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New Castle news. (Chappaqua, N.Y.) 1945-????, February 14, 1946, Image 14

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14 • NEW CASTLE NEWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1946 Movie Gossip From Hollywood by SIDNEY SKOLSKY Hollywood—Robert Hutton will do Owen Davis' play, \Forever After,\ for Warners, and his leading lady, of course, will be Joan Leslie . . . Metro is con­ sidering a remake of \San Francisco\ as a musical with their big trio, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Katharine Gray­ son. The studio wants to shift the locale of the story, but is having a difficult time finding another background for the earthquake finale . , Joan Craw­ ford and Lew Ayres have been together for a date . . . Marlene Dietrich and 20th Century-Fox have been discussing a picture deal over the trans-Atlantic phone, and the picture is said to be a remake of \Under Two Flags' . . . Arthur Lubin is talk­ ing about Evelyn Waugh's \Brideshead Revisited\ as his initial independent production . . . Arthur Rank is said to be working on a story in England concerning the plot against Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at the Teheran Conference . . . Tom Jenk says that when Hunt Stromberg releases \Young Widow\ he is going to see the picture from the balcony so he can get a better view of the luscious Jane Russell. * * * Hedy Lamarr and John Lodei are said to have reconciled, ac­ cording to their friends . . Signe Hasso and David Lewis are vooming . . . Cathy Downs, who plays Clifton Webb's wife in \The Dark Corner,\ will have a leading role in \Any Number Can Play\ . . . Hildegarde comes to Hollywood soon and will be the attraction at Ciro's Claudette Colbert sold her apart- Ronie Restaurant OPEN TWENTY FOUR HOURS DAILY CLOSED SUNDAYS 11:00 A.M. Phone 1272 Manville Rd., Pleasantville ment house, Peyton Hall, and the new owners immediately gave notice to Colberts brother, Charles Wendling, to move, be­ cause they needed the apart­ ment for themselves . . . When Elizabeth Patterson completed her role in \The Shocking Miss Pilgrim,\ in which she had many bedroom scenes, Betty Grable gave her a copy of \Forever Amber.\ Errol Flynn's novel, '.Show­ down,\ is dedicated to his friend, John Decker, who has probably staged more fights than the manager of the Legion Stadium . . . Steve Fisher has written another mystery yarn, which he is trying to sell to the studios, called \Adam and Evil\ Paramount will do Robert Hich- ens' love story of North Africa, \Barbary Sheep,\ and they would love to get Ingrid Bergman for the lead. She is now reading the yarn . . . Metro is talking to Rudolf Friml about writing the score for the Jeanette MacDon- ald-Nelson Eddy musical, \Re­ union In Vienna\ . . . Jennifer Jones hopes to be through with \Cluny Brown\ in time to attend the New Orleans Mardi Gras, and is making reservations anyway .... Nancy Guild and Jack Chessire, who just got out of the Navy, are vooming . . . Martha Stewart will have a leading role in \That's For Me\ . . Maureen O'Hara will have the feminine role in \Street Girl,\ when RKO makes this picture .... Curt Massey and Patti Andrews were talking about the difference be­ tween men and women. \Now taking writing for instance,\ argued Massey. \You women can never write a letter without a P.S.\ \Don't be ridiculous,' said Patti. \I'll even send you a fan letter and prove that you are wrong.\ The letter came as promised, and at the end of it was written, \P.S. What did I tell you.\ Jeanne Crain and Frank Lati- Briar Oaks Restaurant Saw Mill River Road—Between Briarcliff and Millwood Full Course Turkey Dinner $1.50 All Turkeys Home Grown . Dinner Served From 5:30 P. M. Dancing From 9 P. M. to Closing ERNEST FLOHE, Proprietor Tel. Briarcliff 2864 more will appear together in \Love's Quite Enough\ . . Jane Nigh and Bob Cornell have got\ ten around to each other .... On the rehearsal stage of \Down To Earth,\ Rita Hayworth is practicing dance routines in a revealing Greek tunic that she wears for the role of Terpsi­ chore in the Technicolor mu­ sical. Marc Piatt walked on the stage, took a look at Rita and gave with a lusty wolf whistle. \So comments dance director Jack Cole, \The Greeks had a word for it but all Marc can do is whistle\ . . . .Celeste Holm, who has what it takes to be a sweater girl, told an executive at the studio \that's the only part of my ego that can't be in­ flated.\ * * * Humphrey Bogart is going to take a vacation cruise on his yacht now that he has comple­ ted the added scenes for \The Big Sleep,\ and of course Lauren Bacall will be with him . . . Charles Boyer's bowling team is winning the 20th Century-Fox tournament . . . Linda Darnell will have one of the feminine leads in \A Letter To Four Wives\ . . Marguerite Chapman and Helmut Dantine have re­ sumed their romance .... At many of the Western premieres for \San Antonio\ people arriv­ ing on horseback were admitted free . . . That Paulette Goddard will have plenty of competition from the \other women\ in \Suddenly Its Spring\ is indicat­ ed in producer-writer Claude Binyon's comment in the screen­ play. Of the scene in which the \other woman\ is introduced, Binyon's script says, \She just happens to be wearing a negli­ gee that would send even Dick Tracy.