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Cooperstown independent. (Cooperstown, NY) 1996-199?, July 31, 1996, Image 5

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W gtoesdasJqly § 1,1996 Page .8 l l f i w i ^ u r h o r n : Sejii you? s0dM mm i^ems - s s s x »sa(i«ion%fw)mi||w - ijotflie dooB^Wlttaepen^ent, Box rao, Cwpeistowtj NT, JS 326 . \A\ *L 'W h a t a m l b i ^ . . / I pormrnX-mtimxSHmff^omfm^ me cmniff office imMing in Coopm^um. . ~ ,1 liN f i » » W B . H w . . U . « i i ^ pja, forjudging piafe die feetion of i e Coiandttee onW o m r tA o d w te At M Oteego Coun^ Fomom ^mag© maodng lield an June 8, tlie Mowing WestvUle Grange aiemlJMs received wads: Cassandra Gotide, fltst place in Division A Oseattye Craft projeoft Gladys Howe, firat place in Division B Cieafive Gaft project; Cassandra Gohde, first place portrait in die Artconlest. lM i s t ‘I S : f a a t u r « t l i n ’e ii^ AlaBAIIlf Worle % a iocii ailst is on #s|day dirough Segtember I at tifee Aliai^ iisiitote of Histoiy ^ in tbe 1996 ejdiibWpn Uy ajists of fhb Mohawk- Hudson re^on* Celebraing its 6idi amiversaty, this annua! jiped ^IM tion pays tdbute to iie many Rent­ ed ^ s t s wor^ng witMp cme fiimdred iniles of Albany. -'Hio “fee^oiiai\ feafees'S|'workn'by'§S;aidlsts'fep^^^ sendng eomiani|t!f §• Inoladei is a seiilpte by aitlst Clirtsine feiieri ”lJowii.“ One of &e loag^at-mnsing rogonals In die eountey. die exMbidon ooeupies a major role in Mstoiy of 20ti century m acid ^ to t e Albany ansa. Ilie Albany lisitoite, the Scheneeto# Museim! and Manemilnm» and t e Univeis% A^ Museniii of t e Uidversi^ at Albany share t e raspon#Sf|r for oigam^og t e eidi|Mdbn as it rototes teia site to she. the juror this year was Joch Reynolds, a hadonally-reco^i^ visual ^ i s i and director of t e Addison O^ery of American Ait at FhllSps Academy to Andoven, MA. Major suppit for this exhibifien was pcovlied by Omni Development Company toe. and Macan Mfagement Corp. Addidonal support, was pmvidfed by t e Foundadm Cash awMds for ards^ were dm^aM by the iKcotte Companies; Fust Albany Coiporadon, Darnel V. h^Namee Gotopam^; AbSthl and C3o. too.; the Board o f Trustees o f Albany Center OaHeries in - - boirarofMeUrtsaeBiGemeotBrarae&Ait^hcpstaftd “• ftffi^HItts'Eie; Gift<Mca^-&r«tisl»B»*dsv»ere * '\H ^ ^ K, ■■ ■ m m p ’':*rr . te rields of agriculture, S K S S S I h lp ^ arts and sciences. Sm^ord named to W d ^ r n ^ m COOPBRSmWN »w» and of Carol ^ Bordley, also of has attained \Stoients wbn ideeive this desipation at Mddlebnry imisl hive a grade point average of 3.3 or higher and have earned no ^ade b^low a ”B-” for t e semester. IM m w d d m d e s w ^ M m Umde RICiSmDS^iBiGS- Ben gelsifc graduated ciim laude ■ f p » , -Pte-I?npst ’ Dniversityi l^dsteRj :^ e n i, NC on May 20 wito a don-, Me major to poMcM sci­ ence mid soctolo^. He plans to feriher his ednearion in t e field of law. Selan is the son of Emidy Selan of Fly Creek and Debbie Selan of Eic|ifieJd Springs. Camnto Jf. of and Fatert^f f ^ ed assoetote.