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... -,~ i^/j^^ 7 \- ; : - ’ ^v .'-^ W ,tJ p~r r -0p- ^, h \ r jttQj t-ifv\j5^ VOL. I. NO. 2 . Do voted to fche In teres ts ot' White Mains and Wes);c.hes)er Coiin tv. WHITE PLALSTS, .N'./Y.. TUESDAY, EEOEMBEE 15 , 1890 . PEI0E THREE GENTS; Over nnd Orcr Again. \- Over and over ^gnjn No matter wHich way I turn, -' * I always And in the Book of Life, Some lesson I have ,to learn ,• 1 must take my turn at the mill, I must grind out the golden grain, “ I imiBtAVdfk'af my task with a resolute will, Over and dvor again We oanuot munsui!^ the need • Of even the tiniest flower, Nor chock the flow of the golden sands That run through a single hour; But the morning dew must fall, . And the sun and the summer rain Must do their part and perform it all . Over and over, again. Oyer and ovor. again, . r _. .. '. _ The brook through the meadows flows, And over and oyer again, The ponderous mill-wheel goes ; ~ Oneo doing will not suffice', _ Though doing be not in vafn,- And a blessing failing us ohoo or twice May come if we try again. The path that has^oneg been trod Is never so rough to the feet, And the lesson we once have learned iSnovor so hard to repeat ; • Tho ugh sorrowful tears may fall ..... ;• Y And the heart to its depths be riven, With storm and tempest, we need them all, To render us moot for heaven. , ....; A . .rrLosephine Pollard. A BOLD STROKE. “ Parley, why are you reoeivod with such favor at the WhirloqUB? ” “ Afl.tl.whyJahould inot be? ” “ Well, I'm an old enough friend to speak plainly. -Xndm.it- that there is much about Whirlook that appears '\genuine; but you are not their kind. They ’ re in the swim,-have wealth and aspire to social leadership. , You ’ re a *\ literary worker, poor aud'ln , oiip.od to . be; a Bohemian, if not a socialist. The two are apt to merge, you know. How did they find you put? Why do they push you? . r “ You allow little for my merits. ” “ No, I allow all possible for the tol- erntion ofi ’ the WhirloCk8, but ^m still ut'a loss. It is money, old man, that secures grace aiid favor -^i who hold imperial rank iu our modern society. •Even genius must dazzle be- -foreltwlllnttraotrthoroyflfgliihcb; ” “ You- have simmered the thing down by an admirable method of-ex- olusion. I was not born in the purple. I must stop eating if I stop wojkiug, and I am not a genius. Therefore, there must be some unu sual reason for matiirn that would put Whirloek out of the,running. The stern parent would write the ■ daughter and aunt the next day announcing his unalter able disoition. But that worthy young son heard .it all and showed himself a chip of „tho old block by writing a letter which ho . mailed that night after a bold midnight ride to the nearest railroad station, — The latter was to Sfhirlock and exposed the whole scheme. He came to me in the gloomiest despair. There wns no hope, for if Madge received,the final words, either through the mail or Dulow, she would never go back on her promise; ‘ See here, Whitlock, ’ I a/id to him, -Ynnrry ] the girl tonigh'f She cannot get the letter bofoTiMnorning, “ ‘ But Dulow is sure to come.* “ ‘ He ’ ll only got in there over my dead body, provided you arrange for the. wedding. ’ “ This put new life into ’ Whirlook and he rushed for the aunt ’ s. He told both the women in a determined way that it must be now or never, giving Miss Frowley- just enough light to make her ftnxiouft.^Q;£iey:carripd the, aunt right off tier feet and she won completely when Whirlook sjig-' gested that no one but the man ^ho ‘ happened ’ to be her favorite minister should perform the ceremony. “ We crowded matters ns rapidly as consistent with'having the aunt stay with us. She lived ou ’ a.retired etfeet nnti early iii the evonihgl took up my duty at the front gate as guard, with an understanding that ’ Whirlook would pin his handkerchief in the windpw^.when thtfeontract for life wns- completed., “ Minutes never seemed so long to me, though. .. I • had a friend slowly drlylag ft cab back and forth. I-did not know Dulow, but when I saw a man hurrying from the nearest street car trac k. I had no doubt as to wh n it ‘ Mr. Dulow ?