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E- •> THE HILL! NEWS Published every Monday] ot the college year by tbe Press Association of the St. Lawrence University. Entered, as second-class matter June 15,1911, at tbe post office at Canton, New York, under tbe act of March 3,1879. EDITOE-IN-CHIEF—W. W. TBENCH. '13. MANAGIHG EDITOR—^J. A. EBICRSON, '13. •t A fl BOOT A*FR8 *- JE.G.ROTODY.'H JK.H. BENJAMIN,'15. Q. C. WEST.'14. JR. B. EIDEIDGE.'15. BUSINESS MANAGEB : H. A. VILA8, '13. ASSISTANTS: A. O. AIXEK, '14. | R. L. JEWETT, '15. COMMITEE FOB CAMPUS NOTES AMONG THE GLBLB OF THE COLLEGE: CLAEA SLOAT, '12, - I EDNA LAUEB. '13. AMANDA PEttENS, '14, LOUISE KLEIN, '15. HAL T. KEABNS, THEOLOGICAL SCHOOL COBBESPONDENT. •» MASK GWILLIAM, AGKICTJLTUBAL SCHOOL COBBESPONDENT. TEEMS: One college year, one dollar and a half. Single copies, five cents. Address all business correspondence to the Business Manager, all other communications to the Editor-in-chief. ! 1 No anonymous contributions will be ac- cepted for publication. ; There is at least : one man ini col- lege who. has. - branded himself as a coward! As every kme? knows,'there is posted every day a notice with the names of pertain Freshmen who are to report for Work; Recently after the name of one offthese^men- was placed, a disrespectful comment. The man who would do such a thing is in the first place not a gentleman, and in the second place a coward; for no gentleman and ho man of spirit will {pffer an insult anonymously upon a public bulletin board, but face t'o face if at all. ' Another .incident of aj, similar nature occurred in.connection with the posting of the students who have n©t as yet paid their subscrip- tions. The bulletin board should be| I untouched except for legitimate pur Imposes. Student self-respect demands iiShe vigorous suppression of such] marks of ill-breeding. The most* enc.ouraging. indication that we are now in a better and more vital institution \than the St. Law- rence of the' immediate past • was found in the sane, intelligent expres- sion of opinion in the last-meeting of the Thelomathesian Society. * Men who have been here on the Hill for four years were astonished at this phenomenon. Two women of the col lege also took part discussing' the re- lation of the large proportion. of the student body'which they represented to the new and old governing- bod ies. And why|should not this be so; why is it that in the past such things have been un|amiliar? These ques- tronsnaturalfyj arise; hut let us rathei concentrate our attention * upon the present and future, Let it be the duty ' of every one to see that St..Lawrence does not go^. to sleep. We have; start- ed; many new; movements this 'year, . but we, need not fear for their'succes: Jf % steady hind is kept ion the throt tie and acieat'eye ; on the line, and th ^engi^e.is k^pt gorging along the righ In the last Laurentian a svstem of try-outs' for positions , as assistant managers- of the various teams is pro posed. We heartily endorse this proj CANTON, NL Y.. MAY 27, 1912 posal, and in doing so feel that we are representing the opinion of a large portion of the student body. When men are chosen as at present, those making the selection can have no clear idea of the ability of the men in the work which they are to take up. A man inay be appointed to take charge of a sport in regard to which he has little or'no interest and no knowledge. The argument is ad- A&OTHER PLAN FOR LEGISLA- } T1VE BODY' To the Editor of The Hill News: Sri view of the general controversy which the matter of the proposed leg- islative body has produced,. I would suggest the following plan as a com- promise.^ The scheme outlined be- lojw, 1 think, satisfies many of the'ob- jections brought up at the recent Thelomathesian meeting ^ [First, student activities at St. Law- rence are to be under the control of , . a ! representative body .known either vanced that men would not come out ] as ? the Campus Council or as the St. for the positions, but this is mere 4 Lawrence Senate. This body shall supposition. Colleges such as Ham- consist of the following members: \en llton, with a student bod\ not very much larger than our own, have no difficulty in this regard The propos- al carries especial weight at this time, for ir the plan introduced by the legislative committee the managers would be on the proposed body. The students would be much more will- ing to accept this provision if they felt sure that this new system was going, into effect: «Here is another ad- vance: which ought to be made, but with ppen eyes. When the question ^ of establishing a student. legislative body first <jame up, we expressed the. hope that^the students would carefully consider the matter and vote as intelligent citi- zens jf a college community. After the kcid presentations of all sides of the. q nestion in Thelomathesian, this withoiit doubt will be the case. One of th: .speakers, at the meeting in which the discussion took place stated that .ie. expected that the report: of the committee would be: railroaded throughi but;We think *h.e, .is' mistak- en. No one should feel, however, that the deciding of this question one way or th; other is going to mean disas-/ ter,— tar from it. There is never one and only one system of government; all fcrms of government are, more- over, subject: to amendment frpm'.time to time. The plan the committee pre- sented ,was ah expression of its opin- ion as to thefe^ery Jaest; -legislative body St. Lawrence could have. If: you think it is not the best,. register' your* disapproval,' and something else f may| be brought forth for considera- tion! But \whatever view preails, when a plan has been adopted give; it your support. It is our. fhm: Belief that, present conditions demand some;- change, and that the. time to make, the ciang'e is not, five years from the present but now.' COLLEGE MEN AT OLYMPICS While former teams from: ' 4he United States have contained then from the coliegeSj their point; winnihgv has b§en 6f?a negHgible naturei Vi A glance at the number of -points gained s by si eh contestants at the;/Lohdjohj Olyn pics *fwas exactly '6,'Tsttt that the men fijo'm the educational insti-- tutipiis -who will be ihciudeii: !i^ the team, this year will mqre ^thair hold ^ their own with the pick of the athie^ tic. club representatives: is- ttie'idfea!