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Caiholic Open Forum Held At Elizabeth, N. J. Elizabeth. N. J., Feb. 2 €.—Taking advantage of the interest in Catholl- •cism stimulated by the last presiden- lial campaign, the Federated Holy Name Societies of Onion County, New •Jersey, comprising- some 26 parish units centering about this city, is offering to its members and Jhelri non-Catholic friends on each Sunday afternoon during Lent an open foruro program. The programs are given in St. Mary's schol auditorium, and thus far have attracted large audi- ences. The Rev. William I. Lonergan, S. J., of the America staff is the forum speaker. Under the general topic. •\The Modern Indictment of Cathol- icism,\ Father Lonergan is treating of the follwln'g questlonas, \la thti Church Intolerant?\ \Is the Church Arrogant?\ \Is the Church un-Amer- can?\ \Is the Church Officious?\ and -Is the Church Worth While?\ About half of each afternoon's program^is taken up by the lecturer's TaJiL'~Tfte remainder ol the time Is\\ r Seven K-of C. Head American Railway Systems given over to the asking and answer lng of questions. Slips of paper are distributed after the lecture and members of the audience may make inquiries either about the afternoon's subject or about Catholic belief and practice in general. The slips aro collected and the questions are an- swered the same afternoon. Many Questions Ask**. \•' The answering of Questions at these open forums, Holy Name offic- ials say, has proved of striking intex- lait. \They point to the fact that the -questions propounded are timely and -- in wldp variety, and fhst the'auditors ,.„„„,_ n «.«.™ B j«n. M nxvn are ^nly attentive. On a single ^ouvain Correspondent. N. C.W.C Sunday, afternoon, outside of the act- ual lectuce, the speaker discussed and explgdYe^i/anprdpoi of questions put, Louvaln, Feb. 26.—-A few days „ • tke-vttiiudv) o f the .Church on mlr- ,• .. „,„__„ ., m m _„_ „_.„ -ael^mlxedinarrlases, the Roman ?f' m , th ° v j ilIage «/ Til,eur ' ™\ v Index; A6 right of the Church toWege, the body of Sister Jane Cas- ----A**%>;j»ws,\\•jtffe Roman Quesfion.'tenet was removed, in a state of '-.- ^Jhureh* unity, the question of salva-'perfect prestation, from a vault in :3t?&**F > \ e P - W * 8 **? °^ h ' •** ,ch \ ™> P 1 ** 60 Allowing her .- , The forum has received the gen- New Haven, Feb. 28.r- 7obn J.Pelley who succeeds the late E. . Pearson as president of the E. J. Pearson a spresident of the seventh Catholic and Knight of Columbus to by selected as head of a great railway system. The others are Angus Daniel McDonald, president of the Southern Pacific Line in Texas and Louslana; Patrick E. Crowley, president of the New York Central Linesj Lawrence A. Downs, president of the Illinois Central: W. J. Harah- an, president of the Chesapeake and Ohio; William T. Noonan, president of the Buffalo.Roches- ter and Pittsburgh; James E. Gorman, president of the Chica- go, Rock Island * Pacific; and J. J. Barnet, president of the Erie. Edward P. Carry, the president of the Pullman Com- pany of Chicago, is also a Knight. Mr. Pelley comes to the New Haven road from the Central of Ceorgla Railway, of which he has been president since a Central. MARSHAL FOCH, IN SHADOW OF DEA' foa*ff*stw»«rt»., iD£ YA1ERA ARR QPMTiQ CTiP PPHTQT (N. C. W .0. News Service) Paris. Feb. 27.