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•*& i 1 rf 1 ' VOL. is Pi : i Published ESvery' kioriday by the Press Association of the St. Lawrence 'University COLLEGE \MT CANTON, N. Y., JANUARY 15, 1911. NO. 19. CALENDAR .| • t MOjffi>|t|rj' JTANUARY 15. : ; t l:j30 .fV.ft^ Meeting' .of' Board of Bditprs, of file Hill News., in Fine '-•-'l&tsvRoom,;...,,\ I' y '> : ' • - • : I 7:0ft E. Mi.^|felihg^ of| Debating '\*\''• • : ''-\ '~'\*%iEioii'Hali.. .,• ,. in .,.. v y-j^UAKY. 16. Mr. \iwker at;, the Phil • ,^f :30 P ' % ri|. .-..p., M„ .ilifiiiig.of the Women . bf v tMe Coflege aiM% Zetai House \'. ^DNBSMt,; JANUARY' 17. \ ^^0ft;P»:jM, JVlMkig of Y. W. C. A. In.Ricnardson $taU. • ,'•• ; 4 c^HURSDAY* JANUARY 18. \ . i; |l--bt> P. M. Debate, Varsity|vs. Un ip%. University,! in Canton % Opera «.-•- i••'••&?$}:•'&: M. ^asketball game, Var-; ai ' iai ^ Union University, at Scbenec- ly; •frRIDAYJ,,.JANUARY; 19; >:iO'P.M, J Meeting of Press As- Alpha , Tau Omega ..|^||||tfa,in;the.i vHMie.'.- . v -.. ;|^/ : P.M.J Meeting of Science ijljptt.Science HalL ; ' . I„ '£:#;, P; M.| Basketball game, Var- % iiy,-^- :Syra|use University, at Sy- , |Af URPAY, JANUARY; 20. I:3fl*5. MJ Basketball game, Var- t!tliV *ft;|;'^ ; I.;'at;Tjroy ? ,.:„, • MS i&j&BS-'a iP VairBity Leaves Wednesday lor ': B<j\vn State Trip-Union, Syra- cu^e and Rensselaer to be -::.^alii% Starts on its second -basket- 4SaliUtr|p-tlalis season on Wednesday -m8|M4g^:6il \the 6:48 train south. $Me% ^mfei^will be :played on. ths 4^#^i|rrstwim Union?(^Uege at S^tiecitiay, Thursdiay night Friday ^iig&i^arsityJ will line up ; %aihst the lii-iiv^. in Syracuse. (The last| ••'§fi|lfc|& thi- trip will-Jbe: with R&n?se- ,\ has been^ sent ; 4ai^^iyt#hmc Institute, \ at Troy, : I^pli'iiight. .' ; • . ;' ' ::?: Ba®#\]knese games; will W hotly $0M80$ W' the^ hjome teams. Un- * id^^ttfiou^fc undoubtedly.-.a strong| ; qinnleii %\fa : S umcerteiin quantity, as ' 'v^fehas-nOfe 'flayed $ recently. . •L^jtr--|w : 'v£*sity • delected, both Jt&p^|l& $& Syracuse, and has an e\4uM Chalice of doing so again. Varsity Trio Ready for Hard Con- test, Thursday Nigbt-rSecoiid : • Team a Great Help In Prepar- - Ing Rebnttals--No Fartber De- ; velopments in Cornell uenate. \ Prooabiy the\ 1 hardest debate that St.-Lawrence lias ever 'engaged in will be contested in the Town Hall when the Varsity team meets. the 'strong trio from UniO'n on ' Thursday night. By a striking ^-eoincidencej St.! Lawrence meets Un : ion in \basketball the same night in Schenectady. ' The members: jof both the first and second teams have been hard at work on the subject during - the . Christmas Recess, and as ?a result • the V[aTsity expects to put up a hard' fight against the, down-isitaters. In order to have the rebutta?s well in handj several impromptu debates have been arranged between the first and second teams, in which the se- cond team will uphold/ the negative side! The use | of a second team in in debating is an . inovation at St. Lawrence, and haisr already been found a great improvement over the old method.- , • •• The personnel of the judges has njpt yet been determinedj although • Gity Judge Joseph -McConnell; of. 4 Wsttertown, has been secured, and ef- I fprts -' are being made* to secure ' justice of\ the Supreme Court, BSgar FJmersonf and Mr. Lyitle of the State Department of Ediicatipn. ••' • - No further developments have been 1 ^reached in the matter of perfecting arrangpments for the proposed St LawrencejCornell debate. • The Cor- nell Congress team wishes tb ; debate . the St. \Lawrence' Varfeity team. St. I Lawrence is willing ,to, debate the, • Cornell. Congress'! as a St. Lawrenps Debating Society team, but not as a' University team. Notice to this effect tlie secretary of the Cornell society]: but thus far no an- swer has been Received. -* The .Union team will arrive here. Thursiday afternoon, and -will ^ be quartered in one of the hotels. *H.-T. Kearnsj '13, occupied the pul- pit of tbe'Uriiversalist church at Winthrop, yesterday. dp?eyer, no»ei or 'the games 'will: Alpha OmicrW of. Alpha Tau. !v£r!ijty^needs afl the. sup- Om>ga gave a smoker . on Thursday Mr^i^^^^tit^- ;: ^ an :.€i v ' e »- f?? a eventeg-to thej.baskesfcbali team. The good-Showing of St. Lawrence sjirit Ohio Wesleyan team was unable to on the part of the^tidslp.is ^^ be attend, as they iad a hard game of material h,elp. Every effort ought scheduled for | Friday evening^ but to T)e made to win a triple victory their coach, Mr. St. John, spoke in With seven oult of the nine foreign their behalf. Two senior representa games, and \the results that may be tives from each of the men's frater- expected in the remaining home nities were present. Light refresh games, Varsity's record this year ments were served and all enjoyed will be unsurpassed. themselves to the utmost I Varsity Trims Up Westerners, to tbeTuneol33 to 19^Flrst Half '' Ends a Tle--Vjarstty-Cdnipletely' Outplays Opponents In Second . l*erlodii'-.. : '-' '•'-.