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4 231Frosh Accept Bids To Houses A near record nwnber of fresh- men pledge.d fraternities this year under the new cooperative ·bidding system. Of bhe 308 members of the class of 1963, all but 18 of those who desired to join fratct·ni- ties w~re matched to the house of their choice. Top houses num-. erica·l!y were Ka:ppa Nu, Beta. Theta Pi and Sigma Chi, who pledged 2~. 22 and 19 men re~.pcc­ tively, Following is a complete l.~t of !Jledges: · ALPHA DELTA PHI Elihu Kraemer, Peter BridgP, Ed. Boum1e, John P<>ck, Wilham Motter, Tom Ackerman, Skip Scott, RePve Howland, Bt·uce ::\-1~­ L..nnan, \Villiam McNutt, John Humc•, Jeff Lucier, Tuny B.,xtei. Johr. l.loyd, Spencer Chamblin. Peter Keim. BETA THETA PI Robett \Vi!Iat·d Artiniani, Wil- liam :\1rnchant Pre<;t, J·r., David A. Jclmson, Chmles M. Esposito,· JosPph John Palombi, John Rob- crt Nelson, Drew Panbro, \Villiam T. Brazell, David James Dcnt7, Lesli\ Ray Htll, Rohl't't F. Ehr- lich, Willi:::tm M. Craft, Anthony Joseph Jurica, Douglas Rob<:rt :\TcC'aPn, Gl'org~ Wilbrd Prcli, D:l\.;cl Davirlson, C'harlcs H0ory Deci, William Brown, Daniel Pa!ne, Steve Simon, Peter Selig- man, Bruce 1\h.inwaring, Edward Rogers, 'v\illiam Weigand. CHI PSI Peter Bur<,\'Vald Keith Flint, David EalPs, Chat·les Swai-n, Ray- inc.nd Gilmartin, Charles Con- verse, Ge01·gc VVtlllams, Kent Mcll.rthur. David Thurston, Mich- ac>l Jimin~z. David Stark. DELTA CHI Allen W. D.tk~. Barton S. Solo- mon, John :\1. Williruns, Stephen A. Rwlolph, Andrew N. Vouloukos. Andrew ~. Ernst, Wtlliam J. Ral housky, Phil Stoddan.l, Tom Jones, Gary Hammond, James ·Chambers, George N. Ball, Martin B. Hatchet·, John Ver;;ano, Elliot Lamb, Jona- than Throne, Thomas Hall. DELTA PHI Douglass .M. Allen, }lorley :\1. Blouke, Jon T. Clcm~us, John A. Crowell, Gary W. Conrad, Arthur S. Eltmg, wwrencc R. Gilman, Jorgcn L. Herler, .Donald E. Howard, Jr., CristophPr W. Hoyt, C. Stua,rt Kelly, Frederic!<. W. Nothnagel, Jean P. J. Poulin, Kal· man \V, Prescott, ·william C. Riffle, Richard E. Taylor. DELTA UPSILON James Lang, Brain McDonald, Paul 1\leuhoff, Art Grand, Ray Sabe~ellt, .Dan Nicholas, Fred Hardt, Gary Van Gendt, Paul Shipt£>nko, John Pomiglio.ne, Ned Snyder. KAPPA ALPHA William Allen, Warren C. Dick- erson, David Herndon, Robert L. Jones, Richard C. Kane, Robert Montbach, John Shriver, Stephen K. Spencer, Tim Strosahl, GeorgP. J. Suter, Gary ·raylor. KAP·PA NU Arthur Gel!e;·t, Steven Shapiro, Ste\'e Nelick, Neil Jaffe, Hal Heis- ler, Howard Siegel, Michael Gm- dnn, Alan Somer, Edward Sk·loot, Robert Sllloot, Steven Zeche, Alan Binder, David Shaw, Kenneth Kessler·, Kenneth Kaufman, James StroshC;rg, Steven gay.nwnd, 'Stev- en Facto:, Peter Sus~man, David Millstein, Leon:~.rd B-lumin, RC'I>crt Sherwin, ::.V.t::>lvin Epstein, Kai SchnelCler, Daniel Schwartz. KAPPA SIGMA G. Clark Crannell, Thomas J.~in­ n~gcn. ,'}len C. Jeckcl, Henry Mor- gan, John Lawton Morrison, Jr., Bernard Newton, Donald J. Roose, .:..>avid Santos. Roger D. Scoville, John Tcseph Sbrega, Charles F. Stewart, Lars H. Sund, Edward Tyndall, Eu:ward Vernooy. PHI DELTA THETA Herbert Califana, Robert D. DiCacco, Rohcrt English, Buzz Grady, Ted Leffingwell, Lonny Ludwig. PHI GAMMA DELTA Dick Chaffee, Dick Butler, Bob Martinson, Paul Schneider, Pete Bishko, Paul Blanchard, Solko Schalrn, Ken Payment, 'l'om Pul ver, Pat Dugan, Roy Hershey. 