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THE OSWEGOMAS Campus Sports \V. A. A. Yollry Kail A definite schedule of the ^anies to be played has been arranged and post- al an the W.A.A. bulletin board. Thei» j will be four volley ball teams playing j each mi, r ht. two sanies beinir played at the same time. Kitle C lull The 11fie ran.iie will be open to ^iiis of the Kille Club, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, who wish to make up then ie«juired time. Vint: Tons: Today is the last day in which to sii;n up for the coming Pinir Pon^ tournament. The W.A.A. bulletin board eontains blanks for which to do so. It looks as though a larjre num- ber of mils will enter this tournament by the way they have been reserving the tables lately. Kowlin*? Plans u»r or^anizini: a ^irls bowling squad aie under way. The W.A.A. bulletin board also contains a slip of paper for those who wish to sitrn up, noting the hour and day you wish :o bowl. Beginners are more than welcome to learn how t<> bowl. \\ inter sport* Theie will be a meetin.i: of the Winter Sports Club on Wednesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock in the play- room. Plans will be discussed of the functions to be held this winter. There will be an entirely different and unique pi 01:1am this season. It is hoped :hat many will participate in the coming affairs to make this pro- mam a success. Badminton There will be a meetini; of those in- terested in badminton a week after the final examinations. Arrangements for badminton are beimr made by Dot is McChesney. who has some keen aspirations of turning out top-notch players. MKVS IXTRAMl'RAI, How! in «r A tournament of the men's bowling league uets under way Wednesday. January s. at the Amusement Parlor alleys. This was made possible by an appropriation from the Intramural Spi»n Fund. Each man is <riven a handicap in accordance with his skill. en'itlin-: each one to an equal oppor- tunity ••» win the handsome first prize. Stud*:::- are invited to conic down and s»-»- \he embryo A.B.C. contestants anv W.-dnesdav niirht. Bovine The: k i e.- a : wei^:: NORMAL QUINTET TO MEETCORTLANDTEAM THIS SATURDAY NITE The 0>we^o Normal Quintet have a reeoid *»f winning three ^ames out of ewry four contests entered, since 1^32 Coach Max Ziel has done a nice piece of wo:k in moulding the mech- anism and brainwork of the men on the s«juad. A lars:e crowd is expected to wit- ness the Cortland jjame at Cortland this Saturday. If you have not put in your reservation for the trip yet. please do so now. Workman and Goodness will start as -uards with Mulligan and KitiV in the forward po- sitions. Charlie Krower is reserving his job as center and possible hi.^h scorer. McPeak. Marshall, Smith. Kirkpatnck and Macmillan are to see service in the ^ame. Anothei added treat will show the Oswego Junior Varsity opposing the Cortland Jay- Vees. This is to be the **bi^r .came\ of the year and expectations look tine to see our bacon home. VISIT TO W'FATHFR Bl'KKAl\ < IJMAXKS SCIKXCF IMF As a climax to the science unit on \Weather.* directed by Miss Ai;ne< Turvery. Miss Kuth Zellat and Robert Men ill. the sP. ^rade. accompaniel by Henry V. Ackerman and Mis. Faith Parsons visited the Weather Kureau in Osweiro on Thursday. I>ecembei 12. In preparation for the trip, during the previous wt eks the class had dis- cussed the scientific background for reliable weather siizns. made a barom- eter from which a record of the weather was kept, carried on an ex- periment on the formation of frost and dew. They also studied and dis- cussed some weather maps brought to the class by Richard Packson. The points of interest which should be ob- seived were surested in a few iruidc questions. The explanation of the setup of the weather bureau was «;iven by Mi. James Howe, in charge, who gener- ously answered all questions and ^ave several demonstrations of how many of the instruments operate. A letter- was written to Mr. Howe by the class t«» show its appreciation for the infor- mation gained duiin.tr the trip. .-till remains room in the ub for 12a pounders. Hus- also in demand for the heavy- eiasses. Come out tonight! About 12 men have been working out eveni::.:s *o i:et into their best possible .-hape f..r the coming tuornament. John Fieck and I>ou^las I>ean are coming alone in meat shai>e. The routine consists of skipping rope. track, bai: punching and sparring. Bl > TRIP TO (OKTLAMI S'udents wishing to sf*f the Osmvjro- Cortland basket ha li izam*- at Cortland this Saturday are to see Horn aid t'iioM'i^. mim is mana^rin^ t h-e trip. To make the bus trip there must r*r a .irioup of thirty. Fift**en students have already signed to £0. 12 GOULD'S TAXI ftOMTT SE&VKE COLLEGES LOWER STANDARDS TO ATTRACT STUDENTS • Standards of higher education have been lowered through the efforts of colleges to maintain the size of their student bodies a: pre-depression levels,\ Frank Howies, acting director of admissions in Columbia university, stated in his annual report to the uni- versity trustees. As a result of the depression, tui- tion income diminished since students were few in number and less able to pay; endowment funds also f>U off. To offset the decrease in endowment income, colleges chose to increase the enrollment. Scholarships were i:iven not for merit but for need, entrance require- ments except four years of English, and students were solicited by alum- nae and teachers. These methods of persuasion have attracted more stu- dents. Mr. Howies urced the adoption of higher qualitative entrance require- ments, which, he asserted, \will im- prove the quality of the graduate body and the work done by that body.\ <z&cJrlrLe^ The caterpillar eats continuously. Having breathing organs on its sides. it does not have to stop for breath while eating. Glenn Cunningham, record-breaking runner, has no toes on one foot. For four years he could not walk because of leg injuries. MARK YOIK KYKNING A I'KKFKCT OXK AT THE ADAMS HOUSE GKIIJ, ROOM AMI BAR fw Fast Bridge St. Tel. 2076 ATTENTION! MEET YOUR FRIENDS SIDERIS' The Place for SODA CONFECTIONERY FINE FOOD WEST FIRST ST. Phone 1413 1J l Rich Creamy Nourishing DELICIOUS NETHERLAND MILK has a marvelous creamy flavor that will win your approval. Drink four zl asses dailv and n*\tir-~ K*>«r £~ c y 0;i f CT J ^^ now it gives you new pep and energy. Produced by tuberculin tested herds. Oswego Netherland Company Phone 24 NETHERLAND MILK SAT SI N MON—J AX. 11-13 ITS II Kill-: AT • AST! I K K N K IM NM KolilKl lUllill MRGNIFICENT OBSESSION \ JOHN M. M \|||. , ,.x,i I., i.i..xdi m«» ;..- - ',. .«*<:.-. Mm.K* OK IH III TON, N. \ State. A KAUf T •THEAT* FRIDAY and SATURDAY TYYO MAJOR FFATl'RFS Mmenca'i m*sliUe* **»* teaches th* U*i»* «wn. Also FDDIF Dl'CTUX and Orchestra in Four Biir Days Starting SFXDAY. IAN 1'* MEN LIKC-TTifJMt. SHALL LIVE AMft«E- § • but their 4—4t ik*l live lorevcr...!\ A«' _| hearts of all peopki •^ the world aver..! THE Charles LAUGHTON Clark GABLE Franchet TONE AN M*G M «>'C*0^E IKTS GO SfRKEXO Every Tuesday Night 10 Cash Prizes II<»ll>-«-4m«rs 1ji<<-*.t Craw- Fun Gak>r<- It's Smart to Play SCREENO THURSDAY NIGHT BANK NIGHT 535 Free WINNER RKl»l>TKK NOW IX IJOBRY OF THKATKK

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