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Cooyeigtpton f«&^ett3>em E iiiifir^aiyr hi»rii5 Seud foiif social aews items - dtt the 4eta% e f PUP family’s weddings, Mirths, arniivepsaries, graduations, promotions - to the CeoperstoTO Independent, B oe 3 ?0&, OoopetstonmjNy, W 6. W^ MaUrnmn sM t!memehsmay, $mmrmvs,ghmt$an&goMim, <Mof |, &^fiieMiiest j?or4 hme already begun E Mpogupurmndtmm. ' A-H r«»fpeer tivaiiiiiig ONIOMTA - The Otsego County 4-E Program has sehedalei two o^cer trainang workshops at !0 a.m. on Sahirday, Oct. 12 mid at 7 pi.m. on %esday, Oct i 5 at the Mortis Central School. 4»H Club oiSieers learn how to cany out their foie whediei it bi- president vice president secretary, treasmr, news reporter, or song and recreadon leader. Participants will learn about parliamentaiy proce­ dure and will gala some new ideas for bettm: busi­ ness meedngs. Parents and leaders will get some tips on carrying out dieir guidance role in fbe business of parlamen- toy procedure and 4-H Club Officer responsibilities. Please register in advance by eontacting the Cornell Cooperative Extension Office at 123 Lake St, Cooperstowii, (607) 547-2S36 or the Oneonta 4- H Outeeach Office, 31 Maple S t, Oneonta, (607) 433-2S21. Tedny bear clinie to be bold COOPBRSTOWN - Chi Oct. 9, lassett H e ^ t t e e ’s Emergency and Trauma Services Oepartmenl will host area presckool, Idndergarten and irsi ^ade students f£&m the Cooperstowa, Milford, Chefiy Valley-Spiingfield and EicMeld Springs school districts at a special Teddy Bear ClMc. Ike Ifeddy Bear Ciinic will be held from 9 a.!n. to 3 pjn ^ celebrate Hariona! Emergenty Department Nurses pay on Wednesday, Oct 9. The goal of the Teddybem- Clinic Is to .introduce iie youngsters to the toe^eficy fteparthieat la a non-teateiing way and show riicin riiat It Is i i i of Mendly p ople who want to help iiena Cuni iielr favorite sUifed-^lnial or Te^y, ieaf),,lD Sl^' w ii be av^aMe to suture up tom f f e listen to Thddy’s heart and breaiiing sounds, t^e bear vimls mid ban­ dage and east broken bear bones. For cltldren who do not bring or have their own Teddy Bear, several residents of die Clara Welch “Riaiisglvlng Home (members of “die Friends at die C t e Welch Home*’) in Cooperstowa wffl ia^ e and donate v ^ special bears for pemianent adoption by iie cMIdrei. Commiinity Heddi Plmi of Basset w ii ^so donate coloring books and o t e give-aways for iiecMIdr#. ® e Tefl% bear Clinic is a part of iie Imergeney Niirses^Pay celebiarion. Basset Smerpncy and Tiainm-.Seivicfs Nurtes;are laembers^of Ihe Eiier|eney ^Siifses Assoeiadon.wMchis a toluaMiy iiaioMii membership assoeiatfenof iiore '0 ^ professional nurses who are comMpd to Walk t t » CROP Walk fiICHPIEl*SPEIHGS-Tli9iBJBBtmiinietc. ^ participate in the second animal Kichfield Area CROP Walk Sunday, Oct.' 6 in the village o f Richfield Springs. Registration is at 1 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Church, Canadarago Srteet, with the walk­ ers heading out at 1:30 pm. There ^ i fie r c M i- ment stops along the way and at the end of the walk. The walk will benefit hungry people through-, out die world, from Richfield Springs, where 25 percent o f the money raised Will go to the lioness* Food Bank. Other money w ii fe d by Church World Service (and other church groups) to rain, shine or snow, and to be sponsored by friends and neighbors, or to be a spoasor pf t f e worthy cause. Sponsor sheets are available from area churches and civic groups, or from the CROP Walk Chair. Joyce Key, (315) 858-0433. People in the News Doctor returns to COOPERSTOWM - Two years Richard I. Cobb, MD, eMef of radiology at Bassett HeEtheare, traveled to Mmaysia to serve six months as a visifeg profes­ sor, he returned to aiend the graduation of Ms former radiology stodents. Cobb, along wiii Ms wife, Patricia, arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Aug. 21. Malaysia is a country of 18 aaSion people located just above die equator In Souriieast