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.U : .......... ' 1 ■■•iL m ' - THE F R iE lW J 'S S m m M » I f r &/ 's m m m ' • • • You Are What You E a t .. ByPATOQtQSIBIN _______ . ' ' I IttI dfink, smske cmd ^ o l$. S& Dr. a Har- “' *' *“ * )t-grd'tit 5 2 2 e g»ft 1 wha ts mere apt to pmsc^e a healiby diet titan a bandy pai. stron^y empboskes the need for life-style changes in achiev­ ing welinm th e oa^oken theoiist became a m e d i^ doctor in 196S. Ilis tim pm^w.v^m as a ctWc volunmer. He then packed in the pfiK^sms of a luesattve m e d i^ m e e r to foEow Itiehaid Evans Schnitbes. an Amamt c a lm e r to Saiitit ‘ n . 0 ^ healers were using these omrvdoiis plants,”WeU com­ m e n t of Ms m ^sare to tite medidnal use of of plants in South ^ e r l ^ , ‘aitd establi^ed medtdne hail never heard of them.” On Ms mum to the US. in m s Smdy cosvintxd of the potential of imtu^ remedies h) mahmditlisg vinshiiess and com* h a i ^ disease. S ln^ ^ t time, he his tmm occupied t^th team­ ing. wiiting end spreaihig the destine of altemative mediMoe. hi ^ u d ld i n t^ Un heat^ up tiie In fntegmtive Medi­ c i at tiie UsiveRs% of A f^aavRe Is the aulhor of a new book. *8 U'feela til Qptimm Healtii,®!!! im S ^ fonli Ms pfsgrma for rnainmifiMg e pit^er diet, using plan^ end herbs, and apply­ ing tite pm e r of ^eiMiu|«e^ in the ^ tust of wefintss. - U%ll re^^& e s ih© eegatltr© poster of Ineiiiai He ^ o r t s patteiilo and readers to n m d ^ fhelr hnfimtm toward food and end even relaiiGntiilp©. H. Imst ^stienoS as a p ^ c d a n ,”he eKplafeed of t o atjjesin o^er the read? avaflabH^ of ptln ftiHers and rem^ aBSKSCthof mmiyosfflBisa coatplatats-that’ijettple ' d ^ '^i^sad' mash b e w to staple adiustiBeBfi'te ^ Mif«s^!e'l|m»to^lns mediae,\ Local Chfa^actcw to Provide Care at Special Olympics ©flSatiirdt^t Oetober'd,'S^' I h^hawlfVai^ CwmuniiyColtegr itoar Utitm wllj be host to the Hew York State Special O^mpic fall games. Over 7G0 aiMetes from all over ^ 0 stato wIB be participating, Evehto wilt include: football, goE softbpli, cmss-counii^. tgrcling and e<|u&sfffan. . Steve fortes D.C tam Otsego Fan% Chtaipmctis in Coopemown is one of the tom ehtapraclors cho­ sen to provide spedSc Chir^mctic earn lo athletes, eoa^es and volun- toeis. Along wbb Ihr. John Ridge of Rem^elaer. R Y. t b ^ win be atmil- able ^ day to check people for vs^br^ s«bitij^oii.“Dete^iig and ceireciiag sablmsstion for the purpose of removing Interferences between b ^ celfe and the tissue eell^ shows EVERYBODY to taic- tion and perform better,” said Filter.‘\IMs safe, simp!© and gentie appioa^ to natural hesitii compU- menlB the athletes peif^ly.*ibe ddctois and tlmlr ateo be oaSe^ng (taa for hmta teseandt mMos. Utis is the foufth ^ s e c u - - 8 jCT> qptartot fttymnlf games that the two chiropractors hove volunteered their servicea fire agencies. The program is designed to give students e ^ o s u re to and training in the realities of pafomedioat emeigency medicml service while accompanying certified on araial p s o a s e s to assist the siek and injured. A number of voK tiMeer fire deparbneals, EftlS corps, end ambulantto and air rescue ser­ vices are pastidpating in the field tatornsiap, ' “The toleing and eduration pm ^ tm we o p r p o ides basic and athvanced life suj^ort sitills wMch prepares paiamedic