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Featul'es aion.cnrruttsis · May 18, 2000 · Page 15 ----=~!.._ ____ __2!!!,1...-:ally upset people. Strong words overload, ie: burnout, or perhaps a by Brian Kern and an argument often en.sues, fol- mild heat induced coma. I too en- Registering Nightmares Staf!Writer lowed by a wild fistfigbt, resulting joy sitting beneath a tree between So here we are again approach- in the destruction of various pieces classes, but that won't be an issue ing the end of another term. Whi'le oflibrary equipment. That is why for much longer because for some the Union College calendar is not I fear the library. Well okay~ that reason the trees are being cutdown the focus of my article, I will say probably doesn't happen, but I on a regular basis. Just last week that althoagh many people are know there are many of you out another tree was cut down across thinking how mach nicer a semes- there thinking it would be C()ol to from Memorial Chapel, as well as a ter system would be on these hot see an altercation in the library. dozea or so along Seward Street. May and June days, I don't be- It isn't just in the library that Why must the trees come down?! lieve weather is a good reason to people start getting a little strange. They were there first, especially abandon the trimester system. In general, people start taking quiet with regards to the trees on Seward. Anyway, the focus here will be end hours a little bit more seriously. I We're talking about hundred- year of the term evemts. I don't mean can tell you with qui·te a bit of cer- old trees killed just for a couple pla!Llled events like the infamous ta~nty that when people take quiet power lines. I'm sure the wires were campus crawl. No, I'm talking hours seriously on my floor it gets installed well after the trees began about the things people start do- a little freakish. It's hard to tell if to grow. Either the people in those ingattheend of the .--------------~--._.,...---------..., houses should Disaster at the Registrars Office by Jen Setlur StqffWriter rule of which I was uninformed. I then fmd myself enrolled in courses that in no way reflect my interests. At the end of the year, I always This has happened to me several seem to get a second wind just times; professors have told me that when I need it the most. Something I am at a liberal arts school, so I tells me that it is the mere thought should take a variety of courses. I of leaving that,..,........-----~--------, thought that's gets me up and ,-I'., why we had Gen- offto class each 'Pro;~essors era] Education morning, not the haVe told me that Requirements. thrill oflearning. I don't knm1. It doesn't even Jam af a /ibera/ who these te~~>toffistheli- ''Why m:usi·the, trees ·come · ~\:~tr7c\~~o~: ~;:I~S l~~:~ver:~ .. d~wn? They were:tbere first~·.~ ~~~uld b:i~:~ ~:~ ~a~:r~:~~l:~ . , We.'r~ ·~alki~g:' ti:~/:rui:ihundted- ~~s~ew~~~; ~;~~~:;o;sa~~ie:~ • · year .oicl tr¢&;, l{tll¢al:j;~sijor:.:J1. ~~~~~o~~du~~ ~~~:t~:~~t~:~~ · ... ··: :f:o·upl~::·.o.i:P~w~£.;}zi~e~._::;,···>:.' ~:~t~~ :ea~i~~~ . -~·::~-,~·- :· '?'-~'_',. ····:·--··.·-: -:}.;.;'\ ~ ·-<·- -.·-y\' _.~ .. --~~:_,~:-. _-.-:,-·.~·,:·. -:~. ,:.::::: . .- .. ~;.::.\<<: 'Y. matter that I still people are that have a lot of as- arts school, so I say they ha\l· nu signments due; I problems with am willing to do should take a course schedul- whatever it takes l..f ing; the adnm- so that I can Variety OJ sions office mu~t leave as soon as hand-pick thesl.\ possible. courses. people to be their I have the J thoug. ht that's representatives, most positive at- because not titude towards why we had Gen- once during th~ endcfthe term that '-----'--~---=--..-...:..~---;.._._---~-~---'----------l idea. If that I tru:ly fear going into th.e library. There is the constant debate over wh() can talk to the reference librar- ian first, seeing as how the library fonna.t is so ridiculously confus- ing atl I can do there is fmd my way to the exit. Unfortunately there is only one reference librar- ian which ultimately means a line to get help in fmding books for the paper that is invariably due the next day. ((Jmputers, while there are many of them, tend to be in short order as welL Everyone who is capable of d<Oing so is looking up informa- tion for their papers, reports, and research projects. However, peo pie tend to get aggravated when they have to wait to use a computer. This mainly becomes a problem when the person using the computer isn't doing; anything worthwhile. For example, brows- ing 111 e Internet for the latest Dave Mattl1ews site or talking to some- one on Instant ' Once upon a time, there was a pair of tulips that lived in my back yard. One was red, and the other wa> white. They lived across from each other, but were a fair distance a wily. Then one day, a storm came thmugh and reeked havoc in the immediate area. The re~ tulip sur- vi ve<l, but sadly the white tulip died. What was odd about this story was the fact that another white tulip appeared to replace the one that had mysteriously disap- peared. Albeit, the new white tulip was further away than the other had originally been. I choose to imag- ine tbat the white tulip didn't die, but rather that it moved further away. This analogy hits home in my perspective because, now that I am graduating, I am forced to leave my loved one behind. \Vhile the distance between her and me the person is being honest or if they are just going insane. Not that there is any insanity around here, it's just that some times this place seems like a soap opera (my floor that is), in which I tend to play no small part. That's irrelevant for the moment though. What is relevant is that fact that all of a sudden people realize how much work there is left to do before the end of the term. Needless to say I would not recommend upsetting someone who still hasn't fmished their first lab from week three or even someone who has another hour exam coming up. If you do I don't think the person can be held responsible for their subsequent actions. While I near the end of this ar- ticle I ponder how people can pos- sibly lounge around the lawns in front of the library. How could any- one not have hours upon hours