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OPUS-Both freshmen and upperclassmen were \lost\ upon return to class at the new campus. A series of assemblies and tours helped orient students to a totally new educational environment. A. Stephen Walls, director of Student Activities (right) addresses students on one of many phases of life on the new campus. photos by Frank Garcia union target date According to Brian Moore, financial director ofCollege Union, the College Union is to 1:ie completed possibly by November, if not no later than January. The building located almost dead center, between the Residence Halls and The College of Applied Science has the task of serving the students. The activities and facilities provided by the college union varies with the individual's taste. There is the College Film Festival, which makes films available for the students to see, at a reduced rate. The first film shown this year was the award winning Zorba the Greek. For the indoor recreationist the.re is; bowling, on an ~ight lane alley, ping-pong, pocket billards and many others. The Union will have a lunch- room and a snack bar. It will also have a restauraitt, something on the basis of a cocktail lounge, which will serve mixed drinks; a place where you can take a girl out to dinner without i?oini off campus. The hours that the Union will operate will be determined accord- ing to demand, it was estimated from the hours of 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. on week days and 9 a.m. to midnight on weekends. outside opinion One young man in Florida has decided that the answer to youth's problems may lie in a national lobby to campaignsolely for the viewsof the young in the political arena. Kenneth Rothchild of Deerfield, Fla., contends that the generation of under-26 citizens in this country ( words, the draft- ables) are being exploited by a political system run almost exclu- sively by those over 26, and that it is time for young people to do something about it. The fault, Rothschild main- tains, lies in the decision - making process in the U.S. government, which decides among alternative courses of action on the basis of weighing the vested int.erests in each possibility. In the case of the Vietnam war, President Johnson initially made a war decision · rather than a non- war decision, because he took into account the interests of the adult population and neglected the interests of the under 26 genera- tion which would have to fight and die in the war. . \ The beneficial value of war, although only slightly greater than those of non-war, conti- naually lures Johnson,\ he says. \The harm of war can be very great. What Johnson · has done is reduce the probability of harm for himself and his constituents (adu lts) while still pursuing the rewards.\ Rothschild hopes the Yough Lobby, for which he ha5 issued a proposal, can be a way for youth to fight back against such deci- sion-making. The Lobby is to be an \inter-racial non-partisan power center,\ is to set up an _ organization \which will be influ- ential in directing current legis- lation,\ is to provide a \clear- inghouse for youth's opinions.\ The organization is clearly not aimed at those who would, SDS-style, tear the system down and start over, who think the established political process is incurably ill. The Lobby's objec- tives include \providing a con- structive outlet for young activists who may move in time of frustration to rebellion and lawlessness\ and \Providing some rapport between yough and the Establishment.\ \We must be able to ple$Ure decision-makes to act NOW,\ Rothschild says, \no matter which party is administrating. Do you think the young care whether they die under a Demo- cratic or a Republican admin- istration?\ The only alternatives now available to the system for young people are desertion and anarchy, the Lobby maintains. It hopes to give another possibility. . NTID is what it wants to be, And what it's students were made to be- All striking characters in their own right, They think and animate with their own will . They care not much to be Stereotyped like others of their kjnd; They are a very living part of you Each individual body, soul, and mind. NT/ D is what it wan ts to--be- That's why it came to be at RIT. Anthony Ca/oroso, Jr. NTID-September 27, 1968 Firing Line I could swear that the last time I · walked past the now famous sun- dial, I saw some co-ed with a sign taped behind her (wriggling it very nicely) that said, \Don't follow me, I'm lost too.\ Be that as it may, and I'm sure it will, one would think something could be done for the benefit of visitors to the Henrietta campus. You know; someone who won't be on it long enough to memorize where all the buildin~ are - for instance, an art student. Perhaps a couple signs would help matters. Someting, that some might con- sider more important than saving a few steps mighLbe saving a few lives. l'm referring to the lack of yield signs, traffic signals, patrols and direction signs on the roads of the campus. Come on now fellows, stop signs are nice, but... Of course, switching the street- intra track meet oct. 12 An intramural track meet, open to any RIT students who meet certain requirements, will be he ld Oct. 12 1 at 1:30 P.M. on the track. All who are interested may enter if they meet the following req uire - ments: 1. Full time RIT undergrad student. 2. Not a member of the varsity track team. Teams from dorms, fraternities, and organizations may enter by filling out an application available at the equipment room below the gym, o,rcall 359-1061. lights off at I 2 Midnight is also a tremendous idea. Yes sir, think of all the pennies the school is saving. Think of all the dollars they ' ll have to pay out at the end' of the first lawsuit. •Ron Delsener Presents _ SIMON am1 GARFUNKEL only Rochester appearance (with special sourid system} Saturday, Oct. 5 8:30 p.m. ROCHESTER WAR MEMORIAL Tickets :$ 3.50, $4.50, $5.50 by mail and at box office Rochester WN Memorial 100 Exchange Place, Rochester (716) 232-3200 page 5

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