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The Long Island traveler-watchman. (Southold, Long Island, N.Y.) 1975-1990, August 07, 1975, Image 1

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0 . J . FOR:^^M COilPAN^ F I L r : D i l P T . ILLINOIS, 61462 An Official Newspaper Of Southold Town Complete Coverage - Riverheod To Orient An Official Newspaper Of Riverheod Town Long Iflland Traveler Est. 1871 Vol. 104 No. 43 TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR Mattituck Watchman, Eit. 182S Subacription $6.00 Per Year SOUTHOLD, LONG ISLAND, N.Y., THUliSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1975 Single Coplaa 20 Cents S o u t h o l d T o w n F a c e d W i t h R e s c i n d i n g P e r m i t s Southold T own T r u s t e e s w e re faced M o n d a y night with t h e possibility of rescinding perm it s issued in Dam Pond, O rient to Percy H o m m e and Bill Schott, after reading a ette: from Kooert W. Gillispie, Jr., mam- taining the area in question is privately owned. T r u s t e e c h a irm a n Alvah Goldsmith said h e was u n fam iliar with the claim, stating it had never been suggested previously a n d p rom p tly turned it over to the Southold Town Board and attorney. According to information brought before t h e T r u s t e e s , the property in question is owned by Marion Gillis­ pie a n d takes in a c o n s iderable a m o u n t of land a n d w a ter a long t h e north side of Route 25. The Tax Receiver’s office d id some researching T u e s d a y morning and came up with area property in the nam e s of David, Patricia and Robert III a n d Robert Gillispie, Jr., and the situation will p robably hand fire until determ ined by t h e town governm e n t. The T r u s t e e s w e r e approached by Alex Bondarchuk, Southold, on p e r ­ m its for mooring stakes in P e t e ’s Creek, Orient, claiming enforcement of the law which limits s takes to 20 will cause a hardship during scallop season. “ Every other year, you just put a boat in and that was th a t , \ said Bondarchuk, who s u g g e s t e d the situ- tion be allowed to slide until the trustees come up with a solution. “ Let e v e ryone make o u t the b e s t he can,’’ said Bondarchuk whose con­ cern r e s ted on the o u tcome o f p u tting a boat in there using a s take belonging to someone else. Goldsmith adm itted, that as of the m o m e n t, there d i d n ’t a p p e a r to b e any solution other than putting in a cable mooring and stringing boats from it every ten feet. “ Don't worry about it this y e a r , \ was G o ldsm ith’s final word. An a p p lication by Henry C. Weis- m a n n for dredging in Sages Basin, brought N a ssau Point residents in­ cluding Frank Boss, W ilbur Baldwin and Justus K ranz claiming that the main channel from Broadw a ter goes straight in with little natural force. Stating it was mostly m u d and silt, they b lam e d a b u lkhead for closing off the channel and it was held over for additional d is c u ssion. Another a p p li­ cation of W e i s m a n n ’s for a wetlands permit r a is e s the question of w h e ther the w a ters are town or state. An am e n d e d application for a wetlands perm it from Pierce Yacht Basin, Inc., m e t with favor since it m e a n s dredging their own uplands (Continued on Page 20) R i v e r h e a d S c h o o l B o a r d S e t s V o t e F o r A u g u s t 1 2 It was a n n o u n c e d at the Riverhead School Board m e e ting last Tuesday night that if the Tuesday, A u g u i t 12, vote on the 1975-76 school budget (the second this year) is defeated, the school will have to go to an austerity budget in o r d e r to be able to open its doors in Septem b e r. The new budget contains expendi­ tu r e s of *130,000 less than the one previously defeated. The specific areas cut back are Buildings and G rounds, $9,150, Special Items, $3,000, Instructional Administration, $81,550, Pupil Personnel Services, $1,300, Pupil Transportation, $15,- 000, a n d Employee Benefits, $20,000. If the b u d g e t p a s s e s , t h e p rojected tax rate for t h e Town of Riverhead will b e $13.24 which is 64 c e n t s less than what the tax rate would have been if the b u d g e t h a d passed the first time. The total proposed budget itself is $10,760,423 and t h e voting is to take place Tuesday, A u g u s t 12, from 10 a.m . until 8 p.m . at the Riverhead High School gym n a s ium . The board also announced t h e re­ signations o f J a n e Otis, Irwin Abram s and J e a n n e t t e Salvito. Otis taught a rt in t h e elem e n tary schools, Abram s was the chairm a n of t h e high school English