11'., ___________ \' I I. I FOR CAR TROUBLES : I SEE A UNION MAN I I I : William H. Plath : : Auto Servic:e 1 I I 1 1372 Union St. : : Schenectady Dl 6-4895 I I I ·---·-···-.------· Richmond 'Dormitory Work Progressing Riclunond Hous~. Ut:t.ion's new .dormitory, is shown above this W<\<\k in advanr~ stage-s of constru~tion, Designed by liicKim, .Mead a.nd WhitE', ColJ.~g-e Architects, tlle building twill cost over lli400,000 a.nd will hoe :filtilnced •by a Federal Housing Authority Loan. The new dorRJti\tor:y will he si!.miblr in style to \'Vest College and will acco'llllllodat;e apoproximately 124 students, as well as recreation rooms an,d· :a f.aculcy pr.octor•s •apartment. Tbe building is namt\d for th.e latt> Dr. C)mrles Alexa.mter Riclun.ond, wb.o served as President of Union and Chancellor of Union l.Jniversity from 1909 lllltil 192!t !IIld was one of tl1e twentietJh century's most prumilwnt ~chola.rs. C.mr.rpletion is sluted for the Fa.ll of 1960. PHI SIGMA I)ELTA N s A· Eri.J Entin, Gerald Gre-enwald,. 0 • · • • • \ (Continued :from Page 2) Friday. October 16. 195CJ Soccer .... . Honesty . . . Ma< yh 1 emd Ends .. > .• (Continued from Page 3l Cant nue from J?'J3ge 3 squad on Bailey Field at S:OO (Continued from Page 1) lael.' the goal posts and the score- . P.M. . has existed since 1925 and has board Were marked for destruc. Despite ihe loss to th.e Red never had regula,rly scheduled tion. Raiders •last Saturday c<Jach ~ nieetlngs, convening instead. when- Even these measures failed to Fedowsk)' was .not overly disap-• ever the occasion arose. There tone down .the rivalry. In 19~8 :pointed with the game. The· t.?-ve been years in which the body the two schools exchanged da,Jn- Freshmen had never played be-. did not meet once. Last year it a.ge bills of $138~. In the (Jo.:ncord· fore ani[ made many :mistakes convened two times. . iensis o.f that year the following that are easily correctable, A: · Original! the committee was •was the. lead line for the RPI more cohesi~e squa<;l will be field-,' composed ~olely of faculty, a,nd :w·eekend .story. \~urder assorted ed on Sat.:urday and Goach Fe- admin:istration members 'Put over mayhem, everythmg goes on the dowsky f.(gures that the twenty- the years representatives of the RPI week~nd.\' ln 1E~9 th~ •stu- two man squad will be able to • ·student body have been added. dent cou~c1ls tholl:ght It ady1sable :handle the Darrow Prepopers. . . . . The procedure of tlw Student Dis-. t? . ·reaffmm thel·r non-v10lence Although the squad lS f&rrly ciplinE' Committe·e has become for- pact, and in an effort to rec~an­ large som.e twenty boys have, malized through practice >and ·to- .nel. student •exub~rance estabh'm.- dropped· :o.~t in the :past , th~ee day it 's outlined ·in the College e<l a tropJ:y, a .patr of Dutchmen s w~eks. 'Th1s 11as h~rt, but desJnte Catalogue. The Committee first Sho:es. . . . this FedCimky thmks that t:he , hears hhc accusation from tna .smce this hme the mtense .con- . team is .perhaps better than last 'perMn who hrus .brought the mat- fltct :between the two schools haB years squa.d that went undefoo.t- · ter to its ·attention. Then the substd·ed. However, th& RPI ga.me ed. The 1n.