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AiiE-- J ,. .\.K -- f \w! V i : . .. .1 . T ' - ' .,..., t- -i . . t-- mi . ., - ' T i'BrT IN NEW YORK STATE. Hk .fHow the Battle Is Going inJVll of , the Counties. ' K4 V'flns Weather, and Indications of a Heavy Hn Vote In Many Placet. HKkSli Varmcn, UoTr.Ter, Da N.t Come Oat HtCV laxf Number and the Republican Hl, f Ticket la Ukely to Buffer In Consequence HHk. r rrahtbltlanUU Maklnsj Hard Fight la Bfra'\ firreral localities The George Tote HHg J Net Very Deary In the Country So Var Kr ' Betarna from Other Slate. Hi, Bhp Th Woblb haa toad, preparations for tax the moat oomplete news of the election from mK4.v aOparUoftlie Bttto. Tba progress of th. rotlng HMi la each county up to the hour of going to preu U H& A' Ien below from ipeolal correspondents! LHHF .f Albany County. HK ,t cAuakt, Hot. 8. The day la dondy but mild. HH( a no Republican! are more united and Bggressrre at H'V'e poUi then they hare been ilnee 1684, and HHSFr '' DtT store money than the Democrats. The MHn''f Republican Tote will equal the vote of 1883. HHB i' The Democratic Tote will be leu and the Prohlbl-Bf- f: Hon yote will increase to about 650, but In the Hrcf ;' country towni It U drawing from the Democrata. H . A The Georfft rote In the city thug tar la light except Hffi Q In the Now Tort Central Shop, where It ajHb )f drawi equally from Republicans and Democrats. HR, West Troy and Cohoes are giving Qeorgo more HKt' , rotes. The George Tote may reach 1,600 In the mfi'l ' county. The Democratic plurality, from theprcs-H- y f ' rt appearances, will not exceed 1,800. LHHEv'.V Alleghany County. HHt&VJ WtlSTttlJI,Hov.8. A light vote Is being polled bHHe'' to far.. The Republicans are making a cut on HK-'- Beaator Taasett, The Prohibition vote has K V' ewaaed. RL U 'AttiXT, Nor. 8. Tho full vote is being polloa H\ by both parties through the county. Democrats BB ;i\y ' concede that their plurality In the county will be HHl '' ,nn ln 188S and PQt u b0Qt 1'600- - Hepubll-jH- g A can expect It will fall below i,ooo. The George HBr'' J Tote does not 'materialise, and estimates now put UB' It at 1,600 In the county. German Republicans HHm., en grant foi Oook. but there la no apparent f'' man stampede to the Democrata. Republican VHk'.V money eeems to be keeping them In line. BPQHj'( Droome Connty. gBBRV Baonurrotr, Not. 8. There seems to be only LH9Hti' the usual stir here y. The principal strife la JHEk between the two factions of Demoorata the bolt- - H ff era and the Administration men. This has thus HBK'(!r fat lessened the Democratlo rote, but there ap- - r pearstobenolnoreaseln tho number of voting HBBjr \ Hepublloans. The United Labor and Frohlbltlon BBft $' men are strenuously at work, the former having aa large a force at each dlstrlot aa either of the v other parties. The usual vote has been polled ;f so far. y , Cayuga. Connty. B.I Auivwf, Not. a There Is a slight falllng-of- f H- -' In the Tote, as compared with that of last ' .7 ud Ul8 'aillug-o- S is the most marked H-(- f In Republican ranks. The Stato ticket K y,t has been lost sight of ln the fight kit lor Assemblyman and the Judiciary ticket s,,r The United Labor party will poll 1,800 votes and B l the Prohibition vote win be about eoo, or about Kj tf. double 'that of 1889 In the city. The Bute ticket UJ waW oannot be estimated yet HHP1 Chautauqua Connty. Braa JalrtSTOWH, Not. 8 It is a bright day and an K'7'!t- - Immense Tote Is being polled. At noon ovor one. B'tv' half of the vote of this city are polled, Indicating Ep Republican galas, with a slight falling off of the HK ?V Prohibition vote and a atrong gain ln the Labor K.M rote, which blda fair to reach Too ln the county. m;?\ Seporta from Ave of tho leading towns outaldo Bp,rS this eliy Indicate these results. HSi?j Jakmtowm, Not. a, The exoltement ln the HH 1 Second Assembly District over the Froit bolt U IHpff 'calling out an nnusually large Tote, and It Is believed that the county will give ,000 majority for Grant. carmlobael, for HHg4 Treasurer, is a favorite here among railroad men, and Is running ahead of his ticket. Reports from K, the First Assembly District Indicate but little ex. Hf dtement and the vote will ran about the same at Bro ilaissB., BHF Chenango County. j Noawiciv Nov. a, Thus far the vote has been jW?h steadily coming In. The ballottlng at thla time tJ ? does not show any material change from last year. lk' Saeh party Is manning the polls with a large num- - BTt 0 ber of workers and there Is every Indication of HHgfc' a full vote. The Labor vote baa not mado Its Hpf appearance. Hjfr'' TnB balloting proceeds quietly, but a steady HL,7 stream of both Democratic and Republican voters Hsl isowlng In. The county vote la coming in pretty HK : atrpng and there la every evidence of a full county i Tote. There are but few Labor votes. The Pro- - Hi) blbiUoa vote appears to be falling off slightly. Hfc!jft Chemung Connty. Ilf' Elmiba, Not. 8. There Is every Indication that Kll j. Chemung County will go Democratlo by at least Hf ' M0 majority. Got. HU1 carried the county in 1888 kf' byl.Sja. The county seems to be flooded with nf money for the purchase of votes and the trafflo Is Hp3 even more shameful and open than Informer B$7, years. The weather la fair and the vote will bo JR;C-,- Urge. \ MlggggBBJJSl'':'''v L Clinton County. HKf i Put sbueo, Not. 8. The vote of 1831 promises V' ta be a full one ln Clinton County. Advices HMjjb.j firom the Interior Indicate tho same, as