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Cooperstown independent. (Cooperstown, NY) 1996-199?, September 06, 1996, Image 7

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s r!2s-asasf'»ar-~',“'’ ” v: KMm §6BtSBiei; 6, M6 Otsego County ffles coiiiitersilit against MO&A. C O O P E R ^ ^ Otsego Coifflf has rtspotid. ed to a lawsait bio»^ by tbe Montgoiety-Ois^o- SdtohaMe Solid Waste Mmagement Aagipii^ (MySA) wiii a cha^tog ^oss laisjaan^^- miat^(4w«&lspadjaig, WMe iie awte% sow|lit p a j f m g iito f a .ia p iBg_t0'$a^4^iOOta'th© coaat^, salt see}^ $2,4 nalllioa tom iie aaiio%. Uadigr a s r teo abetment betw€^ ©is^o Cojan^ and MOS^ iie ©5ia«^ ka<i t© bmig la a e e r ^ ^ o iin t of garbage-^^^goamntgecl aimaal tonnage C©Af)« to the aniio% meivy ym. Wliea Hash haulers ftom Oteego Connie began takfng’iie waste not to MOSA bat to ebeapropemioas, iie eoan- ty falleii to deilvej toe preset amount under toe a^eement and the antooriQ^ sued for lost income. A 1994 Supreme Court decision foiind that ainhor- ities like MOSA could not prevent Itaulers located wlibin their bonsidarles from taking waste else­ where. Nevertheless, . MdSA sued dalmlng toat iimm Continiied from Fage 1 creadoQS are most otisn purchased as intodordec- or^oip faitor itoan Jfoi iiseounJoprs, bel% ,vei^..p 0 fnlat widi bodi eieatoB and cus- tomeis. Pdp toe km bear coHectof, iiere was even a selecdon of fumlluie av^lableforllie ins 2 y M- lows - eveiytfiing Itona a high chair to ^tiees and a dlfiiigset. Palniiisgs, senlpane, jewelff, weavings aad sun% other toleiiis rounded oi^ the display. JilorMes abi% to paf its creases. County Attorney James Kostanty claimed that toe aathoi^ has \engaged hi y; , .. . numerous fm^cial ■xpen^ e -ifMmtlmi- been e t e s l v d * t o m i c e s s ^ - a n d have t e n so ietoriitoJid by the „-Oilci of iie State C o if m ote\ SpcItGaiy, ■Kdstanty''’*'b!ted Mi^SA- expltt'Stoes to buy Itsilf 0 f a # siJ- ■ ' Msiel m m ■■■ -'T TTT CttyH, Wilcox, M.D. D o u g in C a p r j^ o , R .P .A . <aithiriftk,R.I*A 3 Route 20* P.0, i s x # WesfcWiuMiNYll#! 0l|82|.6348 \%tssr* out of a tocycHng cohtet, build a $2 milioii emwptex, and purchase a building dial was never used. I f you’re like me, time is an invahiaWe asset And so is die, aMlity to manage my finances accnmMy wd efififiletWy.& I can p y hq ? biBs and do most of my battejg wMi- out idiitii^ a bmcb or jHcking up a pn. With W hbsi O n L b ® I siin)fy eater my Personal Moiifieation Number (PIN) to access n^ accounts and bill ps^f- ntfoimadon from home or ofifice PC or my ScaeenPhone. I can pay Mis, ttansfer fiinp check my account bailees - even move funds from a linked account at anodier financial institu- tiom The PC lets me ©q»rt and inpiit my banidng and biD^ay tramac-^,./;-^\!5 dons to o t e finan- I ** * S S cial management software. Whsh I tiav(d, I can aoc^ W ilber fiom a touch-UHie peme mywfaero 1 h ^ pen to be, day or td#it I can pK^eam Ml pay­ ment miftnidstr^i^ESfetopyintetero, or Now t e Tve used W e ® CM jne , I nev^ want to be widi- out it The abM^ to hantfie mc@t of my tencM r^pomibiliti^ by fin­ gertip fiom my tome or cAce keep im on top of my toanoes no madrr w h ^ I l^^m to be! me anywhere, day or night Ifs W ilber i~m-374-7m or 667-432-1700 u f i i h e r n s t i o n s l raKgahanlr ^H ' M mbpi SH W A R K OF T R U ST MEMBER PqiC, ‘ I . ' J -‘fl 1 \ •il ' i i . | ' \ I I ■ V' -V liilii .,f ... . r 1 ’ \. *

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