* I stdd^tt — he — hp . proached, ‘ and with a message fdi ‘ Miss Frowley ? ” V ‘ A very important one, ’ he an- swered; ~ — — — — -- — “ ‘ Right in here, ’ I announced, as I my being patronized by the Whir- looks. Well, there is. I^oes that lay your onribsity? ” “ Only whets it, aiid you know it, - Bo considerate for onco-Tiud forego the pleasure of tormenting me. ” “ Just make a note and' an pxample . Qf ; my magnanimity. I . knew .Wliarlooks before they wore married. I made them* man “ and wife. No danger j of your inferring 'that I performed the ceremony, but my in ­ tervention prevented Mrs. Whiiiockf from being Mrs. Dulow. ” ._ ^. ‘ !Any 7 tragedy iu th is, Dailey? ” — - f a literal ki n d. T he lady im-qTfesfion Nvus once the beautiful Miss FrowleA daughter of a rich Massachusetts fkmer. He had Puri- tnhical sternness aheL^lni^Piiritanicnl independence. , Whffn the two olnsh ^you-knawltherois:.bauuilUcx£be-more or. less wreckage as a result. Dulow was a young lawyer with more show and s^yle' than practice. WhirTock was a solid young clerk, bent on a .. snccessfuD; business, career. Both were 1 fathoins deep in love with fair Miss Frowley./ She was not indifferent > to either, .but had a /decided o preference for Whirlock. The old gentloman was' for Du ­ low, ad was a stiff necked aunt with >• whom the girl Jived while polishing off her education in Boston. ..There was a boy bScjc on the \farm ns tena- 'i cions of purple as his father, and ho was for Madge, os she was called ot houfe; With me as a sworn friend of Whirlook, ’ ’ you have the opposing iorces. “ Miss Frowley was go pestered and badgered that sho-diplomatioally ed n- oedod a willingness to marry Dulow if aim could not have Whirlook, and that In no event would she disobey a posi ­ tive Injunction from her father. Thus ehrewdly she softened the old gentle ­ man nhd deferred tho inevitable order that she have nothing whatever, to dp with Whirlock. \ . ‘ ‘ SEprftyafTer;this dimed neutrality had been e8tablis|»ed, 'Dulow deter- . inini)(l> : bx'i)nsh his'suit and nine! 6 11 special trip to see the father. • ‘ They talked the matter.oyer^vUh the result that Frowley'decided ^ppon up ulti* hustled him to the cab. Til take you tp her, ’ and wo were off before he had time to gather ilis wits. My \friend drove like mad. A mile away. Dulow grew belli gersht, but I assured him we would soon bo there. By a circu ­ itous route we returned and there waved.the-signal of triumph. Dulow rushed to the house only to meet Mr?. Whirlock and leave in a towering rage. “ Next morning Dulow had a war- • rant out for John Doe, but he could not be found. Now he is a gfjrtt friend of the Whirlooks and even of the people on the., old Massachusetts farm. ’ ’ — Detroit Free Pms. mans^ nor the, French to the English, I Nothing' better than the -internatioual Olympio games could*therefore be ■de ­ vised, Each country, will take its ttjrn in organizing them. When ST. LOUIS HOLD-OP. como to meet orery four yeara in tfe SIl MaSkfid Meil StOP 3 Mil Ijl .contests, further enudbled by the memor ’ ios.of tho past, athletes ull Oycr tho world will learn to know duo another bettor to make mutual condes- siohs and to seek no other reward In the competition than the honor of tjie •victory. Qno may be filled with tfje desire to she the colors of one ’ s club or college triumph iu a national meet ­ ing; but how, much stronger is the feeling when the colors of one ’ s coun ­ try arc at stake 1 I am well assured that the victors fn tho stadium fet Athens Tp3hed for no other recom ­ pense ^w|i'en ' they heard the people ohoer the < flag of their country fn honor of their achievement. V , It ‘ ^ae with these thoughts in mind that ! sought to revive the Olymyio games, Ibave succeeded after many efforts. Should the institution pros ­ per — as I am persuaded, all ciyili^etj nations aiding,' that it will — it may b6 a potent,if in direcfj'faafcbi ’ in securing universal peace. Wars break out b# cause nations misunderstand each thor. We shall not have peace until the prejudices which now separate th^ different races shall have • bodfi lived, . To attain this end, what 1 bettor means than to bring the youth of all countries “ periodically together fbi£ amicable trials of muscular strength and agility? The Olympic games, witl/ tho ancients, coutrolcd athletics and 'promotodpoacc.