departm e n t and Salvito was T e m p e r a t u r e s C u r t a i l e d H a r v e s t i n g Field tem p e r a t u r e s ranging from the middle 90s to a reported 1C15 d e g r e e s this past w e e k e n d curtailed sum m e r harvesting operations and slowed such fall crop-making activi­ ties as the transplanting of cauli­ flower and cabbage seedlings on Eastern Long Island farms. Partly because of the heat but largely because of reduced market dem a n d with consequent price in­ stability, harvesting of the 24,000 acre p o tato c rop h a s b e e n confined to a few scattered loads except in one or two localities. W e a t h e r perm itting, volume digging will start next week when several of the larger central' packers will open their doors. However, packing sheds w e re do­ ing business T u e s d a y on the North Shore at Riverhead, Laurel, M a t ti­ tuck a n d Cutchogue, a n d on t h e South Side at B r idgeham p ton, W a t e r Mill and Southam p ton, with the largest m o v e menj coming out of Bridge- nam p ton. Distribution h a s b e e n large­ ly limited to the New York m e tr o ­ politan area and to New England. Shippers w e re generally paying the (Continued on Page 5) an English teacher in the high school. While OtIs is resigning from all teaching, A b r a m s and Salvito have resigned in o r d e r to take positions at William Floyd. A request for a year’s leave of absence for history teacher Robert Wilford was granted. The reason for the action is health. It was also announced that William Benedict has been a p p o inted to a o n e y e a r c o n tract, effective August 1, to the job of Administrative Assistant. The posi­ tion pays $24,042. In the business M a n a g e r ’s report acceptance of b ids was a n n o u n c e d on cafeteria items and the specifics ranged from potato chips to fiber trays. In each instance the lowest bid was accepted. The board also a p ­ proved the e x p e n d i tures o f $44,885 for supplies and $4,700 for equipm e n t, contingent on the budget being approved next Tuesday. The board heard first r e a d i n g s on high school graduation policy, a d ­ ministrative regulations, class s t a n d ­ ing policy and the policy and ad ­ ministrative regulations on occupa­ tional education. The discussion that ensued was far ranging. Because it was a first reading nothing definite was resolved. S u f f o l k D A I n A U O u t I n v e s t i g a t i o n Suffolk District Attorney Henry O ’Brien, hard on the heels of his indictment of Suffolk’s top law en­ forcement officer. County Sheriff Philip F. Corso, has begun a grand jury probe of Corso’s office, and is apparently going “ a ll-out\ in a n in­ vestigation into Police Commissioner Eugene Kelley, and the Smithtown Republicans. Soon after announcing Corso’s indictment, O ’B rien’s d e tectives s u b ­ poenaed Corso to supply all records relating to two former Republican Islip officials. Councilman Donald Kuss and Town Attorney W a lter Conlon, later a s tate tax receiver, who spent four m o n ths in jail, being released June 12, 1974. Both had been sentenced to a year m jail following a 1968 bribery coii' iction, surrendered in February, l‘^74, a fter losing their appeals, and were re­ leased on parole four months later. Reportedly the District Attorney is investigating allegations K u s s and Conlon received “ f a v o r e d \ treat­ ment at the County Honor Farm in Yaphank. They w e re assigned there and spent their prison time in tutor­ ing younger inm a tes so they could receive high school diplomas. There are allegations the two had special privileges with their wives and chil­ dren being allowed to visit them in private rather than out in the open with wire grills separating them . Also s u b p o e n a e d by O ’Brien’s men were all records relating to special and bonded deputies'. M eanwhile, with C o r s o ’s Indict­ ment last Thursday airo e a rlier indict­ ments against GOP ^ l i t l c a l figures and office-holders, others are nerv- (Continuedon Page 7) O r d e r H e a r i n g O n B r o a d C o v e The Riverhead Town Board Tues­ day o rdered a n o ther p ublic h e a ring be held on the Broad Cove project, a proposed c o n d o minium development on the 105 acre Broad Cove Duck Farm, now o p e r a ted by J . P . Celic a nd Sons. The hearing is to take place Tuesday, August 19, at 8 p.m . at the town hall. No action was taken after thefirst public h e a ring back on March 4, when the developer, Leonard G, Sucsy, detailed the proposal. The land, bounded by T e r r y ’s Creek and M e e ting House Creek in Aquebogue, has 5,000 square feet of