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Jess' Wow, it seems so crazy to tllink that the summer is ahnosthere. This is the last issue of Concordiensis which signifies the last two weeks Juice that liappened this year and em- brace the new and exciting things that could occur in the future. The beginning of the surnrn.er by PIJilipCho Staff Writer of school. ~~,---..,-~---,also signifies the . The end is finally here, and I am affOFded a chance te close a long chapter on my e~periences and my life. As always,both Asian. Persua- sion and Play Thing fought to be- come the title of my farewell article. So, I made a compromise, and com- bined th.e titles albeit its unin- tended purpose. I feel badly for the seniors · · · . and the fresh- · end of some nasty · sights that can. be seen on campus everyday. The combinatio11 of 2,000 college sill- dents with things like stress, beer and a gym so close to the center of campus provide the perfect oppor- tunity for grl)ss- ness to be un- men that this spring term was not very excit- ing, weather- wise. Springfest was sort of a washout and felt a little more like early April than late May. I keep trying to assure the fresh- men that the ww\'.lobster-express.com veiled. But anyway, liS]! was saying be- fore, a door cl()ses and another opens. That is life I presume. For one reason or another, having picked up my graduation gown, I finally feel the end. I am excited and yet nervous at the same time. A feeling that I am a veteran of by now since I have endured the pres- sure that co~es with graduation before. weekend is usually one of the best times at Union. The seniors, will just have to come back next year to enjoy a much warmer (hopefully) festival to celebrate the spring. It was also rather unfortunate that the annual Lobster Bake had to be held indoors. This ye~trly event always attracts toas of people and usually takes place on the porch outside Chets. Rain and the freezing cold weather made it impossible to stick to this outdoor tradition. The sight inside the Campus Center on Friday from 5 PM until 7:30 PM was honific. People were camped out on all four floors of Reamer cracking open lobster carcuses and devouring com-on- the-cob. Oh the smell that festered in there all weekend long! The summer means a lot of dif- ferent tllings to everyone. But the one thing that remains co!lstant is that everyone is leaving l 1 nion. This means that all students vo.:i11 get a chance to forget everything by Jason Putori Wi.:hmu..\ler and Patrick A. Wendell Staf{J J !-itt.'!\ !'JOTICE!!! These news stories are for entertainment purposes only. Certain things have bl•en made up. READ ATYOPR OW~ RISK!! The Debacle of Springfest 2000 I a<>t weekend was probably the event all underclassmen look for- ward to the most. besides the day they leave. Sahlr<lay was Springfest. This year's events consisted of a series of hanrlc; and a numher of f:un games. This Springfest howc\'(~r. unlike most years, was not Ye\l)' successful. Partially due to the weather, eleven participants enjoyed the outdoor activities while an(')ther thirteen crammed into the West f'ollegr hathrooms to listen to their favorite bands play. Because of the pretty nasty things that go on at Union each day, I have compiled a list of the grossest things that hap- peR around the school. These things occur on a daily basis, s<>me of which I am myself am gailty. Top Ten Most Disgusting Things Seen on Campus 10. Fingers reaching into the candy bowls by the frozen :yogurt machine. 9. Spitting dip into a clear pbs- tic botlle during class. 8. Making out in Upperchtss. 7. People wearing belly shirts with too much belly. 6. The combination of tube tops and enormous breasts. 5. Sweaty gym clothes W()rn all day. 4. Working out in white spa11dex sans underwear. 3. Short shorts .... on men. 2. Getting sick in the batluo()ms of\Vest on a Sunday. 1. Lobster Fest INSIDE the Campus Center and the sme 1! on Monday morning. Due to this mass of people, in- juries were inevitable. On the \'Clcro waiL one of the Deans acci- dentally had his velcro come loose. and he fell atop a freshman girL -who was released on Wecines- For odd reasons, I really don't feel as excited ab()at graduating col- lege as I did when I graduated high school. Don't get me wrong. It is a big deal, but I find that the parents make a bigger deal about it than 'the graduates themselves. Graduation was of course anticipated, but the excited young innocent luster I felt in high school isn't there. Maybe in a way, college g1aduation is a nightmare because with one fell swoop, it fmalizes my probable ca- reer as a student. College gradua- tion is a passage from semi-imma- turity into adults. There is agreatpressure of mak- ing a mark in our small history. Not only for ourselves, but also for our parents. As cliche as it may sound, we are the future. But, we are also afraidofthatfuture. Wedon'tknov. what it holds. We hope that our life will lead in the direction we hope to, but we do nCJI !mow for sure. This is a time of uncertainty pretty night during the Lobster Bake. Only four students and one faculty member were sent to Ellis Hospital for allergic reactions and food poi- soning. This number is less than half oflast year's total. day after recov- ..-----~-....-------,....