~jor reason for this is accused has a. cha nee to ·defend is · .still .far from just another better all around balance and himself. After he has completed,' football game, and who can tell adequate depth. his defense, both accuser and ·ac- what might happen? Fedol>Vsky Pra.ises Me:n, cused wilhdr,aw white the body Coach B'cdowsky singled out makes its decision. The Student. lock, he refers. the matter to the Sonny Har-rison, right inside, and Disc'pline Committee has almost .:House Presidents' Counctl. The halfbacks ..Abe Terpening and Roy unlimited powers. It can select. Cou'lci:l then t·ecommends a Hershey Iot' special praise in the any puni:'Ohment that it feels fits course :of actimi to the Dean \vho Colgate ga:me. Despite letting five the crime. Expulsion from school takes the matter to the P.resi- brulls by him goalie Dave Mont-· is wl~hin i~ powers. . ·dent for final decision. A fra- back made some twenty saves Soctal mtsconduct f;:tlls :nto · ternity may be fined, may be and play<ed a strong game .. t:v~ categories: t;nisconduct by in- placed on .9ocial probation, may Union's lo1:1e point was scored by dtvt~~als and mtscondu:t ~Y'. fra- ·.have its officer;; removed or may Pete Bisliko on a penalty kick. te;mtres: Matters of mdrvtdual :be expelled .from the ·campus; de- Next T':uesday the freshmen· misconduct .ar.e .referred to. the ·pending on lhe seriousness of the will close the season with an Student D•sCiplme Gomnuttee. ~offense. away gatne against RPI. Last ·Fraternity misdeeds are a differ• · Discipline at Union College is year the freshmen tied the RPI · e~t :natter. J?ean Pollock J;as: a very serious matter. The pen- boaters ,but this year the Engi- dtstrJbuted ~opies of the Umon alties can be .severe and a mis- neer squad is· of unknown quality. College .. soc1al Rules to all ~be take can be ·very costly. It is There is a .possible chance of fratmmtres. .T.hese rules spectfy important that the system for en- two more games against .Albany what fratermties must do and· forcing discipline ile as just and State but at this date there is wha.t they cannot do. A la~gc as :fair as possible. It is the re- still no (!O:ttfirmation on this. sect~on of the ~ules deals w•th sponsi'bility .of: both the adminis- parbes and therr management .. tration and the. students to make Rochester .•• ·when a violation of the social . this system as equitable as possi- rules is reported to Dean Pol' · ble. James Gross, Larry Fuch~. David Hurewitz, Val Kuranel. Alan Lasher, Edward Lipto:n, Joel Nuss- baurn, Richard Judelsohn, Mar- shall Mansllillo, Jo:n Reisman, David Schieber, l.lLlte Slu-mka, Robert Stcclder, Nath~11 Klug- groupo, are perfected in style, vot- · (Connrmed from Page 3) n1ani. PHI SIGMA KAFPA Donald Whitney BeckC\tt .Jt· .. Rohert G. Bt'iggs, Richard P. Eb- stcin, J.:Jhn H. Fcnimote, V, Gay- lure! Hurlbut, Michael Pavttk, Jr., Alhert n. Tre.:za. PSI UPSILO~ Craig Edward Sm1th., Neil \Vashington Halkyard, Jr., P~tP< Br~rry Flemming, Jeff Bird An- tunious, Ro..,c.rt DuLa 11rence Hart- man. David Archer Laurence, r,udolJ•h Kilian Unsceid, Oordon Faus,t Puis, Brbn Roger Cowger, Roilet·t Jesse Davis, Andrew Clarke McLaughlin, D·avid Carl Sarg-Pnt, Howard Clyde .Allen, 2nd, Robert Reitt·ich Starlm~ea ther. SIGMA Ctll Rny Jo'm Beradelli, Steven Col- 1ins, Richard Gordon Addison, Frank Edward .Argerslnger, Bruce :-J eil Burwald, Ricl:lal\d Steven Camm::u·a~a. Philip Ja..:mes Can- ders, Arthur Philip