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•^»iB#^S!w^tnwij«jm^iUP IIII<^W»^W»**WWH»WI ifijilijp<awM|'i^>- r.%^i, •*»-»». . X X w ssstsssasssssss. *ssu iW -*jJV -** -r\ * 4^**,,W>W. *-«rv iSJ„i» J#wt*SS^*4KK»§^«l»*^iA» ^H u J*w _ - &_» ~Jb_-U-ii, *__» -* tiw^fP^Tj' \TP' -wrva \\7' 1 w^^ia^asfti '<^*S ->sr \We earneailj recommend The Catholic Courier and Journal to oar clone—ns as worthy of Uses* patroa- age, and we would urge all to be numbered among tta snbecrtbera. —Bishop O'Hern. l^U.^ *•* •^•••••••••••JP Official Newspaper of the Rochester Diocese •#> __#*• Vohime V. FITO Cents per Cop; aaa«eBssaiB First Annual Convention Of Diocesan Holy Name Union Set for Maren 12 On Sunday, March 12, at the Columbus Civic Center, the Rochester Diocesan Holy Name Union will hold its first annual convention. The convention will be called to order at 8:00 p. m. in the ball-room. . ROCHESTER, N. % $OT»AY, MARGH 2, 1933 ai-Hsasaaui«aapB»« The principal business before this convention vill be the election of of- ficers of the Union for the coming year. Tne present elective officers of the Union are: B. Edward Slgesin ger sf St. Ambrose parish. Presi- dent: Peter J. Connelly of Corpus Chrlstl parish, Vice-President; Wm. G. Wyun of Immaculate Conception parish, Vice-President; Charles J. Knapp of St. Andrew's pariah, Vice- President; Hoy W. Crlssy of St. John the Evangelist parish, Vice- President and .Secretary; Andrew Wneflt of Holy Family parish, Finan- cial Secretary; Joseph Antolina of Our Lady of Sorrows parish. Treas- urer; and John W. DIrlnger of Cor- pns nhrt»tl parish,. - Marshal, X spiritual directors of the I'nlon are appointed by tho Bishop They are Raw. F. Wm. Stauder of Holy Re- deemer Spiritual Director, and Rev. A. F. Plorack of St. Andrew's, As- sistant Spiritual Director. Deanery Unions Planned Each Holy Name Society In the Union Is represented by four dele- gates and its Spiritual Director. The Union embraces at the present time all of the Holy Name socloties In Monroe County and in the adjacent towns Included within the Rochester Deanery Holy Name societies from Auburn, (leneva, and other towns In the Rochester Dloceso have also bo- rn me affiliated with the Union and It Is understood that It is the Intention Dr. Zweirlein Will Describe Church's Condition in Mexico \The Mexican Question\ will-be the subject to be discussed by the Rev. Frederick J. Zwlerleta, pro- fessor of church history, St. Bernard's Seminary In the fifth of a series,of free public lectures be- ing sponsored by the Catholic Men's Federation at St. Joseph's Hall. Friday evening, March 10. at 8:15 o'clock. An Intensely Interesting lecture Is expected by the officers of the Federation Because- 5TDT. TS¥eTf-~ leln'B knowledge of conditions in Mexico and the timeliness of tho subject. They point out that the recent Encyclical \Acerba Animi\ issued by the Holy Father called attention of the world to the per- secution of the Church In Mexico and rovealed the conditions exist- ing among priests and people. Dr. Zwlerleln la an authority on the subject and will bring to his listeners the latest Information re- garding Mexico for which country the Holy Father but recently asked the prayers of the faithful of the world. A large crowd la expected to attend the lecture, for •which there Is no admission charge. Summer Sessions At Catholic Univ. Start June 26 Washington. D. -C. — Over two hundred a.nd' ttsvonty cdulsei \life listed In the announcement of the Summer Session of the Catholic Uni- versity of America. Washington. D C Twenty-nine subjects, ranging from Art to Spanish, will be taught nt the 1'nherslty between June 26 and August 3. 