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F f , 'Black Leaf 40\ VIVIL MENACED, BUT THERE'S ACURE PnlweuEhOIq-Onr’ Advice As to How to Combat the Lice That Threaten Nassan County's Crop, Telling What to Use and How to Apply It-Rains Greatly Needed As Well Mineola, June 24-Dry weather and potato lice so seriously menace the po- tato crop in Nassau Counl’ especially Of the South Side, that farmers are weeking information from the Nassau County Farm Bureau as to the best means to control the lice and protect the crops. \They hope, of course, for rain which would wash the lice awny and destroy them, but failing in that, and the rainy have failed thus far, the farmers look to artificial means. Farm Bureau demonstrations eonduct ed on the farms of G Powell, at Glen Head, show that lice can be controlled. There' are two things to follow in praying lice, say the Farm Bureau ex perts: A nicotine Which \Black whould be used. Lice are killed by contact. All parts of the plant must be sprayed. The spray boom should be adjusted so that the nozzles spray from the sides. 'This may necessitate reduction of the number of Fows to be sprayed from six to four in order to maintain high pressure, . Spray pipes should be as low as possible, to work in the rows.. Lice cling to the un der side of the leaves, consequently: ex- treme care is necessary to cover the en tire plant. When using Bordeaux: mixture blight add one and one half pints of to 100 gallons of the mix ture, . When \Black Leaf 40% is used aJone the same amount is required, lut six pounds of soap are added to cause the mixture to stick to the vines It js better to boil the soap in hot water to completely dissolve it. For the farmers who have potato dus ters a snet ial nicotine sulphate dust can preparation,. of is the better, sulphate Leaf 40\ for P “Ac harm that is done to the potatp $ ¢ f {ii E | \rop now will, of course be reflected in he fall when the crop is dug a--_-_-_--4 -_- ASSOCIATE BANK DIRECTORS HONOR PRESIDENT WALLACE Rockville Centre, June 24-E. H. Sten- ken entertained his associates on the @irectorate of the Nassau County Na: tional Bank at dinner at Finlayson's hotel, Tuesday evening. . The occasion was in honor of Edwin W. Wallace, one of their number, who is president of the village. - Dr. D. N. Bulson, president of the \bank was toastmaster. . Lewis J. Smith, County Judge, was a guest. Gen- eral topics were discussed and the even- ing Was a social success in every way: Present were: Dr. D. N. Bulson, Vil- lage President Edwin W. Wallace, E. H. Stenken, County Judge Lewis J Smith, Hermann . Veit, Townsend 1. Southard, Dr. Aaron L. Higgins, Joseph w. iehardson, Francis G. Hooley, Mr. Earl B. Proctor and Bergen T. <\ No Overtime For State The amount of work legislative com- mittees have in hand means long days and no overtime. The state is one em- ployer which does not recognize over time. Cuts Red 'Tape The adjutant general is making an effort to give the soldler that which the soldier deserves. AdjutantGeneral Kin- eaid opposes delay and red tape. LICENSES FOR DOGS GamhhwWHdHu-Ro- sponsibility on Village Clerks Affective July 1 Rockville Centre, June 24.-Persons who have been commentiig on the dogs that have been roaming about the vil- age streets will be relieved to know that by July 1 every dog that is not licensed will be in jeopardy of impounding and destruction if not claimed and a license obtained. Dogs of various sizes and breeds, re cently found & harbor beneath the building adjoining the police station and their ill temper created a furor, They have been routed. Licenses must be obtained by July 1 A change in state law places issuance of licenses with village clerks. George Ut ter has application blanks and license tags nd is prepared to issue licenses. A census of dogs in the viliage will be made, All dogs must be licensed by Mg)! 1. In view of the probable rush at the village office on the last few days, early application is recommended. License fees are: Por male dogs, $2.25; for females, $ ; for spayed fem $2.25, provided veterinarian's c fleate or affidavit made by the owner '« filed with application License for kennel is $20 and 25 cents additional for a fag for each dog in the kennel The law requires that all dogs must be licensed and wenr a in and tag An owner of a do ho < or refuses to obtain a license for such dog by Aug ust 1, will be subject to a penalty of $10 A dog found without a tax atturhed to its collar will be presumed to be un licensed and will be seized and ki 1 Any person becoming the owner of dog between July 1, 1921, and June 1922, must. pay the full license. fee ix to be no proportionate rate this 5 cents added to the cost of the license is a clerk's fee, hut since Village Clerk Utter is on a ary basis, fees collected frum dog: licenses will go to the county e Back Yard Blaze Soon Out Preeport, June #4.