-rltiift-not-viHlairttry;. to look to them for similar benefflc* tious ih tlie future. : > ' tie Cllj Limit!. COroillT CRACK THE SAFI, Renaissance ol Athletics. On the world at large tiic Olympic games have, of course, exerted no fluence as yet, but r~am profoundly convinced that they will do so. \ Ma; I be permitted to say that this was j M reason for founding , them- Modern athletics need to Be unified and puri ­ fied. Those who have followed the renaissance of physical sporta in thii century know that discord reigns su ­ premo from one end of them to the other. Every country has its own rules ; it'is not possible even to come to ah agreement as to who is am . amateur, and who . ’ is not. All over tho v world there is one perpetual dis^jute,'. which is far ­ ther fed by innumerable' weekly, and even daily, newspapers. ' In this de­ plorable state of things professional ­ ism tends to grow* apace. Men give up their whole existence to one par ­ ticular sport, grow rich by practicing it, and thus deprive it of all nobility, and destroy the just equilibrium of man by making tho . muscles . pre ­ ponderate over the mind. It is my belief that no education particularly in democratic times^ can be good and and coniplete without aid-\ of athletics }. but athletics, iu order to play their proper educational role, muHt ’ bo based on perfect disintereeted- ness and the H-iutirnent of honor. If wo arc to .guard them against t hese threatening evils wb must pht nh end Ui the quarrels of amateurs, that they may be united among them ­ selves and willing to measure their ‘ skill in frCquent intorhationa 1 enoouh- ters. Biil^hntcoutjtry ic-to impose its rules and ij;s habits on the others? The Swedes will not yield to/the Ger- Oil Fuel fur:Gunboats. The Gorman naval authorities have | decided to partially Beat the boilers of their men-of-war-with oil. The hew| oil is oailed “ nonsuk ^r it is fltru ^tar^ilp^prMuerorthe distillation of lignite, and is dark brown in color. Special tanks will be coneft'hotod for it on each vessel, and from these tanks pipes wifi lead to tho furnkees, nttd the oil will bo conducted thereto through these pipes. From the pipes it will be ejected by steam in a spray, and the resulting flame is very bright and absolutely smokeless.;- — So — far — ao — -its -r. boating- power is concerned, it is declared to be greatly, supertoY tnlcoal. Another feature which has served to 'recom ­ mend it is its cheapness. The.duties of the stokers'arc also greatly- light- ned by its use. ; Tho time saved up steam s ^pother, consideration, that f carried great weight, for the effect of tho flame is instantaneous, and the high ­ est pressure can.be obtained almost immediately. The value of this power to a man-of-war is almost inestimable. whjj& ‘ the- advantage to torpedo boats is also verr^great. — Philadelphia Reo- ord. Iron Mountain Express Brought to a Standstill by a Dangor Signal and the' Door of the Express — Car Blown Off- — Accom ­ plished In 15 Minutes. The Iron Mountain faot oxprooa train, out ­ going, wak hold up one rallo from tho Union Station, ■within tho city limits of St.Louis at 9:80 Wednesday night; by six masked men. , Tho express snfeoould not be opened, nud tho bandits flod^wi.thout, booty. ' .Ono of tho mou stood ip the oentor of. tho trnok aud waved a rod lantorn, signifying that danger was ahead. Tho ohgineor stopped tho train, and ho sooner had ho done so than two masked men jumped on the engine cab, and presenting-rovolvors, told tho enginoer to keep the engine still on palp;Of dsatfir\Two of the other robbers made for the express car, while tho remain ­ ing two stood- guard outsido. In loss than fifteen minutes the, whole thing was over, and the conductor hastened to the nearest telephone and notified the police. 