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... -- A$ most' ~~,-YOU know, next year's consider this when the vote is put before proposed-Budgkt for the ~zinanda Dis- the communityagain. / . . , . by Ron Holdraker trict., was recently ~oted down for the . .- -, Sincerely, - second' time. The students of Ganaqda~ , , Brandonne .Ouillette . . do not - usually.: pay a great deal of <. I ~anielle O.uilfe tte atten'tiog tci the ~udgetibut this year we were directly%ffected by the outcome. , As it stands, there will be no sports next year. This. is a huge dissapointment, because our athletic program is extreme- ly important to us.'Not only do Gorts keepus in good physical condition and give us sometl-@ng to 40, we also gain a feeling of pride .in ourselves, our school and. community for the effort we put into our sport. It would be terrible 'to terminate, the athletic program when it is growing stronger -so quickJy. Has anyone forgotten our first league champion- ship this past year? We urge you to \ . . . .Mitchell Ouillette , Cara Rothfuss . . Paul ~bthfuss - * \ when people play games . . . especially with me!-. - Something ---- happened - at. last week's Gananda School Board ~eor~anizational meeting - so%ethinithat should not have occurred. The meeting- began with-hard - feelingsj.terse words and embarrassing exchanges between board members. A new president and vice president for the board were elected: Some of the people in attendance were embarrassed by the events and,publicly stated. so. I, on the other hand,-chalked the .ex&anges up to politics and the way our democratic system sometimes, unfortunate16 works. Other appointnients were fairly routine in nature ' - and would .be voted an in. blocks to hasten the long evening's agenda. But wait! What's this . . . Number Thirteenwould cause a stumbling blcick; Number ~hirteen on the list of appointments, had to deal with the Ganahda school ~istrict's-appointment of a , legal newspaper. When a. district qr :municipality 5ppqints a legal newspaper, a publication can realize a sure Source of advertising dollars. All those somewhat dry,. long, legal notices must be paid for. You see them every week in town papers, you see them daily in the Gannett papers. The large majority of-readers often ignore these intrusions upon precious reading time. A few people are actually engrossed in their reading of these notices, and to some they are an important part of business and-daily life. The public must bi made aware of government transactions and These legal notices actually impact just about every' person one, way or another with* the ' district. They are a critical part..of the political system, but'theydo indeed make for' boring reading. The Ga~anda School District has, in the past, used two legal newspapers the \Wayne county Mail\ and ;the \Palmyra Courier-Journal 't That was before the , . introduction of the. \TIMES\. 1n the past year, the- \TIM&S\ has:captured a vast - 1: ;majority of area readership.;~urrenily, the \TIM~s' four and five times zd - ;* -tHe number of paid.&bserib'@rs,as the other twd papers. combined,:&thin the district. : There is little .question which paper has suppliedthe area with .the vast majority of . .~+. - - : caverage andiandccassinn, eo,ntrbversyrSo, to my surprise (?), thef,‘TPMES as-not ,. , : Address your \Letter to the Editor\ to: Ron Holdraker, c/o The TIMES, 1.900 Route 31; West Wayne Plaza, Macedon, , . NY 14502. Deadline is Thurs- day preceding publication date. All letters MUST include < your -name and address. - Don7 -Punish. the Students - Vote Yes on Proposmons This has been an extremely difficult time for our school district. There are- , diverse reasons and opinions why the budget was not approved thisyear. The important thing NOW isto stop punish- ing the student$; . . , -. Children sh,ould not be punished for the actions 'or inactions of their , parents. Everyday they contend -with -- pressures u&ue to iheir age groups, - - play any s-ports this year; just when we're s.tarting to be competit-ive. The upcoming year will necessitate dedication and hard work by everyone: We must stay invol~ed and coeu&ate. ass district routinely, rather thari.jnst oncea year at the voting booth. Please vote \YES\ on July 25th ;or all the separate propositions, so wemay go forward with a, well-;d&kd6d e&- - ,.~. what 'LF'going,on with the budget this , , - , ,. . .- Sincerely . - jfelu',$ll:&.'i&LeyL<$f& Gotriia'. -iAs:k them. > t <'; i.'.: , . *' , s - . , & w&~ ;hlasi0 even rkomincadedlbyt.Q$ pre~nt-administration asit legolnemspaget;, Seiretal. bo@d ' ,. rgie?;tjdeiz$ gb~~t, walking to ;: .; . ,. . -. . -. : .3 , , . ; ; \\members, objected an4 amotionwas propo@ to add tb-\nMES?7to-the-list of other . .-. . -, , ~ $-. 3'795- Db~ivdd Rd. - A . . schob1':aiYd n~'~havin~lib&~ books. +.-, . Walwoi-th,, '+ NY . legal newspapers sdng the district. After some maneuvering, and polite discussipn, They. kre wdrried they won9t be able to , - . - -- *- , -.