HHK', both Republicans and Democrata are doing HKFVi taalr utmost for the supremsoyj A personal HR;;' 1 Inspection of the poll 1UU at the four polling Ba';,V'\ places & lPlattsburg reveals the fact that the Unltod Labor party Tote will probably be leas than one Prti hundred and the Prohibition vote a great deal less. WH Columbia. Connty. aKT UdiiSom, Not. 8. The election here Is passing nftH' off quietly. A fall vote for aa off year Is being HK; polled. Party lines are atrlctlr drawn on the jgHPt Bte tickets. The Labor party haa no HHK, v loeal tleket and their vote will be light, IJenry Bg' George leading. The Prohlbltlonlsu will poll a K larger vote than usual for State and local tickets. gggHKT foweu for the Auembly Is leading. Hr. HHHHB'r Duteheas County. P PooamuMMii, Not. & ReporU from the city of Poaghkeepsle and towns ln Duchess County HHH, stow that the vote up to U o'clock was about the Dv.. M9e u ln 18S5, perhaps a trifle heavier because of BL . One weather and good roads. The Labor vote out- - S; atOe of the city Is very light, but ln the city it will Kk all be boxed and about four hundred Totes will be D'L east. The Prohibition vote la about the same as kI last year. kL Pouonuirtn, Nov. 8. As the hours adrance, Hf.' tts Vote in all parts of the city and county la lu- - ' creating rapidly, both Democratlo and Rrpublloau. gggggggK' jf tae aouthern portion of Duteheas County no Ky Uborvote U reported, especially ln Matteawan, 9HSf\ which Is a manufacturing village. Tae bulk of RBB Dutchess County Labor vote is In Pougukeep- - BnBanBBnKK ate. BBBBBBBBBBBBnW \\. mHr , i Brie County. R( BurriLO, Not. a The sky u clear and a large ' Vote U being polled. TheUbor vote is swsmpod to the bluer local fight. Oebrge will have less than f 000 In rle County. About aw Prohibition votes E\. are looked for In the dty. There will be no gain p over 1690. cannichael and Tabor are running way1 7'-,- i Cook wUl not get hU vote of two years KL MBKi . Scw-uo- , Hot. abar Is getting a big vote In. \ H, u Hflk the country and In the lower wards and his pasters are well scattered. Ilya bad blunder no pasters for Cook and Flugcrald were distributed until noon y. carmlchaclis running Tory strong and Grant Is slightly ahead of his ticket. Franklin Connty. MiLoitm, Nor. 8.- -A pleasant day and good roads win bring out a large rote. At 10 o'clock a third of Malone'a full rote had been cast. George men claim that fifty rotes are already ln and ex- pect one hundred ln all In Malone. Democrats and Republicans do not admit so many. The Demo- crats are getting more of the floating vote than usual. The Prohibition vole Is very light. Fnlton County. Glovimvillx, Nor. a Tho weather is pleas- ant and a largo rote Is being polled. The contest here is on tho Senate and Auembly. The Republicans are cutting their candidates heavily, and it Is estimated at er leas than the usual Republican majority on the Stato ticket. There la a lack of Interest ln the general result. ' Geneaee Connty. TUtavii, Nov. 8. The rote here to-d- Is light, there being very little scratching on the State ticket. The Prohibitionist votp will fall below that of last year. Tho Labor party vote will be very light. Interest centres on the local ticket. Tho Indications are that Geneaee County will give the usual Republican majority for the State ticket. Herkimer Connty. naRKlUBB, Nor. a The lndlcitlons are that nearly the full vote will bo polled. The roads sre excellent and the weather ploesant. The Demo- crats are working hard to elect their Senator. The Prohibitionists and Labor party are helping them ln this county. HKKkiMxn, Nor. 8. Fully two-thir- of the rote of 1888 haa been polled In the river towns. The Labor vote Is not so large aa anticipated and will not exceed 6,000. The Prohibitionists will ex- ceed tho vote of 1688 soo or more. Jefferson Connty. Watirtown, Not. 8. Every thing Indicates a big vote in northern New York for an off year. Tho day Is blight and warm and the country roads sro dry and ln perfect condition. The Republican leaders think tho good weather will swell their vote at 1 oast SO, 000 ln the State and consequently they (eel sanguine of auccess. Up to 11 o'olock the rote ln tho country districts of Jefferson County wss light, as compared with 1888, and but few Prohibition ballots were being cast. The Labor roto Is nothing outsldo of this city. It is probable that about fifty Ilenry Gcorgo and United Labor rotes will bo cut ln the county. A hot and oloioly contested city election adds to the Interest ln thla dty and a big rote hu been polled this morning. It Is believed that the votes In the county will bo fully up to that of 1888. Livingston Connty. DAH8TIM.I, Nor. 8. There la no special ex- citement here, and the eleotlon Is proceeding quietly. The vote is light, and ST1 out of 860 votes have been polled. Montgomery County. Cuujorunia, Nov. 8. A beautiful eleotlon day has dawned upon the Mohawk Valley. Indications ln Montgomery County strongly favor Cook for Secretary of Stale and Foley, the Demo- cratlo candidate for Senator in the Eighteenth Dis- trict. The of Robort Wemple, Democrat, to the At tombly U assured. Niagara County. Lockpobt, Nov. 8. Election day dawns clear and bright, with a snapping air. The polls present a lively sppearance and the prospects are that a heavy voto will be polled. At 11 o'clock this morn- ing tho four wards of tho city and one polling dis- trict outaldo had pollod Wit rotes. There was no challenges. Tho Prohibition and United Labor