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I WHAT'S HAPPENING I Richard BoifiSonnault (Pr3) has been granted the second Scr'ipps-Howard Foundation Award for Newspaper Production Management. The scholarship totals $7,000 and is awarded to the student who, in the opinion of the scholarship committee, shows the ability to assume an executive position in the newspaper production field. Boissonnault is a Dean's List student in the Printing Management program of the School of Printing. He was the Production Manager of the award-winning RIT. REPORTER during the la st school year; responsible for the composition, makeup, and pr inting of · the paper. A brother of Phi Sigma Kappa, he was married this summer and will return this fall from Holyoke, Mass., his home town, to live in married students housing on the new campus. - Chris Cummings (Ph2) made a swing throug h Europe, with stops in Zurich, Milan, Rome, Assisi, Florence on his way to Bern, Switzerland. Chris was chosen by hi$ church in Syracuse, NS. to attend the Baptist Youth World Conference in Bern during the last week of July. student fe I lows hip Welcome back to RIT! We are sure many of you have at one time or another heard of the functions and activities of the International Student Fellowship. We believe that world peace is enhanced through und erstan din g. At the highest level the U.N. has done its be st to bring together similarities and solve differences. We at RIT with its academic merits also want · to promote better understanding thr,ough personal friendships with students from other countries. The scope of our students could possibley be broadened by participating in cultural exchange on a person to person basis . The I.S.F. is intended to help build a bridge of underStanding. The I.S.F. at the beginning of the year, with the help of its members and faculty advisorS, has established a program to aid all foreign students in orienting them to their new surroundings. Through the year the I.S.F. will sponsor programs such as films and discussions, international dinners, trips, and sor forth. We hope you will be interested in participating. R IT history professor, Dr. Salah . Ud Din Malik , is touring the far east this summer. He will visit · Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, South Vietnam, Burma, East and West Pakistan, Nepal, and Afganistan. . The highlight of Dr. Malik's tour will be his presentation of a paper at the International Conference on Asian History at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Malik is an ex pert in Muslim and far east history and has authored many articles on the problems of the indian subcontinent. - Bill Uhler (Pr3) is living for one month this summer with a family in Germany. He is part of an \Experiment in International Living \ group which will spend one month with a host family in Germany and one month touring and studying in Europe. - A retired RIT professor has established a $10,000 endowm(lnt fund for purchase 0£ books for the Institute's library. The gift was received from Cyril Donaldson as a memo r ial to his late wife, Mrs. Constance A. Donaldson. Donaldson was a member of the RIT mechanical engineering faculty for 32 years, from 1928 to 1960. - Varsity basketball coach Bill Carey and his wife are spending their summer as camp staffers at Eagle Cove, Inlet, N.Y. . - Ralph L. Gray has been elected chairman of RIT's Faculty Council. The council acts as an advisory group to the administration on matters affecting faculty and students. Gray , an associa t e p r ofessor, is chairman of the science and humanities staff. He has been a member of the RIT faculty since 19 4 7. Others elected to one - year terms are: vice chairman, Charles H. Barron, an instructor in machine shop; secretary John K . Hartley , Jr., an assistant professor of business administration; and Rufus . C. Short, an associate professor of printing, . Appointed to the faculty council for three year terms were Miss N. Evelyn Brandon, an assistant professor of social science; Robert A. Conge, an assistant professor of art and design; Dr. Varadaraja V . . Raman, an associate pro fessor of physics ; and Martin J. Siebach, an assistant professor of electrical engineering. Mademoiselle Magazine, a top national magazine and a leading spokesman for the fashionable young, has selected an RIT coed to it's prestigious college board. Johanna Bohoy (AD3) rece ived the honor and will serve as a member of the board during the · coming school year. Johanna, as a college•board member, will submit articles for the magazine's \On Campus\ feature as well as art work, and original ideas. She will also act as hostess for traveling editors of the magazine and it's photographers. Upon