^ bachelor ©f science depees at Alfied Stete C olegellls May. Mtod Slate, a State Untveisily of New York unit, © fes associate degrm in some cnsieidums ^ ^ earn Mfftees C O M - S ito , - raree area residents ^aduated §om the State University ©f New tark CaHcie of A ^ e n lte and Teeffioiogy at Cohieskill ©n, ^ay 18. they were; Scort luier# son of Mr. and Mrs. William Butler of Schenevus; Julie A. Stonu^d, daughter of Mr. andMm. Wemen Staimard of CheHy IMey; and Matiiew J. Femat, son of Mk and Mrs. James R Pemat of Fly Cheek. Bud&x^mMem dmm^kemm MFiMI-Tapped for t e ^ring 1996 demi’s fist at A f e i State CkJttege am t e foEovriftgsittdenis; Jereniieh Brian MaMson ©f-Uaeontai and Shaunon Mabie of Westford, Codi^tetewn has ieen named to t e dean’s list for t e spring 1996 seittesier for achieving a gmde'^tot aver­ age of 3,6 or h i& r al t e Univensi^ ©f Bnfald. loeml ^ listed COC^ERSTOWN HIma B. Chanamoto was listed oh toe dean% list for oBtstandtog aeadfmic acMevemeiit for t e spring 1996 semester by Hg^ur College of Arts ahd Sciences at Binghamton UittvemiQr. Winnet^ named COOPERSTOWN Jerod Itoapp was awarded t e 1996 CoQperstown Art AssoMatlon Stelarship Award. -I^app wa^’s^ectei, fiom a \field ©f t$ -ftoop- : ©n display In €AA% e3di|l- tion case, wMeh- Irpieselt- ed to eoaJttttCion'-' i^to''ite 61st Hatton^-' ■'\•IMedi where he plans to pursue a major liinri. the Cooperstown Art Association galleries are ioctoei In ■oe t *#iiage Iibmiy',iuHfn|,;22'Min 1^., aetois . t e slreeti:bintoeBasei).ai.Hdl of Fame. Cjailery Ships are Mon.-Sat. II a.m. jto 4 p.m. and Sunday 1:4 p.m. Call (607) 647-^777 for more inlormafion. K m e M a n U st COSPEESTOWN Western Mew, England College has named Tma A. Knnatli to t e deaifs list for t e 1996 spring ^mestp. OEBSaSlY .VAEXEY .- Daniel Edwata Yfelebine etslovra Cenrea sttt-.. has igrafiBated ftora fte dents to receive file $300 Xffivetsity of Iowa mth a college scholarship. Four of. master of science degree m ins pmnfings are entrenfiy biomeffloa en^eeijng. ;-.4\ ;■* ' •'■,'■* . Summer Sch^ule ■ S ® s 26 & 2 ? AUfiUST 6 PM,to 9 PM liofiribh t o C G U I O T m o t o r C L t m Lower O neida Stfeet,Oneo?da ( 607 ) 43^4312 or (SOO) 4 S f 4225 fc; busines^s andindMduats who OJfitribttted moirey, food, prizes-or . , i^flWfefO-ttiS'bur ChemioaIsfe&Post Prom Patty a huge s«c®ss. We would . , , ‘ lil® fa especially iiauk the 8fl Cooperaown Seaiors and meir t o e s for coming and havKSg a safe add m etioialle n f ^ t Casdte^fluo Totel^ KeaBeffado TJ.»s1^steumiit lSi9EbasB BgtCferis GgeatAtoedeaQ ■Ste^i^ave S ' s S : : 's f c S \ I.P.SiltHoBse NoulKmCaWfflDMtal C«®.K<>Wiraub OlwaAToolShed Dick &i]^ancy Homer c S & , teFBiperMiH •OieKeaNagget Smm^^rnm ■ $ m m - ' CooperstoWtt t o - Jamie Boi^ey Chumhi&Scotr: Susan R.>Fjyling D e s i s t ™ Metro Fashioti Heritage' . C««H5l»*aWO •nitep»ugliFi»>«»lH(ane Ecuttienical Council of Cooperstown Meclianics.-HookiJfehato.#3aIiic. O^goeoMtSteritimMmiAsseci^^^ mriidifatents LBstcrSitrier,Es 4 ' DariWs Jewelry:. the Cupboard Coop-Limis Club iUner.I^gionFost #579 - ..... G « £ T b 1 SdOWher&Btah Hartwick Hmcrx- ’•■\■■ \ .V--* : ■'\II ! ‘ , , .* I =3 ■ I' I 1 ^'\ I J. ■ ^ 1 3'.'I , I - ’ I

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