1 ’ ho two robbers who went .to the oxproaa car demanded admittance, but lOcpreas Mofl- aongor W. J. Egan ref used to lot thorn In. They threatened to kill him if ho did not, and this throat fnillng, thoy plaood a gtlek of dynamite at' the car door and blew It tp pieces, badly shattering ono side of tho oar. Fortunately, it was a through car, and tho money was In a tlinedoekred safe. -Finding 4boJ^oflrort^iiBBles'Sfto “ blB'w\bi)on the^Hater the robbers jumped from tho oar and noth- fled their companions oa the engine- that they had failed to securo anything. I IConduotor Wm. Hall . came forward to learn what hod occurred.--Ho was met by one of the thieves, who, pointing a revolver at his bend, ordered him to go to the renr^of the train. • The robbers then loft r and Engi ­ neer Wra.. Green started on.. At . Jefferson Jar racks Express Messenger Egan said t ho ’ aciflc Express Company had lost nothing. , Had it been ou a local, Instead of a through train, they might have seoured- Borne booty, but. the through cars always carry.burglar=prooftlmedoak-safes. ---- - ----- - The place whore the robbery ocourrod was at Bates street crossing. Thoro is n deop cut there, and tho noise of tho exploding dyna- mito was smothorocTby. the.cliffs at oaoh side ’ of the irack. , - . | The passengorsTon the train were in no way dicturbod, and it was half 'an hour bO' iora anynne.roaliEiod-what-badrhaDDenod. — . FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS, Senate, 2 d D ay , — .T he notice of- tho opening of a Cuban discussion was about tho only feature of lnterest developed at the brief session of the Bouate. whiph lasted' only 25 mln uto a. SehaTor tTifilom gave notice of n speech on Cuba next Thursday. The Senators bad ox- pooted to%tart the wheels of actual business, but the qjipoarnnce .of a House resolution rolntivo to tho death of ex-Spoaker Crisp led to tho,customary adjournment ns a mark of respect A large number of Tniredu reports wore received, Including that of the govern- mont directors of the Pacific railways, to take up the of 85 to 21, adopted a mot! Dingloy tariff-silver bill. ....... ........ „ lowing It, . Mr. Aldrich, of Rhode Island, ono' MS OF THE 111 of tho ropuhllaan members of tho finance committoo, moved to recommit the bill to that coffitnlttear and this motion was Apend- log when the morning hour expired, and the entire matter lapsed as though no vote had been taken. Tho debate was at , times sharp and personal. Three sets Oj^ylgprous reso ­ lutions for Cuban IndopejMlhnpp furnished an interesting feature. Tmj^ihme from Mr. Cameron, of - PoiuiHyJvrSfHHtev • Mills, of Texnk, and Mr. Call, of '. Hit D ay — T he flonato t^Wf) th* immi- gration bill ' and ’ partly pertocted it, also hearing the first of tho spoeohos on Cuba, those of Mr. Oullom nnd Mr. Call. The dis ­ position to put through tho immigration bill was shown by tho defeat of a motion by Mr. Gibson, of Maryland, to postpone the ’ meas ­ ure until after tho holidays. Only thirtoon votos, all democrats^ were glvefi in favor of the postponement. The proposition served to Involve Mssmc Chandler, Lodge and' Gibson In several spirited personal ‘ ooffb- quies, .* House. CABLE SPARKS r Purifying a Room ’ s Air. 'K^The air of a room may be purified in two hours by sotting iuBido o! it a wide mouthed<pitohor tilled with pure cold water. In three hours at most it will have absorbed all the respired gases in the room, leaving tho air purer by that mneh. but the water will be too filthy to use, if one but knew and could see what it has taken in. It is estimated that a common pailful of ice-cold water will absorb in six hours one quart of carbonic acid and several pints of ammonia from themiiv For the purpose of purifying' the air the water is all right, but don ’ t use it to wash in , or to drink! For those purposes use fresh water, just drawn, or use from vessels that are always covered either by motel or chinq, or by several folds of cloth, like a clean towel. Care in the use of drinking water would avert - many calaranities, as typhoid and other mala­ rial fever. — Washington Star. Where. W omen Are Needed. A fea.tiH ’ u of the population statistics of Western Australia is the large pro- tiou of males tp females. The