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-W<**&i*-ia, it*. #»N, *-~i - X BBS : JBW8^W COURIER AMD JOURNAL, FftfPAY, JANUARY 6, 1$3 Gatkolic Courier + and Journal Carter Established 1929—Journal Established 1889 Published every Friday In the ———year at Rochester,-New York VQt IV. JANUARY 6, 1933 NO. 43. -Offlclal Jfewipaper of the DtoceB* of Rochester With the Approbation of the Ho#t Reverend John Francis O'Hern, D,D, , Bishop of Rochester It\ MBMBER-dATHOLIO PRESS ASSOCIATION fcatered » second-class matter In the Ppgfofflce at »MhMt»r^N«w 4 yw)f, as required under the Acf orr open . al r mee ting,, were conduote d congress or Jiarcn 8, 1879. . „,,,. „„^,^. nA „„„,, „„ ti ,„. $JTCO MT year In advance,. postpaid. »«r Itott. Forelfii. fSrOO per year. Ininany icatanceg aubacribert prefer riot to have their \\\*\ '\\ \\\ <M«tuptit* in ease they .fall to ; remit ion. ^ it is ^therefore assumed that con- Current Comment^- The nation-wide campaign by tire , OA>iDPA^€aier^-^tthoil0 Troth Guild to. b'rjn§ the FOR CIIBMP truths of, our Holy Faith to those: who have been prejudiced by ig- norance and misinformation has been a blessedly successful missionary endeavor, David QdidSteln, tirelessly enthusiastic in his Catholic faith* and Theodore Dorscy, his' assistant, left Boston in June, 1031. In the course of an itinerary -sponsored by the Catholic Daughters of America they covered a djjjtance of thirty-flvo thousand miles, and throughout eighteen states gave instruction in mis- understood articles of tire Catholic faith. Twenty meetings a month were held, Jn the course of a little more than sixteen months three hundred and thirty Diocesan P*V--r m* tlnuance I», d*»Ir>a »rileas dlscoritlhuance Is ordered #Bfrb> ljBttertQr,n|)r«onal c>ll|i> i; ' . ,- ': -JPttMMhfld-'bV- ;: ,\ OAFMOJWQ COURIER and JOURNAL. Inc. tltMiiStimk4tot~ •. :MWn:itl^ Rochester, N, Y. Ifr-: Is*' _3tfl &7 '10m•'* GitMk Htwip4peti\~Vopt Piu» X. \ ' * ' i • ' - *-«• , - - *fl '. . ft ..f V*. .V to w— ft J^ith student coun*« from men of good Jude- .jaejt'\-\* • *•-•-•- - — '\ •*••-•• ••• pOBittttow, W«, hare -.eonitiUtUkl The 0»tholic approval of life Diocesan Board of W-<\- I **** *°* the Ploc««, of Rochester, Wa aik God* fc'ii^:-; t|!^WJ , !L^}>54ift«kln»,, that it may ***** P : v r^-t P« W*r to our peopl* timely information on Re- lltfous tojjiej, Inftruetion in the doctrines of the li^^^l^h. «••••««-.p|_ an .«*ehijwHM» ll^ ; ti^^jpflBHlJit of th* DIOCM» # and w» s% .lty$i' tt*t» .$U to b* numbered among |ti siib- '±r ^J:\^ - - i •! B|«lio» of Ro«heat«r. t •'\'-'• March 15, l»»». [xmm L->, - <T*HWtoftJ ACTI6S meH are few otherwise thea« r, A> IStttiiiLHW CatW He Men'i Federation U to hold 'a, nrlM ©t ^Srt-pub«e WctUrei baaed' on ChrlstUn :«oM4arIi« Zm §t, Joseph's iftU on deilgnatedFrlday . WiBlmt, .IXjfiiihtnt January it, comes ai a welcoTae . aBBbtineement., - —*, ti M y ?*% w \* mb * r lj 0 i* n «' ^*tbollc Men', Federa- tt$;;afl(IiiU*i «m -til* tJatholrn .Central terete of, »|Wy «t iKStelfl fasUerbajitd on th* Encyeljcali of the Hb)y F*th*n About t*n years apio they decided to tin tb*^«*tt«ral publics imjnslght..Jato ; thelr^worJc ;aa< t itartwd a..eour#» of pubile lecture* that had te T = treiuilpi; popularity. ' • • ; RipiaNt\ *^Wf-*W«t-**W. V^o lememoor • ttp«e I#elffir«i of ietf piit'ra.^'and »o» Aose who - -' *3J > ^ \^ JnaulWai Hind have eatiiied the Ib'cal Iftsder- \ \^ «Wn.tb arwange f|r W $MiNfc'VH$t W)Ql bf intensely. iBUfeptinjr hecluid U mi aubjM'ti'-ierected-'ind the ......>-,-|p*iKfM Mwured, • < •' r .--V', T -%r« mj»-inaby, ojf onridatKoifc people, whoao education *«* aotMnJH netle<t«d ,a.l6ng- .etnef Hnca, tl6»».