votes are exceedingly light. Oneida County. Utioa, Not. 8. With perfect weather the in- dications aro that a large rote will be polled ln Oneida County. At Democratlo Headquarters It Is reported that tho Stato tloket will run slightly ahead of 1888. Tho rouon for this Is that the Independent local German papers are booming Cook, which will effect largely tho German rote. The Republicans claim to rely on the towns for an Increased rote over two yeara ago, when the Dad weather had a tolling effect on the rote. No Information was obtain- able at Prohibition headquarters as to how tho roto was going. It la understood that the Labor voto Is concentrated on Democratlo candidates for the Assembly. Utioa, Nor. 8. Reports agree that the fight be- tween Kent, Democrat, and tiexton, Republican, candidates for the Assombly ln the First District, Oneida County, Is a close ono. A telegram has been received from tho 1'rcsldent.of the New York Liquor Dealers' Association advising all liquor dealers ln the city to voto for Gibson, Democrat, for Senator. Onondugn County. Stbicusc, Nor. 8. The weather Is fine here and a large vote Is being polled. It will exeeed that of 18S3 by several hundred. Both tho Republican and Democratlo parties ue supporting tholr strict party tickets. There Is not tho usual activity among the Prohibitionists, and tho Labor voto Is falling short of expectations. Several arrests have been made by the United States marshals of rs who have been using rnonoy, SYBACC3X, Nov. a Up to 1 t. u. to-d- at least 0 per cent, more votes had been pollod here than at the same hour last year. This applies to the country districts particularly. It Is a Republican day, owing to the fine weather. Dcldon, fur Congress, Is running ahead of his ticket, and all doubts seem to be removed about the election of the three Republtoan Assemblymen. The Prohibition vote Is falling off at least 10 per cent There Is evory prospect of an lnoreued Republican majority ln Onondaga County. Ontario County. Gbnbta, Nov. 8. There seems to bo very little Interest taken In the election hereto-da- y, Only 816 votes have been polled, which la about ono-flft- h of the total vote ln Geneva of 1883. The Republi- cans have polled the greater number. About five Labor party rotes hare been polled. The pros- pects are that there will be a alight falling off from tne rote of 1888. Orange County. G08UEK, Nor. a Active workers for the Pro- hibition and the Labor party are at almost every polling place ln Orange County. The Prohibition- ists, however, are the more active and earnest, and their ote will be larger than ever before. In Port Jervls and Newburg the Labor vote win be Increased. Nkwduko, Nov. a The weather ln Orange County In nno and a largo voto U expected. Up to this time the vote Is equal to that of two years ago. There la a slight lncreue In the Prohibition vote, and In Newburir, Mlddletown and Port Jervls the United Labor ticket Is drawing from both the Dem- ocratlo and Republican parties. Newbcuo, Not. a During the put two hours there has been a great lncreue ln the vote In the principal towns of orango County. The lut In- formation shows that Grant, for Secretary of Bute, Is leading bis ticket. The county looks dote on the State ticket. There la no United Labor vote to spesk of ln smaller towns where the Prohibition vote Is largest, GosniN, Nov. a Low, Republican, will get the Benatorshlp, Greene, Demoorat, for the Assom-bl- y, and Smith, Republican, for the Auembly In the First District, will be eleotod. The vote on Cook will be close ln this county, aa many German Republicans are supporting him. Orleans County. Auiok, Nor. a Weather warm tux cleat. . o SjjSi5 The rote Is coming in slowly all over Orleans County. Tho Democrata aro making a strong fight and concentrating their efforts on the Senatorial battle. The Prohibitionists are not cutlng their usual rote. There is no evidence yet of the Labor rote. Not over two-thir- of the usual rote at this time is cast Oswego Connty. Oswicoo, Nor. a The weather la fine, Voting slow and not much activity by either party yet Muter Republicans and dlssppolnted Democratlo office-seek- aro holding back. The Prohibition rote In this city will bo about fifty. The labor roto will be about 840. cook and Wemplo are run- ning ahead. Otsego Connty. Onxonta, Not. a The Indications are that the rote In Otsego County will be the largest In years. A bitter Senatorial fight Is taking place and the contest for county offices Is so sharp that the State ticket Is almost lost sight of. Both parties are confident of carry- ing the county. The Gcorgo rote will probably not exoeed too In the county, and there will bo a marked decreue In tho Prohibition rote. Queen Connty. In Long Island City a very light rote Is being polled ln comparison with former years. Not- withstanding this In tho vicinity of the various polling places the fight betwoen Mayor Oleuon to elect a majority of the Board of Aldermen that will favor his administra- tion, arid the who have formed a union tloket, lsvory lively and bitter. Both sides at noontime claimed to bo victorious. The light vote, however, looks bad for the Mayor's party. Last year 100 more votes were cut at sev- eral of tho polling dlatrlota up to noontime than at the present time y. It is thought that the much complicated stato of affaire ln politics ln this city hu a groat deal to do with the falling off of the vote. In the different wards, where from five hnndreito eight hundred votes will not be