w a ter front, and Sucsy h a s made several c h a n g e s , all to remove environmental objec­ tions. Much of the waterfront would have b e e n bulkheaded, a n d that bulk- (Continued on Page 5) R i v e r h e a d B o a r d O p p o s e s T h e W a d i n g R i v e r F e r r y H u g e E x p e n s e I s C i t e d B y G e o r g e Y o u n g EASTERN LONG ISLAND HOSPITAL is richer by S800 a f t e r Tuesday night’s m e e ting of t h e Southold Rotary. President A r thur A v e d o n ,left, p r e s e n ted the check to Bob Boger a n d in d o ing so kicked off the fund d rive u n d e r way to cover the institution’s deficit. M r . Bogeracted a s a e o n c e m e d citizen d u r i n g ELIH’s time o f crisis e a rlier in the y e a r and m a d e good his prom ise of help to get financial assistance for the facility. ]^hoto b y P e t e r Stevens • r Bistrian Cleared In East Hampton The Suffolk County District Attor­ ney’s office after a two months investigation has found no wrong­ doing on the part of East Hampton Highway Superintendent John Bistri- an, who hired his brother’s company to dig a $30,000 dum p hole without public bidding. A s p o k e s man for District Attorney Henry O' B rien Monday confirmed the result of the investigation, and said the office is notifying Town Super­ visor Mrs. J u d i th Hope, and Bistrian. “ T h e re was no conflict, he had no interest in his b r o t h e r ’s b u s iness, and he w a s n ’t p aid, ’ ’ the s p o k e s man said. Had Peter Bistrian, o p e rator o f s e v e r ­ al b u s inesses, including heavy e q u i p ­ ment, contracting and concrete tran- sit-mix, been paid for the work, “ it might well have been a different story,\ according to the spokesman. Mrs. Hope, who asked for the investigation in April, after refusing to approve vouchers for the work, could not b e reached. She is v acation­ ing with her two children in Colorado. Peter Bistrian, who operates the businesses with his son, Patrick, could not be reached for c o m m e n t early this week. And his son was out of the office, a company representative said. As to collecting for the $30,000 for the five-acre hole off Accabonac High­ way, Springs, Peter Bistrian will apparently have to sue the East Hampton Town Board. When Mrs. Hope asked District Attorney Henry O ’Brien to conduct an investigation on April 23, she vowed Peter Bistrian “ will never be paid\. Mrs. Hope and the other town board m e m b e rs refused toapprove vouchers requesting $6,600 in paym e n t for the first p a rt o f the work. The only money Peter Bistrian received was $ 1,100 for clearing the land. \1 assum e d the Highway D e p a rtm e n t was d igging the hole,” Mrs. Hope said at t h e time. John Bistrian, 60, a Democrat completing his first term , is running for re-election. “ I’m getting to like this job more a n d m o r e , \ he d eclared. “ Look at all the publicity 1 g o t , \ Bistrian added. “ 1 don’t know how Pete willget p aid. W h e n 1 a sked him to dig the hole in J a n u a r y , 1 thought I h ad complete approval of the town Riverhead Police Take To Skies For Control b o a r d , \ Bistrian added. As to the hole, which J o h n Bistrian plans to u s e as a b rush dum p , there is noactivitytherenow . j u s t a h u g e hole, with some 50,000 cubic yards of sand piled around the side. “ I’m going to ask the town board for permission to open it,” Bistrian said. Supervisor Hope, at the time of (Continued on Page 15) R e q u e s t D r e d g e O n E a s t C r e e k The Riverhead Town Board Tues- d a y c a l ledontheC o u n t y Public Works D e p a rtm e n t to dredge East Creek in Jam e s p o r t , which at low tide is a hazard to even small boats trying to venture from the s t a te launching ramp or the town marina inside the creek out into Peconic Bay. Town S u p ervisor J o h n Leonard said the Public Works D e p a rtm e n t has spoil a reas for the dredged m a tter to be dum p e d , adding he has been sw a m p e d by local r e s idents request­ ing the dredging. But Public W o rks Commissioner Rudolph K a m m e r e r , who is ham p e r ­ ed by up to 50 different steps and perm its required from just about (Continued on Page 20) The Riverhead Town Board T u e s ­ day, by unanimous resolution an ­ nounced its total opposition to the establishm e n t of a W a d ing River- Connecticut ferry route. The proposed route, now being considered by the Nassau-Suffolk Planning Commission, agencies and commissions of both states, was term e d “ a classic exam p le of the governm e n t’s d isregard for the i n t e r ­ ests and welfare of the people most affected, as well