« tfc*.daki| m *«*il*M-.Ok '^*lit wi it should '^1lw'ir«4:^;^ ( ^^tSf^Via^ ItttinsWe study With unwearied good nature these earnest con verts strove to remove antipathies based almost en- tirely on misconcoptldns. Fearlosaly they addressed congregations whose only knowledge of the Catholic Church has been derived from vteious unprincipled Blfpets which live by fomenting rellglqu3 'hatreds,' I'nder the impact of the simple truth, courteously and in clear language explained, numbers have been in- spired to an admiration of the faith they had misun- derstood and ft desire to know morp about it. THrough this apOHlolnte the Catholic Church has been per- mitted its day in court in regio\n» where before the only vehicle of information was a press deliberately created for the purpose at sowing misunderstandings and dissension. Boston Catholics are justly proud of the fact that it was their beloved Cardinal Archbishop who gave this apoatoIajgrjlaJIri't-IcapetWh—fltnrd«r morning. Jujy_l. 1917, His Eminence blessed the autovan of the Catholic Truth Guild and commissioned its per' sonnet to set forth on \its humble, simple, but tri- umphant way, under the banners of the cross and the flag, for God and Fatherland.\ The second series of open air meetings begins January 0, in historic St^^Augustine,, Florida, a site fcollc [hallowed by ancient Catliolic associations. In Sir. Goldstein's ~'excellent \\CampaTgners for Christ Handbook,\ are embodied the method and jttuch-of m»- material of-the-^atholle- Tmih Guild. I mgn ^...: of ^^gr tfi p t -T ro ^ hePIt - tn - i;rtJ Reourringly the same r dlfflculllesappear and Jroappoar., - -~. - - This WanuTiooR of apoTpgellcs baa'been reviewed In The Pilot* _C|theUcs r 4obrCould proflt by Its reading. The Pilot (Boston), \Editor and Publisher.\ trade journal in tho So.'\'the' '<\»§ rloua''jjgfoitd. »nfjl« l w »l^PS r ^ iA > t ' lk0,, a *haok nt indecent advertis- • Bea$ wishes of all in the diocese are .extended: to His Excellency. Blslioe O'SsrarVho. on Wedne»d3> , completed fouY jears in his hig'i ppslti9n as Ordinary of the Diocese Bishop O'Hern was appointed third Bishop of Rochester on January 4. 1929 by His Holiness, Pope Pius\ XI and was consecrated March 10. 192f Recording the achievements of Bishop O'Hern as head of the dloceae- would take many more columns than this. His own (lock and many t>: ot iHT'-fa-Hto-wis-h-h+re-ma-trr-yt-ars a>: Bishop of the diocese of Hochest* r. Dramatic Moments in Catholic Life and History Why gt Francis de Sales Was Named Patron of the Catholic Press .^^..-^-.—.t....-- --By CLETUS J. KOCBf] K ~-\ ; _, _ Seven branches of the Naeturnal Adoration Society gathered in their respective churches on New Year'.^ Eve to mark the advent of the New, Year in prajer und devotion.beforr j the Most Blessed Sacrament. About 1.500 men In various parts of dio- cese. 6Q0 of whom salhered In .St. ( Patrlck'B Cathedral at oni> hour In-, tervaia assembled duiinR the. iilgtit tu| adnro and pray. The example fur nlshod by these devoted Catholic men in foregoing pleasure of the world and restful sleep during a night given over to revelry by others should Inspire all to emulate their example during the Holy Year of Pope Pius that is now upon us. - * • • That a growing interest in Cath- olic lay organizations is apparent was easily gathered from the unusual at* tendance at the Rochester Council Knights of Columbus Open House Monday. 