1933. The Session will be under the direction of Dr Roy Joseph Deferrari, Dean of the Ornduate School of Arts and Sci- ences, and the faculty will be com posed of sixty-five members of the (Continued on Page Four) o Advocates Trained Secretaries For Lay Activities State Deputy Armstronp; of K of C. Talks to N. C. C. W. of Catholic Press as Aid in De- ve'opment of I^ay Action Albany.—A notable contribution to tb effective work of the Catholic Press in this Diocese Is being made by Mr. William J. Armstrong. State Deputy of the Knlghta of Columbus Taking up the subject of the ec ttve participation of the tally in the work of the Church. Mr. ArmstrongiCathollc University faculty and forty-two visiting teachers. In addition to the regular Summer Session courses the Preachers Insti- tute will begin Its second year of ac- tivity. It offers courses In sermon writing and preaching, and is oper only to priests. The Very Reverend Ignatius Smith. O.P.. Associate Pro fessor of Philosophy in the Universi- ty, who Is famous for his sermo-- delivered in the Washington Catholic Hour, over station WOL, from thf Shrine of the Sacred Heart In Wash lngton. will be Director of tVe lnstl tute. This year for the first time at the University electrical voice re cording and reproduction will be used to familiarize the preacher with hit own peculiarities. This Summer Session will see the opening of the Apologetic Institute, (Continued on Page Four) o GERMANY'S OLDEST PRIEST Breslau, Silesia—The oldest priest of Germany is the Rev. Ferdinand Vetter, Archeplscopa! Archdeacon of the Cathedral of Glogau, who has |jnwt celebrated bis ninety-fourth birthday. o - NUNS FKED 1,000 DAILY Montreat-r-The SUrters-Of Charity Of Providence Refuge, carrying on a work of charity they began here in, 1849, now distribute more than 1,000 meals a day to unemployed and needy persons. at a recent meeting of the National Council of Catholic Women, here, rf- minded his audlenee of Catholl- ladies that the Holy Father had call- ed to this development of Catholic Action all the thought and energy of the Catholic Church; that the Poje considers It to be the most Important work for priests and people at this time. He reminded his listeners that In order to become qualified for a greater share In the numerous ac- tivities of the Church, it would be necessary for the laity to begin a process of self-education, as at pres- ent there was no other way In which they could prepare for this work; that the self-education meant the regular -and systematic reading of Catholic literature, particularly Catholic newspaper! and more spec- ifically, The Evangelist, the official paper of the Albany Diocese. Cites Progress in Europe Mr. Armstrong reminded the mem- bers that It was not physically pos- (Continued on Page Seven) Two-iki-One Service YOtTR NEWSPAPER brings you two kinds Of news. One kind appears under headlines, or oh the editorial page. THE OTHER KIND appears in the announcements of business men and merchants. That's advertising news .. . important to every reader of the CATHO- LIC COURIER. NEWS of new products . . .newsi of news-slues. Yon find It i n the advertisements! FOR INSTANCE, on page 8 is an advertisement of the PARTBT- BRANNOCK Stetson Shops, Inc.. 54 Bast Avenue, -aanduiic- Ing new values In a new type of shoe for men and women . . , M, W. Locke Shoes, designed and approved by the famous Dr. M. W. Locke of Williams- —hnrg.. Ontario. OTHER ADVERTISERS . .. Gor- man's, the Genesee Valley Trust Company, Continental Baking Co., and Others . . . have important advertising news for you. Don't mias JLpi j- CATHOLIC COURIER . Offlc-M •Mnm&fpqejBJt,. ,/,', the ltoct*M«* Dlooe** •••••• Mission Expanse Told by Head Of Fides Service Fr. Considine, iMaryknoll