-A blaze was dis covered between Schloss. store and Cassassa's, Tuesday evening, at 8 p. m bur it v soon put out with chemicals from Truck 1. Members of Hose 3 and Truck 1 were on the scene immediately The.. damage was «confined to- a. door jamb. \\s mak own rrroxs| AT LONG B Freeport, June 24.-The. time has come when the girl who desires to be well dreased upon all occasions finds it necessary to make many of her clothes and nicer dress accessories. The Practical Arts School of the Central Branch, Y. W. C. A. 376 Schermerhorn street, Brooklyn notes an increased demand for courses in artificial flower making, both for hats &nd: dresses, in costume design, in millinery, dressmaking, etc. The direc- tor of the school has, for this reason, planned several short-term courses, «w-_-_-_--4--- DISARMAMENT CONFERENCE USELESS AS YET-HARDING Washington, June 24.-The calling of an international conference on disacma- ment would be useless until all the world powers are agreeable and favor- ably inclined toward it. President Hard ing suid Wednesday to a committee of clergymen who presented to him a peti- 21,000 clergy asking bim 4 calling such a tion signed by to take: steps: toward conference. President Harding assured the com mittee that he fully sppresiated the im portance and desirability of such steps being - taken, but he advised against being \too much in a burry.\ He in- tintated, as he has. previously: (done, that ' informal steps. are. being.. taken to ascertain the sentiment of the vier ous powers. 222g _- Governor Miller Believes Governor Miller contends t if the Governor has to work all summer there in no reason why judicial officers should not put in a little extra thine if t|btdh|l1 That was why he urged special sittings so that the constitutionality . of | the bonus act could be determined. soLD AT AUCTION PRICES an assortment of high-class GENUINE D I A M 0 N D s- WATCHES BRACELETS- LAVELIERS BAR PINS- in Platinum or White. Gold- 18 karat. Remodeled and reset as ordered. CASH OR CREDIT LOUIS HERMAN Phone Freeport 1452-R. Hours- 9-11. A. M. 5-7 P, M. ere nene e rennin B HEHE small, 'you need not worry. Deposit it here where it earning compounded semi-annually. 'THE BANK A Neglected Bank Account can't be expected to give a sense of financial security against loss of employment through illness, any more than a neglected fruit tree can produce good fruit. Saving a fixed amount each week or month even though will make your bank account assume comfort- able proportions, which places you in a position that Don't keep your money at home or in your pocket. 4% THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ROCKVILLE CENTRE e g (Resources Over Two Million Dollars). é TO BANK ON AND BANK IN B will be working for you een ERE IT 18; Havi buying and selling Pot Roast, Ib. Hotel Roast, Ib. Fine Rib Roast, Ib. Prime Rib Roast, lb. Roasting Chickens Hotels, Baby Spring Lamb High Grade Meats Our Aim A little while back a similar High Grade Offering en- countered such eager response that we are determined unceasing aim is to give you what you a number of Markets all over the or cash only, thereby Saving You Middleman's Profit. Specials for Fnday and Saturday to re- want\. m s Plate, Navel or Brisket 281: 18¢ Rump Corned Beef, Ib. 32¢ Smoked Hams, Ib. L. L Ducks Bacon Strips, Ib, N. MAY, Proprietor Corned Hams, Ib. Restaurants and Boarding Houses Supplied HYGRADE MARKET FREE DELIVERY Corned Beef, Ib. 33 Wast Merrick Rd. Net to Schinter's Grocety Store «FREEPORT, N. Y. ORDER BY TELEPHONE, 458.W \RIVERACK CT New York and Chicago Men P. * Cash For It-Garden I'll-l, tates Judgment Mineola, June 24.-Bimer E. Smath- ers, of 304 West 75th street, Manbattan and Charles R. Shaffer, of 3314 Sherl- dan road, Chicago, have purchased prop erty at Long Beach for which they paid $455,000 cash, It was sold to them by the Riverack Realty Corporation, ac cording to the deed filed with County Clerk Thomas 8. Cheshire here. Only recently real property . worth more than $225,000 was sold in Long Beach at one auction sale and about the same time other properties were sold for a sum equally as large. The activity in Long Beach property was forecasted in these columns many months ago when much of the lands there were bought in at foreclosure for 0?