whom ho U tfH associated. Tue llhuourl l'aclflo road, ot which. l.H he Is ailing President, Is doing Increased business. fflH .and, notwithstanding enlargement of capacity. It idH is unable to take care of Its business. ssssl Confidence or Oil Men In the ShnUDowxu '3H SPECIAL TO TIM WOULD. J ll IlCTLiR, Pa., Nov. 85. Since the nrst ot Bus 4H month the dally output of oil has been lessened jo, uoo barrels. With this curtailment, burdensome flH stocks are being reduced at the rate of 1,600,000 barrels per month. This shut-dow- n movement ) '4SH haa Inspired confidence throughout the oil regions ! 'jgH that tho Producers' Assoolattoa can regulate the H production of l'enuaylvanla and Nrir York , petrolenm, so that tho world will pay a fair price) &H nm She Is Nellie Cooke No Longer. il SPZCIIL TO TBI WOBXD.I $U Lyons,. Nor. as. Nelilo Cooke, who recently i$fl made s canvasa for School Commissioner la this ?H city, and of whom Tus Would published columns, :fH was married yesterday. 3M lrob Predicts Wet Weather. ygl fWisniNOTONNov.86. : I 'hI l9 3jH !fl -- . v,vV Connecticut, WLW fK-i$-- i wather, joltovta ty .H YXL.'nX f UOhtratns. ifl f ilJr7 ix\ HatternSexoYork, H IN.'fA1' Xew Jersev awi Dela' B i yj wur, alrueafAer, JMU ntfl ' towed by light rain. HI rutfn ana tnmo UpratcUX tn att ner tfsv ;J 'KsBBBsl fM irrnraTfTijitfii iiiW

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