Ft-:igo, Lynn Francis Higgs, Louls John .Jones, ~lichacl John Josef, David Fred- PI ick Kunz, Richard R-obert Ma- ~on, CharlP• Kt'nneth M-eyer, John Howard Phillips, P-eter Arthur Nedermever, Louis ·:I<~ranx Wer- talil~. Harry John VVrede, John Howaru Wyman, M'ichael John Urbano. SIGMA PIU Paul Cartwell, .Jr., 'William Minor, IT, William StEarns, Harry Taylor, Steve Trow'bridg-e, 'William Waddell. THETA DELTA CHI Elkanah A. Babcoc:k, Henry L. Beaty. Jr., Eugene F. Eorcherdt, Dale K. Fuller, Gary H. Stange, James C. Geuder, H. F1ank Guf- fin. ~r., Leon R. Hal\'·iclt Robert B. He!ck, Gustav K. Ladwig, Rob- ert N. Mor~an, Glenn f!!... :Murray, Arthur J. Stuart, Rich.ard L. Thomas, ,--------~~----·------, I I CITY HALL ! I LAUNDERETTE 1 529 Liberty St. I I II Do It Yourself Larinclry I Washers- 25c: a -w~ek I (Holds up to 10 lbs.) 1 1 Large Dryers - I Oc for ,jQ min. I (Holds up to ~0 lbs.) 1 1 I Open 24 hours a d<~y - L-----~-~~~~-~::~ ____ _1 cu on once again, and submitted gether a $bln.g of four first down,;. to .the Steering Committee for Key play ol the c1rive was a third pt·esGnla~ion to the Plenary. The down 17 y:ard pass from quarter- purpose of subjecting them to the· hack BraCi: Arthur to Dave Mit- de.cisi{)n of the Steering Commit- chell. Bob Marquez a.:nd Chiv. tee is to place on the main floor Nasser alternated car-ries .through fo1· debate, in descend·ing order, \he line to the Yellowjacket 8 the t''\soluticns deemEd most im- yard line. The touchdown came porturt to the four Committees. when A.rlh:ur passed to the ·right This ·is necessary because the halfback To.m Pike going across pressure of time -does not allow . to the left flank. Marquez plung- the full body or the Congress to· ed for the two point conversion. cJnsider every single issue. Hence, Althougb t.he Garnet perform- some form of .selection is essen- ance as a. team was lacking, a · 1 ia 1. Finally, the Plenary begins few i:ndivi'<!ua:ls stood out. End it£ dE\liberations and out of them Sonny Evans was doin:g a superb come statements of .student opin- job containing Rochester backs ion ·C>n sub,iects such as freedom ~nil playing equally fme offensive of the Jll'Pss, the Vienna Youth ball until be suffered a dislocated Festival, segregation, the role of Ehouldnr, early in theo second stud~n1s in academic policy for- quarter, that may keep him out mation, compulsory ROTC, schol- for the re:mainder of the season. arships and loans, GI Benefits, Halfbaek Pike, Marquez and and a host of others. Nassar were Union's leading Of necessity, this has been an extrnnely brief descripticm of the way in wltich the National Stu- dent Congress functions, yet with this as a basis, understanding of the pusitions taken on s.ome is- sues is facilitated. It must be reme:rnb ered that on all resolu- tions on which the Plenary does not act, the NEC has the power to do so, although these resolu- tions must be reconsidered the following year. This is one of l he g:mve faults of the organiza- tion ,of the Congress, since some 30 individuals are left to speak 160 LAFAYETTE ST. \Where Chapel meels Lafayette\ FRanklin 2-0501 ..... IU Ia: III .Ill; llallll 111&1111 II I 1111111111111 IJi HANK'S T'YDOL STATION AUTO R'EPAIRS All Union Men Welcome 135 NOTT TERRACE FR 7-6776 11111.111 ........................................ ~: ground gainers. .to the nation rather than a more represen!aiive body. In the next article attention will be focused .upon two organizations · which are S)}Onsored either wholl~ at• partly by 1JSNSA-Ed ucational '£ravel In-<:orporated an-d World University Service. All men interested In Vlal'sity wrestling- are requested to con- tact OoaCJil Bruce Allis0on by Wednesda-y, October 21, at Alunmi ,G,ym. ROTH•s Restaurant and D~licatessen I ()'1., Discount for !:Inion Students 504 Stade St. FR 7-2110 It's IIIIIIJII!IIIIIIIIIIilll IIIIIJII·JII.III JIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIU II JII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBIIfiiJIIIII.:O Champagn'e Tonite If You'll Only Dov:n to Louis', /e.i us go, • Let the lager freely .flow. • A unique place to ciine with old European Atmosphere • NICHOLAUS RESTAURANT g Since 1895 ~Corner 266 State and Erie Blvd. Large parfies accommodoted in our 'RATHSKELLER For reservations phone FR 4\8917 . . . . . . . . . llllllllllllllllllllllllllt Ill IIIW111:1UI Ill U 11111111111 •11111111111111111111 J flllllllllllll1111 MARRY ME Afino • • , and I'll buy the Wed- ding Rinq .at Mauri.co B. Goraubort & Sons, J.ewelors, 166 Jay St. We can raly on their 3 gonerallon rep- ·u+ation. Harrv FOR WHOM THE BEllES TOIL It was dark in the little sleeping bag. Miguel pulled off one boot. He pulled off the other boot. His mind was on the beer. Not far off, the colorful toro8 were strumming on their muchachos. The wind was restless in the trees. He thought of the beer. \I will have the Schaefer now. The beer/~ Teresa brought it to him. \What do you hear in the best of circles?\ she asked. \Schaefer all around!\ he said. It was a little ritual they had between them. It was a very good ritual. She watched him drink:la cerveza, rea.l- the real beer. uHow goes it?\ she said. She was blushing. \It goes well. It is of the palate. It is of the.throat.', \Has it a smooth round flavor?\ \It has a smooth round flavoi\.\ \What does round mean?\ She was afraid he would think her a fool. \Youareafool \Round means never sharp, round means never flat/' \The Schaefer beer is round/' she· smiled. \I drink to you, mi vida,\ he said. \I drink to you, dumblcopf,'' she said. They were quiet together, ,thinking of the Schaefer. Somewhere the conquistadores began to sing softly. The time of the Schaefer was a good time. THE F. & M, SCHAEFER BREWING CO., NEW YORK and AlBANY, N~ y . ·~ ·l . ' ·~· ~, ·:~ ,, . •I . - ~. ~ ., ' . 'v, ' ·.·i l' , .. , I /· ~('< . . :i r , ', ~- !.' ·l '. ! i I VO'L,. 'U:n s lJ .ohj:ect public tom or the n lTIUnit fr,eshr in .th Pl·ogr. This .tercste• major .on one lion u m.m.:Xbe plemell visua1 Ato·l Tbe sen ted :five co Iier pa a.:n Ato F'lcl<\ 1 of tJ:ta;t ly 6;00 A.ll d .io the tl:te Hu Di·visic a.nd c and t: meet v e:ra:l A Miu Old a.n ex:J p•hy S}: De par· centur ti'on., sltelet< of the Geolo~ Lured · and :E i11clud fluore: At 1 circuit rnicrof er mi Li~h v rna. tic~ rnents ava.ih chemi open The Labor film, ~m t Civil l:Ie av En~ Sev:• ::Mech: :ment tory • ials I 200, will£ <alE <lition ei!loso and ' have well tie>ns. be tl: ~lour. Rel Gene· be cc iety, H Tw Coile elecb socie tlon Publ: Octc>1 New: Pro th:e E:ngi Chai ·Prof: Cl:Iai iner:; Elec· Scha C:her man pi tal Yorl Soci• AI r~ng tu1·e The-' tm·e Stuc tion: BnU

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