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PAGE 2 OPINION THEHRL.NEWS, December12,2003 THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER OF ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY FOUNDED IN 1911 Jackie Roy Editor Brooke James Managing Editor Senior News Editor. „ Trish McMahori Editor-At-Lafge...: Jessica A: Baker '- Sports Editor. Duke Szymanski Features Editor. ...:.. ^....Shawn Mayo-Pike Opinions Editor. Chris Morris Arts & Entertainment Editor...; Caroline Duda News Editor....\. .-..,„.• Catherine Luke Photo Editor.. ...'. ...Mark Hall Copy Editor. ....Geoff Hayward Copy Editor.' ^ ...Gillian Himes On-line Editor................ ..Bill Cummings Advertisement Manager. : -. Erica Roach Business Manager. .Nade Shah Circulation Manager. Dan Haley . Faculty Advisor. .Susan Ward • The Hill News - Letter and Editorial Policy The-Hill News is published every Friday of die school year, except during holidays and examination periods, by the students of St> Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617. Unsolicited manuscripts, articles, and letters to the editor must be typed and signed. Copy and advertisement deadlines are 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to publication. All materials submitted for publication are the property of Tbe Hi/lNews and are subject to revision. The.HillNewsoi5.zt is located on the lower.level of the EJ Noble University Center, our telephone number is (315) 229-5139. We have.the ability to re- ceive emails at HillNews@stlawu.edu . The ebmments. and opinions of our readers are welcome. . - Letters may-be no more than 500 words in length. All letters must be typed, signed by the author, and include the author's full name and .telephone number. The name of the author maybe withheld only for com- pelling reasons, and after discussion with the editorial board. The Hill News reserves die right to edit letters for. space, clarity, style, and taste; The printing. or omission of letters is entirely- at the discretion of the editors and The HiU News. Any letter received after deadline will not be considered for publication in that week's issue. All copy; advertisements, letters to the editor,- etc., must be submitted as hard copy or e-mail by die above listed deadlines unless other arrangements have previously been made. This policy is stdcdy enforced. The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opin- ions-of the newspaper, the staff, or'•St. Lawrence University. -The Editorial Board of The Hill News (except for Duke, because he hates everyone this week, try him next week) would like to wish everybody a very happy holiday season! Special for this week: The Rooster's Pereh can be found at the top of this page More Letters to the Editorial Board on Page 10 A special edition of Idle Ramblings on Page 6 Due to recent circumstances, Jackie Roy andthe Editorial Board have decided'to relinquish thisweek's editorial space in order toallowTravis Babcock, the author ofthe Rooster's-Perch,to share his thoughtswith our Community. V ROOSTER'S PERCH WRITER COMES OUT THIS ISSUE As the criticism over this gossip/humor columri,continues, I have to come to a few realizations. First, I .have \realized that many students are reading one article, one they feel may pertain to them, and then have the nerve to criticize the column as a whole, despite 1 recklessly ignoring the other ten articles!, Secondly, I have decided that I want to do 'something that hasn't been done before and disclose who I am on this campus. In August 2003, the editor of the Hill News approached me and asked me about writing this column because of how much I know and hear happening around campus. I am part of many communities and as i result, I hear many differing points of \view. Because of this, I have the opportunity to hear many opinions, as well as being able to have held a position that allowed-me to verify the content of the discussions. Sadly, as the controversy over this article has unfolded, students have begun to realize who was writing this and many of these students felt some type of power in knowing. Many of these students, who I once considered great friends, have gone aroimd undermining the work I have done on this campus, because they don't approve of one or two sentences in the scheme of an 11 issue column. The reality, is, holding the position of President of Thelmo, I know much more than most students on this campus. Yet many students make statements that are false, or share, opinions that are uneducated, and get away with it. These same students feel that someone who writes a column poking fun at how people like this take themselves too s seriously, is somehow not worth credibility in their eyes. v I have loved getting to write this column because I have been provided an opportunity to poke fun at not only various parts of this campus, but also myself and many of the things I have worked hard to accomplish. This column has provided readers with an opportunity to hear about various issues and discussions that those critical of this article get upset about you as readers knowing and/or questioning. The beauty of having someone dh the \know\ write this column, is that the community is then able to read the realities of St. Lawrence, even if done in a humorous way, rather than mere speculation, I am proud to have written this column and I relish in the fact that controversy has come as a result. Controversy forces people to talk and think about issues that are normally swept under the rug, as well as questioning those, including myself, who hold positions on this campus. In closing, I wish everyone a Happy Holidayj no matter how you wish to interpret that. = Travis Babcock, '04 LETTERS TO THE EDITORIAL BOARD Response to Chorley To the Editor: I would like to respond to Mr. Chorley's editorial about the com- ments on diversity made at a Thelmo meeting on November 5 th (\Student Comments on Diversity,\ The HiU