as . the obvious economic realities of a situation.” \W e ask that the W a d ing River route b e 'a b a n d o n e d , ” the resolution stated. Copies w e re sent to all interested parties, Suffolk Legisla­ tors, and the agencies of both states involved in the planning. The resolution, introduced by Councilman George Young, notes W ading River for the most part is zoned for one acre residential' use, points out the huge expense that would be necessary to build docks, moorings, bulkheading, and jetties, and routes to the Sound, and warns that the access to a ferry terminal \w o u ld have to be b uilt through high cliffs and fragile w e t l a n d s . \ It has been estim a ted that the outlay of money to get the route off the ground would be up to “ $52 million of the taxpayers’ money, with a h u g e a n n u al subsidy of u p to $19.41 per car. The resolution further notes that other routes are in operation at Port Jefferson and Orient Point, using existing docks, operating without subsidies at present, with f a r s h o r ter routes to Connecticut than the pro­ posed 20 mile route betw e e n W a d ing River and Connecticut. (Continued on Page 5) Our Inside Pages It’s hard to protest innocence when the evidence Is made available through aerial contact. On Sunday, July 27. a pilot, photo­ grapher and observer took to the skies above Riverhead about 6:45 p.m . and noticed a gathering of cars at the south end of H o r ton’s Avenue. Shortly afterw a rds, drivers of two cars w e re cited for an unauthorized speed c o n test, accom p lished by radio dispatch to the 603 sector car, operated by Jam e s Pleickhardt and backed by Police Officer Woods in 605 sector. Sergeant Joseph G rattan and Police Officer Foote w e re part of the team using the radio to 603 car and the a p p ropriate s u m m o n s e s were issued. The large num b e r o f c a rs g a t h e r i n g to take part in the illegal activity was dispersed quickly and other areas subjected to the aerial observation. A short time later, another speed event d eveloped at the intersection of Horton and Reeves Avenue. The patrol p lane r e m a ined high and out of sight. J u s t as the dragging was about to b egin, a small plane left Riverhead Air Park and flew over Horton Avenue. The draggers assum e d this was part of the air p atrol a n d c u rtailed activities. Additional studies are being con­ ducted to enable the police d e p a r t ­ ment to u se h igher a ltitudes a n d more distances to round up speeders and draggers. (ContiniiecI on Page 12) A t P r e s s T i m e Calverton 11 Churches 29 Clusifled 30,31 Coffee Break 5 Cutehogue Column 15 East Marion Column 32 Editorials 4 Greenport 13 Legals 29 Mattituck 8 Movies 8 North Fork Living 18,19 Obituaries 6 Riverhead Column 9 Southold Column 3 Sports 21-27 TV 16 Patricia W ood Reports 4 Wading River 10 A It will b e moving d a y for the Southampton Town Highway Departm e n t. Southampton Town Board Tuesday authorized Highway Superintendent Toni Lavelle to have the former police station near the Riverhead traffic circle, vacant for some time, moved to the town’s newly a c q u ired 40-acre site near the landfill area in Ham p ton Bays. The Highway Departm e n t will h ave its main office in the transferred building and will b e the first agency in the town to u se the new p roperty, also the future site of a p lanned s e w a g e treatm e n t p lant and police h e a d q u a r t e r s . The move, financed by federal revenue sharing funds, is e x p e c ted to b e completed within a few weeks. In o ther a c tion, the S o u thampton Town Board appointed e ight m e m b e r s to the tow n ’s transportation task force committee, which is b e ing set up at the recommendation of Governor Hugh Carey to investigate JJQSsible acceiis routes to the south fork as alternatives to a four-lane Sunrise Highway extension. Mrs. Nancy Goell, Portia Flanagan. Richard McCullom, Arthur Smith, William Crowley, Sayre Baldwin, Mrs. Muriel Wolff and Mrs. Bradford McGuire were appointed. Councilman William McCoy voted against the a p p o intm e n ts in p rotest over Regional Director Austin Emery as chairman of that committee. The b o a rd retained Emil DePetris as special counsel to d e fend the Town Board of Zoning Appeals in a suit b rought by W alter J . Desel who was d e n ied a variance to divide a one-acre lot in a one-acre residential district in Hampton Park, into two half acre lots. Supervisor Theodore Hulse was authorized to execute agreem e n ts for the county to dredge in Red Creek Pond.

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