'More than GOO knights. in'g copy. In a current issue It sounds this warning to pTiblishers: \No doubt sensual advertising now run- ning in the press represents tho desperation of picture houses to attractbox office receipts in a disastrous year..., Certalnly-the American press cannot be used id this high-handed manner, without risking harmful reaction* from normal readers . ... If publishers cannot control the situation, thoy should not be shocked tfTthie refpeetiiold public-calls for aome form 6£ restraint, even c*nsprshlpi'_' The newspapers recently carried a story of a man who worked thirty yearr t<f pa? his debt|V Some of us haVe worked longer than thirty years, and still face debts, but the case of this legally responsible for them, and oven his moral re- poraon was different. It appears that he was not sponstbillty' was somewhat dubious. But he threw these technicalities aside, and buckled to his work, 4h«reby-«arning tho title of \honest man,\ which many claim, and few merit. . Some economists tell us that the bent way of overcoming the depression is to spend all the money, we can. Thla remofljyiuppbsesj ojt course, first, that we have money on hand, and next, that we spend It 0B $M f JBSfilf E* H ttf HiKtiftT ftafttniIc-princlple*,- 4t^^i^n*e«^a««^ttlHNMH»s*M«HiKml^^ ^oiH«#4h«^bHjp«H^on^f-ever-yoBfr rnmzrmwt-zr-ittmr <rii»..I««*Vi*«^ -. iH. ^.nV ii : i_*, .^.M.ss-isi. _,i . .; .... ._ j .,._ _ «... . ... .. ._..'. . . . •'. . _ cupiea pari ot havo> |: ThrieetSttwr cottrie mX J» aavekceiielt aid to those .«o6;«ani.€h«ttjil^(foi!ui-|tas^i^ to tnOstisfacUbn of ttelr jowa 'eoniKJiebo**. Wigjja t% course the ib;ru|bta^„in|B^oi*lhAl6hureb:7upbH the problem* U the day will be «rtbW»int. ' ateflt-o* ir.-' oil :TH1 AUSRT '•& tt t .T$fti MtQt&iaon of the NaftcSfiiff * CSdfdr. of Catholic Wbttten rented * resolution was.adopted •-.., • ; ; .-..•, __ ;.ttr«in1l ,; W- mdMf \to bei *!&' ;%7MUag*« .j0$ftfa..xtti!Sbii itmx ciite»1atlQn: *aj*clou* ikd 6b*cen# ilteratnre f whleh^he resolution- i i- T declar««iJ*«bnatUtttes a i*iiaint**> : ofir yonth.r . Pntt&tT tbJU rtsolutloa lutq action, Miw X|nes* G. teitei ihW pubtleatiott In % ls,rge .Washington daily •iMwipape* of Aft iklr,wiimM hi'-ik* m&mkri- ; JailW feubHallng Obmpany In whjch, saCwsntts 9«V ' B» and4mtaoral booJta were listed for 'sale. Mia* Regan filed her protest with the editor of the newa- ,^p*ie-.iUt- * issttlt -to which she'received a coutteWa\: [^^M.^&^M^i^imk^: her fot.cailing^hte; : r IU^tgnr«Q\^t«^fcfe'#4rtain. ooWci £h% :,sja*»itipiat: .Jtta^a^#iWVifii«*L- ^s^t^itt,Ai'otst'llBK' of a' Slmf-i ^]M]^^*#':^3ii!«^i»1plfcr1^^i» : 'p»p*if AiAtn. ' n ^^0^0^^ th^-parMftKe^JItt^iial Cbutt* xecutlte.iecreUry which should stand' P<<?' T ;/,.; hsMiiMJ^^^^^sMiM:- £ :b6d> .. lm^<$Wt&& J?6irvl<».. to,- andvthen.at 4 p; «m. iplrrtuat exercise: th* bbiertkiice by the R©«* i^6tilik^^diftn> 61y Name i36clety. It d*>lri,/,of eoiiieT \ : %m to Heaven to better app^rf\\; OkiVm not ealy pMMnt HP** W* ** tendance, at a K. ot C function In many months, wore present and showed an awakonlng Interest in the affairs of tho Council. With a pro- gram being Worked out along the lines of Catholic Action and with careful, wise leadership, tho organ- ization will become a strong force in the community. This is true of Catholic lay organizations in other parts of tho diocese. Reports of what all organizations are doing should bo sent to the CATHOLIC COURIER so' that an exchange of ideas w,ill help all. .