News, December 5, 2003). First of all the comment made by the President Elect about looking at all aspects of diversity, including eye color, which hand one writes • with, religion etc. was to* make a point that in looking at, and defin- ing diversity at St. Lawrence people tend to think about race and only race when in fact diversity does cover a broad range of characteris- tics that include everything from political affiliation, to shoe size as well as race. . I have to remind you Mr. Chorley, that another senator stood up and asked about people with physical handicaps being.classified under di- versity, and senator/assistant chair Weichart asked the senate to keep in mind that diversity should also extend to sex and gender on this campus. You state that \nobody • has been enslaved, lynched, spat on, beaten, raped, excluded from employment, housing and educa- tion on account of being left- handed.\ ' Women and people with disabili- ties have survived a harsh history plagued by all of these cruelties. Why not mention them? Is it be- cause for you diversity on this cam- pus should be a racially-based only, or is it because as you sit and ac- cuse otiiers of being prejudiced and narrow-minded about their own feel- ings about diversity that you your- self are so one-track-minded that these other groups who have in fact been neglected, to say the least, in your definition of diversity simply don't matter as much? If you want to get into a historical face off with me, please feel free to do so. I would remind the readers of this editorial that women did not receive the right, to vote until the 19' h amendment passed in the year 1920, almost 55 years after African Ameri- can men were given the right to vote, that the women's liberation movement did not make much head- way until after the Civil Rights movement, conditions for disabled people were not taken into consid- eration until after that, \people of Irish origin were once themselves considered to be people of \color\, Catholics have been persecuted, murdered and barred from jobs etc. for their beliefs and the list contin- ues to extend to many groups who are diverse in their own respects but are hot mentioned in your defini- tion of diversity. Mr. Chorley, T agree. You MUST live in another Universe if you don't see these groups and their need for represen- tation/recognition on campus can only ADD to the diversity of this campus. And YES, I must say I DO feel that politicalaffiliation should be involved with, our definition of diversity. You yourself are discriminatory and prejudiced towards Republi- cans which is made clear by your obvious and constant attacks on them as a group oncampus. You don't know who on this campus is attacked/berated/discriminated against/made to feel horrible etc.. unless you are THAT person. So before: you make accusations about other people I would ask you to stop and remember that you don't know what burdens others carry. I will leave you with two quotes that you might want to follow before; you make any more attacks on people's definition'of diversity on campus. 1.) 'Think before you speak\ and 2.) \You must walk a mile in some- one else's shoes before you can factually teU them where mey have been.\ Allison Turcotte, '04 Response to Mayo-Pike To theEditor: In response to Mr. Shawn, Mayo- Pike's column dealing with 'open- ing a new front in the war on terror- ism' (\The Right Side of the HUT!), his suggestion that the United- States should, invoke a policy of education to go along with the cur- rent militaristic one, however appeal- ing, is a naive one at best. Anti- American sentiment in the Middle East is not based on simple cultural misunderstanding as Mr. Mayo- Pike presupposes, but instead on a building hatred of American domi- nance. One of the main downfalls in American foreign policy plans in the past stems from the American love affair with the \democratic\ (and I use this term loosely) form of government. The Cold War was billed by politicians as a war be- tween Freedom and Communism, good versus evil; and'we based our policies accordingly. Looking back through history one finds'that the Domino theory, an idea in which if one country succumbs to the com- munist enemy, then others will fall around it,' was a totally failed prin- ciple and, in essence, only suc- ceeded in creating, enemies rather than recruiting allies. We won the Cold War not because we were able to educate other cultures on the American ideals, but because the Soviet Union was an economic mess and could not sustain the same type of arms production as we were able to. A democratic form of government is not right for everybody, and de T straying countries unilaterally in the name of this \perfect government\ only makes those who we conquer despise us more. It is this cultural misunderstanding, hot those which Mr. Mayo-Pikej expresses, which f have caused the majority of this country's foreign policy ills. Maybe if our government exam- ined the real reason for American diplomatic relations with Middle Eastern nations then we could solve the problem. We are far too dependent on foreign tril and this dependency leads us to support regimes which will quench our needs; regimes who are hated by Islamic fundamentalists. Is it any wonder why most of the terrorists in the 9-11 attacks came from Saudi Arabia, a supposed ally? The solu- tion is simple: promote arid require alternative energy and we will have no reason to involve ourselves in the Middle East. But, unfortunately, as with the current administration . and its predecessors, the environ- ment is of no real concern and cor- porate happiness is of much greater importance. Conor Welch «07 Response to Chorley To the Editor: Brian Chorley's December 5th let- ter concerning diversity (\Student Comments on Diversity\) was quite y a bit more interesting than the aver- age \You are a racist because...!' attack of the week. 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