polled, as many as six candidates are running for the sameoffloe. Fiom the pressnt outlook tho Labor vote ln this city will be larger than 1b anticipated. Ilenurlner Connty. Tsor, Not. a The election la progressing quietly. A large vote la being out, and thero Is but llttlo splitting thus far on tho State tickets. Tho Indications are that the Republican Stato ticket Is running slightly ahead. Tho city Is filled with repeaters, and already many of them have attempted to vote the Democratlo ticket Some arrests have followod. The Prohibition voto Is lnexceuof the vote of 1886. That year the Pro- hibition vote In Rensselaer County kwu T08. It la estimated that It will resch 1,100 y. Tho Ilenry George voto la exceedingly small. In some of the wards no George tickets can be found. The Democrats have a large fund and are prepared to buy up the county if necessary. yThe fight for Stato Senator is hot Collins is not getting the vote he anticipated. Manville Is running ahead of his ticket Richmond County. Statxm Island, Nov. a Tho voting at tho polls on State n Island to-d- Is going on quietly. There Is no dlsturbsnce whatever. A full vote Is being csst The strong fight Is between the candi- dates for Assembly. Tho Indications are that \Ed Moore, \the Democratlo candidate, will bo defeated by Gcorgo Cromwell, tho Republican candidate, who Is expected to win by a large majority. Tho Bouatorlal fight between Nlcholu C. Muller, the Republican candidate, and Mlohael C. Murphy, the Democratlo candidate, also waxes hot Tho indications are that Mailer wlU be eleotod. Rockland Connty. IUrinsTitAW, Nov. a The voting throughout Rockland County wu Impeded up to 9 o'clock, owing to tho Republicans serving papers upon caoh polling place restricting tho Democrats from uslug a separate ballot for School Commissioners. They claim to have a decision from tho Attorncy.Qcneral that School Commissioners must be under tho head of county. Tho Democratsaro determined to fight It out on a soparate ballot, while the Republicans are voting for SchoolJCommlssloner on the county ticket nATIBBTRAW, NOT, B. TllO TOtO OU tllO State tloket Is light at 1 o'clock. The Republicans are working the Democratlo tloket with Grant at the head. It looks as If the Prohibitionists wlU fall behind. Saratoga County. Ballstoh, Nor. a The vote cast up to 11 o'clock Indicates a slight falling off from 1888. Tho Republicans aro leading slightly. TboITo-hlbltlo- n vote Is light There are no Indications of the Labor voto. The illntrlctn heard from Indicate about six thousand Democratic, sixty-fiv- e hundred Republican, six hundred Prohibition. Baratooa, Nor. T. Tho finest weather pre- vails, and a large oto is being polled. The Dem- ocrats appear to be cutting ln on the Ropublloan strength. Schenectady Countr. SonaNKOTADT, Nov. a It Is impoulblo to mako any estimate at pre.ent concerning tho vote ln this county for State candidates. The registration this year Is greater than It ever wu before. Tne lucreue In this city Is at leut eight hundred. The politics of thcio men Is not known, but as nearly all of them work ln the shops here and oamo from Urge cities, It Is believed they will sup- port tho Democratlo ticket At 11 o'clock this morning each of tho two great parties seemed to be polling its own vote, whlio the vote for Unltod Labor and Prohibition tickets waa very small, and lesa than It wu lut year. SOUKNICTADT, NOV. a At 1 O'clock JOBlatl Ton Vrankon, a leading Democrat here, who had visited every poll In tho city, Bald he thought the Indications were that the entire Deinooratlo ticket would have a majority ln this county of from loo to 160. Bchenootady county went Dem- ocratic ln 1688, but If It does this year the majority will probably be lesa than ltwuln 1688. The Labor vote la much smaller than was expected. At noon not more than 26 Labor ballots had been cut and It Is doubtful If the Labor party will poll ts votes In the county. The Prohibition rote Is soil smaller. Hehuyler County. Watkins, Nor. a The polls ln erery town In Schuyler County are reported well warmed, but the Rtpabllcans seom to hare the same atreogth u of yore and will carry their ticket Gov. mil formerly lived ln the county. He polled a big vote ln 1B86. About the same Republican majority u Mt year Is expected. Ht. Lawrence County. Oodinsbcku, Nor. a The weather Is fine and a good rote Is being polled. It is larger than In 1886. The Republicans are leading. Thero are but few George and Prohibition rotes. The chances are in f aror of the Republican tloket Steuben County. noRNELLSViLLi, Nov. a The election ts pro- ceeding very quietly. The voto is rather light Prohibitionists claim an lncreue of ts per cent The George vote la light and the combined Labor voto not up to former years so far. Bath, Nor. a The lTohlbltlonUts aro fright- ened here on the rumor that the Brewers' and Maltsters' Association Is using money for?tho Re- publican ticket The inmates of the Soldiers' Homo are noting despite tho decision of the Court of Appeals against them. HonNiLLuviLis, Nov. a The prospects of a full voto hare lmprored at this city. Carelesiucss In registering hu lost many t otea. There IsstUla perceptible decrease In the Labor rote and the Prohibitionists claim a gain. The election la quiet Vauett (Uep.) for Senator ts being cut heavily by the railway men. Sullivan County. IaaxKTX Nov. The Democratic State ticket In thla county will be carried by about 160 plural- ity, a alight diminution from 1886. The Prohibi- tion role will