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•' 1 '''(■• Page 11 Friday, Oclober 4,1996 B R m m Contlnuefllhim P agel . Hometeoming set at e r a CHERRY VAJLLIY - Cherry Valtey-Spil|iij|elci’s Homecomiiig W^gfeeiiKl will be Oct. 4 aai 5. Festivities kick off JWday evening, Oct. 4, with a “Little Miss and Little Mister” coaitest at 6:30 p.m., a bonffre at ?;30 p.in. and a high school disco dance from S-11 p.tii. On Sanirday, a number of activities ^ p la iE e ia t iie school to commemofate die weekend. The celebrated games b e ^ at 11 a.in., with the CV-S boys’ varsity soccer teaia competing against Gilb^sviile*«Ml. Upton. The girls’ varsity soccer team w ii take die field at 1 p.iii. against GilbeitsvilleM. Upton. Among class-sponsored activities Saturday m games, raffles and food offered from 10:30 am. to 3 p.m., a puppet show at 10^30 a.m,, roller skating at 11 a bike parade dur­ ing halftime of the boys’ soccer game, a bike safety rodeo at 1 p.m. and an air band competition at 3 p.m. The weekend wraps up Saturday evening with a beef barbecue sponsored by the senior class. Take- 01 ^ will be available at 3 f*m. and eat-in dinners win fee offered beginning at 3:30 p.ai. The price $6 for adults, students $4.50. Children under 5 years old will be able to eat for free. For more infOTmation, contact Jeaimine Groff at <^7)264-3265. R ^ t r e k show tonight COOPIRSTOW N— Mountain dhnber Tim show documendng his *Ui 0 ^fiffiveiest Expedition, B96” at the Clark Sports Center tonight at 8 p m The experienced Alpinist will discuss the risk mid reward of high altitude climbing and detail last spring’s haz­ ardous climb. The presen­ tation will Inclnde pho­ tographs taken in Katmand;u and Nepal as well as shots taken on Horvath’s other expedi­ tions in Pakistan, Alaska, the Canadian Eoekies and the Adirondaeks* A$2 donadoa is requested. O P E M I M G Continued ffom Page 3 where people can go for direct information, sup­ port, connseliiig mid train­ ing. We now can offer that here in Edmeston.” The International hifor- mation Center is named in m em ^ of Jack Kennedy and Jimmy '^li^llis, both car­ ing and suppo^ve grandfa­ thers of Andrew Kennedy, a resident of Pathfeider Wage. The center eomains a iibraiy and Tele- Computliig Media Center, the C U Lecnire Hall, (a 46-seat mulri-medla equipped auditorium), the Zhnmerman Meeing Room (desipied to accommodate up to SO naricipants or pul- tipte smper g i w ^ extete desip of iie center is Greek Revival, consisleht wiii the coloMal style of the Pathfinder Village campus. The interior eia|Sasizes naV urri bight through the infu­ sion of 24 skylights to create posMve ambiance through­ out the center. The Opening Ceremony, scheduled at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 5, will include rem^ks by Marian G. Mullet, president and chief executive officer, Fathff nder Village; William F. Streck, MD, chairman, board of direc­ tors, Pathfinder \Wittage Inc., also president and chief executive officer of Bassett Healthc^e, Jane Fc^bes Clark, efeairiiian, Clark Estates Inc.; Edward W. Stack, president, CImk Estates Inc.; Elizabeth M. Maloney, member of the Board of Trustees, Pathfinder Village Foimdarion Inc.; Joyce W. Moreland/ John R. Kenaed^^, Center. Naming Benefactors and Raiendra K, iaboo* chalrmam o f the , trustees. , • '.-Sotary fouriihtion, past president Rotary Intemailoriai Saboo represents over a decade of acrive suppori by the Rotary Clubs in Pad^der ’Plage’s nelgh- boilng areas (Rotaiy opment and enhancement of the life mid learning opportuniries for the resi­ dents of Pathfinder VBlage. Their generosity has hiclud- ed totaling $115,000 for the construction of the Mormafion Center. Pathfinder Village was founded In 1980. It is abeau- ^ colonid rillage cieated to ^ve people who have Down Syndrome die o ^ r - tunity to reach their full potenriri, develop strong independence. The village provides an intepated com­ munis environment hr its 87 cMdren and adult resi­ dents. The nission of Pathfinder Village is to develop fully iie individual potential of each resident by providing meaninjW