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8 • NEW CASTLE NEWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1946 Stuff And Things by BEET For a while this week we were slightly depressed with cer­ tain phases of what some call life and others call Life ... It seemed as if all the world were bright and filled with sunshine and stuff but that we were doomed to be followed by a small black dour cloud which hung over us with solicitous unpleas­ antness . . . We were just on the verge of hunting up a black flag to lop out of our bedroom window when we remembered that Lincoln was about to have another birthday . . . and there will still be weekends, too ... In fact, our cloud completely evaporated . . . with a damp gray squash, if you would know the scientific details . . . and we are at present engaged in a lazy but reverent appreciation of \The Great Emancipator\. For some time now we have been perplexed by a truly per­ plexing problem . . . why do people always know how to say \parlez-vous francais?\ . . . All kinds of people know how to say it: Frank Sinatra fans (of which revered mob we are not one . . . ) cab drivers in New York—our mother—French teach­ ers—milkmen—and miles of students and ordinary people. The thing which perplexes us about this situation is that there are millions and millions of people who know how to say \do you speak French\ but who don't parler one inch themselves .... Let us show you how this works . . . suppose a person asks a person does he parler francais—and suppose the person turns out to be French and absolutely and definitely does parler fran­ cais—and suppose that person starts to so do . . . what happens to the poor if somewhat dopey creature who parlers \parlez-vous francais\ but who absolutely and definitely can not parler any­ thing else . . . excpet maybe a terrified \oui oui\ . . . Who knows what might happen? . . . and why do people know, by applying varying degrees of mangled accent, how to ask if a person parlers . . . and why don't they know how to say \je ne parle pas francais\ which means \I do not know how to speak French\? . . . We are disapproving and perplexed . . . and we are determined to become a campaign to remedy this dreadful situation . . . All those ready to be converted will please line-up behind that blue begonia bush . . . Well, we made up a joke the other day . . . come now, it isn't as painful as all that . . . and we were just about to tell it to you when we made up another joke and so we guess we'll tell you the one we just made up and save the other one .... they keep indefinitely, you know. Anyway, here it comes . . . One student: Why is the sun greasy at four o'clock in the morning? Other student: Why? One student (with a fiendish leer): Because, it's oily .... There-have been various forces at work which have strongly urged that we give up our jokes . . . the forces do not even re­ gard many of our efforts as callable-by-that-name . . . but that, of course, would be too awful . . . We had a confused dream that we were having our jokes psychoanalysed but it ended rather unfortunately—the psychoanalysist, with tears coursing down his pale cheeks, told us to go home and eat a lot of waffles. As usual, we owe the school library some unmentionable and humiliating sum of money .... We seem to have a terrible weakness for completely ignoring library books. We don't even dare go into the town library any more ... if they once catch us, we won't be able to call our allowance our own for the rest of this year . . . When a librarian appears on our horizon, we turn a mottled purple and quickly bend down to tie our shoes . . . We're a hunted character, though, and every once and while we get a brief a bitter postcard reminding us that we took a book on Hungarian rabbits out early last September . . . And even as we scrounge deeper into the collar of our coat when we walk by we know it's only a matter of weeks ... or days . . . or maybe even hours (we shudder pantingly) . . . before they catch up with us . . . Before we start our finale, we feel bound and determined to break into the lyric. This epic is on a current problem and is called: WILL THE UNO BE AT GREENWICH OR WILL IT NOT? We wish that we knew And we surely can't guess . . . Is it UNO no! Or UNO yes! We have to go lop a pink flag out of our bedroom window now, so we really must tear ourself way from this situation . . . but we shall flop the lop at you just to show that we are still in top frop . . . W HAT'S DOING PIER-ODDITIES By John Pierotti KROUSE, OKLAHOMA UNIVB?SITY'S / FAST MOVING BASKETBALL Greeley Closes Home Season Friday Entertain Briarcliff in Chappaqua Final at 7:30; Lose Two Last Week By Tom Whelan Horace Greeley's basketball team will make their final home appearance of their regular schedule tomorrow night when they will entertain one of their foremost rivals in Coach Bill Bower's Briarcliff Bears in a contest slated to begin at 7:30. The season's records of these two teams that will clash tomorrow have not been overly impressive but when these two bitter rivals meet, as usual, you can just pitch the record book out the nearest window. Briarcliff and Greeley met once before this year over on the Bear's home court and the Quakers had the pleasure of taking both halves of the twin bill as the varsity came through 42-32 and the Jay-vee's 32-31. This double win ran the Greeley vic­ tory streak to five straight over the Manorites, Chappaqua not having lost to the Bears since last baseball season. While since then piling up varsity wins in baseball, football and basketball plus V-F conquests in the last two sports named. Greeley will have their work cut out for them