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Page 4 ■ Times of Wayne County waynetimes.com | May 8, 2011 Digging Wells by Chuck Wells Louise s high speed train to nowhere Louise Slaughter, our very liberal congressional legislator, has been push­ ing for us to spend billions on high speed train tracks for years. She recent wrote that 21,000 new jobs would be created by constructing these tracks and that we should be able to afford billions as we are already spending $8 billion per month “in Afghanistan as American troops are being killed and maimed.” Congress told Amtrak in 1997 that it had to end its reliance on subsidies (our money) by 2003 (Amtrak Reform and Accountability Act of 1997). Amtrak lost $1.1 billion in 2006. It loses $524 per passenger riding the rails. It spends $2 for every $1 collected in fare so the more passengers it has, the more money it loses. Amtrak is now a government owned corporation that is looking to the govern­ ment for $2.6 billion per year thru 2013. When was the last time you rode the train? And those 21,000 jobs Louise says will be created? Those aren’t private sec­ tor jobs stimulating the economy as they are paid for by tax dollars. I’m still wait­ ing to see those thousands of jobs Hillary promised when she was senator. And if Louise is so concerned about us spend­ ing $8 billion per month in some rock pile protecting stone-age tribes people, why doesn’t she tell her Democrat presi­ dent to get out like she did Bush? And Louise’s initial proposal was to get $151 million from the feds to build an 11 mile track in the Southern Tier of New York between two little villages. It would be the high speed train to nowhere. She also wanted to rehab that dump train station in Rochester so the dozen or so people who use it would be more com­ fortable. There is, however, one good reason to build a high-speed train line in New York. So we can get the heck out of this high tax, high regulated, high fee state as quickly as possible and take Louise with us. BIN LADEN DUMPED AT SEA I know that you are tired of hearing about the Bin Laden shooting as am I. But I had a few observations. Eirst of all, it is interesting that the lib press is now say­ ing poor Bin Laden may not have been armed and he should have been captured and had the right to a trial. This murderer already confessed to killing thousands of innocent people. Dispatching him quick­ ly with a bullet to the head and sparing us an agonizing trial was the right thing to do. The Obama administration probably would have held the trial in New York and given him probation! Dumping his body overboard at sea was also the right thing to do as we used to do with garbage. Having a 45 minute ceremony before the dumping was in­ sulting to his victims. Just dump him. And the photo of his body should have been made public. Worried about incit­ ing more violence by showing the photo? These people want to kill us and show­ ing the photo won’t make any difference to them. We should also state that this is what will happen to all of their other lead­ ers very soon. We are a bunch of wimps and they know it and take advantage of our weaknesses. Maybe Trump can get Obama to release the photo... E-Mail Chuck at: cwells@wellsinsagen- cy.com Call Chuck at Wells Insurance (315- 597-3544) for a free auto, home, life, business liability, contractor, or long term care (nursing home) insurance quote. You may save some money! Great rates, many companies to choose from, and hometown service! M ichael Hall: A Life W e ll Lived “Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” That was a quote from Saint Catherine of Siena, stated at a recent royal wedding. That quote stayed with me, because I do be­ lieve that God gave each of us gifts to be used for His purpose. I also accepted it as a personal challenge in my own fife. After attending the memorial service for 16-year old Michael Hall, Jr. on Mon­ day, May 2 ,1 realized that he, more than anyone I’ve known in years, used his gifts to bring love, joy and purpose into the fives of everyone he met. I only met Mike last year, as a chaperone on a band trip to Boston. I saw that, besides his gift of music and other arts, he was a connec­ tor. Michael’s fife, though short, was full beyond measure. He knew when some­ one needed a friend, a laugh, a hug, en­ couragement, or to simply feel that they mattered to someone. They mattered to him. What a gift he gave to all he knew. Joy is contagious. Laughter is con­ tagious. Love is contagious. He knew it. He embraced it. He wasn’t afraid to show it. And everyone was better be­ cause of it. His love for, and acceptance of, Jesus Christ was most heartwarming. Eor that, I rejoice. I encourage every one of us to remember the way Mike lived. Challenge yourself, whether young and not so young, to look within yourself, de­ termine the gifts you too were given, ex­ ercise them, and set your world on fire. I’m reminded of another fabulous musician named Michael, who wrote: “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.” Well done, Mike. Peggy Hearkens Wilkinson Road, Macedon A Good Turn Wow, Walworth sparkles! Our local scouts worked hard last Saturday, April 30th to clean up trash littering our road­ ways. A special thank-you is in order to these hard-working kids and their