\ . . . Pat C. Flick was sitting in a restaurant when Darryl Zanuck passed by and told the group in the booth a joke. Flick said, \That joke isn't funny.\ \I don't know,\ said Zanuck, \when I told it at the studio everyone roared.\ Flick replied, \Why don't you try it at Warners.\ Town Notes of the Week: In­ grid Bergman going practically unrecognized at the Schwabad- ero until she asked for a pair of dark glasses. Then everyone knew she must be an actress . . Bob Hope refers to Van Johnson as charm school with freckles . . Ann Sheridan, playing a night club singer in \The Sentence,\ will have a song called \Who Cares What People Say?\ .... >o< >o< IBON APETIT «><=>o< FOR GOOD FOOD . . . TRY OLD VILLAGE RESTAURANT 150 Bedford Road Pleasantville Julia Principe, Prop. Open from 8 A. M. until 10:00 P. M. >t)4 •0< •o< MX «0 PARK ROYAL RESTAURANT S x 5 COCKTAIL LOUNGE OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Special Chicken Chow Mein Twice Weekly: Tuesdays & Thursdays 30 EAST MAIN STREET Delectable Meals Served RESERVATIONS FOR PARTIES 0 i MT. KISCO 5 >o< ><>< MM 0 C i A COZY PLACE WHERE ALL FRIENDS MEET PREHDERGAST'S CENTRAL BAR & GRILL The Most Convenient Bar In CHAPPAQUA At The Railroad Tracks PAR MONSIEUR GOURMET (A Guide to Good Eating Places) Those of you who read these columns assiduously may re­ call that Monsieur Gourmet made his initial bow several weeks ago and hasn't been heard from since. Were you smirking at the prospect that he may be languishing in Northern Westches­ ter hospital a victim of over-indulgence in the delights of the table? Such is not the case. Rather, there is a feud between M. Gourmet and the editor of your paper. She has made sacrifice of him on the spurious grounds that when space is limited pre­ cedence should be granted to matters of an intellectual or cul­ tural character. Bah, and bosh, says Monsieur Gourmet who knows a little culture himself. For example, he knows that Mignon is a great opera but prefers the more tangible \filet\ version of it. Chateau­ briand may be an ornament of French literature but he reminds Monsieur fondly of a platter of interesting potatoes. Gourmet enjoys the singing of Nino Martini well enough, but is more at home calling his last name, and slugging him down twice or thrice before dinner. So Monsieur, stimulated by the greater vitality of his more carnal view, has thrashed his way back into these columns and oyer the dead bodies of the editor's ideals. So for a second take off and because he had never been there before, Gourmet betook himself last week to the Park Royal Restaurant in Mount Kisco. Here is a place where provision is made for every mood or circumstance of dining out. There's a friendly bar where the boys gather to hoist one or more, while the adjacent cocktail lounge is a cozy spot for couples to relax with a drink. The restaurant facilities are equal­ ly accommodating with comfortable, modern tables for groups. And a long, low lunch counter for those who hurry while they eat. The Saturday menu besides soups and appetizers featured eight different varieties of fish ranging from mackerel and cod at 45c a portion to the broiled Portland halm lobster at $1.25. Meat entres modestly priced in the 50c and 60c bracket included all the old familiars—goulash, pot roast, pork chops, sirloin of beef, turkey cutlet, etc. Monsieur Gourmet especially appre­ ciated the shrimp cocktail, first really good one he enjoyed in some time. This popular, busy establishment is capably managed by Vivi and .Nick Kef alas who bustle quietly about to see that their large following of customers is well satisfied. The bar is well stocked and the drinks are nominally priced. The food menu is 3. Id. C3Xt&« Park Royal Restaurant, 30 East Main Street, Mount Kisco. TWIN DINER Open 7 Days a Week Hours 6:00 A. M. to 1:00 A. M. LA PIZZA served every night 7:00 A. M. on Phone 346 S. GREELEY AVE., CHAPPAQUA GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD HEALTH Mc2>o*ueU '4 q*uu PLEASANTVILLE KISCO THEATRE Tel. m. Kisco 5020 ROME THEATRE Tel. Pleasantville 720 Fri.,, Sat.. Feb.. 15-166 CHARLESS BOYERR Inn \Confidentiall Agent\\ Sat.. Matineee Onlyy Chap.. 133 off \Purplee Monsterr Strikes\\ alsoo \Badd Menn off Thunderr Gapp (Western)) Usiall $ $ $ Attractionn Sat.. Nitee Thurs., Frl., Sat. Feb. 14-15-16 JENNIFER JONES in \Love Letters\ Sat. Matinee Only Last Chap, of \Purple Monster Strikes\ also \Man's Best Friend\ (Western) Fri. Sat Feb 15-1 CHARLE BOYE I \Confidentia Agent Sat Matine Onl Chap 1 o \Purpl Monste Strikes als \Ba Me o Thunde Ga (Western Usia $ $ $ Attractio Sat Nit Sin.,, Mon.. F\eVV 17-188 CHARLESS BOYERR inn \Confidentiall Agent\\ Sun.,, Mon.,, Ties.. Feb.. 17-18-199 JENNIFERR JONESS Inn \Lovee Letters\\ Sin. Mon F\e 17-1 CHARLE BOYE i \Confidentia Agent Sun. Mon. Ties Feb 17-18-1 JENNIFE JONE I \Lov Letters Tues.,, Wed.. Feb.. 19-200 DOUBLEE FEATUREE \DANGEROUSS PARTNERS\\ Alsoo \LOVE HONORR ANDND GOODBYE\\ Usuall $ $ $ Attractionn Wed.. Nitee Wed., Thurs. Feb. 20-21 ROBERT BENCHLEY In \Snafu\ UsHal $ $ $ Attraction Thurs. Nite Tues. Wed Feb 19-2 DOUBL FEATUR \DANGEROU PARTNERS Als \LOVE HONO A GOODBYE Usua $ $ $ Attractio Wed Nit COMING: Frl., Sat. Feb. 22-23 \TOO YOUNG TO KNOW\ COMING: | Thurs.. Frl., Sat. Feb. 21-22 23 | \STORY OF G. I. JOE\ 1 i J

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