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I f ' ' : . !•: i P a g a m W e d n e s < j g f f l ,J i i ^ a i ,M a 6 ?BS!& I r;f: ' I ' :■ ’ ' ] i i v N i i i i i e C o n lliiu ^ 'imm Ws^g& 9 Kentucky ani is first Eepubliean imm bis tds centuiy to hoM & scat or l^ays and Means Comn^ttee. M c f ismf years o f ily for the Hati o f Fame, Soiinliig’seM o R eom e via die Maieh 5 Yeteians C o m m it election, where he was elected OR the Corner playm* ballot. He came dose to being elected to &e Hail of Fame by die BBWAA In 1988, falting fern votes short on Ms final hy when 427 baUots were cast and he needed 321 hn mceived only 317. That year inn© voters sent In hattots widi no cmidl- dates piched. CMy a few hems afMr being Infoimed diat be would be in ^ d # into the HnU o f Fame on Sunday, Aug. 4, Buomug talked on a conference cali about a number of baseball related subjects. Farm L e a g u e While in Cooperstown, d o n ’t m iss the wildest gam e in town, T own B alls Game Bates: August 3^ 11 & 25 at 1:30 p.m. This early form of baseball at The Farmers’ Museum has all the excitement of today’s game, but with plenty of unexpected turns. The ultimate living history experience for baseball fans! Fiesented by the Leatherstocking Base Ball Club Regular admission: $9 / $4 - children (7-12) Discount tickets available with the National Baseball Hall o f Fame A Museum. T h e F a r m e r s ’ M u s e u m Lake R o a d , C o o p e r s t o w n ( 607 ) S 4 7 - 1 4 0 0 piness idler ellfIhte I 20 years. I ihink I clitt %pire- elate it more after 20 years and 1 can look at It In a differ­ ent light than most other peo­ ple. More In n hue perspec- Uve o f what It m e m and how mneh It m ^ n s to me and my family, t feel very g^M ed that it happened,” Buntilag smd. it didn’t happen I would have shrugged my shoulders and gone idght trough the day without blinking an eye. I remember t e Inde Lombardi got in when he was already dead and ! sure was not hoping dial would happen to me. What's changed in the last 20 yems? I didn't change any of those numbers.” The population o f Coepers- town should swell when the. Bunning clan arrives for Hall o f Fame Weekend. According to Bunning, he has nine married children and 29 grandchllcheR. \Cooperstown will be crowded” Bunning Joked. \I think there must be something in the water around northern KenUichy.\ Thou^ he was only four votes shon of being elected in 1988, Bunning sees getting elected by his peers a special honor. \The near misses did not bother me, except in 1988 when nine blank ballots were deliberately sent in with no name on them. I was con­ vinced at that lime that the sportswriters wound not vote me in and accqited that. I've been eligible more that one year for the Veterans Commiuee and I Just Cod dial in |996 they saw it,\ Bunaing said. \A lot of my peers, by the way, voted lae in. I'm very pleased that Bill White was the chairman c- - J • Mative Crafts ' ' • ‘ •. Purses • Jewelry < ■ • fiM m fW o Q d C m v M g • toiler Gametoards Hauteafleti in iie U.S. 4 . We Can Keep You Out of Tf ouMe. \ W e a m t b e a p a l & ^ i ^ r e \ Now fiiat you spent a smaE foriaine oriTjafeetidl and ypurst-^ ... You jmd better stop by and pick up something nice to bring hom e... It could'save you a lot of trouble.'' 45 Pioneer St., Cooperstown • <607) 547-4403 of that coointittee, who had been my first baseman in Phiiadelphia, and Pe© Wee Reese, who I pitched against when he was a Dodger, 4and Yogi Berra, an old Taf^ee, and ^30 Musiai, an old St. Louis Car^nat, and 'fed V^lliams, an old Red Sox, were on-that comnuitee. I really fee! honored dial Uiose people believed I should be in.