—Desperately 111 with a complication of sj|lme»ii,a»d his condition varying after a real crisis last night, Marahai Fe,ra4wuad Poch, Generalissimo of the Allied Armies In the World War, today called to his bedside Father L*Ha»de a famous preacher and a mej*!n ber of the Society of Jesus to which the soldier's brother, Fr.'€&&&&. Foch, belongs. , ,'«'\''•\%\ Marshal Foch, Father L'Hande revealed following his visit; bad hewn, worried because his brother had not come to his bedsidv-in, response to his call, being unaware that Father Foch is confined to bia bed l»y illness at Montpelller. * - •The two,\ said the priest-visitor, \are like twins. Both lire born, jresslve leaders, but whertjss one has won fame by battling with armies and often against oUjer-m*nr46e otb*i^«Mt-wa^rit>ttr®^iiar of religion against iniquity.\ •When asTfed what he and the Marshal discussed, Father J/Hahde added, is the strength of the Marshal, whose brain he/found to be work- ing at \full speed,\ despite the infirmities that had attacked hiibody^ . said that they talked about Napoleon's campaign in July. Religion^ he It also became known today that Marshar Foch hat foBowed with keen interest the reports of the debate on the Kellogg peace piwstln the French Pariiamnt. After following one report the Marshal is Mid to have exclaimed: \That is right! Them should be no more wars!\ -'auntie*, has* IMMI M . . .. . , dentsVAdministrative-Council, Vb^l^itS^asnssirSStSSim 2552'SS. } ^J3L?%S2*J£* J& w £L£EL«£i5iy^ J FIO BODY OF HON, 37 YEARS DEAD, IS FULLY PRESERVED. By Rev. J. Van der Hayden News Service) ed for the benefit of the soup kitchen funds In the distressed mining areas, and a Well-known artist decided to finance a long tour. Kelly was offered a part, but when the script of one of the plays arrived, he found an incident dealing with the sex question had been introduced. He asked the author to omit it, and when he refused, Kelly sent the script back. When a friend pointed out that he was rejecting-, a good opportunity, Kelly answered: \There are some things more important than economic security. ;. -erous support, not only of the Holy V iSame societies W$t of til the fa^^tstoys-affd-uiuuaau -oBluUkla: m*'- l-»? 1: death on November 24, 1891. The local nun's clothing was^ln^guch The condition that the burial might mWc Press, too, has shown a great ltave taken pIace that very day •JlvUK&fi in. the- undertaking. Special. . . ^ffor^at^made to have nan-Catho-. rastea « 1 of more than 37 years 3ii^ iftejnidf and all are froe to ask before. ^iiesfeoai, frtiere Is no charge for ad- The facts connected with the'es- \J 1 ^*^?:*!* 191106 *^ 11 ' humatlon have created a sensation ^--'•'•'^'*^f^^ i ^'^ mua in Tilleur and the surrounding -*S'iWS5F* i-F *£?i lot 5, m ' '\'\\.country. Ecclesiastical authorities • «f® \ re l*^* d \ P^ N«me So- have undertak en a study of the -eletifes, .read* !&> part mm follows: L«,» '-* *,,-PM 4 \^mfllar , with recent, ^t M ,. A , .