dispar- ity is nrqintjft^d in the arrivals by At present there rtro 45 females to every 100 ^riftlee. — Pittsburg Dis- patch. . ' ■ •]: v \C . ti v ’ l\ s •' Purticulare Wanted. . • / — ' Hardup — Coiild you loud nle ton flpllurs until pay day ? . •«» . Wiggins — fl'ml* Does that mean your pay day .or the day you ’ ll pay Truth./ \ \ The treasury of Bolivia is said to be in a lamentable state. * A dispatch from Bombawsays the Bubonic plague is spreading],- / / : . ■ M. L ou I b Auguste Rrigesrd ’ uj swell-known Frenoh publicist, is dead/at t]ib age uf se v ­ enty-six years. Tho Birmingham (England) Post pub- Ifshoij a report th^hepowers tiavo arrived at an understanding to enforce reform in Turkey. Advices fjom the Phllllpp lne Islands ihdh. o»io that tho inaurgenls aro inoroasing In the provinces and that the state of affairs is get- tlng w orse. __ ___ __ L- ' “ Miss Lucy Obi, daughter of tho United States ambassador to ^Germany, , was mar ­ ried in Berlin to Prof..Guy Thompson, ol Yale University.. ^ TheErench -minister of marine declared in the Chamber of Deputies that the condition of the Frenoh navy was not so unfavorable as Its critics alleged. • . . . . .. The government of Germany has notified the Chinese government that H wang Tsum Helen, soleoted to represent China ns - minis ­ ter to Berlin, will hot bo received. United States Minister Willis has been eon- fined to his home, in Honolulu, for five weeks with fever. His condition was at time precarious, bui it is now believed he will recover. Officials at the Vatican in Rome deny that any'disbiplihary measures have been taken against ecclesiastics of the United States or connected with tho Catholic University at Washington. • tipanish authorities in Havana and c-Madrid report the announcement of tho death of Antonio Maoeo, the insurgent leader in Cuba. The Cubans assert their belie! that he is olive. ■' A Berl^r ’ dispatch to the London Times says President Cleveland ’ s proclamation re- imposing tonnage dues on Gorman vessels in the United States has aroused an agrarian spirit in Germany. Premier Meline, in tho French Chamber ol Deputies r ftdmitted thnt-the formers were suffering-from the oohtinual-fall in prices, and said the remedy was in bimetallism on an international basis. J* 8. Larke, the Canadian trade oommlo- sloner in Australia, sends word tp the Van ­ couver Board of Trade that Australia will have to import over 5,000,000 bushel^ ol wheat this year, owing to tho failure of th« Australian harvest. ^-fikpatdh from Havana says Dr. Alaximc Zertnbba, personal physician of Antonio Maaed-, has surrendered to the Spanish, and conffrma the report of Maceo ’ s death. A special dispatch from Key West, Flo., says it is ’ sn.own there that the report of Maceo ’ s death'is false. 2 d D ay . — T he Hou^ft;prooeeded,tobuBlnesn and before the session closed had passed throe bills of conslderablo importance and the first of-tho regular supply nllls — that for pensions. TJireu of the tills related to pos ­ tal matters. One provided fob the uso of private mailing cards of tho same general size nn.d character ns the present postal cards Art stumps are.united; another. when c for a limited lndbmh?ty of $10 for the loss of registered mail matter, aud the third for a private carrier service in citlea^towns mid villages whore no free dolivory'exists. 8 d DAY.-— Tho House held n threo-hoiir session, and passed a dozen bll ltf of minor imj^tani'd:Affioffg ing: -To extend for flvo yoara the time in which tho University of Utah shall occupy lands granted To It: to authorize the uso of tho abandoned Fort Bid well military reser ­ vation in California na p training school for Indians; to confirm - certain aaih entries for public lauds in Arknnsus made under the f ;rniluntlon net of 1854: to provide for the ocatlon'and purchase . of public lands for reservoir silos in Montana, Houth Dakota amL Wyoming. ; irn' ©AT.