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Hobart herald. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1879-1942, October 01, 1895, Image 16

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xo4 THE) HOBART HER ABB. M O S T odd little man certainly was Shultz. How w ell I remember hinx as lie sat at the other end o f Rben Goldth w a ite ’.s table, mechanically- performing the duty of eating, buried all the while in profound reflection I I f I spoke to him, with what a strange, blank look he mumbled, an answer in broken Germ an-English ! I was vexed when I arrived at Eben’s house in Uuoliog that sum m er and found him there, for, through spending three vacations at the house a s a n only guest, I had come to feel that it was, in a way, m y private domain. I soon discovered his harmlessness, however, and even fell to liking him ; hx th e end I really rendered him quite an important service, as you shall see. It happened in this way. Shultz was a— hold on, though ! that is the end of the story instead of the beginning. W ell, in the first place, I knew nothing about him except what I had observed. H is habits were peculiar - H e was a sort of owl— always prowling around after dark, and spending the daytim e mostly in his own room. Iu fact, nocturnal tramps were his daily habit— i f that is not paradoxical; he generally started out soon after dark, but often after we were all abed (bed time was nine o ’c lo c k ). A t what time he returned we could not tell— at least for several days- One night, however, I was awakened by a terrific crash. I listened, with a hazy idea th a t there had been a re-cnactment o f the Gunpowder P l o t ; but, hearing no sound, lit a lamp aud opened my bed-room door. Rimnltaue- ously, the door of the family bed room across the hall, opened, and K b e n 's imperturbable face appeared, and his wife’s nightcap, over his shoulder. N o anarchists were there, but only .Shultz— with an expression less blauk than usual ; and on the floor a fallen what not, and a miscellaneous heap o f curiosities aud alleged ornaments, from its shelves. He seemed, dumbfounded. Not so Mrs. Goldtlnvaite. “ Fer m u ssy’s sake ! \ she screeched. “ W h at on airth be ye doin' ? I thought the roof had fell in. Sakes alive, wfliat a pity ! ’Keerful thar, Mr. W h a t’ s-yer-name ! hook out fer them shells ! All them pretty things brother Obed brought home 1 Hear, dear ! ’’ Shultz was profuse in his apologies; he really seemed quite troubled, and insisted on gathering up every article which had fallen. H e grubbed around on his shiny black knees, and peered into corners with his near­

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