not exceed 850. The labor rote will be rery small probably loo. Tioga Connty. Owiao, Nor. a The full roto is more than half ln for Owcgo. Henry George will get, say 100 ln thla Tillage. The party rote la being held closely, except on Sheriff, where there Is outtlng In faror of tho Democratlo nominee. A fair Union Labor rote is being polled. Tompkins County. Ithaoa, Not. a At prosent the Indications point to a Hunt rote In this county on State cand- idate. Neither the Republican nor Demo-crstl- o ticket Is materially affected so far by the Prohibition or Union Labor rote. There are rery frw workers of either of the two d parties at the polls, and no Interest seems to be manifested ln any except the two principal tickets. Ulster County. Kixobtok, Nor. a It Is a clear day and a largo rote la being polled throughout the city. The Democratlo Increase orcr 1886, is ln proportion to the lncreued registry. Llnson, Democratlo can- didate for Senator, Is rnnnlnir ahead of his ticket The George rote Is lighter than wu expected; tho Prohibition vote Is also light But few reports come from the Interior and they show a small voto, with but few George votes. Kimobtom, Nov. a At 1 o'clock the Democratic vote compares favorably with that of 1888. Not- withstanding this, the George vote Is Increasing. Republicans are making unusual efforts to carry their State and Assembly ticket Quiet election throughout the city. Reports received from twelve out of twenty towns state that the party vote Is being polled. Few George votes and a slight Prohibition Increase. Lewis Connty. Lowtillb, Nor. 8, The pleasant weathor is favorable to the Republicans, u their strengtn Is largely the county districts. The Indications, however, point to an lncreued Democratlo vote over 1888. The full vote of Lewis County will bo polled. Warren Countr. QLZNB Falls, Nov. a The weather ts clear and the sun Is shining. Tho votes so far Is light com- pared with that of 1886. Reports from northern towns show the same stato of things. There Is a falling off ln the Republican vote. Queensbury which polled too ln tho Presldental year hu so far pollod but Sis. The Labor ticket will not reoelye over 100 ln the county and the Prohibi- tion about 800. Glimb Falls, Not. a The' Republicans have given up tho Assembly, but claim tho State by about 600 majority only. At 18. 40 r. m. the rote Is a great deal lighter than It was In 1883, Sheldon, the Democratlo nominee for Assembly in the Twelfth District, is likely to be elected. 'Washington County. Wuitxuall, Nor. a Tho weather Is warm and hazy. The roads are good and the farmers are coming ln rapidly. There are Indications of an avcrago vote. There Is aconBlderable Prohibition sentiment ln the northern and cutern part of the county. Very few Labor votes. Wayne County. LyonSj Nor. a The voting has not really be- gun ln Wayne County because the farmers are too busy at home. The Democrats predict that tho Republicans will lose at leut 1,000 votes by the farmers staying at home to work and Republicans admit some prospective losses, lbs Prohibitionists are mak- ing the hardest fight ever known In Wayne County. The George party will not poll fifty votes ln this county, and the Republicans will probably elect everything In the county and have about same roto u In 1885. Ltons, Not. a Reports from eeven of the prin- cipal towns ln Wayno Connty are to tho effect that tho Prohibitionists aro making a very hard fight at tho polls and cutting ln the Republican voto, and probably less thun forty Gcorgo votes huvo been cast ln this county. The Republicans are confident of electing everything and place tho majority of the Stale ticket at 1,800. The Democrats concede about 800 majority for the Republicans 'but claim Democratlo Assemblymen. Tho First District Is over 600 Re- publican. The farmers romaln at home. Westchester Connty. The election throughout Westaheater County Is progressing quietly, with ths prospect of a large lncreue In the vote. There are twenty-tw- o towns In the county, git lug usually a Democratlo major- ity of ten to twelve hundred. Owing to injudicious nominations for the Assembly on tho part of the Democrats this majority Is likely to bo reduced materially. The candidate for Senator, William Rlan, will need every vote ho can scrape up to enablo him to succcisfully oopo with Robertson, who never has been beaten ln the race for tho office. David Cromwell, the present Republican County Troaaurer, Is rnnnlng for the fourth term for the office, while his oppo- nent, Andrew O. Fields, expects to beat nlm over 1,000 votes; Iu the town of Eutchester thero are five election districts which poll over 1,800 votes, with a margin of 160 majority for the Dem- ocrats. In tho Second Assembly District, which Is Democratic by too or 800 majority, Bradford Rhodes (Rep.) wlU probably be elected over John H. Byron. Wyoming County. Warsaw, Nov. a It looks now as If tho Tote was to be lighter In Wyoming County than ln 1SSS, although the sky is clear and the roads dry. The Prohibition voto will be the same as heretofore. The voters of the Labor ticket are very few. It la now estimated that Grant will have a plurality of about 1,060 In tho county. Warsaw, Nov. a One o'clock reports show the G. A. R. to be supporting Grant almost u a body. This will give him 1,100 majority. Vntcs County. Pknm Yah, Nov. a The election opened com- paratively quiet in thla county. The weather Is warm and pleasant and a full ote will probably be polled. No particular change from the