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New Castle news. (Chappaqua, N.Y.) 1945-????, February 28, 1946, Image 10

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10 • NEW CASTLE NEWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY «2 8,. 1?46 Couples Club Plan Dessert Bridge The plans for the \Dessert Bridge\ to be given by th e Cou­ ples Club for the \Building Fund'* of the Congregational Church on Saturday, March 2nd are progressing favorably. Such was the report made by the com­ mittee at a meeting last Tues­ day. Mrs. Harry Warren reported that at least sixty tables have been reserved, with a number of members yet to be heard from. In view of this report, Mr. Rol Travis asked for more tables from the members and was well satisfied with the response. Mrs. William Hoeft's request for ad­ ditional donations to the re­ freshments was greeted with en­ thusiasm after she told of the very kind cooperation she has received from outside sources. The Committee Chairmen, the Joseph Schabericks, reminded the members that they are re­ sponsible for the playing cards for all of the tables they had re­ served. They also called atten­ tion to the time for the serving of the refreshments, which will be eight o'clock. The Philip Bubendorfs an­ nounced that the tallies had been made by hand and were now ready and plans are com­ pleted for the table decorations. Rod Travis and Harry Warren are making the final arrange­ ments for the Door Prizes. The G. Edward Rogers had secured the table prizes some weeks ago. The committee expressed sat­ isfaction with the fine all-round cooperation it has received from members and friends, and every­ body is looking forward to an enjoyable and profitable evening. Legion, Bristol Fire Teams Win At the Horace Greeley School on Tuesday evening, Bristol Fire defeated the Centrals 38-36, while Chappaqua Legion took over Katonah Legion by 31-30. Next Tuesday's games are Briarcliff Legion vs Chappaqua Legion. Harrison Veterans vs Bristol Fire Company. First whistle blows at 8:00 P.M. sharp. PRESCRIPTIONS of QUALITY • CHAPPAQUA PHARMACY A. F. WELIINS, Ph.O. A COZY PLACE WHERE ALL FRIENDS MEET CENTRAL BAR & GRILL The Most Convenient Bar In CHAPPAQUA At The Railroad Tracks Movie Gossip From Hollywood by SIDNEY SKOLSKY >oc: Hollywood — Town Notes of the Week: John Carroll returned from Mexico where he had been working in the picture \Fiesta and couldn't find a house or an apartment. Carroll then took his trailer, and with permission from William Cagney, parked it on the vacant lot next to the Schwabadero. Carroll is now re­ siding there and merely leans out of his trailer window and shouts into Schwabs for his breakfast. . . . John Dall, who is an Aca­ demy Award supporting player contestant for his work in \The Corn Is Green,\ wrote a note to his studio saying that his vote for the best supporting award should go to the bottle in \The Lost Weekend.\. . . The Depend­ able Mattress Company in Los Angeles advertises, \Everything for the bed.\ . . In speaking of Truman, they now call it \The Second Missouri Compromise.\ . . . Because Edward Small is not­ ed for making such pictures as \The Count of Monte Cristo,\ Tom Jenk refers to him as \The King of Public Domain.\ » * * Van Johnson has been phoning long distance to Sonja Henie when Jan Clayton leaves the cast of \Show Boat\ to retrun to Metro to make a picture, her place in that show will be taken by another Metro player, Marion Bell. . . . Phillip Reed and Ella Raines were a combination the other night at Ciro's. . . Barbara Bel-Geddes will probably sign at Metro to be Spencer Tracy's lead­ ing lady in \Cass Timberline\... Michael Kidd, whose \On Stage\ ballet is playing here now, is the hottest thing in town and prac­ tically every studio has made him an offer as dancer and chore­ ographer. . . Phillip Terry is con­ sidering a couple of British offers to make movies there. . . . The Beverly Tropics is going to name a different sandwich after each person who wins an Oscar at the Academy Awards. . . . Richard Llewellyn, author of \How Green Was My Valley,\ has signed to write scenarios for Metro. * * * Bob Hope has practically com­ pleted his new book, \Civilian With Privileges.\ . . . Susan Blanchard, who looks like an ad- Rome Restaurant OPEN TWENTY FOUR HOURS DAILY CLOSED SUNDAYS 11:00 A.M. Phone 1272 Manville Rd., Pleasantville vertisement out of Vogue, and Frank Latimore are vooming. . . The popcorn manufacturers are puzzled that their product sells well in movie houses, but doesn't sell at all in the lobbies of legiti­ mate theatres. . . Jeanne Crain and Dana Andrews will be co- starred in \Cameo Kirby,\ the story of a gambler on the Miss­ issippi. . . When L. B. Mayer in­ troduced Peggy Ann Garner to Ingrid Bergman, he said, \Big Bergman meet Little Bergman. * * * Tyrone Power has returned from New York and is already at the studio doing wardrobe tests for his role in \The Razor's Edge.\ . . . Richard Greene fi­ nally found a house. He moved into the Beverly Hills home of Carole Landis who planes to New York as soon as she finishes \It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog.\. . . Tito Renaldo, the Mexican play­ er, who just completed a role in \Anna And The King of Siam,\ will be in the Broadway produc­ tion of \Rickshaw Boy.\. . .Lou Levy, manager of the Andrews Sisters, is planning a Broadway musical to star them and Carmen Miranda. . . Mar go Woode, who is being groomed for stardom af­ ter her performance in \Some­ where In The Night\ with John Hodiak, will play a feminine lead in \Bandwagon.\ . . . Lona An­ dre, who was one of the original \Panther Women,\ when Para­ mount had a nation -wide tour for them, is now trying a film comeback. . . When Dinah Shore rehearses her songs at home, hubby George Montgomery teas­ es her by squealing like a bobby soxer. . . Dennis O'Keefe was talking to a friend on Sunset Boulevard when they saw a sign on a laundry wagon reading, \Now Customers Accepted.\ . . . O'Keefe turned to the friend and said, \Just imagine the thrill my wife would get, calling up her friends and telling them, Tve just been accepted by a laundry'.\ GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD HEALTH McSbowell'l QliUe PLEASANTVILLE TWIN DINER Ope* 7 Dayi • WHk Hoirs 6:00 A. M. t» 1:00 A. M. LA PIZZA served every night 7:00 A. M. on rhwii 346 S. GREELEY AVE.. CHAPPABUA Briar Oaks Restaurant Saw Mill River Road—Between Briarcliff and Millwood Full Course Turkey Dinner $1 .50 All Turkeys Home Grown Dinner Served From 5 :30 P. M. Dancing From 9 P. M. to Closing ERNEST FLOHE, Proprietor Tel. Briarcliff 2864 •o< KM KM KM PARK ROYAL RESTAURANT S COCKTAIL LOUNGE OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK I A Special Chicken Chow Mein |j Twice Weekly: Tuesdays & Thursdays jj 30 EAST MAIN STREET Delectable Meals Served MT.KISCO 5 0 >«<=3-0«= BOW APETIT PAR MONSIEUR GOURMET (A Guide to Good Eating Places) There's many a matron hereabouts who tarries on in bed of a cold morning not knowing how the old man gets on his train cheerful and well fed despite his wife's lethargy. No he doesn't always do it by sweating over the kitchen stove. More often he delivers himself into the tender care of Gus and his staff at the counter of the Rome Restaurant in Pleasantville. There an order of eggs, toast and coffee is often ordered about the time the train is leaving Mount Kisco and served, often with a bit of lip from loquacious Gus, polished off, paid for and the commuter safely makes his train but with no time left to spare. Round The Clock Service But breakfast is only one meal to be taken in its stride. This haven of food stays open 24 hours a day- catering to any whim of capricious customers or any screwy schedule of work­ ing hours. At lunch time there's a big bustle at the Rome with all tables occupied and counter stools in great demand while substantial hot dishes of well-cooked, palatable food are served forth at lightning speed. A recent day's menu offered Baked Virginia ham, breaded pork chop, beef stew, meat loaf, all served with mashed potatoes (no lumps) and a vegetable at prices in the 500 to 600 bracket. The most finicky eater can get just the bread he wants, white, whole wheat, rye, rolls, even Italian bread. Desserts in­ clude besides the usual puddings, pies and cakes, a rich variety of ice creams. No Rest For the Wicked With some variations, the entire process is repeated at din­ ner time when there is less crowd and more time for leisurely dining. So it goes on into the night with late supper and after- the-movies crowd hankering after hamburgers and coffee. Faith­ ful to the breakfast crowd seven days a week the Rome closes its doors only on Sunday at 11 A.M. and the busy crew gets a well earned though very brief rest. The roast meats are cap­ ably prepared by Joseph McLaughlin who is Gus' partner while all the other boys, Stanley Johnny and Donald are kept busy catering to the palates of the large and varied trade. Myrtle is the young lady who manages the table service so efficiently. Rome Restaurant, next door to the Rome Theatre, Manville Road, Pleasantville. Phone Pleasantville 1272. FOR GOOD FOOD . . . TRY OLD VILLAGE RESTAURANT 150 Bedford Road Pleasantville •Julia Principe, Prop. Open from 8 A. M. until 10:00 P. M. KISCO THEATRE Tel. Mt. Kisco 5020 Frl. and Sat. March 1 - 2 FRED ASTAIRE In \Yolanda and the Thief\ IN TECHNICOLOR Sat. Mat. Only Chap. 15 of \Pirple Monster Strikes\ also \Overland State Coach\ (Western) Usaal $ $ Attraction Sat. Nite Sun., Mon., Ties. Mar. 3-4-5 DICK POWELL Ja \Cornered\ RESERVATIONS FOR PARTIES KM Wei. Ml Thin. Mar. 6-7 EDDIE BRACKEN In \Hold That Blonde\ Usial $ $ Attraction Thir. Nlte COMING: Frl. ani Sat. Mar. 8 - 9 \Captain Kid\ ROME THEATRE Tel. Pleasantville 720 Thurs., Frl. and Sat. Feh. 28 • Mar. 1 • 2 DICK POWELL In \Cornered\ Sat. Mat. Only Chap. 2 of \Phantom Rider\ also \Arizona Frontier\ (Western) Son. and Mon. Mar. 3-4 FRED ASTAIRE •> la \Yolanda and the Thief IN TECHNICOLOR Tues. and Wed. Mar. 5-6 DOUBLE FEATURE \Man Alive\ AIM \Daltons Ride Again\ Usial S S $ Attraction Wei. Nlte COMING: Than., Frl. and Sat. Mar. 7-8-9 \Masquerade in Mexico\

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