• The Varsity^ team played\ its first home 5 game after the New York trip on Thursday night. The final score was thirty-three to nineteen, in fav- Qf of St. Lawrentee. The team oif Ohio Wesleyan'University showed plenty of pluck\ and gave' the St. Lawrence men a' hard fight for the honors of the evening. In fact during the first half • no appreciable difference could be noted between the'playing ability of the tw|o teams,; but every one of the spectators realized that St: Lawrence was not bringing out its full possibil- ities. It was not until the \second per- iod was well under way that the Varsity began to play the game which has already won them the re- putation pf r being one qf>fhe very, fastest team© in the country. Can-j field, who was so invaluable upon the recent trip; was not in the game because of disability, 1 and the break- ing up of the sMllfuT quintet which has made such a record was a ser- ious drawback. Besides] every man was thinking\;too much about keep- ing up the reputation: of the team before the student body, and this handicapped the . players in their teamwork. . * The sudden .rise of the St, Law; rence score in the second balft showed clearly to any observant per- son the real calibre of ,the combina- tion. There,, was something myster; ious in the way the. ball . suddenly seemed to.be attracted toward the basket, whereas previously- it had appeared to have an unconquerable aversion to any association with it exc,ept when Laffcrty . started! to throw a. foul. The strict rulings of - the . referee,, undoubtedly,'\ dicl hot assist the (Varsity in getting started;, for it. seemed as., if the slightest r push 6r.bit of [vigorous play came in for a penalty, i . There is little that is of interest in the. first 'half of the contest that can be recWdbd, as both sides made half their points .from footing fouls,. By a singular; coincidence Wesleyan scoredi three field . goals ' ,and say fOuls, and St. Lawrence scored in exaptly the same way in; making her twelve points. The Varsity simply could not 'get its team v/ork under way, and if anything was outclassed in this department. Logan was ^the firjst to score from the field for St. Lawrence and, not long after he had ^dropped the ball in the basket, Laf- ferty and Calder followed suit^ ' St. Lawrence had its team work in shape by the second period and be- gan to pass more >rapidly' and ac- curately. Logan and Calder soon broke into the lime light by scoring field goals^ and after that the game was evenly contested, with the Var- sity creeping further into the. lead through Lafferty& ability to shoot fouls. Severance had given 'Fay a hard fight for honors during the first half, but he could not keep his eye on <the basket as well in th!e second. Calder and Logan again started a sdbring spasm, and before it was over St. Lawrence's total had mounted up into, the thirties and the Ohio boys ' were .wohdtering how it all happened. Calder obtained four field goaW dur- ing this second half before, jne lelCt the game to give Welch a few- shots. at the basket. -The summary fpHows:^ . 1st HALF 2d HALF . OHIO WESLEYAN Littick, r. f. ^. Haig, J. l.y-- Hi'ggrins.c—- Thomassori r. g Severence, 1. g i ST. LAWRENCE Galder, r. t „ Griffin, d.-- ---— Dodds, r.g..........i Logan. 1. g •3 ^. 2 0 2 0 , 2 0 0 0 • 0 6' 6-6 2 0 2 6 0 0 D 0 2 0 0 1 3 3 >0 ,'7 . 2- 1 * 3 1 0 O u 4 -0 0 0 0-0 2 0 f 0 1 6 1 8 0 0 5 4 0 0 0 4 0 2 1 0 2 1 6 0 1 1 1 1 6 6 '7 Uifi 5 . 4 • ReXeree, Reutschiet scorer, Adams; timer. .Canfield; substitute, welch tor Calder. Score, ! St. Lawrence 33. Weslyan 19.; EXAMINATION SCHEDULE FRIDAY; JANUARY fk ' . \ 9:00 A. M. Fine Arts 1, Lattn? 1; '• 2:00 P. M,. Greek 1, Latin ;3j French 1, Mathematics 5, Geology. 5. SATURDAY, JANUARY 27 9:00 A. M. Geology 1, Pedagogy 1, -English 1, Greek 3. \•'' 2:00 PiM Latin 7, Lattoj9. MONDAY, JANUARYS. . 9:00 A. M. Mathematics jl, IBnglish Literature 1, History\ i. ; 2:00 P. t M. French 3, Tiiafcory Chemistry 3. ' TUESDAY, JANUARY 30. 9:00 A. M.GVrhiian 1,\ Geology Mathematics lji. - 2:00 P. Mfc G^rnjan3,^istpry 5; WEDNESDAY, -fA^'KRY 31 9:00 A M. Mathematics 3, Physics^ 1, Italian 1, Greek 9. 2:00 P- M. Chemistry 1,- Zoology 1,. French 5. , . - H THURSDAY, JPEBRUAWY li 9:00 A: M* Prench 7-, Bofi^iy, Phy- sics 3, •'••\• 2:00 P. M. English Literature 3. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2.^ 9.00 A/M. German 7, Meteorology. 2:00'P. M. German 5.„ \ ~~ 3, 3, S The Phi Sigma Kappa Orchestra fur-, nished the music for the Leap Year dance given by the Canton High School girls. UNION DEBATE IN 0PEEA HOUSE THURSDAY EVENIN0 r /*

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