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Support The Dramatic Club ‘Silas Marner’ To-Night Volume I M A T , 1922 Number 4 Geneseo Leads in Broader Education Only State School in United States Having Education of State In s t i t u ­ tion Under Its Supervision. T h e N o r m a l S c h o o l on th e D ia m o n d Great Demand for Teachers Do you know tluit Craig Colony *. f- fc School of Educational Therapy, became a permanent department of t h is school t h r o u g h the Staph*v ; Kill passed by the 11)22 session of legislature? Dr. Burke has been most in- ! struinental in bringing this about. He is director of the work which is now a part of the department j of edueation of Genesis) State j Xormal School. The school is the only state school in the I nited States which has the education of any state institution under its t. supervision. This is a great s t e p iu broader education. There is a great demand for teachers of m e n t a l l y deficient children. Perhaps few realize tliat there is a l a w which provides .special classes for children in any district which lias 12 or more morons. This demands teachers fitted for this -work. From now any student in­ terested in this work will be al­ lowed to do a proportionate amount of practice teaching in S. A. Pres, and Sec. Elected May 29 Duties of Officers Outlined—Students Urged to Give Election Careful Consideration. Other Officers Elected Later Standing: (Left to right 1 Coach Jo:i.*s; Mamm.-i* Fot'-h; lion:i»*I!v: Liu'.*: Elianey; Costello. Bitting: Porter; Y k u o ; Rol.dw; YV<-!i-h: H.im; T' jm I\;wmul Infield Errors Cost Normals Victory Over Fairport Team Tin1 Normal niim wmit down r» Geneseo Roble**, gU . 1 1 \ onto. s - , , Elianey, n torv scorned attired. tJ . Porter. 3h In tin* last half of tin* sixth in- wWeh, if niug error followed on Score by innings R H E hit. Fairport Pi.vo r~. P. 11 V.m( ’ : o n , ,-s Holni'-s. «■ Romm-, 11 ' Williams. IP Sco*t. cl 0'L-mry, If ed only as a sieve tin* remainder 1 the Craig Colony Sehool. It is of j o f tin* gaim*. Tin* final m'hiv in n great educational value. The sal- l2dj in favor of Fairport, aides paid to these special teachers Spectators at tin* gaun* ib-dar-d are greater than those paid to it was a fine one and might imsilv most of those who teach in the grades. Positions are open in all lines of work. Craig Colony was established Bnmkport at Kelsey Field, by an act of legislature in ls!)2. It was named for H . Oscar Craig, then president of the State Board of Charities, and a resident of Rochester. It is the only in- have been a victory. Tin* bovs are anximnly await­ ing. Mav 12, when tlwv iiiw t Miss Richardson To S;peak. At the eonnueliecmmit exeivisw at AYe-dlmmy, S. I)., .Turn* 3 k Afiss Riehardson will giv»> a talk \ T h e Xeei 1 o f a School L i b r a - stution in the United States, d«*-iriau.\ voted to the care of epileptics alone. Up to the present tim e over 5800 patients have been Tile following week she Will speak at tin* library department of the National Education As- eared for. A n y o n e visiting Craig ; soeiation in Boston on the subject Colony realizes the great w o r k ; of \T e a c h i n g Childrens' Lit era- done. . ture to Xormal Sehool Students.\ Today— \Bila s M a r i e ‘l’’’ Today—Sr. Prof. vs. Sr. Kmi. (UP. 1 May 12-12— Clin-Delplnr f'onvoea- eation. May 12 — Brockport Normal. May 12 Perry H. S. ip. r i y i May ls- 1 !)— \ H e l e n a ’.-; Husband.\ May 12—-Sodality Entertainment. May 20—Sr. ami Jr. H. S. Banquet. May 211 —V. of R. Fre-hmen. May 2t>—Uethedral H. S. 27 — of R. Freshm e n May 2 f—Senior Prom. May 20—S. A. Pro-;, and Sec. elect­ ed. May 30—Memorial Day. M a y 20— E a s t H. S. June 2—Fairport H. S. June 2—f’afhedral H. S. 1 Urx-h- t esteri June t;— L a m r o n Out. *• <*t r-1 t s.*e- A - -e 11‘ >11 l.'.-it t lux In t hi- month. May _ . •• ■ • . ■ :*: * li1 ■s i 1 »** i1 ■ ' I , 11 ' i ■ !. I' -1 1 * * * t 1 *_iL 1 * h 1 111 l t.d-P* 1 !!• *e 1I \*.' mi.* el' t ’ . o \\ iio huVe sliOWIl m.\> i* 7 1 II 1T *')’ ' ■ j;: a 'ei* ehi\\ .’ a ,• \j Nt r; \ and who h a v e | 1:1 1 ■ \g;i:* 1 to i h111f • nt 11 ■-e - j- ***t 1‘ !•♦*,. of the E x e c u t i v e I 11 i ttoe. \T h e -M'i*r\farv -hall I\.' • * j i all j I-.*.*oi*»1n of tla* Association, shall I iai v.* charge of all correspondence | m:.f I*' *o| i ;i complete Hl)d r *i*i>i*i 1 all the rneet- ) i -,o ign all drafts «•!] arid consid­ eration -it pos-.il)].* -'“b'etioi! inav he made. A rchibalcl-Sacikett AID-: L e h a t a l Ali-ss Mflilreri Bri.-rly of LeRoy is teach­ ing a class in English to foreigners in Rochester.

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