-bf close observers. . J 1 - . \•\ It is the consenshsV of opinion that kuch men as Jphn . Paul Jones; and Tel lierna of Cornell, Charlie, jReid^ Seniors, three Juniors, two Sopho- mores, and two Freshmen. The Sen- iors shall represent the various fac- tions \in college, and shall be selected by these factions There shall be one representative from each of the fra- ternities and sororities, one represent- ing the non-fraternity men, and one, the non-fraternity women The presi- dent of the 1 ThelomathesiaiL elected as at present by the student body from , tlfe Senior' cla^sf ;shall f ,be^:6h^irffiari^of • the body and ithe sole executive mem- ber. ' - ..; i - •'*•; ^ . . •..•'.•\'••'.. •-.• •' j I As has been stated, inhere: shall be three .members elected from the Jun- ior class, two of whom shall -be men a|id one j a woman. : The Sophoinpres, spall be represented byone: man^and bfne woman,, aiid likewise the Fresh- . men. Th;e;.members elected from.the three Ipwer . clashes> shalt ; represent tfie, classes:Jand- npt .the fictions. I SuQh a body wohld^ponsist of seven- teen members. It Would Have a secre- tary, and any enactment pa.ssed by, it would be. read by this secretary at the tfext regular meeting:of the Theloma- thesian • Society. .The entire, student Body, would at all times have a : check* pn this.1 legislative body through the referendum. •• '•' f A legislative body of this kind would assure at least one represen- tative from each faction in college. The recognition of the existence of such factions would be in no way dis- creditable, being as it is m direct ac- cordance wth the primary law orffie State of Nejw York. Each faction be- ing represented, a better spirit would be promulgated, and the legislative body would fee respected by the stu- dents as a whole [ A.gain, the scheme as proposed would give the girls of the college a better representation This would answer one of the most serious ob- jections to the committee's plan brought out at the recent Theloma- thesian meeting. But more than this, it does away with the managers of athletic teams as members ot the body. Until ,the try-outs system for managers is -adopted at St. Lawrence, there is bound to be, occasionally, a number of incompetent men chosen as managers of the various teams. \According to the old system, no matter how in- competent a manager is, he is never- theless a member of this legislative ^body. f Finally, the president of the Thelo- mathesian would no longer be a mere figure head He would occupy a place in accordance with the honor and'dig- nity\ 1 of his position The Theloma- thesianj Society, one of our oldest in- stitutions, *would still remain a vital I force in college life. All together, a i system of this kind, to my mind, would be much better, and much more practical for St Lawrence at least, than the one submitted by the com- ! mittee. Harry F. Landon, '13. '- Jack Reed again displayed, at the l recent smoker, his ability to say what path,iSyracuse;-Ira f)avenport, Chica^. 'he thinks. The coach has the mak- gp; Geor^®o*W«j Stanford; rS; B- | ings of an orator. Wag ane^, ¥at^;: J, tNiehofspn,..- ^iis-,., —-— sourirAi-L^;G^t|e#6n^ Verhip|it£.H. , A,student in the \class room recent- S. B^epslc;^ndj^|;yL..; Beatty^. Cot ly compared Roosevelt to Caesar. Are umbii,. -^d ;niatt^0th'er men conhect- ' we to assume that^Taft is Brutus? ed wife,'Uni^er«ties of the country. ^ will ^a^?;t^#figfit^O-swear the shieldj t ^Columbia University is preparing dtfrinlg th^^exfeinvasioni * ^,'5 diplomas for about 1,500 graduates. II JEWELERS, W I DETROIT S#«^v«9**VV * *V*^V**V**9* B V9*V*9**V* *V*\V*^V**V a 'V^VVV*^^ ^V^*V\^P**V* *V I BUSINESS DIRECTORY [ J Advertisements in this columnar© $2 oofor T J the college year. | DR. J.-R. POWELL Dentist HOSLEY &' SHERMAN, Dentists Dr. H. H. Tyler, dentist, Over F. C. Heatoft's Store. F. F. Williams, M- D. Office Over K. L. Paiges Store. Office Hours, 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 P. M. Dr. Alexander L. Ladd. Office Over Heaton's Jewelry Store. Office Hours, x to 3 and 7 to 8 P. M. THE AMERICAN HOUSE Thomas Burke, Proprietor CANTON, NEW YORK THE EAGLE HOUSE Court Street CANTON, NEW YORK The National Barber Shop Under First National. Bank \SKIP THE BARBER Fine Tonsorial Work 5 Court Street MRS. ALEX. MILNE Cateress 13 Lincoln Street CANTON C. G. ANDREWS, M. D. Over Kirkland's Drug Store CANTON, NEW YORK J. H. DOWNEY BARBER Over Cleland Austin's THE ERWIN HOUSE Court Street CANTON, NEW YORK DR.\ FREDERICK. H, LADD Office and Residence, Chapel Street CANTON, NEW YORK CITY HALL BARBER SHOP A. ARQUJTT „ Under Town Hall . THE HODSKIN I^OUSE J. H. MAYBEE, Prop. < Remodeled and Refitted. Fireproof Garage Connected CANTON, - - NEW YORK ••••••»—•——^——— —-^^—.^———^^^ T. W. KINSLEY CANTON. N. Y. Groceries . I i

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