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CARDINAL COURIER newswire C O N N E C T I O N » • « « • » * .1 # F a l l c l a s s r e g i s t r a t i o n Tim e slots for fall registration are now available on Fish’R’Net. Registra­ tion begins on April 14,2009. Students must m e e t with an advisor to discuss course options and obtain the alternate pin num ber to log on for registration. Fall course listings are available at http://w w w .sjfc.edu/courses/index. asp?year=2009&term=09. D a t e a u c t i o n Sustained Dialogue w ill host a date auction o n April 14. Proceeds going toward Alternatives for Battered Women. The event begins at 9:30 p.m. in the Campus Center. Adm ission is $1 and starting bids o n dates are $2. B l a z e t h e S t a g e Arts in M o tion w ill be performing on Sunday, April 19 at 8 p.m. in Cleary Family Auditorium. It will be j oined by a capella group Measure 13. news B r i e f s W e lln e s s c l a s s e s ca n c e lle d due to l a c k of fu n d s Fisher's wellness classes, which have been held for the past three semesters, are bein g im m ediately discontinued for t h e spring semester due to a lack of funding. T h e Student G o v e r n m e n t A s s o ­ ciation (SG A) and Student Activities Board (SAB) have provided m o n e y from Fisher’s m a n d a tory student ac­ tivities fee to cover the majority o f the costs. However, Todd Harrison o f the sport studies department, who organ- zied the classes, was recently informed that his request for continued funding was denied. Harrison said that plans are in m o ­ tion to continue the classes in the fall D i v e r s i t y s c h o l a r s h i p app lications available Applications for the Excellus Blue Shield D iversity Scholarship are cur­ rently being accepted b y the Office o f Multicultural Affairs. Rising sophomores, juniors and se­ niors w h o are involved w ith diversity activities on cam p u s are eligible for two $500 awards. T h e deadline is April 14. APRIL 8, 2009 Contact Information l In case of a fire or emergency, students are asked to call (585) 3&5-8111. ] To arrange for an escort, call (585)385-8025. B e t t y D o y l e o f L a c k m a n n s h a r e s h e r t h o u g h t s o n h e r j o b , . b e i n g t h e m o t h e r o f a S t . J o h n F i s h e r s t u d e n t a n d h e r u p c o m i n g t r i p t o P a r i s . MEGAN N E W E L L Betty Doyle has worked for Lack­ mann four nights a week since October, as well as working at a m iddle school cafeteria d u ring lunch hours. Doyle Q: W h a t is the m o st interesting job y o u 'v e e ver h a d ? A: P robably the one I’m at now. I work at a grade four through six m iddle school cafeteria. Actually, there are a lot o f s im ilari­ ties between that job and this one. Boy, I thought fourth, fifth and sixth graders were messy and left the tables a mess. College students are just as messy! They still haven’t learned to pick u p after themselves. Q: W h a t m a d e y o u decide t o w o rk here? A: M y daughter [sophomore Saman­ tha Jo D oyle] for one thing, and I saw an ad on Craigslist. I thought I could use a second job. Q: W h a t is y o u r favorite high school m e m o ry? A: Graduation. I’m from a very small town out in the 315 area named Clyde. Then I went to Alfred and RIT and stayed, never went back except to visit. It was a sm a ll town where you knew ev­ erybody and it was just tim e to move on. There were 109 in my graduating class and that was large. Q: H o w m a n y k ids do y o u have? A: I have three daughters. The oldest is graduating from the A merican University o f Paris this year. M yself and eight other family m e m ­ bers, Sam included, are going to Paris in M a y for graduation. My m iddle daughter just moved back here from Pennsylvania, so she is looking fo r a job. Q: D o y o u have a n y pets? A: N o we d on't. We had one for one year. The first year my oldest daughter went to Paris was the same year Samantha spent the y e ar in Italy, so it left my m iddle daughter home by herself, T h e lady across the street fell into som e hard times and lost h e r house. W hen she moved into an apartment she couldn’t take the dog, only h e r cat. The dog was a sweetheart, she was a miniature dauschund- longhaired. When m y oldest daughter came home in May, w e still had her, but three days before Samantha got h o m e we had to p u t H e idi down. I always tell [my daugter] that H e idi came to keep h e r company while h e r sisters were away. S o Samantha never got to meet her. Q: W h a t a re y o u r hobbies? A: Oh other than work? Home im ­ provement, gardening. I do cake decorating, I've done some wedding cakes. I sew some. I've b een trying to start collecting coins. Q: What i s yo u r favorite m o v ie? A : I love Apollo 13 and Independence Day. And I love Pretty Woman. Q : If e v e rytim e y o u snapped y o u r fingers s o m e thing happened, what would y o u want t o happen? A : I'd lose 10 pounds. Well, make it five. That’d work f o r me. Q : What's the favorite part a b o u t you r job? A : The people. I love the kids. I really enjoy trying to put a smile on their face and being a little bit o f a support system, you know, a n o ther mom. mnnO4010@sjfc. edu Senate Update M a r c h 2 6 & A p r i l 2 The Cardinal Courier will have a representative present at the weekly Senate meeting and report on new developments. E -board elections Applications for parliamentarian, publicity coordinator, secretary and webm a ster will be available April 8 and interviews will beApril 14. SG A transitions The Senate transition m eeting will be April 16. Current Senate m e m b e r s, their replacements for the fall semester and that replacement's alternate are asked to attend. Cam p u s Life urges club officers to complete the required paperwork for their transitions prior to this date. C lu b budgets All club budget form s were due March 27. Clubs that did not turn a budget request in automatically start with a $100 allocation and m u st attend Spe­ cial C a se hearings to gain additional funds. Constitutional amendment A n am e n d m e n t to the SG A con­ stitution w a s introduced on April 2. The am endm ent calls for the Student Activities Board (SAB), Resident Stu­ dent Association (RSA) and several others to be named voting members of the Senate. The am endment also outlines penalties for organizations who do not attend Senate. The proposed am endment will be voted on April 16. Climate study Raw data from the survey will not be seen b y anyone at the College, as it goes directly to the survey group in Michigan. Fisher w ill share results w ith the campus community in the fall. Kan Jammin’ Megan Baker Juniors Jessica Poupore (I) and Carrie Brown (r) play Kan Jam in theKeough Quad on Thursday, April 2. Since March 24, the Office of Safety ad Security has investigated four junts of vandalism , one grand lar- m y , four harassments and four sus- icious persons on campus. There was one dug violation, three Icohol violations and one count of Lsorderly conduct. 2 0 1 0 Y e a r b o o k G o in g G r e e n ? ? 1 N e e d y o u r fe e d b a c k . i ♦! • .->ir.|.-u‘, M * ! I ! I i \ ' I O R O F F r 4 FAR B O O K E O I T O R J A L STAFF jo-uie • s*cti«-.n Editor }>*j:.[fc *du L o r d * ! - E d i t o r - i n - C h i e f - ld « 0957 S i J 'S | f c e d u A n d r e T h o m a s - S e c t i o n E d ito r - at 08679 » j* s | f c ^ d u D e s t i n e * P a v n t e r - A s s i s t a n t E d ito r - d l p O S S l 2 'J's r t c . e d u K t a l * n a M o n t e s d e « x a S e c r e t a r y m m U 'S f i 'k J - s i f c e d u

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