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. -. -- by Dr. Louis B. Xapner Rochester Medical Group - Gananda Office - , There's nothing like enjoying those long, warm sunny days of summer, but beware - the sun may be hazardous to your health. Some of you might say \I11 take my chances-- after all I look so much better with my summer tan.\ True, but .not only may too much sun cause skin - cancer, but enough exposure over time $-i.' can also cause premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. Here are a few pointers that.1 give ,, > to my patients.: If at all possible, avoid direct sun exposure between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. This is the \mid-day\ when the sun's . rays tend to be more carcinogenic (skin- cancer causing). '; @ ~-ryk'av@d burning. A few,bad -&bp1jns, $sg&&llY in a child; inc'reases . &e's cha'n:cesP:of developing skin cancer later on in life. ' a Wear-sunscreen - at least SPF 15 (sun protection factor #15). One can still tan and airoid a paihful=sunburn with pro.pes use of sunscreen. If it causes a. rash or irritation, then get a \paba free\ product. .- a 1f you are bald or balding, wear a hat when outdoors. . , a If you are very fair skinned, freckle eaiily, always burn and rkver tan, thendo all the above plwkeep your skin covered or stay- in the shade as much- as possible (especially mid-day). * Believe it or not, the same -rules 'apply on hazy or cloudy days: I've seen more bad sunburns in ..patients who failed to use a sun block because they were out on a cloudy day. If you notice an unusual skin lesion, or get a bad sunburn, or other- wise have questions or concerns re- garding this subject, please contact your physician. Macedon Town Board Approves Permit for Eastern Sand and[~ravel At a public hearing during the P Macedon Town Board meeting on June 28, questions, concerns and a great deal of dialogue was heard between the board, representatives of Eastern Sand and Gravel and residents impacted by the site. , . Supervisor Stuart' Carlson began the hearing by reading a letter from the Wayne County Planning Board Senior Planner, L. Paul Wilson. The planning Board' advised that the proposed scales location at -the site ,be moved as far back from the existing residences as possible. B4?&' \~SGfid - he' &Gi$ine-, after local , board approval, but-before issuance of ~ the-required locaipermits. The Planning Board rec-ommended approval if these two conditions were met. - Mr. ~ur~h~, representing Eastern Sand and Gravel stated -that the scales have been moved back. Carlson reported that the State Environmental Quality Review's Negative Declaration Notice had in- dicated that the proposed Eastern Sand and Gravel Pit on the Roger and Carl ' ,Smith propirty, Walworth Road, Town of Macedon, will have no significant effect on the environment. He also read a letter from the Mined Zand -Reclam- ~h- ation Specialist at DEC Steven M. Army stating that the mining permit applications was complete and that DEC was, pending public hearing, prepared to issue a permit. Public comments from residents drew concerns about truck traffic, speed on. Wqlworth Road, dast, and property value-impact. - - The Highway Superintendent ag- reed o look into confusion over speed signs posted on Walworth Road. Mr. MU~P~Y informed - the residents that When he has receive4 a traffic routing complaint, he.has followed, up on it, and reiiisured the resident; that the$ could .call him if thkre wei{.iny' flather prob- lems. The Supervisor stated .thaf every effort needed to' be made to limit in- 'coming truck traffic from tbe South, and the Board suggested that police enforce the speed limit on Wiihorth Road. . Supervisor Carlson stated that he would like to adopt'a mining ordinance that would require gravel pit Owhers to donate a specific sum per ton. .Mr. Murphy stated that he aid $?0,000 sales tax. This, he-pointed out, benefits -the county, town and school district. Following the public hearing, the Macedon Town Board voted to approve the Eastern Sand and Gravel Mining permit^ for Walworth Road. Councilman Rich Hullstated that to block any rate increase and is peti- this year's state aid for the sewer district tioning New York Telephone