«re#«s&mimaware that the Cath- ThG discovery resulted from the ^lic5&Mreh^^un#ar--ausplcion in'^*^ ^ tew days betore of the Rev; -\ABSenca*\\ *'*' \\ \' \ (Sister Teresa, Superior of the Con- 5^'«'A|i|^j^ oitehsibly by honest T. 6nt . of the Sisters of St. Vincent de, The to vault given nans of the bury their which thte the Sisters :r*% their eervices dur- years ago, but was no more room The municipal au 4^ttvM«afS«i^p«iridtlc convictiorH,' p » ul of M««»r. ''mm^m^iii^iils^wmAiiA Catholielsm ,convent desired « alien i'mi'^toM^g to the best Superior In the -AnMrican J<teal. and^^raaiilons—so- municipality had isja^:^i|ca^pn|^ana^Bttca3. \ t* recognition of \\ tttfojgmdi* knows that the»ns *n epidemic urch that- men scorn, foand ^^ tnere ^ffi^e aMiiate does not exist It™ the tomb. j| faneiful creafiWit of a mal- thorities, when appealed to, decided lliift; niojfe^steasxally of a th *t room might be made, the Sis- pit !&{«&*»&' cirrectly In- ters agreeing, by placing in one •4 ~\ jcoffln the remains of the first two __ & ___b?J^H^^ls :r |Bt r «a4fioH©nu^ hurled-4n-tire vauIiT •etionvin the form of exposition and' sister Jane Castenet and Skater '*¥****•* t ^ r _ ' , (Anna Euphrasia Servange,who died days of each other, first two nuns buried in a^fesse. r » Anna Euphr r-st^^iJ^Wj^eiprjMd Ignorlncsf of the within eight .^^^^im^touTcliiMbTcTsAr^swexe the «rs ^^•^*s^e-prwv»1totjimattn-«nie % vault i<x<fh*JMt&. which oc-__rl e - \^^ ^ill^lussfpatBd. phr * 9la St Is and jbut coffin of Sister Anna Eu- Servange. was pried open, was found to contain adW&S^iW^rflS^^S!!!}* 0 *™ J t a* 11 to pieces as worknteh *^ffi^2^^SSS»tt«= D ^ to lift it. There wis -~'«l»miwtit§ls^ssia««the5Sri^^ 1 ^ the bWl3r of the nutt » OT 1 *ted Holy Name SOdatles of Faloa 1 County, N^rJer^ . re .p^nMrlrii ^ eren *• «» br °* d n *? ,i «#*** 'J*Mir^& Sister Jane Castenet was born in j, the south of France, and at the age Of 49 years was admitted as a ~t£*.jti *^ \t *\vJ iff ftosiulant In the Home for Incurables Indiana JLand for * * directed by the Daughters of Charity ^-*^r r \p~r\' x ~ m Bordeaux. In 1831. she was as DlJCie Highway tifn«a: r td Charity Hospital. Paris. •I '. , _^. , iAa, when the cholera broke out in «.\ x f * * - »- p, f * Fj*nee, siw ample opportunity for , Notre Bams, Ind., Feb 16.—The »rn«. She had charge of a 92-bed ^trfiesMr^f IfBtm. Biik^s'ltoft *jf wa«l wbi^ quickly became filled •wreral auhdmo sS^reioyandt tb th« with «n#erii patients. Because oi state tyjttifin* *|r«a«k« po-IW. t%# dsngf f and:,ner tender years, her * «llttp%|ighwa^^m f ^tfth^»ew*, saperito^|iott-ght to relieve, her of 4^\to'^illWam, slats M», of- tafrehafje^hnt she pleaded so earn ^^^Mspf^bmA^^mtia^um MX? th»f <% permitted'her to re \^J^W¥*!** \^^W^W - * i * »» * ' &»****. U.tW, *he was .sent to Bel * -f --•IstoUfrtV^i^Jta^.jk Q^tWtt^aio-m house of Sclessin, There again cholera heir services Were sc Jfi sqiM' mt>y *re still held b^Wsraoni the people. iter ^-Cs-teiet died *t the « ge >f SI ; y*s» r -«ft*f- m6ro thin sixty was untouched by decay. Catholic Would Not Act In An Unclean Play London, Feb. 25.—Working In a coal mine in this country at thte prev Flame Gum U»ed To Fight Lociut* In Holy Land Jerusglem, Febf 38B,—JHme wai 1926. The Ceatraj olJieoxgla^n^ia^ is a subsidiary of the Illinois well as hardest jobs to be found, but - - - - - - — yf Patrick Kelly, a Bowhlll (Scotland) Catholic miner, prefers it to ISO a wefck and a part In a play which he considers has some passages offend- ing against the teaching of the Church. Kelly is coaoh of the BowhiU Vll lage Players, a group of miners and their W1V\M. His training brought the Holy City they sett red With some thing of an Idea of permanency ;in their visitation. Times have' chans;ed as witness: - Toward the efid of JTaJiuaty, l«st» tine locusts arrived. They made thejr landing just ten kilometers to the north of the AHenby Brid^ and im- mediately went Into action, Another swarm swooped down at Kilo U on them success whererer they perform- m j^riiwilemiJerieo Road an4 still C. P. A. CONTEST HBNTBIES CLOSED Chicago, Feh. 28.