candidates for tite fcMities of emerpney mediral servi®s,\saidvl Has^, RH, - MS. admMsimic^ of ^ I S ^ t a n g at S a ^ e ti Hep!!heare.”Afier they ^ d il a te from oaor pro^am hi M a r^ of m they wili be eligible to take tito Hew York Stole and National Ecgisfiy ceitiSratioa @mminations which they must pass in order to pradice as pammedim in HewYoife State.” Ear itormation on future para­ medic tibkiitig progranm ot Bassett Healthcare. caB Matt Clark at 547- 3412 <^e>mafi h ^ l s i k ^ ^ © a e toin. Those interestod In participating fiituto pm^mms should caH 1-800- B a SSETT em ei^on 39S1 and osk to be put OB tite mailing Itef. Bassett Marks Pharmacy Week In <»lebraHon of National Pharmacy Week, Dmober 1 8 ^ , phaimaeists at the Bassett Ciiitic will answer, quesiions andpravide iafSTiaarton about medications ftom 10 a.m. to noon and from ! to 4 p.nL on Octo­ ber 22 in the cliitic lobby. “By celebrating National Pha^ macy Week this way,”said peg Karl, registered phairoacisl and National Phannaty Wcekorga^r.“w« wanf to remind people tiaftlifir phar- madsto can be an e^JceUmt source ofmdificglandheaffibiifofmation. We hope people will advantage of tiiis oppmt«n% to i^eaik with us one-on-one.” The public is encouraged to bring their oinrent medications as v^ll as expired prescriptions tiiat need to be discarded. Paramedics Continue Itoining Sixteen paramedic candidates have started the second half of their training at Basseti Healthcafe's Depomnent of Emergen^ &Ttoa- mo Sc>vi&a The tralhlng ffm»raiSry«f Ot© ^ year, will ©oncludo in March 1898. The sludento hove already ^ m - pleted SQ0 houra of eontiained clQSSfom lecture and lab ^ i l s ’ training tinder iho supervislOB of to f k S. CMtis, i^S^lfT-R Bassett’s paramedic edocmion miidinator. and Dr, DrmsM M. Doynow. Bas- seWo paramedic p r a g ^ me«cal dlra^or. £sr© now involved in another §50 boura of clinica] and field interaslilpoxpeiience under the d rte^on of skified preceptors induding Bassett staff memltors and ^ p ^ e n c e i paisstodics who work with ambulence. polity and Orthopedist Joins Bassett Stafi Adolph Samuel Femister, Jr., M.D.. raratay joined Baasett Heaith- (snefs Department of S u r ^ ^ - Oftitopedic Dlvtaion. Dr. Fleinister. a beard (rarlified orthopedic sur- ge0h4i^ rasiplani of the Dr. H. Epps. Jr. Surgeal Prize p,«tients'at%an^s£airim 2 6 - regional shea and provides dare for a wide variety of bone, joint, and i^ e l e disordem. Most recently Dr. nemister com­ pleted his fellowship in foot and ankle surgery at thalbmpa' Cklho- pedic Program iBEimpa, Pre- ttiously he completed o residency in orthopedic s ^ ^ i y at SUNY Health ^ e n c 0 Ccnica ' 01 Syrtmifio, ces vraO on intenish4> in general smgory. He r e e v e d his tnedkol firam Howard Univeraify C^ttege of Medicine in Woshin^on, D.C. and his undergraduate degree itip^'ChoIo^ ond philosophy fiom Boston Cofiege. «toRL£SW.tAHg,0H.t». LAMB’S TALES What Do I Know For Sure, Anyway? ■ am a b o ^ to ratire after tweni^-elght years in a dream job, in ■ the one p l a ^ I always wmt&i to live. And Pm ©eldstMn rails ■ me up and m ^ b e n o ^ IH have time to write a Column for The Freeman’s JoupmL Then she makes a big mfstake; ^ e men­ tions Dn Joyce Blethers and Dr. Ruth. Dr. J ^ e e Brathera! it’s tike to a Utile L e a d e r tiiat he ^uid be. the nesst