vote of 1686 Is now discernible. The Prohibition vote will show a alight gain. Tho Labor vote Is Insignificant ELECTION IN NEW JEESEY. An Cxtremely Lively Fight for Assemblymen Now In Progress. trxcuL to tux xvxmiho wobld.1 Nxwark, N. J.. Nov. a It la reported that tho largest vote polled In many years will be recorded lnthe Essex County election The chief effort la being used to elect a Senator, and It is almost a certainty that Martin O. Barrett, the young Democratic Auemblyman, will be elected. As to the other county offices, Edward Hme will probably be Sheriff and Sam'l Smith County Clerk-N- o disturbances or accidents have been reported. The ten Assembly seats will be equally dh ided be- tween the Republicans and Democrats from pres- ent Indications. Tho Labor voto Is very smalt Has Dlossachusetta Gone Democratic f IiriCUL TO TUK BVXMtHO WOOLD.) Boston, Nov. a The vote ln Muaaebusetts np tonoonhss been generally light. The cities are otng Democratic. Ihe State Committee claim overlng's election by 8,000 rotes. It Is always claimed that as goes null so goes the Bute. Hull gives Loverlug 81 rotes and Ames 19. m The Amount of l'nwk Surprised Him. Vom ltarjTt ilatar. Britisher And have you any w pawk in like Hyde Pawk, yo know \ Miss Bacon Any porkl Well, ln good round fat numbers I should uy about fifty thousand to the square mile, Britisher Fifty thonssnd square mllca of pawkl Br Jove, now xuu teallr auiorlsa me. lllu Bacon. THE DAY IN. BROOKLYN. m DEM00EAT3 SWEEPING ETERITIlINa BE- FORE THEM AND CONFIDENT. Chapln Leading In the Contest for the MavornJly, bat a Close Tote Expected Jn the Contest Between Furey and Itfalne-har- t, Cnndldntea for Sheriff Democratle Success for tho Mtnte Ticket Aisured. There is little. It any, excitement In Brooklyn though tho moment the polls were opened they were besieged by hordes ol balloters, who kept the Inspectors conatsntly at work. Although at noon not more than fifty per cent ;ot Brooklyn's citizens had roted, Irom the In- dications everywhere manliest, the Democratlo nomlneo for the Mayoralty, Alfred U. Chspln, as well u the more prominent of the Dem- ocratlo candidates on tae State, County, Aldcrmanlo and Senatorial ticket, are certain of a sweeping plurality. Since the nominations were made three weeks ago the candidates, both Democratlo and Republican, havo been putting Into their respective canvasses somo of the best and hardest work Brook- lyn politics hu ever seen. As regards tho bead of the Stato ticket here, there Is no question but thst the Democrsoy will again triumph. Candidate Fred Grant hu made a strong fight for the offloo of Secretsry of State, but his vote, when compered with the suffrages given to the Democratle candidate, Frederick Cook, the present incumbent. Is Insufficient Fighting ildejbr side with Col. Grant Is Candidate Henry George, whose fight hu been persistent but, as eren bis own supporters y admit, yielding no praotlcal benefits. lie has been himself at work day and night in the Interest not aloue of his own oandldacy, but In that of erery nominee on the United Labor ticket; but despite this, those who have Identified them- selves with the George movement are forced to ac- knowledge thst bis defeat Is certain. Of the rest of the State ticket the Democrats are satisfied that their candidates will poll heavy plu- ralities. Perhaps, outside the Mayoralty fight tho greatest Interest is being centred on the battle for tho Shrievalty. The contest between the friends of Rhlnehart, the Republtoan, and Furey, tho Democratlo candi- date, is exciting. Both sides claim victory, and neither will admit even a possibility of defeat, and as both candidates are stroni and In- fluential, the result of the day's work at the polls Is boing eagerly awaited. In the Eutern District, especially, la Judge Rblnobart well aupported, and It Is 'claimed tho citizens of that section to a man will stand by their favorite. Candidate Fnrey, on tho other hand, la confident of the support of the rank and file of the Domocracy. He hu labored lndefattgably among the voters ln the ltepnbllcan wards, and claims tnat bis succeu Is assured. Cot Andrew D. Balrdt Mrr. Chapln's opponent, hu a good record to commend blm to tho voters of tho city, but It u claimed that this will not counteract the popularity of Candldito Chapln. It Is even said that a large itepuhllcan following will likely boost Chspln to the Mayoralty. Where tho Mugwump vote will go is a conundrum. It hu always been difficult to predict and ln the present contest It la harder than eer. It is claimed by many thst Chapln will receive the eupuort of the major portion while on general principles tho rest will flock to the standard of Vet- eran Balrd, still this ts only guesswork and others say tho reverso will bo true. For Alderman-at-Larg- e the Democrats claim a majority. The friends of Anson, Ferguson, Elcook, liokerlnz, Manor, Beard, Cameron and Blohm declaro their candldatca will poll a heavy and successful vote, and while, on the other hand, the Republicans aro doing little talking they are doing somo of the hardest political work of tho oampalgu, and the result may surprise some of thoao on tho other side For District Alderman from the First and Third Districts the Democrats olalm the major portion, but In the Sooond Dutrlct the three candidates ore oon-ced- to the Republloans. Judge John Courtney, who with John Pettenon and Moses Engle, Is rnnnlng for the offloo of Jus- tice of the Pesoe from the First District Is now of the