of work to do? I can attribute this casual attitude to either sever work isn't possible the trees could sim- ply be trimmed, but in the name of all things holy you don't kill a hun- dred year old tree for a stupid wire. Obviously it isn't just the students who get a little antsy around the end of the term, but the grounds crew and whoever makes these stu- pid decisions does too. Sometimes I wonder why they don 'tjust imple- ment the use of small nuclear de- vises. Then we wouldn't have to worry about any trees, or even how to continuously kill the grass in the Olin-Library courtyard. So maybe the end of the term thing is getting to me too. Certainly there are enough things to worry about between finishing papers and beginning to study for finals (oh no! not finals!). Either way, this isn't Comell and I know we will all make it through the end of the term. Don't worry, the work will be finished soon, but in the mean time just watch out for fall· trees and trinitrotoluene. Union College application pro- than I have had era/ Education cess did I hear allyear.Notthat anything about Iamanylessec- requirementS. If the difficulty static to be leav- with registration. ing this place, but when I look back I know the at all the mishaps and problems Union has thrown my way, it doesn't seem so bad. Maybe it's the fact that I will be spending the swnmer in Europe or that for once in my life I am done with finals on Monday. Or it could be the fact that the flawless \sys- tem\ has yet to screw up my life this week, and hasn't done so for an entire two weeks now. That must be some sort of record; I think somebody is slacking off. Oh, wait. I forgot about regis- tration. Now there's a guarantee that something will go wrong. I al- ways think I have them beat, but I am always wrong. No matter how hard I try to make a foolproof schedule, including several back- there is a!'\ some new Registrar's Office doesn't seek to make registration especially trau- matic for me since they do so for others as well. I always have com- pany in line, while waiting to regis- ter for my fifth and sixth course choices, from several angry and frustrated students with the same problems. As a freshman, I was relieved when they said it is easier to regis- ter as a sophomore. However, when I returned to register for winter !L'nn of this year, they told me that the certain classes \Vere full due tn space rcser;ed for freshmen. When I was a freshman, no one resen·eLi any space for me. I quit trying to under~tand thL' reasoning behind school pn]i,;y . It is a waste o!\tirne. Philip Cho's Play Thing was 4 hours driving here, it will be our paths would separate. I just did dragged away kicking and scream- Diem.\ Seize the day. I. ive fnr to- eight hours by plane when I fmally not realize that it would be coming ing. It's your choice. But how did day, take chances, and always rc- leave New York for good. so quickly. But, that is apt to hap- this topic get from leaving my loved member that life is easy. The minute I have decided to live and work pen in this world where time is so one to about leaving home to be- you see life as easy, it will become in California because it suits me precious. So precious that we come an adult'! Excuse my random- as tame as a small tabhy kitten. best. I know that although I ]eave strive (most of us) to save and con- ness. I am preoccupied mentally Life won't control you if you my loved one in the process., that serve as much as we can. We are at the moment. don't let it. Rather, it would be ideal if fate and destiny has its way, then ticking time bombs, and when our Preoccupied with the possibil- if you took control of your life A we will be together again. She sym- time is up, we go and that is that. ity that the world holds. Preoccu- good offense is a good defensl'. bolizes the white tulip, and I sym- Can't backtrack, or fix the past. It is pied with living now, and simulta- Live offensively. Living defenmely bolize the red tulip. Everything something we have to live with but neously living in the past and the will not produce the wanted scores being relative, she is the one that I am satisfied of my life choices. future. Preoccupied with, money, in the game. is moving away while I stay where Leaving her and stepping into marriage, and other things. I never So, as the term draws to an end. I am. It is a hard process I'm sure, the limitless world will help me knew how scary it was to take a all I really want to say is live life the but it is necessary. After all, one grow. Finding myself, I will truly step into the unknown. way you want to. And certainly cannot be dictated in life, by such know if this is love or just puppy So many possibilities, so many don \t let someone else dictate how emotions as love. Other factors too love. Puppy love is a habit that dies potential pit falls. And yet life goes you want to live. Better yet, don't are important. But is it worth the hard. It's so easy because, evety- on. Funny how th.at works, but so try to dictate how you \vant sol11l'- cost?Iamnotsrne. Thinkingabout thing seems perfect and no faults far the mle holds true. Somebody one else to live. berybody has a it just simply hurts, and I find it are seen. But anyway, puppy love close to us dies. And life goes on. right to their decision Respect it. better not to think about it. It be- is not the topic. We fail an exam. Life goes on. We Wouldn't it be a happter and safer hooves me to say this, but maybe Looks like I'm wandering again. die. Life goes on (Not for us. but life if people just didn't judge') I distance can show us if it's really As I was saying, leaving is a pain- that's beside the point). think so. meant to be or not. Time and pa- ful but necessary process of My point is that no matter VI hat And hl those that didn't ~.:atd1 tience will tell. growth. We all must leave the nest we do, life goes on. It doesn't stop on. my lowd one ts Come11 g.trl Growing with her, I always knew egg someday. Either we could hon- for anything. So I guess the phi- And we .\RF :\OT hrcaktng up thattherewouldcomea time where orably fly away, or we could be losophy to run with is \Carpc \\'c'lljust he far J\\ay

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