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1 * t n P a g e Four OCTOBER 17, 1952 State Host to Plattsburg Tomorrow ■ •f ty Coach Frank A k ers will take his Geneseo State soccermen to Kelsey field tomorrow afternoon a t 2:00 “'as they'-'pra.y ’h o s t te r tire 'powei’ful Plattsburg teachers. \Although there has been no official publici­ ty to date,” s ta tes Mr. Akers, “the visitors from tlie north are ex­ pected to display plenty of spirit\. The Geneseo toemen will enter­ tain the Plattsburg horde with a full house, as injured players will be returning to battle, our forward wall will be greatly strengthened by two returning booters. They are Joe Versage, injured shortly be­ fore the Oswego opener, and Dale Pelton, who was sidelined with a kidney ailment. F. M. ’Smith, who was temporar­ ily set back by early season bruises, Hob Meyer, and Tom Kane, all in excellent condition, will join the local toemen for the fray. Each has been handicapped by practice teaching assignments which kept them from their reg­ ular conditioning of daily practice sessions. Mr. Akers expresses praise for his new men, Fred Brown, Bill Dietsche, and Jerry Deal, who are doing a great job in their first experience with soccer. The Plattsburg team m il be our guests for noon and evening meals when they arrive tomorrow for the contest. Probable lineup: G.- T. Kane, F.B.- F.M ., Smith, F.B.- W. Peck, L.H.- J. Fiala, C.H.- R. Meyer, R.H.- F. Brown, L.W.- P. Arena or A. Price, L.I.- N. Miller, C.F.- R. Bryant, R.I.- J. Deal or L. Miceli, RAY.- A. Price or D. Pelton. Buffalo Defeats GSTC In Their Second Game Scoring in the first, third, and fourth quarters the Orange and Black of Buffalo State smashed Geneseo’s hopes of an undefeated season as they blanked the Akers­ men 3-0 a t Kelsey Field on Oct. 4. Vangalio’s I.G.A. STORE SMITH’S Shoe Store Fore! A r t ie Price shows th e proper kick technique as “ Pants” M iceli, Phil A ren a and “ M u n c h e r” F ia la look on. Goalie a t the Kelsey Field d r ill is Glean L lo y d . State Triumphs Over U. of R. JV’s, 2-0 Notching its second victory of the infant season the so-called “iron men of Geneseo” shut out the University of Rochester Jay- vees 2-0 on the latter’s field. Displaying a brand of “knock down and drag out” tactics the Akersmen played the Yellowjack- ets to a standstill throughout the first quarter. ULMER’S Drug Store Ira Ginsberg Is New Table Tennis Champion Ira Ginsberg became GSTC’s un­ disputed pingpong champion when he defeated Don Chiappone for the much coveted title. A K a llet Theatre I V I E . R A G eneseo Phone 8 Fri.-Sat. Oct. 17-18 • W arner B ros .*« mkt * : RANDOLPH wk * « t « • * v a. a H Geneseo W a y land g NORMAL CANDY Kitchen Jim ’s own Candy and Ice Cream made especially for H you, the patrons, w ith the j| Highest in Quality and at £ the lowest price possible. ti a 8 ♦* | ♦♦ 8 sum KJiBt siou mwrwifiiisiOK man ANUKt 1)8 IUW 1 SCARLET ANGEL e x u r A i t — ... pi* w m Sun.-Tues. O ct. 19-21 8 I NEWT’S Fam ily Barber Shop Color hy ^ \ T e c h n i c o l o r / ^ ETHEL X . o A Paramount Picture ^ \ ' 8 Slippers-Shoes-H o siery * Gym Shoes Rubbers 6 0 M ain St. A r c tics & T 1 G eneseo McDonald’s Clothing Store M cGregor Sportswear W em b ley Ties M anhattan Shirts and other TOP BRANDS 24-HOUR DRY CLEANING Shooting the Breeze G o t a p h o n e ra il la s t n i g h t fr o m C o u sin M e l,— i t s e e m s that' I h e \ Y o n k s w o n th e W o r ld S e r i e s — W a s to ld th a t tr y i n g to fin d a se a t in ih e lo u n g e la s t w<-'-k vras lik e liv i n g to fin d a fr o n t r n .: .-cut d u r in g a R o s e LuR n .se solo F . M . \The R o c k \ S m ith c l a im s th a t h e w ill n u t c o n t in u e h is b r i e f f i s t i c career, u n le s s o f c o u r s e iiis fa n s d e m a n d i t — \ J a w n ” M i z e ’s se r i o u s e x p lo its g a in e d m o r e p u b l i c i t y th a n did A d a l a i ’s s h o e s —H e a r d th a t th e Ii'K ’s a r e lo o k i n g fo r a p l a c e t o b u r y th e ir p o o l ta b l e ; w o n d e r w h y ? •»> <♦> <♦><❖> <♦> <♦>: * THOMPSON’S i a * I Style Shop $ * $ $ 61 M ain St. 4 A v t Ready to W ear A /*% t> Hose — G ifts >A , V $ Quality M erchandise & -<♦>: y » : '.<♦>: . . m x Funeral Home R. Logan Findlay Funeral Director 24 hr. ambulance Serv. 129 Main St. Phone 446 Geneseo, N. Y. Sports Volun u A A l l t h e g h l s o n ca m p u s are v i s e d t o w a t c h fo r announcem ents o f o u t i n g s , s i n c e th e club will .sp o n s o r s o m e a c t i v i t y every W(?k jj Richard Folts h | S i l v e r - J e w e i r y - G i f t s I W A T C H REPAIRING g 1 G r e e ting Cards | |I W a tches | || at G e n e seo Since 1904 § n LARRY’S Spanish Lantern | 'IB*.*. 0&J,: - “• ^ 7 Ladies Suits p e r fectly c l e a n e d and pressed. Men cleaned and pressed. FRANETTE CLEANERS Main St. Laundry Service G eneseo I I Phone 437 / * >t<I1 ‘ 4 -t-4 4- >V fr 4 4 fr »^ « »!' I ❖ * Frank R. Versage, Director A m p le Free Parking Incom p a rable Pictures I X. . ? S t Phone 161-M Mt. Morris, N. e »t» 4 414 »» 1 »>«§*»>■ ■!<I«!«!■ » ■ ’ <»!' j\— — \—*— | THE LIVINGSTON REPUBLICAN I | Printers of the Genesee Lamron I Tickets — Posters — Program s — Booklets 106 Main Street C E N E S E O Phone •i* —■ Eigi Ten .c w ill be edition Americi ities. T h e y u lty Gu W h o h Gerald the Cou that Gei in the i In sel W ho, tl siders e scholars cipation academ i service I of futui and soc Betty G. E . c u A g o Lamron < ch ief, Studied any in su 1951, Stn uncil, Kf 1 t a I C h o iSophomoi sornrity ] V?';- t:? ''' \f.,y V ,'Jr ' o r ' v

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