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Volume 2. Number 2 August 21,1990 Newsstand Price: 35 cents Putti~ng an End to the Rumors Palmyra Police Chief David Dalton Speaks Out by Ron Holdraker From the moment the grizzly murders of a fifteen year, old girl and the seventeen month old baby boy she was- watching &re announced, rumors began flying throughout Palmyraand the surround- ing communities. \What kind of crazed man would do'this?\ people asked. Sex crime, drug crime,'or perhaps something dealing with the occult - all these theories flourished. The case took a horrible twist when a seemingly normal, average 14 year old neighborhood boy was questioned, arrested and. charged with the crime. As infirmation was made available to the public and the horrid- details began to unfold, an aura of disbelief grasped the community. Then, as human nature will, rumors began to surface and spread. In a des- perate search for answers, people would hear, speculate and spread stories con- cerning the crime,-the defendant and the circumstances. It has been several weeks since the story began to unwind. Unfortu- nately,. ~iiwafrante~fears and rumors still persist, as acommunity yearns for answers. The TIMES still receives several \It is simplyludicrous and foolish to think any police department would hide anything concerning this case \- - calls per day, concerning the case and the quest for new andmore information. Palmyra Police Chief David Dalton has been with the department since 198 1. He welcomed the-opportunity to address the \rumor-infested?' case and hopefully put to rest the residents' fears. \First off, every one of these foolish rumors is tracked down; All these rumors are taking up a lot of police time. Where do people get off thinking I'm going to cover something up. 1 live in this com- munity. Why would I jeopardize my family, my wife, my home and my job perpetuating a cover-up. We solved our tragedy through the public giving us solid leads. If we thought there was any reason to continue lo-oking, we'd be back on the case in a minute. It is simply ludicrous ana foolish to think any department would^ hide anything con- cerning this case,'\ said Dalton. Chief Dalton then began dispelling rumors that persisted, both ones that had filtered in and new ones ofwhich he was not aware. He stated, that to his knowledge there was no missing girl in Marion, no mi'ssing boy in' Palmyra that was an &coinplice to . the crime, no drugs'or spurned love connection was involved in the case. Most emphatically, Dalton stressed that absolutely no creedence was found concerning the \occult\ rumor that persists.. \I would like to assure them (the residents) that if there was anything satanic, I would let them know; If anybody has real inform- ation on anything, don't tell a neighbor, call the police. We will investigate it. My \thing\ on satanism, in general, is that it is somebody trying to impress other people. H-owever, I don't think we have a problem with real sacrifices of animals in our area,'' said the chief. He stated that he chalked up the kids grafitti concerning occult messages more to a challenge to adult authority than to a real occult meeting. Dalton again stressed that the \occult\ connection simply did not exist in the murder case of the two Palmyra children. Another rumor that surfaced in the past several days concerned the supposed discovery of several bodies in Macedon and a police \cover up\ concerning it. Again, Dalton.wished to assure everyone that this was totally untrue. Many of the rumors are the result of our court system's inability to expand upon details concerning cases,\ said Dalton. He stated that Wayne County District ~ttomey> ~teve~~irIii6 couldn't say very much relating to the case because that is the way our system works. \People are arrested and dealt with through the courts., not rumors,\ stated Dalton. In a closing statement Chief Dalton said \If you find out why this happened, you tell me. I've often questioned why a needless, senseless death occurs, whether at a fatal accident or a murder. people cannot accept the fact that this happened in our community. They need a reason. Every palice officer that worked on this case would like to know_why. Sometimes there is not &n answer to every question. There simply is no good answer in this case. Maybe a doctor or somebody will find one someday.\ Definition: from Funk & Wagnall dictionary RUMOR: an unverified or unfounded report, story, etc. ckculating from person to person. Common gossip; hearsay. pal&cra Police Chief David ?@ton - Moments after the fire was completely extinguished by the Macedon Fire Dept:, this picture showed the total destruction of the blaze. Macedon- Police Vehicle Destroyed in Fire Catalytic Converter Seen as Probable Cause . Last Tuesday morning (August 14) at approximately 9:00 a.m., as Macedon Police Officer Gordon Chapple pro- Macedon Police Oficer Gordon. Chapple watching as his squad car is consumed by fire ceeded up Wayneport Road towards Route 31, on his way to work, he noticed a small stream of smoke coming from the floorboard beneath his feet. He immediately called into the ~ayne County police dispatch . . . \Wayne 289 - I've got an auto fire - and it's mine!\ Chapple proceeded about -100 yards further up the road before the smoke became completely intolerable. \The floorboard was on fire when I got out. All I could think of was to get the car away from the houses, as far as I could. Then all I could think about was to get a full box of ammo, that was in the glove. compartment, out,\ said Chapple. He was able to pull the car into the lot at the corner of Route 31 and Wayneport Road, by the offices of OP Mini Storage, before the fire took hold. After the officer cleared the car, the entire vehicle became ablaze. \I couldn't even get back to get my clipboard. I was - coughing out a lot of smoke,\ he said. Tim Zmich was across the road, and immediately ran over to assist Chapple. \I can't believe it didn't blow up. The siren in the car kept going off during the fire,\ said Zurich. B Macedon Town Supervisor Stu . Continued on Page 5 . . . Walworth Board Opts for New Town Slogan \Walworth - Gateway to Wayne County\ At last Thursday's Walworth Town for a, twenty-three lot subidivision in , Board meeting, a discussion of new Gananda to be known as Creekside 'Welcome to Wa1worth\signs brought a Circle: The subdivision is planned for motion that the town consider a new the area between Leeward Circle and. -slogan to be used on the signs. Several Route 350, off Waterford Road. Grants slogans were.discussed. Chosen to repre- of $25,000 will be offered to qualifying sent the town was: \Walworth - The - . families towards the new homes to the ' Gateway to Wayne County\. Thirteen new signs are planned for main entrances- to the town.- The types of signs and- placement will be discussed at -a later , date. The board also passed a resolution autholking and designating the Gananda Partnership to submit an appli- cation for funding to the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation , I Continued on Page 5 . . . VOTE Wednesday, August 22 .- From-6 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Macedon Elementary School . Bickford Road, Macedon

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