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**»ggS«i?s8!SS6tiS^^ *%s»s£sa££ PAGE 2 OPINION THEHILLNEWS^February 13,2004 THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER OF. ST..LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY FOUNDED IN 1911 Jackie Roy Brooke James • Editor ./•.'•- Managing Editor • TrishMcMahon Senior News Editor \ News Editor , .; Kathryn Brooks\ Sports Editor..... Duke Szymanski Senior Features Editor....:............. : Shawn Mayo-Pike Opinions Editor... .-. Evan Kivlen Arts & Entertainment Editor.. ..Caroline Duda Features Editor. ,, :....„.. ...Catherine .Luke Photo Editor ......: ..Mark Hall Copy Editor...- ..; ,; Geoff Hayward Copy Editor............. ..„...:.. .;;....Giffian Himes On-line Editor.. ...Susanna Whitaker-rUhilly Advertisement- Manager .'..........„ Erica Roach Business Manager. •.-. ,....,..Nade Shah Circiilation.-Manager. ......-....\..„ Dan Haley Faculty Advisor. ...! : .....;... .Dr. Susar^ Ward The Hi//News letter and Editorial Policy The Hill News is published every- Friday of the school year, except during holidays, and examination periods, by the students of St Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617. Unsolicited manuscripts, articles, arid letters to the editor must be typed and signed. Copy and advertisement deadlines are 4:00j>.m. an the Tuesday prior to publication/All materials submitted for publication are the property of The Hill News and are'subject to revision: The Hill News office is located on the third floor 6f the' Student Center; our telephone number is (315) 229-5139. We have the ability to receive ernails at HiUNews@stlawu'.edu. The comments.and opinions of our readers are wel- come. ' . . Letters may.be no more than 500: words in length.. All letters must be typed, signed by the author, and include the author's full name and , telephone number. The name of me author, may be withheld only for com- pelling reasons,.and after discussion with the editorial board; The Hill News reserves the right to edit letters for space, clarity, style, and taste. The printing or omission of letters is entirely at the discretion cif the editors and The Hill News. Any letter received after deadline'will not be considered for publication in that week's issue. \ >..- \ . All copy, advertisements, letters to the editor, etc., must' be submitted as hard copy or e-mail by the above listed deadlines unless other arrangements- have previously been made: This policy is stricdy enforced. . . The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opin- ions of the newspaper, the-staff, or St. Lawrence University. The Rooster^ Perch So I'd-like to rearticulate my point from two weeks ago. When I said that nothing happens over-here anymore, I really meant to say that this, side of campus sucks now. Is it just me, or has Vilas HaUVbnce the Coliseum of the Holy Larry empire, started to lean wojje than that Tower in Pisa toward the new \perceived center of campus,\ witness countless Larries trekking crosses now is some lost soul in a I he's crossing is because \Plays about 1 minutes after \Books About Death '. '\ Speaking of the old UC, that pla don't you worry, because this roost Center; in with the St. Lawrence on outside labor for our \essen increase revenues .(I've he financial boost) by making I misahocated resource here at St Lawrel on social probation. J-Board, where 1 with \ADK Chair Construction\ and ^ sense. While on the topic of those darn ch do our summer seats go in the temple/shack thing next to Beta Thefc that weirder things go on in there, but II ag to fit in? While Iused to the quad, the only thing that ad;a beret, and the only reason ' meets in the Noble Center ten lishes up in Richardson:. i become the epitome of pathetic. But got a plan. Out with the EJ Noble ck Chair Factory. Instead of relying pose that wq cut costs and Lawrence University needs a |ie way I see it, we can \utilize\ a Iversity—our fellow Laurentians t you been? Combine \Alcohol 101\ 've finally got a program that makes ,'I.bet you're asking yourself, 'Where |(11 tell you where. They're in that few I know all of you were thinking jplling you, it's justaplace where they store the Adirondack chairs*. Seriously, just the chairs. Right? A DISTANCE STUDENT'S WOES After being away from campus for eight months, I was rather excited to get back here to see my friends. But on my way here my trip came to a screeching halt. I flew from my home in Minneapolis to Ottawa, and upon landing I took a taxi I'had arranged through the school's free airport taxi program. Everything went smoothly until we got to the U.S. border. There I had the pleasure of sitting in their office for two arid a half hours while my taxi driver was being interrogated or some such thing because he, like every other driver fpr this taxi company it seems, is of Middle Eastern descent. In the end, me driver, was sent back to Canada and I had to get Potsdam Taxi to pick me up to finish my trip to campus. Now this is not going to be a rant against the government. No* actually, this is just another item on the list that my friends and I have sadly developed of problems we've had because we are students from outside the Northeast. Although this school tries hard to. attract a variety of students, including those from different locations, I have found that they often have not followed through to accommodate the needs of these students. The area of transportation, certainly occupies a large space oh our Ust of problems. For students from other countries, 1 and even parts of the U.S. outside of the Northeastern: states, driving is usually highly impractical, if not impossible. So we all are flying into Syracuse or Ottawa airports and'then.need transportation. When I first came here the only way of getting to the airport was a thirty dollar shuttle which got you to Syracuse after the last flights of the night were gone, so students had to either sleep in the airport or try to get to a hotel. When the new free taxi service was announced later that year, I Was very excited because it seemed like an ideal situation for us.. Then we tried it. My very first break under the taxi plan went totally wrong. My travel companions and I received our confirmation call the night'before only to discover that the taxi was planhingto pick us up only 3 hours before our plane was scheduled to leave (and this was only a few months after 9/1.1). The company did not understand what our problem was with wanting to arrive earlier than that. We had to take the Greyhound that time. Many times I (arid others) have had to sit for hours waiting to be picked up. And now this incident at the border, which, as the kind officers