Priest, Mission News Service ^rec- tor, Gives Impression! At ter 52,000-rrrile^^sia-Afifek tour Vatican City—Upon completing a 52.000-mile journey through the mlssloim of Asia and Africa, the Rev. John M. Considine. M.M , Direc- tor of Fides Servico. condensed hia Impressions as follows \It seems safe to say that never before in history were Catholic mis- sions BO thorotrghly orgonUvd and so extensive a« they are today. Par- ticularly since the v»ai, thousands of new priests, brothers and sisters have entered the field In rosponse to the call of the great missionary Popes, Benedict XV. and Pius XI Propa- ganda has created more mission ter- ritories In the last dozen years than in any previous century of It) exist- ence. 1'Our^ seminaries and novitiates are Oiled as never before. Native clergy and sisterhoods are advanc ing at an imposing rate. DarrinK some world catastrophe which may halt the movement, the next ten years Is duo to see advance* s£HT moro striking than those of the la.it decade ... >'• \Our work Just now ts at the sat- uration point. As rogards man pow- er, the great majority of our mission- aries are now required for the minis- try of those already converted. In a diocese or India counting, over 200 priests I found only Ave free to apply themselves to conversion . . . \Mission finances are likewise at the saturation point. Income has not kopt pace with expansion. Ten years ago Fr. Arena, S.J.. estimated our world budget at $26,000,000 . . . If in 1923. I26.OOO.O00 was barely safncient,.4ftrU|iniy by 1943 the nuthoritte* iiust try to find *36 000.000 to $40,000,000 a year. Bishop Thevenoud, of Ou-gadousoo in French West Africa, says that the 1 solution lies in organizing universal- ly the Pontifical Mission Aid Sc-| cletics. \The Income of tho Pontifical So- cieties is now about $3,000,000. and even In his own France, says tho Bishop, land of most Propagation enrollments, not 20 per cent, of the people are enlisted. The Pontifical Societies will provido $12,000,000 a year when the leaders get In contact with each family in each parish of the Catholic world. \Let us pray for the end of the crisis,\ he says, \and for the begin- ning of a universal brotherhood of Catholics for the conversion of men.\ o Fcr Uay^AcJtoi[ St. Vincenl'df #Mal Society Founded, ^Foremost? Exponent of Social wistice and Gharity, Fr. Wintarroth Deciarea '\ i '\. Tho Important i«trt that tho lu- formod and ener^ftlc Catholic lay- man may piay fit |Iie apoatolle mis- sion of the Church wa» pointed out by the Rev.' Theodore Wlnierroth. of St. Michael's Church this. city, in a lecture on \Predetiok Oaanam,\ in SL. Joseph's HaJUl Franklin Street, last Friday evening. This was the fourth In the sorts* of eitht lectures which have been a1> ranged by the Catholic Men's Feder- ation of Monroe County to place be- fore the people of Rochester Catholic social principles, t i Fath*r WlnterrQfh told of the birth of Frederick Planum at Milan, Italy, April .23. 1813, and. of the training which he |ecelve<J from his all Urges Doctors Keep Catholic Papers In Waiting Rooms Vienna —Writing to the Catholic weekly Schoenere Zukunft of this -Ity. s reader suggests that Catholic •bystclans might promote the apos- •leship of the Catholic press by dis- playing Catholic newspapers and marlines in their waiting rooms in- itead of the common-place fashion or iporta pipers. Many a patient might thus for the first time come into contact with Catholic literature and become lnt*>r- ested In the Faith ANOTHER BISHOP ItETUIIVS Cologne — The Most IvanioB, Archbishop of British India, and former Jacobite Metropolitan, reports to the German Missionary Priests* League that an- other Jacobite Bishop has