^'I'hu Ho r>re pniawA- two-bHi«t Dne-of-thoirvll»4o uiuslcal-pnmpo — sltlons tho sum* tn^.Uo^ ii^leclion under tho oopyrlght law- na Is mm. afforded pro-* ductioiis of a strictly dramatic character. The bill imposes a fine of •LUO for tho first and $50 for each Hiibucqiient unauthorized production;-A blll-to-prohlblt-the-sole-of- /DISASTERS AND CASUALTIES. Two. workmen were injured, one probably fatally,-by tho fall of a wall tn Cleveland, Ohio. Aston ’ Magoon, aged 18,' - was drowned while skating on the Connecticut river, Holyoke, Mass. • ’ I Martin Burns, 10 years old, was drowned .by.the, brenklng. ot .the ioa] oiLa pon^ near, Littlefield, Conn. v \ The main boller of the'Witcoi Lumber Company ’ s mills at BevlUo, Georgia,,' ex ­ ploded, killing one white and five negro em ­ ployes. • . ! The Barron block and several adjoining properties, in,Montreal* were destroyed by fire last evening; The IcJss will reach $500,000, It Is reported from Tacoma that fully 500,- 030 prune, pehcb and apple trees In Puget Houth and In Eastern . Washington have . been, destroyed by early frost. A hand car was struck.by a freight loco ­ motive on the SocHtallroftd, nea r Pemblhe/ Madame Furtado Heine la dead. She wa» d£$pbat(^by the Jato President Carnot foi hift.ohprity, .. . - ' . . ^a^^arfi^l-'nrmy - offfoers are engfiged iti tcstlngi the atleged defective armor.plates ftf, -Newport N^ws... ' The Marquis of Montcalm, the last male descendant of the defender of Quebec, died l<w on Wednesday at Mpntpollior. - Spanish papora bitterly criticiBe ProsIdenl Cleveland's message aud blame Minister Lome for not oorrooting *' false ’ ' stateipenti In It. Attorney-General MoCorpjIck may turlttB ~ suit ngnlnst, the. reorganized Reading Raih -Yrll road to determine whether itrts a; bona fld« corporation^' The entire plant and fixWcos of thb Nfr brnska City Distillery wore sold for $60,000 by Gon. John MoNultu, the receiver ot th« ' Distilling and Cattle Feeding Company. ’ §|§Jf Tlie,' Boutheffi 'pafUTdl - BaoyruBjYH!, nrquBodj'.and armed foroes of men Mfi'-. search of an unknown tramp who killed sf ’ brakeman\' on the Chicago and Eric RaJl-?;/(|| 'road. - v*\:''- , ; r : V >• The tariff committee ’ s report to; the Ohnm- ber-,.of Deputies insists upon making- 'thf.^si French sugar bounties equal to those of Aus-' , '\/ : tria and' Germany. . . II.'Lookroyf'fbfmerly\ Fbonbh • Mrnlilfr'plfvi^ Marine, has now withdrawn'hiA nqyal prqr;' posals, wiilcli Involve the appropriation •ol 200,000,000 francs for bulldihg now bnl|lo- , ships. \ ' An-bll and gjis well was drilled on a farm : near Findley, O., which promises to bo om of the greatest I n'the Ohio field. It has v an', ostimato cupiu'lty of 15,000,000 oubio foot Oj gas n day and 50 barrels of oil an hour. A general resumption of operations In the river coni mines » ill take place In a few days, giving employment to about 0,000 men.: The minors will receive hh advance In wages of 87% cents per 100 bushels, tho agrobmoErt» holding gopd' until iuly noxt, / . * Atameeting-ofthov JockeyrUlub^da-Nov^fev of racing wore adopted. An entirely nou / feature is a scale of wolabts, which will ma- Serially add to tho weights heretofore cay/ : •fed' by the-jockeys, and will, In this way, fppr riding by heavier boys. ’ 4 At tho quarterly mooting and dinner of tho , .. dlroctors of the Home Market Club,. In B ob - • ton, a strongjnpmorial addressed to Presi ­ dent Olevoland and.the flenate of the Un i t ed' Statarwiw adapted:-InTavo ’ ^of diiitii^Me ' action In the Hna of the Dihgloy/emergency /il tariff bUi. 7-'' The Court of “ Appeals has decided the st ate la w of Kentuck y exempting whi skey I n; - Federal bond from taxation during the bonded period as unconstitutional. Thi« 1 will materially increase the tax list In Ken* tucky, and will also bring into the state treasury considerable arrears of taxes. , ■; At a meeting of the Michigan Maple Asflo-v elation in GrandJBftpJdft r Mieh. , sometlmea oalladltha Hardwood-Lumber Trust, held-i Traverse Oity* prices on mnpio lumber weife reduced $1 per 1,000 feet, and,all grades to « Mich., and Louis Swanson and a companion section hands, were killed. - The bodies of Aiphon Gundon, 0 years old, and Joseph Bernard, 7 years old, wore found In Boll pond, near WorcesteT, Muss. They had fallen through holes in the ice. Belated reports from points in South Da ­ kota say