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10 North Wesfchesfer Times New Castle Tribune, Mount Kisco, N.Y., Nov. 22, 1962 Dad Came to School One Day And Brought a Camera Along JOHNNA LOWRY starts the day off with her head almost buried in her book. KAREN GREER is also at her book - there must be an examination coming. GUY FEAGLES ponders the questions before putting his pencil to the test paper. GOING OVER the exam are left to right Whitaker Franz- heim, Gary Anderson, and Guy Feagles. TRACY MEYER Roaring Brook School Grade 5 When you're caught in the act, it's a pretty surprising thing! That's what we thought when Stefen Meyer, my father came in to take pictures of our fifth grade class. He asked us to ig­ nore him as much as possible, and part of what developed can be found on this page. Don't we look studious at our desks? We were working on SRA part of our reading program. Some of the children went up to Mrs. Sergenian's desk to ask how well they were doing, and my father's camera caught it all. After reading, the boys went to gym, while we girls had our li­ brary period. Miss Weatherwax is our librarian, and she's always there to help us, but I found my book on my own, and the camera recorded that too. Back in the room again, we went on to Geography, in which we're studying the United States. Jim Curcio went up to the map to point out where the state of Washington is, but alas, could only reach the tip of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. We all raised our hands to try to locate the state, and at last succeeded. Dad stayed during our televi­ sion program (we watched the current events show on Channel 13) but it was too dark to photo­ graph them. After lunch he left, and it was not until we got these pictures back that we realized what we looked like during a typical school morning. Dad has promised us that he will return in the Spring to take another set. We hope we can share these with you too. THE JUNIOR SCHOOL PAGE OF NORTHERN WESTCHESTER The Reason Grasshoppers Are Green CHRISTINA JACOBSON Roaring Brook School Grade 5 Se Once upon a time when the world was very young there lived grasshoppers as there are today except they were blue. One of the grasshoppers was named Bam­ ble. Now she had had grasshop­ per babies a couple of weeks ago. One of them was just as beautiful as anything. His blue coat was as fine as silk. One day one of Bambie's ba­ bies hopped away (it was the finest one). His name was Grass­ hopper Blue. As he was hopping along he saw a pail. He just couldn't and wouldn't go on un­ til he saw what was in there. So he took one big hop and in he went. Well! Can you guess what was in there? Green paint! Well he was so small that he didn't know to wipe it off, and when finally someone told him to do it, it was dry. When he grew up he met a lady grasshopper which had had the same thing happen to her. They married and had children that were green. And it went on and on until now all the grass­ hoppers are green. WE THANK GOD COLLEEN O'CONNOR St. Joseph's School Grade 3A When we say Thanksgiving, we mean that we should thank God for everything. He gave us so much. We should always fhank God on Thanksgiving. Group Has a Lot of Fun At Audubon Center SCOTT CROLY Roaring Brook School Grade 3-4 It was a lot of fun at the Audu­ bon Center in Greenwich. There the guide guided our class. The guide's name was Mr. Bradley. Mr. Bradley is a very good guide Class Takes Nature Trip DENA TAGGART Roaring Brook School Grade 3-4 On Nov. 2, we went to the Audubon Center in Greenwich. A man named Mr. Bradley was our guide. He took us on a nature trail in the woods. He showed us all kinds of trees. We saw a sugar maple, a red maple* a tu­ lip tree, and lots more. After that •we went to the museum, and Miss Dykeman let us get some things. So I did. I bought some paper and samples of rocks. Mr. Bradley told us a lot about trees. He told us an awful lot of very interesting facts. The Audubon Center was nam­ ed after a man named James Audubon. He was a very famous person. He drew over four hun­ dred birds. Then he wrote a book. The book was all about birds. That isn't all. If you read this book that is called \Young Audubon,\ you will find out more about this famous person. because he tells about the trees and animals and a lot of other things. Mr. Bradley told about the ced­ ar tree. He asked how the cedar tree was trimmed so very well. One girl thought that it was the nature that did it. Mr. Bradley said that it was the deer who did this. He also talked about a lot of other things. One of the other things he told us about was a rock. He said that if you looked at this rock you would find some scratches. Our guide said that these scratches were made from a mile-thick glacier going over this rock. Another thing Mr. Bradley told us about was a tulip tree. He said that this tree grew taller than othef trees so it could get its sunHfeht. The tulip tree has little wing* like a maple tree. The lit­ tle $fings spin around like a ma­ ple Ifree wing. Mr. Bradley also told us about the bitter-sweet tree. He said that She birds didn't eat the ber­ ries ^on the bitter-sweet tree in the Jail because they were too bittef. But in the spring, bitter sweej's berries are sweeter so birds» can eat them. That's why this tree is called the bitter-sweet because it is bitter in the fall and it is sweet in the spring. This trip to the Audubon Cen­ ter was a lot of fun. In fact this is one of the best trips I have ever had. MeetMcGraw, A Watch Dog ERICA WAAG Pound Ridge Elementary School Grade 3 My dog's name is McGraw. He