Just ap- plied for reception into the Catholic Church. This Bishop's diocese com- prises 20,000 souls, 30 priests and 100 churches. o— He who unceasingly seeks to nour- ish himself with the Precious Blood of Christ's Wounds will be safe against all the peril; and difficulties of .this miserable life, Ozan£diis| , Life Held as [ExamEple Gets Fapml Medal m ** lenrned that dne jof the greatest services that onle cai engage In in the •pending ones »elf in aiding and as< listing the poor. Ho had in his ten iter years watohedjlils parents vis- ing with each othef in this exalted task. It was: not surprising that he should when he grew to manhood follow In the footsteps of bit Patent*. EMuigeri to Youth Frederick Oianam was a student at Paris, and It was not long before ho observed the dahferi that threat- ened youth in that tsmou* city. 'When only a young man of -0 years and white ha was a student at Paris universities, surrounded oh all •Ides by unbelief and skepticism,\ said Father Wlnterroth, \he often heard the challenge hurled at the (Continued oa Pato Four) — _-o——~r Layme^ To Open June 23 At Si/\ Miss Mary c. Duffy, supreme r«« gent of the C*ffioltenBKugtC#rf _i \W| Am»rio> who Is rteelvlnt tonfcratuUr Censorship Of t Foreign Press President of Cgnf-dUri JPWrrf Saya Unclwm Publications En- tering- -GarwU v ShoMld. •> B« Banned; FoUtift F«opl« * &mu&jm^&$j&- , tTowi, -on-, .tijk iW*f^j$W.$H$ c-»-lngly cultivated iwltetMy of- ten* for Hit IK prlstea (.word ;aa4 picture by mim ._##»eW^i^^j^r|' ^ '\' , tions roilowlng announcement,of h»r. receiving tho Papal medal, \JBrjiJSeH_LlitJin_«jl-rt_i_l»tfbhiL cicala Et rontiflee,\ from HhrHol! tiess, i'opo Pius XI. ~ : Papal Honor For; Miss Mary Diilfity reme «| tTfl«-.Qaiirtt_^!_^£- -;;?,-1 •• to. A th» Ca_a4U- Club here, ht aaWti'ltotM.ay I »U- Mtr^jy _9«i*\*fr##«y l»».yir?'.W'l0etivir|^ government i *ls^'A»_9itij_;-,ja^:*'lillif; Head of Catholic Daughter* of America Given Recognition by Holy Father; Lauded M Bishop Hafey New York—Catholic Daughters sjf America are everywhere r*}cdclft| because of the honor conferred, up?* Supreme Regent MIM Mary O.-rjiffyll w who ha* Juat been decorated-b^Hiil^tB^ltiw^IiW Holinen Pope Pius XI, wtth'IJi*' I medal Pro Bcclesia et Pontlfl«t l '/6fB , i jeers and members of the 0'1'giinit'a- 'g lion and the clergy, and rejigioTs . • land friends prominent in all >walki The annual laymen's retreat at St. of life are flooding her wltlr W^' Bernard's Seminary will open Friday grams and messages of felicitation evening. June U3. and cdatlnuc un-|f ro m eVery ,t Rt e In the Onibn 111(1 from Canada, Panama, Pbrto itida and Cuba. • . .., -. IlisJjop' Hnfey Announces llotior Tho welcome news was diiefoiet! at the opening session of the s**ml- nnnukl meeting of the Boar4 of Na- tional Directors here MOnds&jSetousI ary $7, by the Most Reverend: \Wil* 11am J. Hafey. Bishop Of KaLeigtt, North Carolina, In the presence of the entire membership- of tho Board oi Directors. Bishop Hafey I* the\ National chaplain of the Catholic Daughters of America and, Hls~> lEx- coilency expressed in eloquent xnffj touching WOT&* ih* proiouJiar; joy til Monday morning. Juno.26, It was announced this week by President John P. Keating. For the first time in tho history of these laymen's retreats conducted at St. Bernard's Seminary and to which all Catholic men are invited to at- tend, the retreat master will fie a member of the Capuchin order, the Rev! Siglsmund Cratz, O.M.Cap. Father Siglsmund has been procured by tho Rev. Dr William E. Cowon, pastor of St. Mary's Church. Auburn, and moderator of the Laymen's Re- treat Association. At the retreat held last year at which over 200 Catholic men at- tended, officers