___' * » • * With the formation ottho Foresee Club, organ^d 4n the interest* of ithc Columbus Civic Center on Tues- day evening, an active group bas been gatBereil together to proniofe tho many activities possible in the Center, It ^hasbeon^ thought, for a long time thaT5ruchan organization would-be most helpful in carrying on the program of tho Center and in attracting an increasing number. This new club consisting of some of the moat active workers In tho com- munity, -will foster activities of a dramatic musical, educational, as well as physical and social charac- ter. This is a step in the right direc- sUppositlon Terifled, the advice is good. Money laid away underthe^heittL-JiMjood neither for king nor country. It ought, to be like oil poured out, diffusing its goodness wherever it flows. • We venture to add a point to the economist's ad-* vice. Perhaps; it Js'tt^t fc new sdint. but an interpre- tation of \spend.\ An excellent way of spending money .Is to spend It ,tfd_|>ayihg one's debts. The process relieves us of a burden^brings pleasure to the recipient, and, very* $t,ely/ increases the money in oil, and it * by permitting our creditor to own creditors. We^ navfe pou^d out the IWUI be diffused. -.,.,.. Unfortunately, to nuthy a debj,.pald Is not money speSt, but money losU.. Wejdo'fipt really make that a conclusion, but wo act ait though it were a proposi- tion that would bo approved by Sabetti-Barrett or Tanqueray. We are not lasy, although wo find It.im- posslble to get up eairly, and *e a>e nbt actually dls- We think, even wh^en; like some foreign na- tlohs, we defer payment on our just debts. A good ng-hiB^eiolution for the New Year would be to pay the buicher and the baker forthwith, not forgetting the doctor, the dentist, the school, and the grocer. The mass of. jaU- these dollars might destroy the depres- \sion. In any case, if should ease dur conscience.' I icri AmeHca (New Ybrk)i It is inore than 70ft y;ear*-«lBce-tlie life of St. Fran- cis bf Assist came tb its earthly close. Born Into * prouoV wealthy and nphl* .famiiy, he became one of the poorest and mott humble of Q*d'» Servants. Af- ttetjbn, poverty and sorriW % alnfbf their form!:•«* Mm* im. .-'Ke Ira* ibriHte'd.-hy tiie ittfpib that WheTM#er~ne r ^pro»0hied^;» i vlllai* _ttte_Jujnabltant* rush|d out WlthfuVitfrle**o«i^himt-^Tne littt* febWbne.\ he callCISi^Bil ttS ^^biiiStint.\ Joyous he was, andJLhrough his own joyousness he Im- parted gladness to other*.—The UttleHock Guardian. \In the preient st*% o£ humadniociety, however, We deem It advlublethkl tho; wage contract should, WHen possible b* »o^|#ed^o^*yb*t by a contract ot |a|taetshlp> *i i*-a^*i^rf:''%^la|;^i«^4B : various.way* tO'tae no small gain both of the wage^earaer* and of ^thStrnprio-yfeM.\ ii Mf||#a> A C^elrner»''are .m;ade sharers in some sort in the ownership, or the manage' ment, of .the :prbnk\*-~£Itt> xf. — : » j^iBifelltr fhatr-yett-haT* only oac aoul; that you i«i|«PBR ica#,djit:8nfe'*ri,c^^hai;#tr|%av6 bttt^tt#;a^orWif*K -*^^»r« 0bJSl%rfeandthat:efenat^%il ttefht wjH detach you from many t«ings.—4pirlt of ifrtwess,,' /•, . . '•',•--'. Just fifty years aftor Luther had inaugurated his great revolt against the historic Church oT Christendom the eldest son of the noble De Sales family was born In their chateau in Savoy. The day after his birth he received the name of Francis in bap- tism at the parish church of Thorens. In the half-century slnre thp intro- duction of the so-called New Learn- ing Protestantism had made rnpld Interested in the progress of Roch- ester's great social center should be forthcoming. in the bulletin issued by tho Roch- ester Health Bureau, we have no- ticed repeatedly that the Columbus Civic Center swimming pool is given a rating of \0* for the monthly aver- ago bacteria per-cc—With average not to exceed 250 it is evident that the Columbus pool is absolutely free from bacteria-and hence a healthy place In which to swim. * • * Quoting f roni-ono of our daily con- temporaries: \Gleason was born in Camden, when In his teens.