graduation, college-board members are given priority on staff jobs as well as the opportunity, during their years on the college board, to win gu.est editorial positions in ~ew York City and trips abroad. , Miss Bohoy is vice-president of Alpha Sigma Alpha and the art publication chairman of College Unions International . - Judy Brown (FA3) is working this summer in Puerto Rico with the Red Cross. She is an instructor in first aid, home nursing, and baby care. Last year Judy spent her summer in Mexico working. - Charles F. Piotraschke has been appointed safety officer at RIT. Piotraschke has been on the faculty of the Institute's Electrical Engineering Department since 1946. - The appointment of Charles U. Welch as dean of students at · Rochester Institute of Technology has been announced by Dr. James B. Campbell, vice president o f student personnel services. Welch joined the RIT staff July 1. As dean of students, which is a newly crea ted position at RIT, he will be responsible for the lnsti tute's Counseling Center, Reading-Study Clinic, housing, fraternities and sororities, student government and activities, and religious and student organizations. - The School of Printing, with the sponsorship of the Gravure Technical Association, will attempt to set up a permanent professorship in gravure printing at the new campus. The Association is presently raising $500,000 to establish the program at RIT. Plans call for a basic gi:.avure course, required for all freshmen, this fall, as well as elective courses in advanced gravure applications for upperclassmen. ARE. Tf-\EJ<.E ANY 0Tf4ER QUESTIONS .. ? HA.VE . ANY · ATTEMPTS 81::f:N MADE ON YoUR Ltt=E SINCE You L.E:FT _.., ..... YouR COUNTRY~ ~ ~ page 2 0 0 ~ 0 no\i 0 D D o . I. 1--- LJ o D tJ u n o t11 rt . L1 ~ . I 0 C C, 1 \NOPE 1 I-\.A\JEN 1 T HAD ANY STODE:NT RIOTS /N 6001 TE.N YEARS,,, T/-\ATS lJI J I-\EN WE Kl LLED Tf-\EM ALL OFF,,, ;1/ orientation committee set A. Stephen Walls, Director of Student Activities, has announced the names of the Executive Board of the Freshmen and Q>perclassmen Orientation Committee for 1968. In charge of Finance will be Harry Richards (FA3), a brother of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. Kevin Keator, (Pr3), has been named to the post of Public Relations Director, with R. Clifford SNider (Pr3), as Director of Properties. Both Keator and Snider are Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Heading Special Events will be Charles Holden (Pr3), Holden is a brother of Sigma Pi fr::1teTnity. Social Events for the program will be directed by Bonnie Marshall, (BA2), a sister of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. Cadi Robinson (AD3), Coordinating the activities of the incoming students to NTID will be Marilyn MacGregor (AD3) and Diana DeSio (RE3 ). Both DeSio and MacGregor are sisters of . Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority. In charge of the Secretariat will be Mrs. Beverly J. Linton, Secretary of Student Activities. Serving on the Secretariat are Fran Zucker (REI), Lisa Dunn (RE2), and Maria Rainone (FA2): Miss Zucker is a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha and Miss Dunn is a sister of Alpha X i Delta Sorority. receive grant RIT has received a $56,444 grant from the U.S. Public Health Service to be used to improve and strengthen its dietetic and medical technology programs. In charge of Food Services will be Alison Adams (F A2). Also disclosed by Walls was the position of Administrative Assistant for the Office of Campus Orientation. Named to the pos t is Mr. Neil Gorfain. Mr. Gorfain was chairman of the 1967 Freshmen Orientation Program. symposium The Editors of Symposium wish to welcome the new and returning students to the new campus. We feel symposium represents an overview o f the student as a writer, Painter, Pho togra pher or anything in between . All · our material will come from you the student and is put together by a student staff with Mr. Koch as our advisor. In order to do this the staff needs your work. We wou ld like to ask you now to think about what you will submit and if you are interested working on the Symposium staff. We are going to publish two issues and maybe three with the first one coming out near the end of the fall quarter. Again I would like to make it known that we need more staff. As a member of the staff we all choose the rork to be used, and take part in its designing. We think of each issue as a new challenge and therefore each issue will have a new design and format. The editors hope to see you at our table during freshman orientation and at that time we would like to discuss symposium and hand out copies of our last is&_ue.

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