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040 $a VYD $b eng $e rda $c VYD $d VYD
035 $a (OCoLC)1151232916
043 $a n-us-ny
049 $a VYDA
130 0 $a Overview (Syracuse, N.Y.)
245 10 $a Overview : $b The Onondaga Community College students' newspaper.
260 $a Syracuse, N.Y.
264 3 $a Syracuse, N.Y. : $b Scotsman Press, Inc.
300 $a volumes : $b illustrations
310 $a Weekly during the school year except holidays
336 $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent
337 $a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia
338 $a volume $b nc $2 rdacarrier
500 $a Dates supplied in finding aid located at htt ps://www.empireadc.org/empiresearch/ead/nsyoc /nsyoc0001. "Student publications began at Onondaga Community College shortly after the opening of the college in 1962. The 'OCC Press' was the first student run newspaper, publishing its first newspaper in 1962. Several bi-weekly and monthly publications followed, including 'The Blue Banner', 'Fred Magazine', 'The Other Paper', and a variety of literary magazines . The longest running newspaper was 'The Overview', published between 1975 - 2015. Today students continue to publish newsletters, magazines and journals."
588 0 $a Description based on surrogate: November 1987; title from masthead.
588 1 $a Last issue consulted: November 1987.
610 20 $a Onondaga Community College $x Students $v Newspapers.
610 20 $a Onondaga Community College $v Newspapers.
650 0 $a College students $z New York (State) $z Syracuse $v Newspapers.
650 0 $a College student newspapers and periodicals $z New York (State) $z Onondaga County.
650 0 $a Community colleges $z New York (State) $z Onondaga County $v Newspapers.
752 $a United States $b New York $c Onondaga $d Syracuse
780 00 $t The Blue Banner $w (OCoLC) 854958391
994 $a C0 $b VYD