$ < t the measure passed, b;y ,a fciu-r-to-two mitrgin. -, ', ~-$ - ., Well, R& oldr raker should- be happy, right? The \TIMES\ is Mw. a legal , . ':. , Wakorth eatio ion-Applauds Um@re . ' : - newspaper for the district and would be paid for legal notices. Quite-the~ontrary- I am furious! After the reorganizational meeting, during public comment, I addressed the board and told them that the move was-\assinine\, The voters in the district have rejected two budget attempts in thepast few months. The new board, in their very first move concerning money, just incredsed the district's expenditures by probably $750. -Why does a school district with approximately 700 students' need three legal newspapers? Why didn't the board select a legal newspaper'based upon coverage, circulation and merit? Why did the superintendent snub the ',TTIMs-\~~ the first place? I have a sneaky suspicionlhat a political game was being played out andquite ,-- - - ,. ., . frankly, I'm angry! \ - As a taxpayer, and an editor, 'I question the motives behi-nd this strategy, Members of the.board, both for and against a \third newspaper\ found the situati~n awkward. Patti and-I could really use theextra monies generated by the district's Legal notices. (I'm getting pretty tired of macaroni and cheese). I cannot in goad copience, however, accept wasted money from a district hard strapped for funds. 1, therefore, will return any money generat& from Gananda legal notices to deserving programs within~the schools. This +l continue until the administration and board get their act together and begin thinking about saving this distrkt money and selecting legal our season - as a community service to benefit the participants of Walworth's softball- Since umpiring is so often ,a thankless job,-we wish to express our gratefulnlss towards him 'and the Witlwbrth Masons for responding to - our needs so promptly and graciously: i The generous giving of your time and seiyice to the Walworth Recreation ~e~artment will long be remembered and appreciated, Norm! DeboraGermain, a . - \ . . , . ' < \re; ->. - <. We are -writing to recognize the effort! of one of'the Walworth Masons who responded.immediately to our need for umpires tor the ~alworth~~ecreation , Softball Program. As- our season began; the .umpires we'd lined up fbund other jobs; -and we f~und~o~urselves in the. predicament of ' having no umpires. On the second.night of the softball -season, Norm Howard was cont&ted and'&ked if the Walworth Mas~ns mightbeable to offer us any help. Mr. Howard has been ,an umpire for over..l5 years himself, and he readily . aireed to assist us beginning that 'night. ~rom that evening on; Mr. Howard * umpired for as every remaining night of , L . .& newspapen.based upon merit, not politics. . . 'I . , -A Message to the PaWac Community .. . . from by. ~r. James Tobin . . I, .'. , , . S~~&ntenddnf pf,-~ch69@, Falniyra-Macedon , . School District-,. ,- , '- -* i: ?. ' . .. . , , ~ ,\.-~d&rtising and sfoiy deadline ' far $he TI ME? is-Thursday ~'o'on prebedim publication date. The TIMES is distribu~ed weekly on- Tuesdays. We 'ere 3eponstble for typographical errorssinnc'opy ' only to the cbst ofcabvertising . (- space eed. , - . . ~dkatin~the children in our corn-' inunity is not something-. we in the. ~alm~ra-~acedonScho4 District take - ' lightly. Giving the children entrusted to. us- the best edwatio* 'possible . is. a. ' responsibility we take very seriously. . . These children must be ready to -live in 'tomorrow's worlb, :And. - we have an obligation to see that they get the quality education whick will enable -them to ,realize_'th& personal potential and be competitive in the marketplace. .That's what our, job in the school district is all labout. ----: ~, -3 - \' H-qwever, the Board of Educatio~n is acut'ily aware of thi c~xicerns of 'the ' , . - tix#aye_rs:&ut the cod of aquality, ' pyblic edpcation. The <6ality prggrams , \ ' akainsl , the . _.. abilityoftheiebidentsto - pay: : fi@ those prhgrams. ~he%iaiicial erunc'hi. local taxpayers have felt over the'past* 2- balance of$800,000, achieved by cutting . - expenses-to the bone, has been applied ' --, in.full.to the 1990-9 1 budget. In fact, if it - - , . were not for debt service,. there. would ' .. actually . be a 2.2 percent decrease in the -tax levy. There is no fluff in this budget. , The Palmyra-Macedon community has beenvery supportive of its children Bnd its s,chools. The residents of. our district have indicated that they do not -. want class size to' exceed 25 students.. They.waht us to provide options such as . - advanced placement cQurses -and gifted . and talented opportunities. They want quality, but they also want relief from' $axes: -This dilemma cmifio~ts school - : , . boards and a~ministratorse~ry y.ear at. - - , ' 'b-h-dgei. time,, . .. - ' . , - \- /So who, andwhat, gets csrqght in.. . the crunch? here is no easyknswer;,but -. ' surely, it cannot be the childred; . - , few years h& been .aggravated because of the decline in the state's share :ofL education costs: *t year, pal-~ac. received an increase of approximately $300,b00 in state @d. This . year bur increase: is' $lO8;OOO .- approximately bne-thirdz of the increase we received last year. laaddition,-we are now begin- ning to pay for our substantial high . scho3l -. renovationproject. Yet, even with the decline in state aid and the significant \increase in our debt service, when you look at your-, . ballot on July25, you wiH see the school board-has propose4:a budget with, one - of the ' lowest tax levy increases- in the last decade - 4.4 percent. ' ~hi-pio~dsed 1490-91 skhool &id-' - get refleds the determination of the school board to hold~he line on spend- ing. 'The entire. 1989-90 budget fund The TIMES is published- w*ly. 51 times a year for $1 200 year by :.Ron and patti ~oidralter, publishers. 1900 ~oute ' 31, : -hTWcedon. NY 14502. Application , .- rh&i I second-class postage rate &pdnding +.Walwqth, WY 14568.. ~POS<MASTER: Send $$id;esg chahges to TiieTt~g, -i~~(i-(i-~oute. - -31, ~kedon, NY 14502: - ,.-\

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