\ Witi) a polMc^ hacki^ound, Biiuning’s name is often brou#t up when names are thrown around coimermng a new b^eball commissioner. According to Buiming, he has never been offered die job or would he consider it as it stands now. \Not under die present cir­ cumstances because they've gutted the olQce. The office of commissioner right now has no power. He couldn't do anything if he wanted to, not even in the best interest of the game,\ Buoning said. \I don't think miybody who is hired right now as commissioner of baseball could control anydiing feat is going on in the game, feersfoie if they hired a commissioner it would be someone who would be a spokesman for manage­ ment and I certainly don't wmit tlmtjob.\ While in Cooperstown for a charity g o lf tournament in July, a host of former big lea­ guers shared their thoughts on the induction of Bunning to the Hall of Fame feis sum­ mer. \I faced Jim Bunning when he was with the T%ers many rimes and he was a teniflc pitcher. His sideami deliver made it tough. He scared you, he was ni^ty and he was very iatinudating. He didn't care If he hit you; or not a lot of times,\ joked Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Rohifisoa. ' “I saw Jim Bumung wheu he played for the tilde Rock I s v d e ^ back in the early 1950s vfeea tw a s growing up Ihdre, so I t e w Jim' Bunning even when he pitch^ in fee'ihhiol’ feagues, so I'm h^py for hie) feat he got elected inm fee Hall of Fame.” \I'm glad to see Jim Bunning gel in because he had gotten so close before with fee Basebali Wdm,\ smd fomier pitcher JimKaai. ”1he good news Is he is in, fee bad news is that wilh the walring period wife fee Veterans Commite, It would be nice for ^ y s to gel In when they are a little bit younger and maybe their pamam ^11 around.\ & j D y A f f i e i c a ’$ f a s f l B i e teoH^ t o eyes of a oafioatficb sef^oB of aiis&. SedptoBS, paintings, andphotogr^hs depet baseball &om different petspeefivei F y o f u ’m u t o i s i y B i t o t ^ j ^ o w As always, admisaoB is See. Reception Friday, August 2,1996, S-7 PM Shbitf sponsored by: Baseball Bed & Breakfast, tooperstown Bat Compariy, lap. Northern Catskill Dental Associates Hall of Farne/Rchfield Sprigs Pennysavers Gallery 53 Members & Business .Circle e A R i i e f i i . ConHnned Sem Page 10 iBplaced Bob Wop, iwta) was inducted into fee broadcast wing last year. \We had a sponsor ehange after fee 1951 season iQ Balismoie and I didn’t know what was going to happea because when you get a sjmR- sor change they make the rules, so to speak, and feey want their o m ^ * started looking arimiad,” Cameal smd. \I had dcine tim Minnesota Vlktngs femtbal! games in 1951, wM®h Rittd o f gave me a little entree, E guess, in the Midwest.\ According to CameaL beia§ awarded fee Frick Awand ranks right up feeie wife fee Twins' World Series title In I9S7. \Ihobably fee b i ^ s t ferUI up to feis Cooperstown thir^ for me is when fee Twins won the 1987 World Series because they'd never been a champi­ onship team before. Hobody expected feem to win, hut 1 redly had a good feelisg com­ ing out of spring training,\ Cameal said. \The Twins had some disappointing years and 1 just had fee feeling that they were going to do welL They didn't have a good record, going 85-77, but I thiidc fee hademark of dmi 1987 lemn was feat they won when dmy had to win.\ In tnakiiig fee announce­ ment, HaU of Fmne Resident Don Ulm express^ bis plea­ sure over the selection. \Herb Cameal Is an instlhi- lion, not only in Minnesota, bat tliroughoat fee Hpiper Midwest, where his voice bas been synonymous with Twins* baseball for 3S years,”^ Maiv said. \Combiriing a profes­ sional approach with a depfe of clarity and a ise||se of humor, he joins an Impressive list of previous fecipiente o f fee presrigipus Ford C. .Frick Award.'! , Herb and his wife, reside in M n a , ^ in Urn sQifflsser, wife a Winter home if) Garden, FL. They liave a danghtsv,, Tend, mri a grand­ son, Matfeew. The Frick Award will he pre­ sented dfelng fee Had! o f Fanm Ai^. 