—Thirty-one edi- tors submitted entries in the C. P. A contests, thv? number in the four classficatlons being as follows: Edi- torials, 23; Articles, 19; Poems, 19; Short stories, 17. When the judges have completed their work the winmsn will be an nounced through the N. C. W. C. News Service and the prizes will be awarded at the Cincinnati convention May 16, 17 and 18. 1929. In tira contest for awards t'o~ atf thors of (books thirty-four books were another, and a very Intensive one, gathered lii^the-nelghborhootf'Of-tiii Dead Sea'Post. But modern methods were. Iftts-r- posed. Members ot the enlisted per- sonnel of the Tranijordan and Pales- tine Services vhore dispatched against the common enemy. Their weapon was the flame-gun. Companies .of flame-gunners marctiwd tin the swarms from Jerusalem, Jericho and Ramallah. * - . ^^:^^._^^~ B tfie iDJrit skirmishes fully* oafr j** *^ bl *J^ fourth of the locusts were'destrojrsd. ?*f dtt *. ot .?¥* Tfrtj campaign continues and the lo- custs are reported growing discour- aged. „.. -*-• . ^jirmldi* the preliminary judges have made their selections thte matter will be re- ferred to the final judges, as pre- viusly arranged by the Executive Board. definite status of the Pope and the Italian government according to terms of Settlement. A second edition of ten thousand has been printed and additional orders for more than three thosand have been received Baptist Pastor Pays High Tribute To Nursing Sisters London, Feb. 25.—After undergo- ing a very serious operation, the Rev. Isaac Ife-Near* pastor of the Penge nothing {Surrey) Baptist Taberhacte, has in bones; The coffin of Sister Jane his own words been \nursed back to life\ by Sisters of Mercy in a Catholic home. Writing to his congregation, Mr. Near admits that some of his friends feotly preserved, notrevefc figioVBfer *«*» •hocked: by his going-taJLC*thr idrnlnlstratlon ojttte.ftflH* Wnleh l Hm t5W ^Ui—jaKsrimiimtow -ton* 'x*.7; : *^ : ed- Information :from: a\ student r»«T^t osssVi asi- asA* la- ->.1t«CHII 'Vi!rt^to-';-*lMfcs4toW^ last' fall in'ths ones of the Studenta'—.Council -bstwses - Cb/H. c^iatis*-' i i^vi' Fletchw,^ »cre<ary ; tr**.or.r\ 0 the Mf r Torsos J&ssf\ was at McOlli on ofllelal bvmm.'c''mt~ sssiMfM « \\ In this convsrss^Iottylfr. BuraftM, #t \ \*.3S- : J St Patricks Night Broadcasting Program St. Columbanimtfebr.; Feb. 28.- On St. Patrick's Night the National BroadcastingT Comp»fiy of New Torft will present a radio drama of the life of St. Patrick written by th» Very Rev. E. J. McCarthy r Superior, -of the Chines© Mission Society, St, Co- iumbanB, Nebraska. The drama Is based on the oldest and most authentic historical data en submitted by varlus publishers. When t h e gatot's life, *ueh *s the \Trip^ tlte Life.