that, six, and probably eight, per ­ sons perished -ns- the result of the recent blizzard. Two thousand sheep in ono range -wore killed. - — 1 ' \ ' , T •. Inspectl6n of winter crops of celery, now in trenches in tho Kalamazoo, Mich,, celery fields, shows that fully one-third is rotten On account of damp, warm wealhoT. The loss is estimated at $60,000. Fred Shaw, a young farmer, 21 years of age, was found dead and his body muti tttod In his hog pen,, at Newark, New York, Ho went thoro to put a ring in a hog ’ s nose, and was evidently overpowered by the animal. Robert G. Clarke, of Chicago, said to have been one of the best known mining men in the UnUed-Btalos, was killed iu the Gold Cup Mine, iu the fcettlement of Tin Cup, Colorado. Ho slipped on nn incline coated with ice and fell down (ho shaft of the mine, .eighty feet, . ■ ^ ; A Shawano, iVisconsln, despatch says .that the ice gorgo at ICo heua shows no sign of breaking, and the high water maintains Us level; ‘ ^Evidently the' river has forced a channel beneath the ice. bridge, and If the weather continues moderate there will be no danger of destructive floods. - . - A Scuttle despatch says that tho floods and storms which have been prevailing In the Pacific Northweet 'for tho past month have ,had a very • disastrous effect upon commercial business in that section of the country. Shipments by rail have been cut delayed, and the prices of m®ats have basis of $10 per 1,000 for the log A club of Cuban sympathizers is being dr- ganized la Butty Mont., to ’ Join the lnsur;j,~:^ gents In January. Captain Bordoiga is organizer, and nearly 200 n.ahiefl are now on' vM the list. v n * Ex-Judg&Tntriok Mallon, one of tho oldei . members of the bar of Cincinnati, died sud ­ denly Tuesday. ' ' ’ Y - — In Columbus, 0., Ex-Senator William Geai , was acquitted of the charge of soUoiting a ^ bribe from Ex-Senator Gaumer. Goar rop-' resented Wyandot county; J. O. Gould, vice-president and secretary 'ql^tliq-XolTmd^^ tobacconists of Toledo, d., has mysterioui disappeared. It is believed his mind Is fectod.- In a speech at Aberdeen Genqrai Booth laid he was thinking of a scheme of unlver- jabemigration by which men could be passed from one part of the world To another ftnd surplus labor brought to places wbere . It was wanted*:-- ---- - -- . The Illinois State Grange adopted resolu ­ tions Indorsing J. H. Brigham, of. Ohio,! master of the National Grange, for appolnt-j ment ns Secretary o f Ag ricul ture by Fxasi/ dent-elect McKinley/ A special from Geneaoo, N, Y t , says: ^Jai B. Hampton,treasurer of Livingston county/ lias resigned, and his whereabouts ftreT known. His acc|5uhts are in bud shape, ( there is a possible shortage on iii_u bookB of several thousand dollars. • ' yP. Frank EvanH. v/ho manufactured eattlq; medicine, was found dead in bis fathor ’ a a bttuefel^ cigar factory at Warwick, Fa., hole in bis, temple, lie had committed eui~ ejdo during the night. No cause cun bo as- jigned '{qjiRieL'siilcfd^ •\• '' ' :l ^ AWFUL CRUELTY OF A FATI His Brutal Treatoent Oaused tho ; Daughtor;^'-'' After a longv preliminary exi Rudolph Brook man, a wealthy, farj In Osage township, Kan',Y;jb^: ’ )w the sum of $10,00flto answerfp'r;^ of his 17-year old daughter, Mary^': Four weeks ago Brookman gay©^ terrible beating boonuBO she did n6t suit him in his cornfield. He then tie! rope around one of her ankles, fastened^ other bod of the ropo tor' tjie roar axle of Wagon, .and drove his farm, a quarter o mile-off,-Tdra gglogthtf glri befain dr: ‘ ' \ Arrlvlpg there he locked her up in the/ barn without sufficient olotbing and without / food. Tho girl was found by her uncle am/ another neighbor, who carried her away, but her Injuries were so serious'that she died ; on November 22 ^^ Among the thousands Of ■•Iph otOgrOnHaoir. brought back by Nansen is ono of an attack- ' . ‘ Ing Polar bear', of which the explorer three snap shots with his qaineru before no ' ihot him with his gun/ • ^ Lord and Lady Duhraven will Iquve their , place in Limerick about tho middle of . this month on a yachting cruise, i ' m

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