edu­ cational. vac^onal. social and Sj^hiril pograms that reflect the concerns of nor- md famiy if© and coimnu- ni^ living. The vliage con­ sists of 19 coloni5 style buildings located on 150 rurd acres In ® ieston, 45 miles fromUdea* the earing. and limovarive p r o p ® at implemented by a defeated of 110 ^ d many mea volunteers and students. PaMnder\^age is an inde- p n t e t not-for-profit orga­ nization sustained iirough the generosi^ of individuals and philanthropic founda­ tions dedc^d to ensuring friat ‘teach life may find meaning.” For additional informa­ tion, about the Kennedy Willis International Informarion and Down Syndrome at Pathfinder Village, contact Paul A. Donnelly, center director. Pathfinder Village, RR 1, Box 32A, Edmeston, NY 13335. Phone I (607) 965-8377. fax 1(607) 965-8655. UM iwaries L ucy N ell B ailey U rsuia R . E gnaczyk 0isBia Rosie Bpiaozyk, 75, passed away iqpt* 25, 1995 at Bassett Heriiieare, Coope^bm She was'bom Oct. 19, If20 M lei,^ Gemaany tie 4 m 0 s f of ifeeter Fianz Kml Li^wIgkdi^sieieiinM efa^^stehiima CPaiisen) JuMes. On April I, l9S5 she‘mar­ ried Edward Steiieyfeiae^k in S i UteHias Catholic ^umh, Cheay Vafiey. He s u ^ e s . On April 13, !954,:i^as^k became an UnitsBd Stetes e ifen. She was a m^nber of St Thomas Caiiole Om^h CheHy W ey. Suivlvom Include her husband, Edward Egaaezyk of Sprite#iM Center; a son G a a t e K ea of Biseletaffe, GBmmy; a - daughter Giia o f # m m a y ;T 0 ^ d e h fi- ihea; miifour ^at-^^'fehidren-- Funesal seMces were helt on Monday, ■ Sept 30 la iie llessed Sacrament Caiiofic Chumhv SpriigfIMi Center with ^ e Rev. Saariao ftia, pastor, olieiatlng. COOPERSTOWM - Lucy Mel! B^ey, 101, of Coc^srstowB Md fonaerly ©f iie Hillciest area of Blngliambn^ died early Sunday momliig, S ^ t 29» 1996 at The Meadows. She was bom on June B , 1895 in Binghamioa, one of seven daughters of Nelson and Myite CIIM0 Oeaiwater. She- married IvaaScsMiaiey ©a JiiEB 18,491S in Binghaaitoii. Mr. M e y dlei hi August of 1965. Bailey was lalsei to BtegbmtOB md was a ^ t e t e ' - o f Johns©ft\€it' Schooi She s|eia,aiSt‘€if,:her-|ffeln lie Hillcfest area of t o g h m o a , moving to CooperstowB d u A g o f '1989/ She fim tiesM ei^lfeodsM eW laiitiea moved t@ Hie 1991. She was-;-a \-mttober of the Wmt Coagregatosl.Cimfeli’'atto. Et Mark’s Chapter 69S, C ^ rof,.iie Bestesi Ster, both in Btoghmtoa. fhbttgtefeiaiey’s ed wife and m i f e sie iis© enjoyei Kathleen Ayers Lee o f Coopersiown, Scott Bailey Ayers o f Cooperstown and Edward Decker Ayen HI of Austin,. tK; and eight pat-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her daughter, danet B. Ayers, who died July 20, l9i2,-storist^M d :oa^teiet A graveside service was M d on Wednesday, Oct. % 199$ at the Chenango Valley Cemetem dilfeesi^ Binghamton with the lev. Cliff Aeire, pastor of the First ExpiessiQtis,if%ip%. In # e t e n of memorial donations may he laade to the American C^cer Society, Otsego County Unit. 65 m t m St.,'Norwich,‘ICY 13815. Arrangements were UBder the direction of the Coimeli, Dow ^ Deysearoih Funeral Home in Cooperstown. ; Purchases & Good Gredit.Bad Bredit.Ho ■iAiill, Bankruptey, 4udaoinents..OK OQl.leelian&.01C ? Debt ConsdKdatron..Irivester Cash Out, .Ho InooTtieVsriieatiori for Self Ewpleyodafidlddiiil LOW RATES.*mSf OLOSINGS 1-800-555-6715 1-51B-464-550Q Homestead Fimdirtg Corp. i I The Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital FEDERAL CREDIT UNION announces the grand opening o f its new office on Thurs., Oci. 17,1996 at 4:30 p.m. ^ I \Where you will find... ... the same fiiendiy staff I ... Ae same great rates a ... the same commitment to our members :| ... the same corifeaieat hours Momky-Timrd^ 8:30 a.m.-4£0f.m. j 8:30 am.-5:30 p.m. \ Salimky 8-.30am.-nom ... the same phone number (547*3126) ... at a great, NEW location! 24 GLEN AVENUE C O O P E R S T O W N , NY Look fo r our new drive-up window and fall-service A T M Daily Dinner Giveaways • Balloons Prizes • Gifts ior New Accounts CooWes and Punch -tJ : m m m s y s s ' • ^ •' '-i ....... ■■ ; \\■■■

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