and the was only 1% of expenditures. New York Public Service Commission Town Attorney Richard Morris' to do away with,excessive line charges stated that he is pursuing every avenue and toll calls within .the Town of regarding the proposed rate hikes of Walworth: In that vein, group spokes- New York Telephone for the Town of person Debbie Germain announced Wa1wa:fth. \I am hoping to solve it that there would be a symbolic burning amicably, but it is my decision to take it of New 'York Tel. phone bills at the all the way,\said Morris. The Walworth ~alwort-h Festival in the Park on July Community Unity Coalition is seeking 21, at 8:00 p.m. at Ginegaw Park. .'- ' American Cancer society To Hold Annual ' Jail and Bail Fundraiser July 26 and 27 The Wayne County unit of the picked up by a volunteer or police American Cancer society will be holding officer and brought in before a Ujudge\. its Annual \Jail & Bail\ on July 26 and All pledges raiied will go for .cancer July 27 at Newark Central Park from patients in Wayne County; Programs 10:OO a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the 26th and and Research. Don't delay, call the ,,; ,from 10:OO +.m. to, 490 p,m. on the SViiY& ~bunty Unit at (3 15) 33 1-6480, 27th.\'~his event involves a mock jail and join-in the fun! - set-up for 'ihe pur.pose of having -\someone\ jailed. If - there is I;omeone : - , that: you would like. \arrested\, please - Cdl the ti& office and for a-donation of . . -- , a '$5;00, &>z.~.,. *.+*- youmay L-L . ,$* A-aT-+-2=+iy.~~~Lw+zT~~ have your ;.,Q~s% \desperado7' , ts~s *. CAI us today ai9~&0 or stop in at - ,. *r new oyice inwest Wayne Plaza INSURANCE.. . by Chuck Wells 'Wells Financial Services New legislation lnh'oduced State ~ssemblyrnan Velella (Bronx) and Assemblyman Bragman (Ononda- ga) have introduced two bills limiting some insurance company practices. The first bill prohibits insurance companies from increasing rates on an individual's auto policy for accidents. he/she has with a company vehicle. At present, any accidents you have, whether they are in a personal vehicle-or com- pany vehicle, could increase your per- sonal auto insurance rates or subj-ect you to cancellation. I have felt for a long tinie that people who drive for a living are~naturally exposed to a higher likelihood of accidents or tickets than someone just-driving to and,from work each day and should be given that consideration on their insuqance. ' We will see if this one makes it througjh to beconie law. The secdnd bill submitted prohibits .an insuf ance conipany from charging for claims made by another person on,..- allow drivers to 'have their - own indi- vidual policy and be rated-only on their driving record. This bill prbbably came about because everyone in a household is considered by an insurance company even if only one is applying for a policy. Unless the insurance companies can be relieved of .responsibility for the other persons driving your car by having you sign 'a waiver or coverage should they have an accident, this bill probably is not workable. If the insurance com- panib are onZ.+the hook for damages caused by anyone you allow to drive, theyshould have the right to take alook at everyone in the household. I have seen many claims turned in by persons wh$ were. suppo.sedly not drivers of a vrehicle and the insurance companies had to pay. On <he other hadd, I have seen- insurance companies abuse this right- by rejecting good drivers just because of a couple of tickets by someone else in the household who even had their own car insurance and were obviously not pnn~ip a1 opefators: of the other . . cars. , . .. ,, I his column is for general information. I ONLY , - BUFFET' INCLUDES - Breakfast Pastries Fresh Fruit Eggs Bacon/Sausagei Fresh Roast of Day Belgian Waffles , Salads. Casseroles Accompaniments Coffee, Tea, Juices House. Made Desserts . . ' Children - Twelve-and Under - $5.95 Tots,, under 3, eat off Mom's plate Buffet sewed from li:00 a.m. ti1 3:00 p.m. . . . . Excellent Accomodations for Parties and Banquets B1ue;Heron Hills Restaurant . < , . >. '~ . . ., . * I ), >. r' Just off ~anandaigua ..- doad hear the Gananda Parkway . ,

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