is our watch dog. An Irish wolfhound is the largest dog you can find. My family all loves Mo- Graw. Although he is very big, He Is very gentle. He licks my baby sister and always looks at her bottle before she drinks it. He knocked my sister down once, and whenever we play in the sandbox he always digs a hole in the sand and then lies down in it. He eats milk bones about a little more than half the size of my paper. He is two years old. He eats one or two pounds of ground meat. He also eats left­ overs from dinner. He picks up our cats in his mouth. Fan-Tan, My Kitten HOLLY FITZHENRY Pound Ridge Elementary School Grade 6 Once we had a cat called Sal­ ly - Ran. She had a Utter of kittens. One of them was named Tail-Ran. He was a boy kitten. Another one was named Fan-Tan I can not remember the others. Fan Tan is my cat, but she sleeps all over the house. Once she got out and killed a whole nest of baby birds. The mother and one little baby got away safely. We were away when this happened. My sister was the only one home and she could not get her. This all happened when my father had left a ladder leaning against the house. Fan-Tan climb­ ed up the ladder and killed the birds that were in the nest. Fin­ ally we got her and put her in­ side. Then I played with her. I had dinner. After that I played with her some more. I had a lot of fun. After school I give her It's Time for Thanksgiving Turkey Family 9 s Thanksgiving KATHY BREW Mount Kisco Elementary School Grade 4-M There once was a turkey fam­ ily that lived in an old vacant cottage which they furnished and cleaned. Now, Thanksgiving was com­ ing near, and the turkey family didn't think they were going to celebrate Thanksgiving 'cause Father Turkey wasn't home. Ev­ eryone was getting nervous and upset, because they were the only turkey family that had cele­ brated Thanksgiving every single solitary year. Thanksgiving was drawing near and it was the day before Thanksgiving but still father hadn't come home. Mother was in the kitchen baking pies and cooking roast bluebird. The old­ est girl turkey was getting the clothes washed and pressed. But where was father turkey? Everyone went to bed early that night. The next morning was Thanksgiving. When everyone went downstairs, who do you think was sitting at the kitchen table? Father turkey! \Happy Thanksgiving\ every­ one said and father said, \I have some surprises for you.\ And he gave them each a cho­ colate turkey! Selling Cookies and Cakes Thanksgiving Special Day For Worship SALLY FERRIS Mount Kisco Elementary School Grade 4-M Thanksgiving Day is a day to worship God. You and the people around you feast, but most of all, v we worship God. We should thank God for giving us food, clothes, water, plants, sun, night and, best of all, love. When the pilgrims were sail­ ing they had one hope and that was God. The winds, the chop­ ping sea made them want to turn back but God gave them hope. Good is the most loving being there is, and will always be. SIXTH GRADERS at the Pound Ridge Elementary School are shown at a cake sale held recently in the school. Lee-Ann Taylor is selling cup­ cakes to Mrs. Howell Conant as Helen Luzny looks on.— Staff Photo by Doris B. Kirch- hoff. Rewriting History What Could Have Happened in 1775 Had Paul Revere Been Forgetful SUSAN LYNCH Robert E. Bell School Grade 7 All was still on that night of April 18, 1775, but the stillness was only temporary. Paul Rev­ ere and his friend were standing by the North Church, speaking in low voices so as not to be heard,, Pau} was relating his famous How the Turkey Family Fled From the Cook NANCY SETAPEN Mount Kisco Elementary School Grade 4 Once there was a turkey fam­ ily. There was a mother, father and three little turkeys and one fat, old turkey, who always was bad and tried to scare everyone. It was about Thanksgiving time and the turkey family was wor­ ried that they would be eaten. In the night each one slipped out and went to a hiding place. But no one knew each of the others had gone. When they all woke up the next morning they found each other in the same hiding place! After all the bother they de­ cided to go back. When they got there the big bad turkey had been eaten. And they knew they were safe for at least another year. some milk. Last night she slept in my bed. Sometimes she sleeps in a bag that is in my mother's room. When you try to hide her, she jumps out so the other person always finds her. Once when we were going to go to my grand­ mother's she got out. So my sis­ ter went after her and caught her and put her inside. Then we started off. message, saying, \Do you under­ stand? If the British, or, or was it the French? No, I'm pretty sure it was the British. Well, anyway, if the British march by land, hang one lantern in the belfry, and if they travel by sea, and two by land? Oh well, let's say one by land and two by sea just to help good old Henry Fel- lowlong. If you have the signal right, which I doubt, I'll ride to warn the Minute Men. By the way, what was that signal again?\ You see, Paul Revere was rath­ er absent-minded. After his friend had explained everything again, Paul set off across the river. As the night wore on toward midnight, the appointed hour for the signal, Paul's friend began to get impatient. At ten minutes until twelve, he sighted a British ship moving out of the harbor. He then hurried up the many flights of stairs, and hung two lanterns in the belfry tower. From across the river, Paul, seeing the two lanterns said to himself, \Now let me see, it was two if by land, and one if by sea, wasn't it? Yes, I'm sure that's right.