\ 2)# Saltt gm* hU Itaflets to a fm dtvoted friends wh» iistrlbufi tkem fat and mid* During his student days* Francis self for the priesthood, a necessary gave evidence of that lofty spiritual- j qualification to obtain the provost- lty which was to characterize his en-. s jjip. „ . tire caroer and b«> tho admiration of' his contemporaries some of them since, like himself, ennonized saints. The fortunes of war restoring two Of Savoy's provinces to their rightful He completed his studios in the sovereign, it was necessary to pro- famed law schools ot Padua and at the age of twenty-four returned to his father's house after receiving the master's and doctor's degrees from and unfortunate progress throughout'the Paduan university. Hero began Switzerland and at the time of our I the first of the constant clashes be- saiut's birth the reformers backfd! tween his will and his father's. The by tho Swiss military arm hud 4-.. or-'Inttor looked forward to a brilliant •wwrdty*Tarpprfor-frts-flrsr-born while 1 The uncle of Francis was tho Bishop of Geneva but fur some jear» had beep unable to live in his SPP because of the machinations of the enemy. In times such as thpsp young de Rales made his early studios and learned, at first hand of the per- secutory attacks against the Church. At the age Of fourteen Francis went to Paris to attend the famous university of that city. With its fifty-four colleges it was easily the leading seat of learning of the da> Francis himself could not entertain notions of serving Ood in His Church. * * * A brllliant'marriage was arranged by the father; this was put aside by the son for he had long since pledged himself to perpetual chastity. A commission was obtained in the Duke army; Francis would be naught but a soldier in the service Lord. At this juncture, the Provost of the Geneva Cathedral Chapter died Thoroughly disRusted wrtft the world- and this honorary post was obtaiae.4, be a vide for the spiritual wants of the re- stored patrimony. This was no easy ta3k for Calvinism had taken a firm hold upon the people. In Thonon. the capital, there were but twenty Catholics left and thesei were so In- timidated by the enemy that they dared not openly profess their re- TrgTon\.—ThTTJIslToTnyf^fen them a priest, learned and holy, but he was fortunate to escape with his life. Thus matters stood in the first year of the provostship of St. Fran- cis. The Bishop called his Chapter to- gether to consult on tho matter a^id to ask for a volunteer. He did not 'wish to commission anyone without of the! his consent as it appeared to be Is- suing a death sentence, FtahGis was twenty-seven, young and energetic; :'hr announced that he prielferred to missionary rather.than S prp- liness and profligari>y of hi? fellow students he transferred to thp smal- directly from the Pope for the heir of the House of de Sales. In this vest. When this decision was mSdo known to his father, the old Count ler school at Clermont which was'way the opposition of the father was under the direction of the Jp?uit s . | overcome and Francis prepared hiin- (Qontibued oh ;$*£.* SeTen) He who has *, good friend like Jesus with him can ^i£^-««^-WBfJHr'-%U.-.ffeaitjri>« for H* help* -us,$f . forsakes us. ,„.,.,i^iild»y.^^ for* tt* «4laf, a*d th* »h»rp«t psln lu er#ria»tinR r«t. ,*£, «/£'..:•\ THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ROCHESTER 6><&udCo,af ROCHESTER-^ Cfi*& rj£ Member Federal Reserve System- • J *>>!l.KM I • H . vj*- and Individuals are invited fo advantage of Hifr MnMt^ •*&'• vices of the following departments # - - Commercial Deposit ce ang Facilities sM • V v.i i\

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