\ the \I*eabhar fireac,'* ind the \Confessions of St* Patrick,\ *ll of which are famlUay to CeJtfc scholars. It will ha.ve .a backgrQuad of old Irish -songs and mvlodles specially appropriate, as well as orlg- ^fllnal and tradltlon*l pieces-heard fckr the first time in America, Last November, Buffalo and Omaha stations broadcast a musical monp> togue on the life of. St. CflJombsn -written-Hby Father »Tt^!aTtny7~^cl attracted very * favrable comments from listeners of various creeds In many parts of the country. Thte St.' Patrick's night program will come ov|r station WJ2J, Ne* York, and th^ Blue Network of the NTatlonal Broadcasting System from 9.15 to 10.15 p. m., Eastern time, it will be the nrst program of Its kind to be presenteCover a national chain, lie Institution, but declares that slnbe he arrived at the home there! has never been a moment in which he few not thanked God for the strange wind that \blew his battered barque into that quiet haven.\ Thte Sisters of Mercy, he says, were wonderful nurses and were as angels of God to him both by day and by night, their patience, devotion and skill being a revelation and an in- spiration to hint of their devotion to God and service to men, Alsatian Cities to Vote Priests Lodgingr % -1 rca#i Js t^til«u lUe, wm. ! % By M. MtmHud (Paris Correspondent, 1 N. C. W. C. News £tervice). Paris, Feb. a 5.—The municipal councils of two Alsatian cities, 8tr*sif- boneg aiid St. Marie aux-M)nes have just demonstrated antl-r«Hglous feel- ings in refusing to votts itltiA* tow lodgings for Catholic priests. Under the terms of .the concordat, ministers of religion receive a certain salary from the Stattt and lodging is allowed them by the municlpalltlei of the parishes, The majority of the municipal councils of Strassbourg ferred upon the Et. Rev. Msgr. JanKs H. Ryan, Rector of the Catholic question tfniversity of America, the honorary degree Doctor of Lawns. The Rer. Wtlllain M. Magee, S. J., president of Marquette, officiated at the exercises,, and Dr. Edward A Fltapatrlck, dean of the graduate school, presented Consignor' Ryan for the degree. C. U. Rector Given Marquette Degree Milwaukee, Wis., March i.--Mar- , w , .. ^ quette^Uniyerslty here yesterdayiion^ and^t^Marie^iac Mines s^«>cm^ f*** *° tne^^ftwrtrn«t4ons-W^ Is an. indication of theli Accuse Official Of •Msacis^ Insulting Religion BEIH6DEPIJJ1 Attributed to U ||!xec^e tto N. <?? *w. <5-» Km* 9*mi&u Toron^Or Can, k Hurth-lt—^a in< TsstlgaHfti «* cpiUriH *»JMl* *m\Mi, I |ro*l*l8||^*ls»--t^iat mt •#«?\*£&- students of St. Michael's Collsge In i»ksM fnsis for las OMile lejttit tanM tMh« *Wa«it hetd ftlXL M& WRw of thelt^fiollege.-Tha letter chargts-^e^^tt^j^tjjtt^ l *t r #'' that itude^tt of j|t, Mlcbasl's Colin* |pu»r|ao»s>t«f t if ts fasTf- »uft»4\by Mr. Bur** taut trart|*|frtn,» p*\m*$ mum i**i WHt relltlon has been attacked. order w«rs thosght 1*?fcm ~ Thei ls,tt#^ •)»»«» ** ? *tytf^w^t*r. * 4?s *:•**.¥ atudents, mors than ajhird of th* Mr. •ewtsa's vasws' ^ men rtud«iiW-««it the Ml* sY^nttjnt to . Mr* Devlin, WBQ wa# wmk \ Catholic students said to have o^n ««ftdwan. tl^i*aos of fie7 ma4«.t>y «r;'»«rn* : 1c»:0,.^yf1,tBh#^##Wtiejil,'•\!<**• ^B* \ \ i«^ta*y4W»astie-|»raf-thV-a^u^^Rit^^ unwerijty, .. •. : sv^v,v ,v^^mmm^mfikw^mr \ - .• - -\\•-.' ._ • ' >*•* ' ' 'Bs'Ttiisi 'ss||ij J *' \ ••\•'-\\ \~ Iteport GathoUo. JusslUd ; -'. '• '^^ki ^ '^g*; :«W«.con<plaJnth^llr,'A.^A»rWS w |nS hajt; h m o»c(ai; etpi«ltf' .