this time, how­ ever, because Briarcliff is a much improved team over the one that went down to that ten point pasting last month and it will take one of the Quaker's better efforts to beat the Bears this time out. The past month has marked the return to action at Briarcliff of their highscoring forward Collins, who missed the first Greeley game and of Pol- chinski, Varsity guard from last year who has just returned to school after six months in the service. These two men along with little Doug Dulin who net­ ted an unbelievable 25 points in the first Chappaqua game were mainly responsible for the upset 33-31 win scored over Katonah last week and will be the ones to watch tomorrow night. Quaker Fortunes Turn The Quakers basketball for­ tunes took a turn for the worse this past week as they came out on the short end of two scores, dropping a heartbreaking 5 pointer to unbeaten Irvington in a game that was lost on bad breaks and then Friday evening, when they were in a position to gain first place NWIL tie, losing to Bedford Hills 40-21 as the Greeleyites just couldn't get started. This double shellacking dropped the Quaker's season average below the .500 mark to a 5 won 6 lost reading. Friday evening before an over­ flow standing room only crowd that packed their way into the small Bedford Hills gym the Quakers tangled with the high flying league leading Redbirds as Coach Keil's boys made their biggest bid of the year to take over NWIL supremacy. The home team had other ideas though and almost got away winging and never gave the desperate Quak­ ers a chance to catch up. It's almost impossible to say who led the victors attack, Liv­ ingston and Nelligan each made 9 points but our own captain, Duke Messenger, matched that. Every Redbird that played more than a few scattered seconds figured in the scoring, and it was just a case of a perfectly run­ ning machine working against the familiar background of their own unusual home court being too much for their good opposi­ tion. To make matters worse for Greeley their Junior Varsity also lost out when the Bedford Hills Jays turned the tables and re­ versed the previous loss to Gree­ ley. Tuesday afternoon Greeley just missed the chance to pull one of the biggest upsets of county play this season when they lost to unbeaten Irvington 36-31. Irvington and St. Marys of Katonah are the only two re­ maining Westchester teams that still can boast a perfect record. Greeley got away fast and had a 7-4 advantage at the close of the opening session. They kept adding to this throughout the second period and with four minutes left in the first half and a nine point lead when the big break came, Greeley center Ed Corrigan fouled out of the game. It is almost a certainty that if Corrigan could have played all the way Chappaqua would have won. Irvington came roaring back from this turning point and led by their brilliant stars, Center Alex Miller and Forward Paul Dinan had captured the lead 27-25 just as the third period concluded. They continued to outscore Chappaqua 9-6 in the last canto, a wild one in which Carrozza, Irvington guard also succeeded in fouling out and in which both Miller and Dinan each drew the fourth personal and were in ultimate dangers of ejection themselves. Duke Mes­ senger lead the games scoring with 14 points. THE NWIL STANDING Glints Team Won Loit Percentile Behind 1. Bedford Hills 5 0 1.000 0 2. Chappaqua 3 2 .600 2 3. * Katonah 2 3 .400 3 4. • Briarcliff 2 3 .400 3 5. Somers 0 4 .000 4 * Games tomorrow (February 15th) Briarcliff at Chappaqua Somers at Katonah * Note tic. . VARSITY GAME Bedford Hills Horace Greeley. Player FG. Fl. Pts. Player FG. Fl. Pts, R.F. Granlero 3 17 L.F. Nelligan 3 3 9 Living stone 4 Burbank 2 R.G. Ware 4 Kosakowski 0 L.G. Costa 1 Mullaney 0 R.P. Carrozza 0 2 2 Principe 10 2 L.P. Lopez 10 2 C. Corrigan 3 0 0 R.G. D. Messenger 2 5 9 L.G Melin 0 0 0 Byrne 0 0 0 Totals 17 6 40 Totals 7 7 21 Score by Periods Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final Bedford Hills 1 1 9 8 1 2 — 40 Chappaqua 5 4 4 8 — 21 Officials. Referee: Goodman Umpire: Bjornstad Timer: McGee JUNIOR VARSITY GAME Bedford Hills J-V Greeley J-V Player FG. Fl. Pts. Player FG. Fl. Pts. R.F. Altamura 6 3 15 R.F. Mueser 10 2 Rcstucci 0 0 0 Here 3 17 L.P. Rycrson 3 0 6 Twlname 0 0 0 Wood 0 0 0 L.P. Myers 10 2 Barry 0 0 0 Pltbian 0 0 0 C. Reynolds 3 0 6 Perils 10 2 R.G. Magliochctti C. Deerlng 0 0 0 2 0 4 Stumpp 0 0 0 Antonulk 0 0 0 R.G. Keffer 0 11 L.G. Elman 0 11 Thurston 0 0 0 Cox 0 0 0 L.G. R. Messenger Rlchter 0 0 0 1 1 3 Kuperschmld 10 2 Totals 14 Score by Periods Team Bedford Hills J-V Greeley J-V Officials: Same Irviniton Player FG. R.F. Mczzaros 2 L.P. Ferguson Dinan C. Miller R.G Brown Dinunzto L.G. Carrozza 4 32 Totals 8 3 19 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final 11 9 5 7 — 32 5 4 8 2 — 19 VARSITY GAME Horace Greeley Fl. Pts. Player FG. Fl. Pts. 1 5 R.P. Lopez 10 2 0 0 L.P. Carrozza 12 4 0 10 Hess 0 0 0 4 12 C. Corrigan 12 4 0 6 Mengebier 0 0 0 1 3 Principe 113 0 6 R.G. D. Messenger 5 4 14 L.G. Melin 0 4 4 Totals 15 6 36 Totals 9 13 3 1 1st 4 7 2nd 13 14 Score by Periods Team Irviniton Chappatjia Officials: Referee: Hammond Umpire: Dawson Timer: Graff JUNIOR VARSITY GAME 3rd 4th Final 10 9 — 36 4 6 — 3 1 Player FG Fl. Pts. Greeley-Jays Pts.. R.P. Leahey 2 1 5 Player FG. Fl. Pts L.P. Jones 1 1 3 R.P. Mueser 2 1 5 Pierce 0 0 0 Herz 0 1 1 Jaffery 1 0 2 L.P. Myers 0 2 2 C. Marchewka C. Deerlng 1 2 4 0 0 0 Fitbian 1 0 2 R.G. Gory 0 0 0 R.G. Keffer 0 1 1 Patterson 0 0 0 L.G. Kuperschmld Thomas 0 0 0 0 0 0 L.G. Smith 0 0 0 R. Messenger 0 0 0 , . — — — Totals 4 2 10 Totals 4 7 15

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