Bfferv'niraneberiy, or t ^ n g a Md w ta on eletrie guitar that he rauld be the Wayne Newton of rock-and-rati Or. Ruth? Otoer than b o ^ type and acrant, vra have fitlle in common. But omit: I d k ipuM ishaneitideon^therai^yearss^ ii was ongmaUy a Grand Rounds talk at Bassett on the subjem of sexual impotence in the metie. In honor of the late Dr. Louis Jones 1 called the talk ”17111^ that go bum in the n i ^ t.T h e published veraion was cal!ed“On going to St. Louis to Roast a Fi^ tite Law of Paraimony in Sex I h e i^y .” Perhaps The Freeman’s Journal would tike to ofter a ftee intooducioiy subscription to the firm peraon to iftentily the aEustons to S t Louis. lOasthig a pig, and toe faw of parsimoi^ CHiia: of Occham’s Razor). But write a eelulmn? What do 1 know for sure? I suddenly re­ member Joe Fenebee. Joe was an' eminent researah physician, part of the team that led to Dr. Thomas’s Nobel 1 bi^eve. He was also noted far cmiylng his golf clubs on top of his l ^ d feuto- io n ^ 1 Ici^ed, toe wet ^ n g e he kept under his fmt to keep hJs bald head cooE and a man for whom tiie wmd lacoitic • .-was on toeWeat Coast heu ^ yearo- ^ ago. and I; have mMad hkn'T kvas playing golf wlto Joo In’ 'l8S9, luioviiag only that he vras a physitian.'YJaEdtigtIfirdss fhd'btidge from toe ei^teento tee, I asked him’ what fels specialty was. ”^ a l ”. he said,“l used to think ! knew about a ^ irtn and penl- dUin, How I’m not so sure about aspirin.” One thing I know for sura is that adrira isn't wmtb mnch. Look Qt the sslf-he^ semion in aiw book store: if toess books were touly helpful. om u ^ T I be out of bushies? Ttesnty^fira years ago a woman caBed and said that, bemuse ps^ichstherapy v^th me had been so helpftti to hmr in toe past, she would like to sra me ngatn, just a couple of times. In my office she said, “I have to mnko on impmftont dedsisn, and you always give me good odvim.**WhQi advim,” I asked, \did! ^ve you?” She thoa^t for a p r g ^ long time, looked surprised, and said “Tbu con-of-a-^ia, you did!” Sinm I eount tool os o nutior sumess. Fat. ft is going to be dif- ficul* to tvrlto a mlumn. But 111 0ve it a try. - iUHCH & SCOTT. INC:. W» 7 -.>l 7 l i 2 H I'AK «« 7 -.> 17 - 12 .M» N o S T R E T C H . N o S Q U I N T . N o B I F O C A L S . N o t m o n ^ l m t m h t l b e d r ^ ? ■ CS&r’VAktLVX* COMFO-RT LCNSE- 3 AMP'- see WMAT Y©LI%B »£SM WSSlMG,. ‘ •5.*T ,.r . , - camm fc» a ««#' omcwtwsw&M mmv. « : « » s » K s a j g : s * “ Busy? Who isa’t! WItii aB fhe tiling goiDg on In your life, some dsys if*s hsKl finding liing lo bieaihe, let alone time for check-ups and annua! eisims. we ean’t ^ d easa tioin^ fo your day, our team of women’s hedth care pFovideis can make li ^ i e r tite care you ai a tinre ihai’s fi^t foryDU. In addition to re^kr o&e hoars, our c ^ g , highly mined staff of ©mecologists, obstecrictans, nurse practitioiiefs afii nurse midwifes offer extended ei’enitig hoars ■eveiy’'aies’day feoai 5 10 S pan, so you won’t need to, wony # p ai time out during your busy day for any of your ^ t s t e or specialized ^ecotoglcal or obstetrical care. Baseti iMthcare...kere to meet your needs f a cowmient h ^ th ,cafe. Caff todays (€dfl 34ySM§or i-SeO -M S S ilX BASSETT HEALTHGARE Om-Atweii tikisi'' €a-t,pa^j0Un AT ” - —' !' ; I

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