leaders, families, and friends for taking time out of their picture perfect weekend to serve our community! They saved our town thousands of tax dollars, while showing pride in our community. The residents of Walworth are fortunate to have such great kids living in our town. We are proud of you for a job well-done! Thank you. Susie C. Jacobs, RMC Walworth Town Clerk 0-P M IN I STORAGE 1599 Wayneport Road Macedon, New York 986-2415 Various Sizes Reasonable Rates Vv 'Jcrte •pop \ms. Opinions Good person could not do anything against the la w How surprised I was to see a “not that long ago” friend’s photo on your front page. Erom 1982 or so until into the mid 1990s when I moved away, I spent a lot of time with Peggy Cain who has been accused of wrong-doing, according to your article (April 24). Anyone who knows this lady would not believe that she would ever intentionally do anything against the law. She has always been an honest upstanding woman. Have you seen her longtime record for doing what is right and her years of volunteering for her community? If anything might be a cause, look at the way NYS’s bureau­ cracy of paperwork and laws changing so much that any one of us could make an honest mistake. Peggy Cain is a good person. Laureen Williams Hamilton, NY Supports Arrington for P a l-M a c School Board Each year, we are given the opportu­ nity to vote for the people who will have a direct impact on the course our school district will take for years to come. The people who are elected to these volun­ teer positions often put in long hours for a simple reward: the success of our chil­ dren. This year’s election is being held on Tuesday, May 17 at the Pal-Mac Inter­ mediate School in Macedon. It is of par­ ticular importance to me because I have one child who will be starting school this year, and another who is not far behind. As I enter the voting booth this year. I’m supporting a person who puts the chil­ dren first above all else. I’m supporting someone who understands what it means to be an advocate, giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. I’m supporting someone who is not afraid to ask tough questions of our school district’s leaders. I’m supporting Laura Arrington by writing in her name on the ballot Tuesday, May 17 for school board. And I’m asking everyone in the Pal-Mac school district to do the same. Laura is a person of high character who is dedicated to ensuring the success of our students. She has been the president of the PTO for six years and will continue as a leader when elected to the Board of Education for the Pal-Mac school district. Our children are the future. We are obligated to prepare them well. Electing Laura Arrington to the Pal-Mac school board as a write-in candidate on Tuesday, May 17 is the way to make this happen. Best regards, Laurie Pipitone Maple Avenue Palmyra YOUNGMAN FARMS QUALITY ANGUS BEEF R A ISE D ON A SE L F SU F F IC IE N T FAMILY FARM A N D FED WITH O UR OWN LOCALLY GROWN C R O P S FOR DETAILS CALL SHAWN: 3 1 S - S 7 6 - 3 6 0 S I © 2 0 1 1 by King F e a tu res Syndicate. Inc. W orld righls reserv e d . | C avallaro - ^ELBALER I W CHEVROLET < BUICK^ C husmh C mei www.cav-neub.com • Free Estimates •We repair all makes and models •Loaner Car Available • GM + I-Car Certified Technicians • BASF Paint Mixing System •Insurance Claims Assistance Limited Lifetime Written Warranty 13105 O swego S t . WoLCon, M 14590 315-594-8038 * 1-877-707-1635 TAX TIPS MAY Incorporating? Now that tax season is over, what are we going to grouse about now? Well, there are plenty of tax changes happening now, and most of them don’t look good. Most of the tax increases are for busi­ nesses. “Great,” some of you say, “they should pay more taxes.” You’re not alone in thinking this, but seeing the government join in is very scary. Look at it this way: If taxes are raised on businesses, where do you think those businesses will get the money to pay for them? The answer is that they will raise their prices, passing the cost on to their customers. Now who is paying more? The old saying, “Businesses don’t pay taxes, people do” is still very true, but it seems our new government has never heard it before. CORPORATIONS I’d also like to say a few things about corporations. In the past six months, I have had several clients interested in incorporat­ ing their businesses. Some have come in to say that they are now incorporated, and want to know what needs to be done now. The first thing I ask is what their attorney has done already, so I know what choices have already been made and what still needs to be done. If you are thinking of in­ corporating a business, we have a booklet available on what a person needs to know when making the decision. We would like to meet with you before you incorporate to review the type of corporation which is best for you to have. We want to help you make an informed decision. We give you the answers you need to determine what is best for your business. Then you will have the answers to the questions an attorney will ask. Incorporating is serious business, you need to be informed. Have a great year or the best that you can. Harold E. Boerman BOERMAN TAX ACCOUNTING Phone: (315) 926-0203 Website: www.btmhb.eom Email: request @ btmhb .eom

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