^/miMSSS^S^ Hb-*tua«ntt of tht MltWtWwSftiS si 'ttii' • this ssasssfi' t SSS^M* tSMIT W h&*J at thatss4tsirs«<|it«ly at'tks sTJii n^tmm 7 .. Mm* toMrvL, 4,- Uma editor, of Yartlty/ Jrish CartMIt-*, 'Mr,\ ^tltH'Nirs*^: »;• ' , -\-' \\\ ',*|F'~7' 1- If 1 -**-;: tlii Ones VB^a1«m« at l>ara^i«s* ' Irish Catholic *'M>,^»rn Irish *Ro| This wail this- rata. Ryan,aoii-polltkal trst -'''' \•SStobSf'WftSSi ' \ the •ar' &thm# m $mltimm*wM- In th« prsstrss slsalTans, flrasd Mastei uflke .•,-'.v*»*,rJ of.. the-McQM stttdeW^ncli,-#^ -.-,> v- ** K * +!/?#?• . Contribute Tt> Uk Salifjr 5«A« ws4wlittlt.it of thi; I: '4 tlia ,,.... j£m oftr -r»pri»Jnt»UV*?.f*lt Jdlnt Bxectttlve> v w* :f#i^4»*t . ,—-—-, .. n » Ihiatntich -«I.#ST-«M-'4Mi[tfiUiJd;,t:«g4^fiLL-\^-- contribute t« ths #alilrjr\of «tt ••^6W-^WF^ttZF*r- edlWctireijri i^rwW wISN'lik luSvwwSSsySMBSS proiBssds^^tsliai^BB*-^^*^^ bijfojryr ^m^^^^^^mr^^i^Mm^S^^ the ii«lt*riltr-«iifhorJ«w,'-w# v 'l**t : g|J^-y^^^5iSi-' tM, befoir* th* student »OMMts-,w*»V*T/ ^ * tire* Mr,,A, G. BnrnashwM ^m> **&***»&* it toCimmkm** ? ths stitettenir »ad**y (mtju-fm thB/Arthdeais*, ^wWaaT&/ continue to receive supporWrata? aaftalrs or art, kop«« tUt work Jsfcs, i boftton ot *the«attrdent »ddr forthis mm « to ^M t wtl *Ju^w» ___ whom he has exprmed contempLwtllfr* down to a p««»abl« oottdiiss* If he f»ll» to deny this itatemsnt,** «f things? Thfc Wttdost at iU I<orta- pfatest agnitiat having to oontuputesm mr*r*ttemitTa raking up a Sa- to his salary through the* cottpBaiottpb^j^omoriiE^sssM^p^rw-yf* amn car i psaesfg} Siiieloa, Is DsSlialfllWM^S^t, i ..': •••••••. .- -JWOak .sA^tV-tsaull snf ri^w* wttk ,Kew York, ^fc «».—In answer ^m^^t^m^Mi^^^m^m^'r I requert sent out by Bejreread' B4- ^*«Ma«waf*- - - * want *\ Oaresche* ^ J., «6reetoT\^>t ^ ^ i* V^ -t* £& -t^ 3 ^ the catholic H#dicai Mission Board,to BemtrdinJ Pamphlet - the leadlni manufacturers and.' , ; . In Gl*Mt I)fSB«UBBt wholesa)rd«iier, in druts.some ver^ - \ — - \ ****£LF^ -• 5*» w«e IhTppe? impartially, to > t»»s«r^lce, lave negtf sold,' * \ -^ - s nylons, increastaf numbers M,- -- ? letters— are Hbelng— r4esjT?*#-~from| ^Nt^l^u^U^pt interfrsts *£jjgJgL& i^ik^ ^Le-^- the. mtoslott*. Recently Riglit M*tm*t*A /wwi * ^ii'^^kirf-^ end P. Manni called at the offlc* of #^V f W^ AtKUtOnilm th© Board *nd assured the Director that missionaries In India, consider the medical tide of the missions the greatest of all works of mercy, Hie mentioned that when he War helping to found the mission, at Burm*, ,the miwionaries discovered that the^neL.'^^J^ W»y to win ihe j«g*j(js to aim ^tlott^ ^Im^mHl^i^mfil tltdlcsi work was^tne foundation of cfctlsdrWHitti wish io-put an «BCJo;the^^^c^ Although thevwotk M , ia^M<|*ist and substitute tb^.of separtrtlon. 0 4«oitWmtty ir»fa>f, ^nd ««««% attd ^mfOtSmmi however, «he Wtlon'of the cdtmcllw »*«« «ttantW«jt «* *n»Ji*s^r«f« iortum aad sent in, still the needs of the work prMs«at*db ar» very grsat. In, taet - s»> ludsf* WVkt itm members will haw little effect siaos the prefect, who has control of poblfc laws, will authorise these Items in the cities' budgets. Is, V *|4 ^4g ,^1 %-*\ r expenses and who ha* to respect? the mltely large sjnpunt of supoiWs can be utUli*d as the field is prastteall; limitless. \ ., i . . »

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