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Cooperstown independent. (Cooperstown, NY) 1996-199?, September 13, 1996, Image 1

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^ . - ■ %r.t,.. - I l£— . ........................................................ ... ., mm 1003608 0 7 2 8 9 / n v s h a l i b r a r y SF R IA L S DEPABTM tNl P.O. BOX 800 „r„ >ococn nwN N' I BOOX Votome 1, No. 0 S^Tving NartMm County 3 S - - lg j e n * s Around town .................. .6,7 einsitfi!aOs» . ................... .1^16 €oinni01iitv! Calendar. . . . .11 i?O0d & Fan......... . .8 Olilttterles ......................... 18 Eegl»nal .... . .. .. ............ 2,Z Sunrts . ........................9 . 1 0 Ifiifet: S e .»l«t.d.toiv.onPag«2. ■■ i I n ^ s i i t i e r i s i ^SD j I E p r o B i o t e s C o m t I M i f H i W e e k cqopmsTOWN - i\»o bundisd md iiiiie yeais ago, iia Untied Stales Constioidoii was si^eii 13 ^? the ^tegatss fepre- senittg the states to die Consillalloaal Convention on Sept. 17, 1787. Ihis date has heeoine a foc^ point for Otsego Chapter, Madonal Sons and Daiightefs of the Aiamcan Revolntioa and Mrs. Fred a Constitution Week Committee, namely Mrs. Affied Page and a^s. Heniy Lndim they am placing an appMpriate display in Eliswoith and Sill’s window dong with the Prodaination firoia B^yor WendeS Tripp, there w il also be a similar dis­ play in ieCoopeistown Central bho0l libiaiy. the CCS eden* ^ tits dso designated the w©^ Sept 17-23 Constitato Week. F e s M i/sd t o m o iT O w MiLFOKU - Eock *a’. roll, hliiegpass, Cajim dance fausic and b^r hdl p o t e uro d l on die h il for die s^ond anmial Brewery Medc; Fesfival tM# Saterday from 2-11 p,m. on ii© grounds \of the Codpirstowa Brewing ’Compaiiy in Milford.'., In adiltlott to masic, dieie will he aotIvIMes for children iirongtoal^e aiemciotiii t e w - e^toam W n sd Willbeavdlable. H e f e s t to w ii he fedd rain or shine, for moreMorniation, cdl (607) 432-2070. T q n o d s m m e e t sefc OMOWtk - The Otsego County Chmnber of Comnierc© will host a cooperative market­ ing meeting in die auditoiiuai See PPEPS on Page B SLA hears pro, com .r.”' By HAUTM F ENCER Cpntxlhiifor COCMPfeTOWN - On Appearing at the htWng, past four-term Oneontn mayor i Jtenes Lettis,^ repifes&ia^\'* more dlMcult relocating peo­ ple to the area. “Closing the bars early wM, send a message,*’ said Duncan Smith, a ^rtwick educator. He expldned t o the colleges- J^HfL W^W/mAbaek- Monday night, S^t. 9, the “Save Oar City, Savfe Oar Wm York State Liquor Coan^” and instrumental in S » Q l BpptOBmU Aadiority held a public hemr-. orgdUEhig the move to change jnyrnm qnfvfi fhff Ing at thevcounty courthouse the hoars, told the S L « |f e l e » * „ to g a t e Information for use, has never “seen such sapj^ort pipmSPUm tZSS.'SSnS'SSiwh,™.. 'SS! logs. SLA Deputy Council con, heleve die station basi- Stephen Kdinsky served as ediy belongs to Oneonta. lim property vdues of the center he^Bg oftieer.. Traex of Schuyler Lake, says city and that it is beconnag Gadiering at the hearing was the problem exists in Oneonta - a weh represented cross-sec- and steps to correct it should be don of interested parties, taken locally and not include including average citizens, the mst of the county. He dso clergy, past and present elected pdnted out t o when iie coi- oilcids, redtors, abuse spe- leges (and Oneonm) pushed for ____ ^ ___________ ^ cidlsts, msrniumi^tavem own- expansion of the schools, diey are h a^g^Kculty mmciail- ers (and their lepiesenmtlves) knew fiill well t o t e e would i^g goo^ students and even dong wtdi those iomhospitd- he more student and more more trouble letamlng them, ity and toudsm associations. problems. He said that they duetotiie“pat^amiosphere.’’ Curaenily, Otsego Coun^ “M ed to act on it’’ MmwQf^sp^smsuppo^- bars must close at 2 a.m. on Time mid agdn, spe^ers lag early-closing plan said weekdays and 3 a.m. on from Oneonta related tdes to th s y imagruzete ctoshig weekends. The county ^on- t o have caused them to ratty g® t e early is not a pmacea soredIflah wodd have bars., to. Jhe-support.of ,,te:hoMS a Heeessaiy close at i a,ra. ojti weekdays chaa^e. Many indicated that solving the problem. JB&tse^, and 2 a.m. on weekends. Oneoata’s reputation has ssf- Hayesi^dtatocpflH^^^ Support for the plan fered badly, now being qe AlechoHsrfAddMoss and seemed overwhelming ( 3 to Mown as “party town” across j^ a b e ^ €M er, ex^utive 1) and clearly, Oneonta resi- the le^oa, smte and beyond, dtetor of I B ^ poinled out dents were a majority of me Grace Smlii, an Oneonta iiatUi®us»isll®ch^B©sJa^® attendees, Indicating that the realtor and board member of enviionmeiit and dmale siir- “center” of the problem the Otsego County Board of noiindiBg alcoholism to achieve appews to lie In that city. K Realtors, stated titat the repu- a solution to die problem, speakers at the hearing can be tation of Oaeonto is reducing “Times are chaagiag,” used as a barometer of sup­ port, it leans heavily In favor offte proposed plan. It is also clear t o botii sides ' oflheissue.am cQiiSdentto ■ B B ify iieirfosMoalstheco^stone , - r f l h e t o m severiT phss W ill SBOO M more needs to be done./ , Ouncaii Smith according to Dorothy Shedlock, of Oneonta. Behavior t o once was okay no longer Is, she said, p o ta tng to organizations like MADD and D A ^ t o are helping to bring change. Mluy stories were rented ittustmting the rowdiness, llow to proceed,is.the catch. Kaitwiek etaator SeeSLAonF£^e3 ... to Oavid and Pamela Chahiey of Cooperstowiiii parents of new­ born paniel Scott Maurice. tl d :<ct r •WJ kH torofCuUery SB Artworks. New Direetor for Gallery 53 C 0 O I® S T O W - Bsimi recently app 0 lnted.dlreetor o lG ^ eiy-J3 Ai^orks, eom es to bis peiw posMion a Gxm gm m d m g in the Cooperstowa se^np^ Margaretville t o I coiddn^ keep ibreasi o f !he activities t o were going on in Cooperstown t o u g h the various media. I didn’t come in b t o , that’s for sure. 1 actudly fell m love Wttii the area and the more I, learned about it, the more I liked it.” Milen was selected by die GaHeiy’s search commhtee for his diverse backhand and his experience in business tevi^zation and development Most meettly, h© was t o ; owner and .president of G M ||gs ” HI Ma^amtt^ille. The galleiy and retdl basi-. aessiepmsented’OYer ISO re^onsa artists fio® t o C^skililotiUiiHS. ■ ‘Tve alw^s been on tiu Milieu srid. ‘Tve always t ■'J ■ ■' t ■ ■■■■ fJwlos Cap'll Kelt and Friends Mariomtles smpnmA <m Sandm, Sept l a Ote Mist f ; Y- I I ■ • ‘ ’ 9'-‘ ■■■1 ■■■' ' ■-K -

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