4. . J.G. t^ lo r 8jp‘ak A w d winner Joe Durso from 'fee Mew York IHmes and by faasehalTs n eat­ est living legends as fee Halt o f Famem netum for fee 2:39 pm. viiich Is open to fee public fiee o f charge. According to Cameri, fee , first two winnem o f fee Frick i Award - Mel Alleu and Red i \Barber - influeneed his broad- I casting s^le. \I liked Mel Allen. Tb me there’s a certain sound that really comes across for base­ ball. I feink be had a presence, enthusiasm, and anticipation feat really would get your interest up,\ Cameal said. \Red Barber was good, too. Being rite south CRiefimonii VA51 didfo'e want sound IfeRedBafeer, feat's for suite. Ijust wahteito^ tryto Following is a Hst of Contiriiied ikfm iFa^e 10 Grudzielaitek said. \When I was playint in fee Hew Yorjb-FeM l« 8 ^ e in 1991,1 vhlfedfeo lM l of tap© when we were In tewh playing Oneonia onsa I o # spent about two bouts feejte, but it was overwhelimng and very special.\ \Fve never been to Cooperstown b e t e mid It will be a good chance to see fee Hall of Fame In pensott. Im kind of weird because I've flown over Cooperstown so mai^ rimes whlle ilaylDS for II years and I've never stopped by, but I feonght it would he one o f fedse fefrigs I could do when I retired and really apfreeiate whafe in fee Hall of Fame,\ Finley sfed. \Our days off are wasted any- w ^ being a we^ coast team. We'ie alrea# gopg to fee on the east coast playing Toronto, so it won't be any pEobleni for us. Early in spring training we were told we woald be p l^ n g in Cooperstown,..its one of those fen games whmte you don't havte to wony about win­ ning or losing.\ Despite missing a day ofl while visiting Cooperstown, Peicival Is looking forwmd to vistrisg ii e HaH o f Fame. \Amofeer cae ©f my days off is gone and I don't get a whole lot of feem, but it feoutd be excifmg,\ Feieiva! said. 'Tm going to take advanfege and go down feeie and see w l^ f can of fee HaU©f Fame while fmfeete. n i A ev@ty day off I ikn get, but if F mi^ feere Fll deinitky go sss fee Hail of Fame.” Scott Bvllett and Howard Johnson teach hit two home runs in leading thei Chicago Cubs to a 8-6 win over tl^ Detroit Tigers in last year> Hall ofFame C^me. A-seSout crowd of 9,719 wifee^sed,^e ^ u e . This year vrill mark fee life year fee HaM of Fame Gam© has feature a honicrilii Mffiul cpntesi. Sainmy Sosa of fee Cubs won last year's pmgame home run deiby. Sosa, Johnson and Lou WMtaker of fee Hgers each homeied four femes oif iO Swings in fee first rnund, and Sosa won by connecring feiee rimes on five swings in rite sec­ ond imuid. F f e ^ r i R Coniiimed &am Page 11 fnlBisaini of 23 yearn to fee Hall of Fmme. H e committee maintains an even balance of Hdl of Fame playeis, execu­ tives or former executives, and media or historians. Prior to the 1995 vote, fee Hall of Fame's Board of Directors revised the lules for election within the Yeterans Committee to enhaime the pos­ sibility of elecring qualified 19th century personnel and Negro League players to fee Hall o f Fame. For a five-year period jmia 1995^99, fee V e t e r s Coiamlttete'has a sup- -plemeiital vote in each o f hvo mob categoritesr B fe^ Leapem m i ,19fe centum 1 Gallery 53 Artworks 1 1 8 M ai n S t r e e t , C o o p e r s t o w n . NY 1 3 3 2 6 • ( 6 0 7 ) 5 4 7 - 5 6 5 5 • FA)(: ( 6 0 7 ) 5 4 7 - 2 5 7 0 Gallery Hours. 10-6 Mon.- Sat. / 11-5 Sun. ' Closed Tuesdays / Extended Hours Hall of Fame Weekend W iie k Md Allen mi *' '\' ^ 1978; Bob .Elm: 19191 t e - - lodges, 1980; iiile ; 1981; Yiu Soirily;. i S K T « * ' 2 a c a isiKtasse \ 1 9 8 8 ; i p y C ^ - 1 « % Sikm, 1990; |o e ^acagiola, 1991; hfilo Hauiilton, 1992; Chuck Thompson, 1993; Bob Murphy, 1994; Boh Wolff, 1995. BUliPGSlBE - T

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