of the Association were elected for a two year period. They are: Moderator. Dr. Cbwen; President Keating; First Vice Presl dent, representing the Rochester deanery, Martin J. RIckard; Second Vice President representing Auburn Deanery, J. J. Drlscoll, Auburn; Third Vice President representing Blnlira Deanery, T. J. Mclnerney, Ith«ca; Fourth Vice President repre- senting Corning Deanery, John Mel- llnger, Horoell; Fifth Vice Presi- dent representing Genera Deanery,, Frank J. Conboy; Secretary-Treasur- er. William T. Nolan; and Financial Rev Mar Secretary of the Building Fund, Fred Triandmm.i 8 ' T »y' or ' u _' Information about the retreat may be had from William T. Nolan, Co- lumbus Civic Center. 50 Chestnut Street, Rochester. Stone 1492. Res- ervations may be made with Mr Nolan. Free Adult Education for Worklest Offered In Cotirte Given atf Diujuesne University Pittsburgh. — The administration a college degree but are designed to of Duqueen* University baa thrown ,«W thote without occupation to Jjn- <open its doors - to -adult men and women. Persons 30 years of age^of older will attend a special ten-week session termed an ''Adult Session,' a School for the Unemployed.\ Members o? the regular faculty of the university will conduct the The Instructors are glrtiig Classen. their time without remuneration gad t_*Koutte will be free to the job- less. Qualification for those who wish to enroll Is that they be without ejn- plorjnment, ,fchat their age is 30 <s y»«rs or more, and .that their education^ shati have!!-inclndetf, at least two, prove themselves while sot other- wise employed. Clasjieii »f«\ to he held from 2 to 4 p. m., Monday to Friday of each week. The coarse* are: \Problems of Living,\ \Art of Thinking;\ \Paths to Cnlttire/\ \Science of Language, \English Composition,\ \Guide to Readlng,\~-\eTat l*fi#*« cout**_l;ei| Better tion. rt \From the JSTeheh Re*olutiontmag» to the tv-orid War.\ \The WorW War and It» Aftermath,\ ^'Present Day • Economic Problems,\ \Interna- tiona! Economic Probiema,\ \Social £rtbWm»,\ \Mbne3r ^atofe «#j La*/-and Its Administration,\ \Our -.State dorer-meni.\ n bn¥ National #•'\ '\ - —^^JQoyejrnniettt\ and \Seieace in EveEy _0.«lredlMflw»ird ^IbW* •:.;•• .-•sf;\ %; „:._»; t .ition to Und MnaM y M ij r n < T_Tn^ r ^^ J _t_—-tj^jfH , .I i Jrin-jw r i' • i 111 B ir > I 11) I 111 W It- TV l iff i _*i* n %t f- *< \*\w«e_gi Canada anH ^ W*$PW%. fe «> i ^rrtoj fttl^_^ Badhl H«*_ie_% cUtrtp tkmof] •rvr**—*™ '^tjifl'-yVt-^-.p-^.-.. ^v-SSJ- te*tHtersk teWia itaW MWW: a_4 Censorship. The e^awrsMi I l»iT*||lHf at- %iti !at*j>4«;»Wi;vilrtnA«^''$f would bars no ooa^ert la thr^ m ' v dount. *r i^Uieai/r mUimeMM ! a»y .o)h«r.wh*^fjgt«i«fi,-«:ft imfi b« a ei^^rsAlp for'reas^Mbia *(^ •' rralsM fn\Vtih-T l.itirtra aa'hU robjeit the kteehaale* *f newer brHfcV thi *WH„-aH'WrW..i«\.'»«t : rtUy* newagatKeris ^rtaifroin t -#• 0anVdlaaPrU/»tdatW.7i-*t>2 . are «l•«a^^O^«o^t^,a^•^r««**•.«^. :• ./.; and geherafldnr'TSejV^aMttr gethef igoora, ihg, indieihclei :Ht 'atft^ ?$£h->-*--m -^ ciar life, bjit v£ty-*tijfottowmfo/&i<Wwt^. They do not ,domW«4rj«ttT W |g?J!*^_i_ll-s the kludiy-'ven theriyVit \e*i.>: *Ip5?if«^!*3? It €il in aU'aUbteUaausiUpir___u^ ^_SS_i_^ be toand aa-ywaW* mfr**m^ HS^IU: •' ,;-) • -•;••• • •» ,; »* ;' ,, ! i aga.,-c2j».a^Taaj|av (Continued Ton* Pager #0i»r7\~ V: \W^^W# Beatification Cases >>#; which the oecaslop brought to. Mm gWiig authoifltjr tfr i»»c^hritit «f f>*^*tJ!wN and to the Catholic Daught»J3r. Of h*a,«fteitjgft, ,«* t_* yenerabl* %*{. v JriftflWl«r America in the knowledg* tha't:the ca-ta: Oaroat; -^^^Mmi'MWi ^m^'0''.. Supreme Shepherd recogniaed in Mlee^.Slataw ot C^afity *£ Brewla,;gi«4b*' M^WII^a*!. Duffy a true Lay Apoetlo, and that other aiipr«tt„g'tiit*«1>air»a »g|? fltTPB- -a-,-™-. • by personal sacrifice she has devoted pc«»d for the b«*tIIC*Uo« of CaUhefr «^r-pirtls*tars^>f h«r life to every phase of Catholic Ine Labourne, of th*,Dau$hter» ofi 3#tffjifc\ty Action., . t „ - ,0harlty- .of St,• V|nt»nt \ H*l .