\ Paul then leaped to the back of his powerful steed, which, at a closer look, greatly resembled \'The Old Gray Mare,\ and start­ ed off at a sluggish trot. As he slowly entered the first town, he climbed off his noble steed, and pounded on the door of the first house. A man opened the door in his night shirt, and said drowsily, \Are you crazy or something? Pounding on a man's door in the middle of the night?\ \But er, but the Dutch, or was it the French? Well, somebody is coming tonight on the water, er, the land so you'd getter get ready 'cause they're coming.\ \Mabel we've got a nut, or something, out here. He says somebody's coming. I think he's a little queer.\ Everywhere Paul went that night it was the same thing. They just didn't believe him. So when the British came, no one was prepared to defend themselves, so all of the history books should be different, \a-what?\ HOLIDAY DINNER PETER VAN SANT St. Joseph's School, Croton Falls Grade 3A We eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day with our family. We thank God for our food. The Adventurous Journeys Of a New-BornDrop of Water Pm Glad Fm Not a Turkey ROGER KAYE Mount Kisco Elementary School Grade 4M I'm glad that I am not a turkey because people would cut off my head and roast me for their din­ ner on Thanksgiving. They'd have the drum sticks, they'd have the white meat, and the wing and some other things that were on me. I am a handsome bird with beautiful wings, then I'd be a car­ cass! How My Father Decided to Get A Siamese Cat ROBIN HERBERT Pound Ridge Elementary School Grade 3 Our friends breed Sealpoint Siamese cats. One night when my parents visited the man whose name was Mr. Chambers, one of the kittens came and played with my father's shoe strings. Then he jumped up on my father's lap and sat there purring away. My father said he liked the kitten. Mr. Chambers said her name was Jo. They had wanted to name her Josephine but she would only come to Jo. Mom and Dad said they would take Jo. Mr. Chambers said he would drive Jo over the next day. He did drive Jo over. Now Jo is one and a half. We have had her one and a half years. Her birthday is Dec. 24. That is why our family calls her a Christ­ mas cat. She thinks she is a mole and is always digging up the ground. PILGRIM'S THANKS LEON GIBSON St. Joseph's School Grade 3A On Thanksgiving we should thank God for all He has done. Thanksgiving reminds us of when the Pilgrims landed here in 1620. One day in November they de­ cided to thank God they were alive. ON THE MAYFLOWER JACQUELINE CASCTOLI St. Joseph's School, Croton Falls Grade 3A The Pilgrims came to Ameri­ ca. They came on a boat called the Mayflower. They loved God and knew He would take care of them. On Thanksgiving the family sometimes has a party. We say our prayers before we eat and thank God for all He has done. We thank God every day for help­ ing us. MEG ZWICK Roaring Brook School Grade 3 It all started out when I was a drop of water in a glass. I evaporated and went through a hole in the wall. I kept going up and up. Soon I joined some friends and we then joined some TRACY MEYER raises her hand to ask her teacher about an exam question. THE ANSWER dawns on Jim Cucio, left, and Bruce Hagen as Pia MacKenzie mulls it over. YOU DID very well Mrs. Sergenian, the., fifth-grade teach­ er, tells Ellen Smith. relatives. All of us together were too big. Ouch! I had fallen onto a rocky mountain. Luckily I had a suit­ case full of food, for I knew ad­ venture was near. I started my journey but soon I got hit smack on the head by a big fat 300 - pound lady who said, \Excuse me, please,\ and then waddled off as fast as she could go. With an aching head I started on my journey once more. A few miles down I very luck­ ily saw a small restaurant made by drops for drops. I had little money, but enough and more to buy lunch. It was delicious. I started again. About a quar­ ter of the way down, which was 25 miles, I could hear a noise. Then I saw it. It was loud. A lot of boys were mountain climbing. One decided to wade. Lucky for me he just missed me. You could hear \ouches\ all over. After he got out we made our­ selves laugh by singing very low, Ouch\ over and over again. But we had been having so much fun before we knew it, it was supper time. I found a drop bench and sat and ate my supper on it. I slept on it, too. In the morning I start­ ed out again. But before long I was safely on ground. Near by was an ocean. My friend and I went over and dived in. We made a home. Two days later the very same thing, happened. GOD 'S PROVIDENCE RONALD PERROTTA St. Joseph's School Grade 3A The Maylfower was the boat that the Pilgrims took to Ameri­ ca. Some of them died on the way but they had courage, they knew that God would take care of them. After a few months they got to America. OH, THAT TURKEY MICHAEL CREEGAN St. Joseph's School Grade 3A Thanksgiving day is coming up, boy, I-love it! Because there is a big fat, delicious, plump turkey dinner. I never pay the waiter, because I'm the wai^-. And every Thanksgiving I raid the ice box. GIVING THANKS AMY GREGOR St. Joseph's School Grade 3A Thanksgiving is a day we thank God for His goodness. God has been very good to us. Do you know that the Pilgrims landed on America and thanked God? Army Wiped Out In Roman Battle By KAREN S CHE LONG Pound Ridge Elementary School Grade 6 Now listen, my qhildren, and you shall hear, Of the fight that the Romans had. It was a terror, everybody was killed; Hardly a man was alive, Who remembers that famous day. V

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