~----------. cring from neck injuries. One senior girl decided to break llnion tradition on the bungee cord run. When she could not run any farther and was pul1ed back, the sliding on the ground ripped off her shorts and f,>'.-:,;,·i;;,.i<I·.J bW!'••i:fA<c•;;i;•c shirt. ~~~~~~~~ According to organizers, '\It was most embarrassing. That kino of activity is to be reserved f<Jr the Nott Memorial after dark, and not West Beach.\ The most successful part ofthc Spring fest events came on Friday Hull J:nstitutes Suicide DefeDse Syst~ Union is down to its last two weeks of the regular academic year. Fven though we are a month be- hind most other schools in the na- much. Many of us will decide not to go to law school, or medical school. What will we end up do- ing? It is unclear, but all I know is that we will eventually be kicked out of our nest It is a time where we fmal1ly get to fend for ourselves. Something we always wanted as kids, but fear wb.en we come to it. Speakin.g o.f graduation, I feel unprepared for it. Aren't we going to have rehearsals for the whol'e thing? Or are we going out there cold turkey? My pa:Fents, my sis- ter, and my aunt are flying all the way from California to see me graduate. Not to mention, three more guests and my girlfriend. I feel like an unprepared actor going into www.geoc a play. My parents even went as far as. to higher a person to video- tape my graduation. Rehearsals in a way were thera- peutic for me because it prepared me for the \big day.\ It's funny how the idea of graduation hasn't re- ally hit me yet. Having to do the Senior Thesis, get my transcripts pulled up to make sure I can gradu- ate, buying Senior Pictures, the yearbook, the ring, and other stuff would have ensured that the big \G\ word come into my mind. But, I still get nothing. It still feels like a fantasy to be sure. And what does this have to do with being Asian? It has absolutely nothing to do with it. Except that I am Asian tion, the students have been re- joicing. During the past weeks, the parties on campus have been be- coming wilder and having more of a summer flare. Students are get- ting ready to take summer jobs and internships, or arrange travel for the couple months off. Those se- niors that are lucky enough to be receiving diplomas are getting ready to enter the next phase in their lives. It is a time of excite- ment in this sma11 island inside Schenectady. Because the year is winding down and the fun has been increas- ing, it doesn't mean that the workload is any lesser. These last tvm weeks are probably the busi- est and most difficult of the year. Nobody has time to breathe, not even the secretaries in the aca- demic departments. This time is truly a test for all involved. In order to make this time easier on all, Dean Christina Sorum has asked the entire faculty to cut back on the workload that they assign • ID and so are my guests. But enough kiddin.g aroun.d. I am terrified of graduating. Absolutely terrified. But, on the other hand, I arn glad that I won't have to stay another year studying. I am for all inten- sive purposes, tired of studying. No dcubt, June 11th, 2000 wi:ll be exciting nevertheless. It will be \our\ day. Meaning seni<Jrs of course. We can be as rowdy as we want, drunk as we want~ and pretty much everyone will let it go~ Why? Because this is the last day we have in our life as Jegular college students with no pressure at alL This is our last day as college students. It is to be sure 1hat I am thankful that I even made it this far. Graduation is a bag of mixed feelings. I'm sure everyone understands that. lam happy. I am sad_ I am excited. I am nervous. And Life goes on. But all in all, I am proud. As all the graduates should be. The Class of 2000 has been a good class, and I have been af- forded the chance to meet most of them. So, to all the seniors out there, congratulations and have a happy life, And, to those that have faithfully read my articles, thank :you for being so committed. To my critics, I don't care what you think. I !tope that someone takes it upon themselves to become the inheriter of articles past, as I did. I took the reins from Michelle Tham when she left, and I hope that an- other Asian in the Union comma- nity takes the reins from me. And that is the reason behind why my title was Asian Persuasion for the longest time. We need more Asian writers to input their vi~ws into the Concordiensis. Challenge yourself and write for the paper instead of being an invisible group. Peace, and much love. I'm out. at this pomt. Many professors have assigned final projects and papers due at the end of next week. That bas not stopped them from assigning their nonnal workload on top ofthese special assignments. This year at Comdl Cniversity, twelve students jumped to their deaths due to the pressure of the final weeks. The Union Adminis- tration wants to make sure the same does not occur here. President Hull, as part of his Schenectady 2000 project, has been placing electric fences around all access points to the Mohawk River, to dissuade students from jumping into the river to either dro\\n or die from contact with the chemicals in the river. President Hull, while connecting the power in an unveiling cer- ernony, explained, \We must do anything we can to protect our stu- dents and stop the senseless sui- cide that is gripping college stu- dents. These deadly fences will help as achieve that goal.\

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