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^WBQONlAa at the staie ch 2iei's ^ Arnold college gold has 50c * had in years a* ear's phenoo* season and tfcr* the froeh das hy Dib Mult t teams of ^ varsity aac of last year> well as Qraeas s this year art Ziel has start- armory and a for the spon SHOE MATERIAL PRICES i ostal Telegraph It. Theatre 1 SI- ' r • li I' i RS THE OSWEGONIAN J A News Bulletin Published by the Associated Student Body of the State Normal School, Oswego, N. Y VOL 2 NOVKMBKK 22. 1935 No. 10 TAB1.F SHOWING IFK (KM OI G1UH I* Si OIUNG IX KAtll 1XTKKVAI FOK FIKST MXK UKKKS MAKK1NG l'KKlOD. JZ Index x * x r ^ £ X, z. \£ x y < < < V 5i 3.00 and over :. 3 t :i 0 0 14 2 U 0 0 0 17 *.50-».W 14 IX II IS lo 14 0 14 25 11 19 tf 8:* 2.00-24»> .'.\\.\ \ 45 4;i U 42 38 ,V» 8<; 48 50 5* 57 25 0 l.?.Vl.«t» 14 11 18 12 10 4 0 15 \6 22 24 50 O 1.25-1.74 10 n 15 21 Ji8 27 0 17 IS 11 O 19 0 JHr-1.24 5 7 I* *l 4 0 0 4 0 O O 0 0 AY r'.KAOIrlS Tot No. 4SS 2M 224 171 21 22 7 1K2 16 «• 21 15 « Average 2.04 2.00 2.IW *.0l 1.H7 2.01 2.H5 2.07 2.27 2.07 2.15 1.1*1 2.7S Deviation .52 .42 .54 .44 JK .31 .45 .38 .*<; .2« .24 .10 FIRST MARKS KEY TO FINAL ATTAINMENTS The ability shown by a student in the opening weeks of his college career is a. reliable index to his final attainments, ac- cording to John R. Richards, assistant to> the dean of the School of Liberal Arts at the Pennsylvania Slate College. S:udents tend to continue in the relative position* they reach in the ihst semester in college, Mr. Richards reported after 1 completing a study of records of some 1.500 recent graduates. The study was mad© to evaluate the predictive validity of Several testing methods. \The assumption that the fir<t semester is hardly indicative because of strange con- ditions of work and new surroundings is apparently without foundation. A fresh- man who just gets passing grades in his first semester in college has one chance In thirty-one of being graduated in the top half of the class whereas the student who averages in the highest brackets in the opening term at college has twenty chances to one of being graduated in the top half of the class/* said Mr. Richards. FORSYTHE FORMER GRADUATE APPOINTED HEAD OF SCHOOL Edmund M. Forsythe, Normal graduate of the class of June, 1925, has been appointed principal of the Lincoln school in Port Chester. N. Y. The school was formerly merged with another under one principal but the merger has been dissolved and the schools given separate heads. Mr. Forsythe is head of The manual training department in Port Chester, where he has been teach- ing for 10 years, specializing in wood- working. CALENDAR FOR NEXT WEEK FACILTY MKMBKKS INSFICT INDUSTRIAL ARTS IX SCHOOLS Progressive education in industrial art's w^»rk was inspected at Manhasset and! Garden City schools, by members of the faculty and industrial arts students, on the recent trip of November 6-11. According to & tentative report given in general shop, the industrial arts work is carried on in the class room, with a specialist in industrial arts helping the class room teacher to develop projects. No formal lessons are given in this system except ih subjects such as music, art, and arithmetic. In these sub- jects the work is taught in correlation with other units studied. TtMkiy Men/s Glee Club 12:25-1:00. Monday, November 25 Agonian. Alpha Delta. Arethusa and Cli- onian sororities issue bids for second rush parties. Student Council Meeting at 7:30. Tuesday, November 26 Assembly—Student Council Program Class Meetings. Fraternity and sorority meetings at 7:30 P. M. Wednesday, November 27 Thanksgiving vacation. 12:00 noon to Monday. December 2. M >nda>. Decern I MT 2 7:30. Tia«»sda>, Decemlxr .