First District Civil Court He wu first eleoted Civil Justice, and In 1883, when the bslanoe of the Democratlo ticket met with, defeat he wu re- elected by a majority. He Is a popular Brooklynlte and la almost certain of election. For the other landldalts Messrs. Patterson and Engle, candidates respectively for the Justlieahlps In tho Second and Third Districts, tho onilook la equally favor-abl- l'etteraon was formerly Deputy Sheriff. Kugle hu boen un Assemblyman from the Eighth Dlatrlct He Is now an Alderman from the Third District James O. Pierce, Democrat will succeed Himself as Senator from the Hecuuil District, and the In- dications point to Thomas F. Furrrll an thetuc-cesi- or of Jacob Worth, Republican, lnthe lourih. The fight between J. Stewart lioas n 1 E. Y. O'Connor fur Senatorat honors ln the Third Dls- trlot Is a hot one. The fight for Assemblymen and Supervisors la a mixed one between the Democratic, United Labor and Prohibition mndliates. 'though the two latter nandldates will not poll heavlly.lt Is feared they may, between them, bold the balance of power, to the detriment of the nominees of tne Democrats and Repub- licans. Wnillo there sre really four tickets In the field, the Democratic, Republican, United Labor und 1'rohloitlon, tho battle will be con lined to the candldatos on the two former tlcketi. 'I ho Prohibition candi- date for Secretary of State, D. W. C. lluntlciton, will poll but a nominal voto. Canuldate for the Mayoralty Utter enters tho right only theoretically, and the samo may be said of John llerrr, cand date for Sheriff. For tho offices of Juitice of the l'caco In the First, Second and 1 bird Districts the Dgnt l\ practically between the Democrats and Itepubl'ci n1. From the outlook now llic nay In Brooklyn will be a remarkably quiet one. The pollcu have made arrungementsjor any outbreak that may occnr, and tne ratrol waa on Is stationed at Police Headquar- ters door ready for a call any moment. Tne re- turns for tho city, county and local tickets will not be given out until nearly 8 o'clock;to-ntg- while the returns for the State office will follow. Emma Smith's Pockrtbook. Theresa Wlnkelhofer, fortj-utn- o years of age, a dressmaker, of No. 310 East h street wu arraigned this morning on the oharge of pick- ing the pocket of a yoaug girl named Emma Smith, of No. 89 West Sixty-fift- h street in Maoy's store A detective testified that ho caught the prisoner ln the uct and arretted her. Mrs. Wlnkelhofer, who is but a year and a half in thla country and unable to sneak a word of English, denied the charge, bho said that while In Maoy's yesterday, her own pocketbook, con- taining tl. T6. either was stolen or lost. While looking for her rroperty, the found the poiket. book of the complainant, which wu empty. Justice Pattenou adjourned the cue until to- morrow afternoon. s Retaliated on Ihe Wrong Hoy. Daring the psrnde of the United Labor partj last night John Flna, an Italian fruit vendor at the corner of Eighth avenue and Sixteenth street wu annoyed by boys stealing his fruit. Ho telzed a club and chased them, but they csoaped. The Italian sailmlcd hl spite by striking an Innocent boy named James Hansy,fourtcenyearBold,ot2ei West nourton street, across the forehead, Inflict- ing a terrible cut, with his club. The Italian wsi arrested. Thla morning he wss arraigned before Justice Patterson at Jefferson Market Court, whe held him for trial In f soo ball. Local News In ltrlef. George Arris, aged twenty-eight- h years, a col. lector in tho butcher shop of Mrs. Catherine PUcher, No. 634 Hudson street, was held In the Jefferson Market Police Court this morning foi falling to account for $1 which ho had collected from Frank J. Bash, of Central Market The funeral of Matthew O'Brien, formerly of the Old Dominion steamship Company, took place al 9 o'clock this morning at St. Leo's Church, bo. tween Fifth and Madison avenues, Fsther Thomm II, Ducy celebrated tbe mass. The interment will bo at Norfolk, Va. Miss Alice Kelly, a sorvant girl employed at M West Ele enth street, was charged ln i he Jefferson Market Police Court, this morning, with breaking open the trunk of Euen Kelly, a servant In tin same house, but no relative of the accused. Lssl Bundsr night, Alice broke open her comrade'i trunk from which she abstracted a prayer-boo- beads and nothing to the value of $86. She waj held for trial. flttf''trf-rr-i0- fi ri''- -- iit'arf n MGirr is well be gimw. The Cnstom.IIonae Deserted by Brerybodr Except a Few Clerk. Wall strcot wna liko a deserted village to. day. Of all tbo big buildings down thero nono was opon but tbe4 Onstom-Hous- o, and oven there only a semblance of business was going on. Collector Magone had gone to bis homo in Ogdeneburg and Sjieclnl Deputy Collector McOlollaml was at bn dusk. \ No, there is absolutely nothing going pn here,\ tbo Deputy Collector (.aid, \ and we might m well bo closed up altogether aa to go on in this fashion. All I hare dono is to grant excuses to ornployoeB who wish to homo to voto. It reminds tho of sohool 3o and ' I'lease, teacher, may I go homo.' Somo of tbo most novel excuses nro offered. I havo just had an application for lenvo from a messougor. Tho fellow brought in a telegram from his brother re. questing hie immediate prcssenco at home. I hmo no doubt that tho fellow put up a iob with his brother to scud tho despatch. Then, too, thero aro more men ' sick ' here y thnu any hospital in this town can boast of.