there informed pie, has happened a number of times before ' with other St. Lawrence students. I would think that there are other taxi companies in the Ottawa area, ones which perhaps have drivers who are not going to be stopped at the border. The other major area of difficulty for distance students is the. summer storage situation. Again, it is wonderful that we are offered free storage on campus, but the system has flaws, ones that primarily hurt these distance students. Many students in situations like rnme have no real choice but to leave nearly all of their belongings, here, so storage space is very important for us. But the first come, first served methods of Thermo storage, and the inability to put things in on multiple occasions does.not work well; for students who have to store things but have to\stay until the end of finals week, or even into Senior Week - they get closed out by nearby students who are storing their couches and fridges, but take.things like their bedding home. These students can store things whenever they want. Those of us who have to store pur computers, bedding, alarm clocks and books, cannot bring their things to storage until they are done with finals and, ready to leave: I have suggested this before, and I will again here - why. can there not be some, way of giving a priority area for students who need storage the most or. at least being able to sign up for. space in advance and then being able, to come down when you're ready; Now don't get me wrong, I do love St. Lawrence,!'ve had a great time here, and.1 don't regret coming here, but this has been one of the major things that has irked me since my first semester I think the more students we have from a wide variety of places the better, but we will continue to have a hard time attracting them here if there are challenges suchas these facing students .with extremesly long commutes. kathryn Brooks ..•'•'••'. NewsEditor LETTERS TO THE EDITORIAL BOARD Graduation Requirement Complaint To the Editor: Ms, Filippi and the Registrar Of- fice, I'm sure you have received sev- eral comments regarding the e-mail that was sent out to the junior class about graduation requirements. T don't quite understand why, when the decision to no longer require the SPLS100 course for all students was implemented, the required .5 credit was not also removed from the num-. ber of credits needed for gradua- tion. There are very few classes that are offered for .5* though when you take a science with lab, quite often you do not receive credit for that lab (such as psychology) even when it is an extra hour and a half - half of what a 1.0 credit class is. If one wanted to make up this credit because they want to graduate on time, they would be forced' to take a summerterm course. But there are no summerterm courses offered for .5. units. And if someone- wanted to receive financial aid for this . summerterm class, they could hot receive any aid because you can only receive financial aid if you are trying to graduate early. There is no aid for students during the summer when they are trying to graduate on time because they have an extra .5 unit tb make up: So where stu-' dents already have a full course load with four classes, you are now forc- ing them to take an overload for one semester, which, if someone does not have the specified GPA of 3.2, they have to pay extra, for that class. This seems like another ploy by the University to make graduating dif- ficult, when it would be easier if only '33..credits were needed for gradua- tion. \Students who take three one- unit courses plus the First. Year Pro- gram for two semesters of their first year, and then take four J-unit courses each semester for the next three years, will accrue 33 units of credit,\ as quoted in your e-mail, should be sufficient when trying to graduate from St. Lawrence. But/ somewhere along the line, the half- unit was still left and now students will be short. It. disappoints me that St.' Lawrence has such an ineffective and exasperating system.. I hope that you will take into consideration the student's point of view and change this policy. Sincerely, . Courtney Jonas '05 Budget Myths Corrected To the Editor: We write as members of the tri- partite Priorities and Planning Com- mittee. This committee of students, faculty and staff meets bi-weekly to discuss financial and program- poli- cies of the University. In recent ' meetings, we have discussed bud- get reductions that have taken place, or will be introduced,.to trim back our operating budget $1.3 million for this year, with most cuts chosen first so that they affect students mini- mally and second so that they ex- tend into next year and beyond. Keep in mind that the University really, has two budgets: 1) an an- nual operating budget which pays for expenses incurred in any one year and 2) a capital budget, which pays for construction* repairs; and equipment planned to last for sev- eral years. The two budgets are not interchangeable; The Board of Trustees approves «ach budget in- dependently. We'must reduce cdsts in the an- \ nual operating budget to make up revenue we had projected we would have, but which did not come to the University for two primary reasons. We had anticipated an increase in enrollment this year, due largely to continued improvement in retention (students continuing at the Univer- sity through graduation), and. we budgeted accordingly. We did not achieve our overall enrollment tar- get, despite meeting our first-year students target exactly after our best admissions year ever. We also arg beginning to feel a decrease in income from endowment interest. About 12% of the University's an- nual budget comes, from interest on Our endowment. Because the economy of the past three years was so poor, and because we calculate endowment income based on the market value of the endowment oyer the past three years, we will suffer from reduced endowment income for at least the next couple of years. President Sullivan has asked to take an approach to recovering the anticipated-but-not-realized $1.3 miUion in a way very different from what we are seeing at other colleges and universities that are struggling to make up for similar revenue lossesi St. Lawrence believes that its people—students, faculty and staff—come first. So as we men- tioned, our budget reductions are planned to affect students only mini- mally and we continue to place sal- ary and benefits first on the list of commitments'in our budget plan- ning. '••','••' • . i • We write to share a list of the bud- get reductions that have been taken over the past several' weelcs to pro-. ' Continued onpage 3

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