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K^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fe^^^^^^^^^ orld & nation Vatican denounces racism in new By Greg Erlandson NC News VATICAN CITY — A new Vatican document condemns racism in a variety of forms and warns that recent developments in genetic engineering and artificial pro- creation might lead to \eugenic racism.\ It called for laws to prevent genetic abuses. \ Racial prejudice \blasphemes the Crea- tor\ and is a sin against Christ's message of love, the Vatican document said. Titled \The Church and Racism: Toward a More Fraternal Society,\ the document stressed the church's opposition to all forms of racism and said legislation and the personal witness of Christians are needed to combat prejudice. Released Feb. 10, the 42-page document was produced by the Pontifical Justice and Peace Commission and signed by Cardinal Roger Etchegaray and Bishop Jorge Mejia, the commission's president and vice presi- dent. It is the first Vatican document to focus solely on racism. The commission broadly defined \racial prejudice\ as the notion of \the biologica- lly determined superiority of one's own race or ethnic group\ and said it often is directed against people whose \ethnic ori- gin, language, religion or customs make them appear different.'' Despite the lessons of the past, including the \murderous folly\ of the Nazis, \troubling new manifestations\ of racism are appearing today, the document said. One such manifestation is a resurgence of anti-Semitism, which it called \the most tragic form uiat racist ideology has as- sumed in our century.\ While distinguishing between anti- Zionism which \questions the state of Is- rael and its policies\ and anti-Semitism, the document warned that anti-Zionism can serve as a \screen for anti-Semitism, feed- ing on it and leading to it.\ The Vatican document warned that one form of racism on die horizon is the use of genetic manipulation and artificial procrea- tion techniques to \'produce' human be- ings selected according to racial criteria or any other characteristic.'' The document called for laws limiting such techniques so that they do not allow a ' 'resurgence of the deadly myth of eugenic racism.\ It also warned against abortion and sterilization campaigns targeted at one social or ethnic category. Other examples of modern racism cited by the justice and peace document include:\ • \institutionalized racism\ sanctioned by law and supported by an \erroneous interpretation of the Bible,\ exemplified by South Africa's apartheid system. • discrimination against aboriginal peo- ples, many of whom are themselves \sui- vivors of veritable genocides carried out in the not too distant past.'' • restrictions on religious minorities, particularly when uiey differ ethnically from the majority. One example of such discriminatory behavior is the application of die Islamic \Shariah\ legal code to non- Moslems living in the same country, it said. • ethnocentric and tribal prejudices, as in the case of Africa and Asia, where the end of colonial rule has been followed by tribal and ethnic conflict. Other victims of such prejudices include refugees* as well as those people who live on their own land but \are subjected to humiliating conditions,\ such as the Palestinians. • \social racism,\ including exploita- tion of peasants by landowners ,^which it called one of the \new forms of slavery\ in the Third World. \Tliere is no great difference i*etween those who consider\ others\ their-inferiors Vay-Schleich & Meeson Funeral Home, Inc. Announces the Opening of its New Facility Please join us for Open House Sunday, February 19th 1 to 4 p.m. I at 1075 Long Pond Road 663-2100 ' 'Serving the community for over 60 years\ 2692 Dewey Avenue 604 Maple Street because of their race and mose who treat their fellow citizens as inferiors by exploit- ing mem as a work force,'' it said. • \spontaneous racism,\ a pheno- menon of countries with high rates of im- migration, where the presence of for- eigners leads to an \exaggerated national- ism\ which in turn can \degenerate into xenophobia or even racial hatred.'' Christianity responds to racisrn by af- firming the \equal dignity of all persons,\ the document said. \The belief that God is at me origin of humankind\ is the \most radical affirma- tion of the equal dignity of all persons in God.\ Thejcfocument cited the activities of the U.S^ and southern African bishops' con- feretiees as examples of local Christian communities responding to racism in their societies. It called the U.S. bishops' 1979 pastoral letter on racism, \Brothers and Sisters,to Us,\ the \most important document of the last decade.\ Yet of the United States, the document said that \despite ongoing efforts, much still remains to be done to eliminate completely racial prejudice and behavior even in what can be considered document one of the most interracial nations in die world.\ The document called for the uprooting of racial prejudice foot only through laws, but by internalizing the values that inspire such laws. IN USA. AMD A protester in Cleveland urges action opposing racism during a demonstration against polices in South Africa. - D.C. high schools consolidate By Cindy Wooden NC News . WASHINGTON — Cardinal James A. Hickey of Washington said he knows \me pain and me sorrow\ which accompany news that a school will close, but as head of the archdiocese he has a responsibility to give students me best education possible. By consolidating its Catholic high schools, the Archdiocese of Washington will be able to give students \our very best,\ the cardinal said during a-Feb?£7 nnt&yfew with NaBonal JEathdftCirlwws ^Service. t:.:„ «— ~ '~ ia-J-^Tr •' r \I'd like to tum^miy^mJhermis ane , look at the values of a quality education,'' he said. The cardinal announced Feb. 2 mat be- cause of rising costs and declining enroll- ments, the all-boys Archbishop Carroll High School will be coeducational next fall and will accommodate students from the three schools which are being closed. The archdiqcesan-run Mackin Catholic High School for boys, Holy Spirit HighV School for girls and All Saints High School for girls will not reopen next fall. The new Carroll high school, which will operate at its present site and also-ose th$ campus of nearby All Saints, will give stu- dents, \our best facilities, our best tea- chers\ >and expanded programs and class offerings, Cardinal Hickey said. SAVE $ 4.°°. 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