\ Collector Magono yesterday ordered tho Custom-IIous- e to bo kopt opon for business, in accordauco with from Secretary Fnlrchild, who wroto tlint ho knew of no statute permitting the closing of tho Cnstom-llous- o on any other than a national holiday. Tho Collector told tho heads of de- - Eartmeuts that the rules of attonanoo should y that no one would be doprived of bis roto, and in dos- sing his remarks said : \ Let overy ono exerciso his franchieo as early as possible. If a man happens to got in n long line and can- not rcacli tho ballot boxos for a long while, by. it isn't my fault.\ All tho clerks aud voters who live outsido tho city woro excused for tho day if thoy to go home. -- BONFIBB MATERIAL SEIZED. Barrels by the Tbnuinnd Rescued by the Police from Hniall Hoys. Stringent orders were Issued nearly a week sgo to the police to raid tho barrel depots established all over town by boys, ln anticipation of the elec- tion bonfires. The returns msdo by tho captains show that the orders have been obeyed. Tho city Is many loads of firewood tho richer for the hosrds of the bojs. Wherever barrels were found stored In quantity they wero solzed, smashed and carted to the station-hous- to bo used for kindling fires with. The small boy wu not easily discouraged, however, and compelled the police to do their work over and over again. One barrel depot In One Hundred and Thirty-fir- st street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, waa raided no less than three times by Capt Hooker's men, and at the lut raid yesterday 250 barrels were seized. Over six hundred demolished barrels found their way Into the cellar of the Harlem station-hous- But the supply of Is practically Inex- haustible, and though thousands havo been seized other thousands will be burned when tbe force la occupied ln collecting tho returns. Be- sides, there ere rally tour thousand election booths whloh will serve u fuel. fc He Gets There First. fVow tht Jftu Orf4n Iteatrun. Ben Bntler will get his money, you bet; but h partner ln defending the Anarchists hu a Pryor olalm. Natural Refreshing Sleep SLEEPLK&BNBS-- .. wlthrMtlou and wak.fril nUhU, waak, tind and exhansUd on arlilnjr In tbo morning, aro auro forornnntra of phjiic-- 1 prostration and oomplote norvoa. exhaustion ending ln Insanity. Thousands allow themsolTes to drift towstds the awful Terse of Insanity without knowing that tbe feelings and sensation which they experience day by day are fsst harrying them on to utter mental oollapss snd absolute prostration of netre power. Save yourself from those terrible results while there Is yet time by tbe use of that wonderful noire restorer. Dr. GreeneaNeiruraNerTiTonlo, whloh is a purely Tegeta-bl- e remedy and perfectly hart-las- s. It may be gften to ohildren or the most delicate Inralld without fear. It soothes, oalms and quiets the weakened, irritated and nerves, producing perfsot repose and re- freshing natural sleep t at the samo time it imparts re- newed life, strength, vitality and vigor to tho nervous system, and restores the physical energies and powers to perfeot health and strength. I have boon troubled for the past ten years with what the doctors call nervous debility and dlstuibed sleep or wakefulness at night. I took Dr. Ureene's Nervura Nervt Tooic and the results are most gratifying. I am sleeping as quietly as an infant, and fol that I have a new lease of life. Vor nervousness and sleeplessness I nover found any thing like ft. MM. W, F. ABBE, 19 Affleck st.( Hartford, Uonn. rUlCE, 81.00 PElt noTTXU. XTOU HAIiK DY AM, DRUGGISTS. The valuable book, \Nervous Diseases, How to Core Them.\ mailed free. Dr. O rene, the great speolaltat In nervous and chronic diseases, may be consulted at his office. 33 West 14th at.. New York, personally or by let- ter, free of charge. A. J. CAMMEYER, 161, 163, 165, 167, 169 Slxlli Ave,, COU. 12 Til HT. FT HAVE NOW HEADY AILINK OP MEN'S CALF TIUI'LK-BOL- SHOES THAT AIIE ESPECIALLY DESIONED FOB ALL OUTDOOR PUIIP08E8. THEY AUB MADE OP SELBOTED CALFSKIN, WITH THHEE SOLID SOLES AND EXTREMELY UIlOAD BOTTOMS, SEWED TOGETHER FIRST WITH EXTRA HEAVY WAX TIIREAD AND THEN WITH WIRE CABLE. IT 18 A SHOE FOR THE ROUGHEST AND HARDEST USAGE, AND WILL WEAR LIKE IllON. Wf. per pa,r- - SOLDIERS, POLICEMEN, FIREMEN, MAIL CARRIERS. IN FAOT ALL PERSONS MU01I ON THEIR FEET, NO MATTER WHAT THKIR BUfll. NESS OR OCCUPATION MAY BK, WILL FIND THIS A MARVELLOUS SHOE FOR COMFORT AND WEAR. I OFFER THEM AT 83. 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Supplementary Novelties for tho Winter -- Season : . \Hymalah\ and VRugby\ cloth in new Plaids and mix- tures, Bengaline in Stripes, Plaids, and Lozenge dots ; also plain and Striped uncut Astracuan with plain Ben- gali no to match, for oom- plete street costumes. Broadway and ilth St. THIS IS THE WAY WE GUT PRICES AT THE wmwm sale. HOSIERY. 0 Pairs British Dalbr.ggans.Wo. j reduced horn 9I.C0, Merino, 2 tot reduced froraiOo, Fine Camel's llafr, regular made, 23c. t iMaoMbooa COn. II R. Morlejs Merino, 81o. t rednoed from fiOo. 11, It. Morlcy Extra Heavy, 34o. ; reduced from 60o BATH ROBES. Bst F.nalUh Flannot Bath Hob, (finer striMsX 5.48, 7.S): redocd from 10.00 and la. ENGLISH TOP QOATS AT HALF PRICE. HILK UMDRBLLW ALMOST GITJ- -f UNDEUAVKAlt AT A Git BAT 8AC1U7I0B. (J tifttmWNKY. NOTICE. WBHAVKNOCONFOTHSmfiSf OTHER HOUSE. Furniture, Carpets and Bedding. LUDWIG BAUMANN & CO., 015 AND Ml 8TU AVE. BET. UTH ANUMTHBTO, are ofl.rlna treronndous barffalna throast all their department.. 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