*» Psi Phi initiation. Alpha Delta, second rush party. Wednesday, December 4 Social Committee, 7:30 at Mrs. Hart Home. Thursday, December 5 No campus supper—Concert Friday, December 6 Arethusa second rush party. Nex* issue of the Oswegonian. INDEX FOR MID-TERM DETERMINED AS 2.04 The school index for mid-term-as deter- mined from the school marks was found to be 2 04, according to Selmer C. Larson, registrar. The index of the school is found by aver- aging up the total indices received by the students. The s.udents* indices are deter- mined by their marks, whereby A is equal to 4 quality points. H to 3, C to 2. and D to 1. Their total quality points divided by the number of credit hours they are carry- ing is the students' index. The average of the 214 men who received marks, as compared to the 224 women was 2.00 to the women's 2.os. This result seems to signify that the women are much more adept in their studies than the men. The non-fraternity men obtained an average index of 2.01 as compared to the two fraternities. Psi Phi and Tri Kappa, who obtained a combined average of 1.96. The non-sorority women's average index was 2.07 as compared to the four sorori- ties' average 2.07. In these statistics the A UlUUlt'll non-^oioi it> v»v»A*ivi fraternity men and the sororities rate higher in scholarship than the fraternities. The Tri Kappa fraternity rates a higher scholarship index than the other fraternity. Psi Phi, 2.04 as to 1ST, The Alpha Delta sorority rates the highest scholastically with 2.27 with Arethusa following with 2.15, then Ago and Clio, with 2.07 and 1.91 respectively. These statistics also show That the men and women in the honorary societies were well picked because they rank the highest in scholarship according to their indices. The Sheldon Forum society with 2.35 ranks the highest of all men and the Sigma Pi Rho ranks the highest of all women with •> —M These statistics for the mid-term were only figured out just to let the student body know exactly where they stood in the school marking system. The marks that they received for mid-term will have no bearing on their final mark but are given to the student for the purpose of showing how he rated in his course and giving him an opportunity to raise his scholastic standing. The week Oswejrontan mill not •f November *!» vacation. The b* on licit publication Friday, Decent be because of the r Z. be of published '1 the 1 Thank giving A Oswegonian * U1 J JN No. 11 iL USES ESLAB iNTAGE Room De- of New irse landing fea- elementary »s laboratory Pi. Guy \V. . is now in lich provide* research in fast becom- ltral dispers- ore than one n sent out to nizations for he room con- mphlets, pic- 3. There are igar. carbor- Ike Files of ;s describing juntries are and histori- yearbooks. ediae are in deal of corn- search work r**ceive talks they make des. friezezs. grad^ that tin board on gc 4) T WEEK ronty Ru?h Miss Badger , at 161 East -1:00. anel Discus- tcher be Act- riding a New en bv the 1*1 orrtv Rush 1:00 part will have only one. U BOOK BINDING CLASS The fourth regular weekly class in \~*Ai'tnimkinfz. sponsored oy tne tsoy Scoots of America, will be beW as usual in the chemistry laboratory. Wednesday nighL December 11. from 7 30 to *:». This cla^s has 25 active members enrolled, consisting of Nor- mal students. faculty members, scouts and scout executives of Oswego. Claude Weymnt is the in- structor and has as his assistant, William Cunningham, both beirur ex- perienced bookbinders. to make the regular school dances more pleasant and attractive for the members of the student body. If students as members of the associated student bodies have any ideas, their council representative will be glad to present your views to the council Tell him what you want. With the coming of the basketball season which opened Wednesday. De- cember 4. the need and desire for bet- ter cheers and more effective cheering have arisen. To cooperate with the students. Dr. Swetman ha? granted them a few minutes from assembly program for cheering tri but ion of the scores of each group can be found on pag:e 2. CURL SCOl T COt'RSK A **Troop Management\ course free of financial obligations and sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America, is to be given for girl scouts, April 30-24, inclusive at the State Normal school An opportunity will be given all gifts* although seniors will be given the preference, to register for thi* course on January 27th. spring seesester registration day. Second Clionian Sorority Rush Party. Arethusa Sororitv Christ zz—z IVxiy. Social Committee Meeting. 7:30 at Mrs. Harts. rhtsrMtay, Dcceiaber 12 Basketball Game vs. Mechanic* Institute at the Armory. Friday. December U Assembly Prograin* 4 Heidi~ Present- ed by the Little Theater Co. Basketball Game vs. Oneonta at Oneouta. Saturday. December 14 Bas***b*ll Game vs Hartwicic Oi lege at Hartwick^

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