\Qb D oto ite die ite st blight or not. KALIBOR \Double Protection\ DIU YAUVLYILLE JNUW BEST VILLAGE HAS SEEN Baldwin, June 24.-Vaudeville enter tainment of a kind not usually seen in this village was given at the Baldwo Theatre Wednesday night under the auspices of the Hook & Ladder Com- pany. The proceeds are to be used to repaint the truck before the Fourth of July. The attendance was enormous, talent good lnd‘everybody hatppy Shows were conducted, at 7 and 9 P. M. Lynch and De Grant sang Interesting songs: others were Graham and Fuller; Manning and Coyne, mono- logues; the Everetts in a clever skit; Bingham and Myers, songs and dances, The Title Guarantee & Trust pany Wednesday ney Judgment against the (Garden City Es a in the sum of $70,434.86 Com- entered a defic Now is the time to PAINT AND DECORATE | s HOMAN & PLANK Coyne, of the Manning and Coyne team, is the Tom Coyne who recently was elected a department member. The Village Serenaders, was com posed of a superb quartet. The show was arranged through Ely Sobel, There seems to be a growing opinion that the public is entitled to considera- tion when industrial arguments are in While there can be differences and em- order. of opinion between employer ploye, the public should not be forced Sunday, 9.12 CRRTYCMEeNT between in- dividuals. 'There is no question what-\ ever that the public bas been long suffering and merciful, but there ap- parently ig a limit to mil things. Phone 180-R. l MARCUS H. HURRILL, M. oP. Specializes in all FOOT AILMENTS 9 A. M.-8 P. M, Monday, 28 Rockville Centre, L, I 241 Merrick Road \t \He Who Sprays is Wise, But He Who N Begutiful new line of , white Canton Crepe, Duve- tyn and Satin Hats, on sale Friday and Saturday at $5.00 Also hats at $2.98 MINNETTE MILLINERY SHOP {Y Cor, Church St. & Olive the purpose of putting them on the 270 South Mai S ain Street a FREEPORT, LONG I8SLAN market. FREEPORT « sei7 i P t ta 4% to ct «to at t te ete at # ste ate ate ite ate ate ate ate ate ato ate ate te ate ate ate ate ate cite ote ate ite ate ote ote ate oie the ote ato ote atoate atethe ate ate ate ate ate ite ite d «+ Saves When He Sprays is Wiser\ ACs Ch ANY BORDEAUX POWDER \Makes Doubly Sure\ Potato Spraying in the NACO WAY is the Highest Type of Insurance If you wait until you see your house on fire before you hunt up the Insurance Agent, then wait until you see BLIGHT in your potato field before using 6 lbs. of KALIBOR and 6 lbs. of NACO 13 per cent special Bordeaux Mixture powder DUST = When you hear of one State losing 7,000,000 bushels of potatoes in one year on account of BLIGHT, you will agree that $2.76 worth of NACO Spraying Material per acre is indeed a small Insurance premium. exceptionally good insurance for it is one that pays its own premiums and dividends, whether there is any Careful experiments where everything was taken of NACO-products have shown that the stimulating effect of BORDEAUX upon foliage usually will increase the yield enough to more than pay for the cost of the spray or dust, even where no BLIGHT occurs, crease of 120 BUSHELS between a sprayed and an unsprayed acre is common. or = into account-TIME, LABOR and cost THE State of Vermont con- WET eee IT is an An in- ducted a 20-year experiment with the result that the SPRAYED acre averaged a yield of 105 BUSHELS over the unsprayed acre. -FAVORABLE and UNFAVORABLE for BLIGHT. LOOK OUT! There are \57 Varieties\ of BORDEAUX MIXTURES-but if you examine their labels for the printed analysis you will find that they run anywhere from 4 to 10 percent in METALLIC COPPER. You want a high percentage of METALLIC COPPER for BLIGHT. metallic copper. This was over 60 percent gain and it is well to remember that this included all seasons Ask us to show you our Bordeaux analysis. Contains 13% TELEPHONE YOUR ORDER CALLING GARDEN CITY 1289---PROMPT DE- LIVERIES WILL BE MADE YOU BY OUR AUTO TRUCKS. YOU WILL FIND OUR PRICES THE LOWEST- -QUALITY CONSIDERED. The prominent Potato Grower, Sam Burke of Hicksville, grows 625 ACRES of Potatoes and SPRAYS EACH ACRE 12 TIMES, using 10 pounds each of KALIBOR and NACO SPECIAL BORDEAUX. IF you don't know him by reputation, look him up, for a man who has been a successful grower for years is well worth knowing. When BLIGHT car- tied everything before it in his section last year, it left him untouched. NITRATE AGENCIES CO. GENERAL OFFICE 81 Jericho Turnpike MINEOLA, L. I. Telephone, Garden City 1289 BRANCHES AT MINEOLA-GLEN COVE-BABYLON-FREEPORT

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