Asia. Malaysia becmne an Independent nation w l ^ tiie British Coramonwealtliia 1957. As soon as Dr. and Mrs. Cobb arrived In Kuala Lumpim toey were greeted by enihitsiasrie students and friends. During his second visit to Malaysia, Cobb had a etiaace to refrect on Ms rewmding experience two fears prior. Cobb accefel die pori- tioB of Sadlolojfeiocic^^ of Norih- Afeilca’ Inter- nation^ % f e g Professor at Dsivemi^ Ibspil^ in KuatoLuppurlalfe 19t4 Universi^ HospimI is die mam tsacMng hospimi of UniversM Malaya, wMeli is comprised of moie tiias 30,O&§ smdents. Cobb was titoiiMlSNAvyasglsio- \i fessor Is four y e ^ md iad mucli t^ofer ills develof- feAsiancount^- -- For-slx-mc«% Cobb worked, closely wiii physi- ekns, slafr radiolo^sts and master slui^''' .of UmversM Malaya. Master . students to Malaysia are s Richard X Cobb, MO, Chief of H 0 a!lhcar&!( along vrith Ms rrife Patricia, felurned to Mal^sia In A it^sf to attend the ^aduafion of his fomer radlolo^stodents. were provided vritii medicM cases each morning and reviewed titeni vriti} Cobb in tiie afremoon. While Cobb conttibuted Ms feiowled^ to tile Universlti, he acquired much in return. ‘The feeling of ^lecia- tion and aseompSshnaent we received from the m^ler sm- deafe as exempSSed by tij® concern for us made our adventure exieme^ iBwam- M if saM C A ; ‘iMs;sfe- month toifr o f du^-Was one of die most meanhfei and educational experiences of . ouflves.** l i e hlgbllghtof iie iste i trip was fhe graduation of Cobb’s former master stu­ dents. hi an, 13 radiology graduates were placed in various lemons of Southeast Asia, where tiie need for radtologs^ls ^ a t hiaddi- tioa to attending tiie ^dua- tion ceremonies, Cobb Mso spent Ms week in M^aysia delve^g lectures to eager stodentoandstal. Cobb’s retomitoM^y^ was e x f ^ g for his fomier, siuteta' fed Heiids,,; Pinnem' ■ were ' plfen^'-;eaoii evenlBg-for - Dr. and-te. Cobb,-as' wel as parties In iielr honor. “We visited at tiieir homes and were treated as if we were fanaiy” said Cobb. Many of the graduates also accomp^ied Dr. and Mrs. Cobb to tiie ai^ort to bid tiiem farewei. Ovemlt me lemm top was m exdting follow up to a wondeiid expeiiene^. When asked w t e fee feture holds for Cobb and Ms now-gmdu- atod students, he repEed, “Eventu^y, I’dllketoietum to M^yria or maybe invito tiie students to come here,” hesayswitiiasmile. Jm if eowse SPRINGHEy) - Army SpecMst Olivia L.¥. Wint has ^aduated from tie U.S. Aimy Mmsffy Lead^Mp Development Coirtse at Fort Drain. Watertown. Wint Is a rngtScM s i^ ly specialist sto- £i0Bei3 at We«P<feft . ... She Is the daughter of 0 . Wintof SprihgrieM. tiieipecia|s£is,.a.li92. padtiam:;,-. o f. B%. fohn Ilspamto^'Sehfei. ■ A v a ila b le. Sm in dnifis^&ymr W ^ f ( m ^ h s m autfrorkedCT dealer. Join our personal CT dub. COLLEenBLES F^L i AND W(NT£R OF 1996 S chedule for AOe’s D river iMFRDUEMENT PROGRaM OetOBEH 8&9 B-9p,m. Oneonta 18 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oneonta as&aa e-9p,m. tion«ioh HOVEMBER ,, S.S r DECEMBER S 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oneonta Notes: Class sehedule subject to change without prior Hotiee. It is inandatoiy tiiat each person eamplete the .tttiftiwum of six touts. Tlease call to r togistratioa a t 4 m m , OP m m ) m ^ m . ciass size is ilmited to a maximtHB of 30 peo­ ple, so eali early. Oheonta class will be held in the Oneonta AAA office on the corner of Rte. 205 & Rte. 7 (Oneida Street on the west end o f town). Norwich class locations are . ftr t o comse is $30 for AAA members and $35 for non-members. Please arrive, atout 15 naittUtes early for theiifhsl, day o M ass aridpfe^e brihg witii ydm dri­ vers license, AAA membership card, form of payment md s o m e tog to write mtii. T ii C ounty M otor C lub Lower Oneida St. (607)4324512 1(860)2224357 Nomich I So. Broad St. (607) 334-9269 SUNf topelM ■ Alumni Hall (607)7464222 I? ' - 'i I ■ I I ■■■SI ■#l i;»| ■ ' S # l ■■■■S-'SS?';fJ

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