*- .PW»*•-•!»»; Her splendid example of Ieaderahtp t »«*» **& h» tfta JifMiit^J^.r^ The Catholic World ©ver 'Ht^,,mnninmii__,wiw,Mw,WH*«*''*tniMHiililil,iw,*w,Mr Washington—In response to the wishes Of Hits Holiness, Pope Fins XI, as expressed in a letter to Mother Katharine Drexel and her sister, Lo&i*e Drexel Morfel, there has been organiied here, the first branch of the Auxiliaries of the Blessed Sacra- men t--. The Holy Father expressed the wish that the greatest possible number of Catholics associate them- selves, especially through prayer, in extending the work carried on for Indiana anj Negroes by the Sisters ot the Most Blessed Sacrament, of which Order Mother Drtxel is the foundress and Superior General. Mexico City—The Rer. t«ttjg Gf. brew was arresleo*' wmie celebrating in th * Ghnrch of, the C»n- delaria in the town of Miscoac and accused of violating the Law of Cults by officiating without authorisation. At first put in a celt with Other pris- oner*, Father Fibres displayed such I hum|iity that.the chief*or police or-| dered the priest to be allowed to re- in the largest organization oi Catho- lic, women in America and her ardent zeal in fa?thering the cause of JBdu- cailon. Religion. Charitable and Pa- triotic endeavor has been envisioned] by the Supreme Pontiff- and' 1 , thus through personal merit 'Miss Duffy has received this significant recog- nition. • >\* '•'•*' The medal is a. gold cross rn«de octanghlar in form by> -fleuraVS^-lia fixed in the angles qf the *rg*| ft a centty in the presence of Hit? _r% T ., .,.,.,. „ zr ,., nm m* ?ia» xr»' ! v' < j ~'.^umW$m$*M , -hejwatincatjbn 7iac«8«a. oi.ro«* aid _ bourne will uve place group of beatfficaiiona iU thi by mm •Bn«iiQ,0aiot ; c vwt>*wm $Mw&^^ eral of-tie, Q&tfBmffl '#^-m$d*8ttiBJ$ 'the»,.tiro a«rv*h't* y^*Vf&UW1$ %&^££j&0$* tn« embleaii the motto ''Pid Pontlflce\ ia KUWiied. The Is purple, with delicate line* #, white and yetltfw on elclrWraefFan^iii; worn on the right side-of the' breklt. Lent is a time of spiritual solace. Doft't miss opportunities: offered*/ / •d, »« ^r^ltllr o^r^rtuDVlurlnr! $s «r« gaii«_''_pjd^\M inexhaustible.sbrina of ^|r^f| lion. .-..»-... .ii '^m$$&$s$t Soviets Attempt to Break Confessional Seal Told in.&_»&&l&lic^- ^ *r 'rfiii Serltn.i-Cai_ol\ljB. pi-jests Cased to break the seat were deported, by th,e Soylefe me^t to Siberia, according in, efffK* Jusclia purja, a Russian refugee whose djfiary i« now being fj4iblfj3jei in a serial by \Qermanla 4 \. jeidingj Catholic dally of this city The priests w6« reatf«ste l d f Hjie : writer says, to investigate the *nie*; cedents of tha'ygiitWftll-a^W'^liH, munlcate the iniorjinrtion-^aji^Wfl tained to Bolehevist OlneMsY \'1fe$eft: the priesta refused, they wet'tf'-JiJy; rested and deported to Tuifk-eafia:| where terrific heat, p|*»allf «Vil»i'#ti polar toneigt 8mm*.~, '• -1 y&^\ \i'diHtr^^M r __ .. ;?»!i#j®iSittti cawpa\ *a« Vreiigi^«ftTaglW#ia^S#^ ,.. :3n«aking~of*a. ^nce»trtilt»|Meaiaj|; i*ri?»t-thfii.«oia»' '-w^i ^Me^m^mi ^Wfc*^s* jp**T_*> 2\*fei »ffi^g^.:^ ***.i mtvt ,'^jja 6a» , * , »w*-^»'--J-. ;i«y. tffrxlds*&'*_*?*% i r:^m &: -.wo *J£ im? [tlTHi »ssP m* iCoatii^Md on''-#*«•''.SftW*' In' on*-\\ ttlatilii#e, some' 'peaaiuitai were arrested because they '9m *«ini Jmltted the \criSSe\ ol aeuinf va«y|||g| ( tra_a^t-Chrtitma^<«in*-*_^#l(i- *•*•' '• ; ^O^igf-

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